Based on characters from the Twilight series written by Stephanie Meyer

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Done By Dawn

Chapter 1

The world was silent. Not even the sound of crickets disturbed Bella's sleep. The bed was warm and soft, and she didn't want to wake up yet. She stretched and yawned before it dawned on her that she had been sleeping. A small part of her wondered

why she still had her clothes on. Another small part wondered how long she had been sleeping.

SLEEP! I was ASLEEP? Bella woke to find Edward and Carlisle standing over her, concern clear in their butterscotch eyes.

"What happened?" she demanded to know. As she tried to sit up, her stomach emitted such a loud growl that Edward and his father took a step back, but continued to stare at her.

"How do you feel?" Carlisle asked in his usual doctor voice.


"Do you want to hunt?" Edward asked hopefully.

"No, some cereal will do." Bella's mouth stuck in the shape of an 'O'. The look of shock caused Edward to grab her in his arms and hold her.

"What 's happened to me," tears began to flow down Bella's face. She began to fight her husband's hold on her. "Edward please, that hurts."

Edward released her but continued to sit on the bed next to her.

"Carlisle?" Edward held Bella's hands but looked to his father for answers. Any answers.

"I don't know," Carlisle shook his head. "I've never seen anything like it. Bella, tell me all that you're feeling right now."

"I feel human," the tears continued to flow down her face, to her and Edward's hands. "I feel hungry, and I feel like I'll never stop crying. Please," she clawed her way up to Edward's face, wrapped her hands in his hair, looked him in the eyes and begged

him, "Help me!"

Esme and Alice, unable to bear the sound of Bella's tears any longer, came through the front door of Edward and Bella's cottage home, barged into the bedroom and quickly surrounded her.

"It's OK honey, we'll find out what happened," Esme gave Carlisle a knowing look and he stood up straighter.

"Of course we will," he smiled at them. "Edward, shall we retire to my office?"

"I'll be back soon, my love," he told Bella, as he pulled his hands from her and turned to leave with Carlisle.

Alice wrapped her arms around Bella and pulled her head to her shoulder. "Just let it all out, sis," Alice patted her and spoke calmly.

Esme was on the other side of the bed. She patted Bella's leg and gave both of her hands a squeeze of reassurance.

Bella suddenly lifted her head and looked at Esme. "Bite me!" Bella demanded.

"Oh no, my dear. I just couldn't. You know that only Edward and Carlisle have that sort of restraint. If I was able, I most certainly would, though."

"Alice, please get Edward. Make him bite me." Bella's eyes pleaded with Alice.

"Only if you stop crying," Alice brushed the tears away from Bella's cheeks and left the bed. In less that two minutes Alice was back. She stood at the side of the bed and looked down at Bella sadly.

"What did he say?" Bella asked, desperation clear in her voice. "Where is he?"

"Bella," Alice sat on the bed next to Bella. "He said for you to look at your left hand."

Bella lifted her hand and examined a fresh bite that matched the old bite on her right hand.

"No," she whispered, "It can't be." Bella began to shake her head slowly at first, then the pace increased. "No!" she continued to say louder and louder until she was screaming and her head was shaking so fast Esme and Alice feared for her sanity. Bella

stopped yelling "NO" but continued to scream. Esme and Alice fought to control her, but it was a loosing battle. Fear of hurting her by accident prevented them from being of much help. It all finally stopped when Bella lost consciousness and fell back to

her pillows.

"She's in shock," Esme told Alice. "Tuck her in tight and keep her warm." Esme rose to leave. "I'll talk to Carlisle. See what progress they've made."

"I'll stay with her," Alice gave Esme a sad smile then turned to Bella and tucked her in tight, as Esme had instructed.

As Esme left, Jasper entered. He walked to the door of the bedroom and looked from Alice to Bella and back.

"What can I do?" he asked simply.

"Esme says she needs to stay warm. Maybe light a fire?" Alice answered, giving her mate a loving look. He smiled back at her and disappeared into the fairytale front room.

After he had a strong blaze burning, he returned to the bedroom and stood behind Alice with one hand on her shoulder.

Bella slept for about three hours. When she woke up, Alice and Jasper were still in their watch positions. She woke slowly, the shock having worn off.

"I'd hoped it was a dream, a nightmare," Bella looked near to tears again, but Alice's gentle hug stopped them from falling.

"Esme is packing for you and Edward, me and Jasper, and Carlisle" Alice told her in her ear.

"Where are we going?" Bella snuffed back the tears and wiped her face with her hands.

"Nevada. To see your mother."

"What about Renesmee?" Bella was still close to tears but the thought of Renesmee almost sent her into hysterics. "What will she think? She's so young, how can I tell her that I'm no longer ..." Bella leaned over into Alice's lap and began to cry again.

" Rose and Jacob had a talk with her. She understands that you are now like Grandpa Swan and she has to be careful with you. She wants to stay here with Rose and Jacob, but she wants to see you, before we leave. You should get cleaned up before

she gets here."

Bella nodded that she understood and lifted her head from Alice's lap. Jasper gave Bella a nod, and Alice's shoulder a squeeze and excused himself from the room. Alice took great pride in dressing Bella in "the perfect traveling outfit". Bella laid back

down on the bed after she was dressed and tried not to cry.

Renesmee came bounding through the door and jumped on the bed with her mother.

"Mommy," she chirped. "Don't be sad," she reached for her mother and sent her images of her grandmother. Bella lifted her face to look at her daughter, and Renesmee jumped into her arms. "It will be OK." Renesmee tried to cheer her mother. "Grandma

Jenna will fix you." And she gave her mother one of her contagious smiles.

"Of course she will my darling," Bella smiled back at her daughter. She suddenly hugged her as tight as she could, knowing that it was only a fraction of the hug she gave her yesterday. "I'm sorry, honey. I'll give you a better hug, after Grandma helps me

feel better. That OK?" and Bella tried to give Renesmee a bright smile.

"Absolutely, mom." Renesmee gave her mother another hug, the turned as her father entered the room. "Daddy!" she yelled and jumped into his arms.

"Every thing's ready," Edward nodded to Alice. She stood and made her way out of the room, to join Jasper in the front room. Renesmee held her arms out to Alice She took her with her, so Edward could reach Bella. "Time to go," he told Bella. "Esme has

even packed you a nice lunch."

Bella reached for Edward, and the tears began to flow again. "Oh, Edward," she cried. "What are we going to do?"

Edward covered her in the quilt that Renee had given her for graduation, and picked her up from the bed. "We'll do what we always do," he smiled down at her. "We'll figure it out together." He carried her to the front room and gave Jasper and Alice a

nod. The four left the cottage and headed for the main house. Bella clung to Edward as he ran the distance to the river, then jumped it with ease. He ran past the house to the car that had been brought to the front drive. Carlisle was saying his goodbyes

to the rest of the family. Jasper got into the front passenger seat. Alice was in the back, behind him. Edward slid into the backseat behind the driver's seat. He kept Bella on his lap, and pulled her closer to him. Carlisle got into the driver's seat then.

Bella felt the car accelerate as they headed down the long driveway. She felt the road start to smooth out as they reached the highway. She clung to Edward as the car sped toward the deserts of Nevada and her biological mother. She remembered her

last trip to Nevada. The hurried plane trip. The surprise at seeing her Aunt Jenna and discovering that she was actually her mother.

"Edward?" Bella whispered as she looked up into her husbands eyes. "I'm so hungry."

Alice pulled up the basket that Esme had packed for Bella. There was fruit and cheeses and bread sticks across the top of the basket. Bella reached for one of the bread sticks and began to nibble at it's end. As the Italian bread hit her stomach, she

began to eat more ravenously. Alice pulled a small knife from the basket and began to slice off pieces of cheese and fruit, and hand them to Bella. She ate as if she were starving.

As Bella grabbed the last slice of an apple, she suddenly looked around her and began to cry again. She swallowed the food that was in her mouth, grabbed the front of Edward's shirt and held the slice of apple up for him to see.

"How can you stand to look at me," she cried onto his shirt. "Stuffing myself with this stuff. Oh God, Edward. I feel like I haven't eaten in months." Bella's voice was barely a whisper, but it was filled with self-loathing at her human needs.

Edward wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.

"We'll be there soon. Just a few hours. Bella," he kissed her on her forehead, his lips a feathery touch as he worked to remember how to handle a human Bella.

"You're afraid to kiss me," she looked into his eyes, longing for the unrepentant, hard passionate kisses he had given her the night before.

He smiled down at her. "Just remembering," he said, and leaned down to kiss her lips. Bella reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and grabbed fistfuls of his hair with her hands. With all her strength, she pulled herself to him in an attempt

to recreate the passion of the night before. But she couldn't. Edward pulled her away from him and slid her back to his lap.

"Bella, my dearest wife, I love you, but I have to be careful with you right now. I will not risk hurting you." Edward nuzzled the hair at her neck and kissed her throat gently. "Please, Jenna will have answers. She has too."

For a fraction of a second, Bella saw the fear in Edward's eyes. She finally realized the impact this had on him, as well as her. She realized that it had repercussions for the entire family. She calmed herself and relaxed into Edward's arms. She would

have to wait until they got to Jenna's. Bella turned into Edward's chest and hung on to him as tightly as her human arms allowed. It would have to do, until she could hold him in her vampire arms again.

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