Haruka Honda, age seventeen, was just a normal girl. She liked reading, writing, math, and historical documentaries. Having grown up in a middle-class household, her parents never really had the money to allow her to go out and buy extravagant clothing and fabulous luxuries. She didn't mind, though; she felt that it was more important to work hard and be well-rounded than have expensive things.

Her weekly schedule was nothing to sneeze at: she woke up in the morning, showered, got dressed in whatever clothes were clean, ate breakfast, wrote a letter to her identical twin sister in jail, brushed her teeth, and headed to school. There was a bus for her to take if she wanted, but she found that it was more enjoyable to walk to school and take in the springtime scenery.

When she arrived at school, she headed to her homeroom and sat down in her seat, next to a rather handsome boy with brilliance to spare named Light Yagami. He was civil and gentlemanly toward her and all girls he came in contact with, and Haruka found him charming.

Her sister was in jail on a false count of second-degree murder, and when Light was busy in Kira mode, hers was one of the first names that popped up during his research.

But when writing down her name in his Death Note, he fucked up the kanji.

One teeny, tiny, incorrect stroke of the pen.

That's all.

And Haruka clutched her chest, heaved a breath, and fell over.

Author's Note: I confess that this wasn't so much a fleshing out as a mockery of the large parts most people's OCs play in their stories. Haruka is NOT really an OC I'll ever use; I just wanted to make a point.

The point I was trying to make was that an OC can know a canon character without becoming overbearing, but when that canon character starts to uncharacteristically care about the damn OC, there's a fucking problem.

Up next is Elena "Ellie" Martinez, one of my few Wammy's OCs.