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Dear Hormones,

I'm here to inform you that we haven't been formally introduced yet. Well, I'm Yu Kanda, I'm 18 years old and I'm an exorcist with the Black Order.

You and your ' family ' came to me many years ago- 5 years, 263 days, 4 hours and 23 minutes ago actually.

The reason you and I weren't properly introduced was because I always pushed you out of my mind just in case you came coarsing through me like you did at the start like when I was training, fighting Akuma or even walking. What is so bloody exciting about about walking that it makes a HUGE tent in my pants ?

Don't get me wrong, I'm actually happy you're here. It shows that I'm an adult unlike that Moyashi...Ahhhh...the gorgeous Moyashi... That snow white hair, that sexy, sexy smile and those legs- those beautiful pale long legs... Ugh, hormones ! Leave ! All I want is you to leave mybody and mind alone for awhile. Not forever ! Just for awhile. Stop coarsing through my veins all the time, stop making me think about the Moyashi and I doing stuff... Just stop !

Oh, the Moyashi just walked past my room with these tight barely-there shorts. But he's with the Baka Usagi ! I'm going to kill him ! The Usagi I mean.


Yu Kanda.

P.S: Moyashi's shorts are so hot aren't they ?

P.P.S: I must get a whip...

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