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Small beeps could be heard from the computers and other machines in the dark, cold room. No windows were present and the room only had one metal door that seemed to only open electronically. The only light sources were the ones coming from the computers. In the middle of the room was a table and on that table laid the Queen of the Night herself, Remilia Scarlet. She was stripped of all clothing, with cords attached to her and some computers and machines. One of the computers made a loud noise, rousing the sleeping vampire.

"What… What was that noise?" Remilia thought. She tried to open her eyes, but she quickly realized she could not move her eyelids, nor anything else. "Huh? What is going on?" She tried with all her might to move a limb, but to no avail. Her entire body was completely num. "What the hell is going on? How did I end up in this state?" She continued to try getting any of her limbs to move for a while until she heard the sound of metal sliding.

The metal door slid open and the lights in the room turned on, eliminating the darkness. Through the door came two men, one wearing the uniform of a soldier and carrying an automatic weapon, and the other wearing a white lab coat. The older man in the lab coat walked over to the wall of computers then proceeded to press some buttons. The soldier walked up to the disabled vampire and examined her with his eyes.

"So this is a vampire? She looks so young…" The soldier said.

"She was more than likely turned at around the age of twelve." The scientist said.

"How old is she really?"

"Roughly around five hundred years."

"Five hundred years… Wow." The soldier said in astonishment.

"Yes. She is quite the beauty."

The soldier felt Remilia's cheeks. "Am I being touched? I swear on my bloodline, I will kill every single one of these people once I can move again." She thought as she grew infuriated.

"Why is she so cold?" The soldier asked.

"Of course she would be cold. She's just a corpse." The scientist said.

"Where did you find her?"

"You ask too many questions, Sergeant. Now be quite for a second while I give my report to Commander Giovanni." The scientist said as he hit a few buttons on the keyboard of one of the computers.

A man appeared on the computer screen after a short moment. He was an older man with short gray hair and wore a highly decorated military uniform. He had two large cuts with stitches that ran from the corners of his left eye to the top of his lips. "What is it? I take it you have some good news for me?" The man said.

"Indeed I do, sir. The third batch of subjects proved more successful than the last two. Out of two hundred test subjects, one survived the change." The scientist said with a slightly proud expression.

"And the subject can be used as a suitable prototype?" Commander Giovanni asked.

"Yes, sir. Though we expect him to have some mental disorders from the change, he will still serve as the perfect prototype none the less."

"What kind of mental disorders?"

"There is a high risk of him developing some kind of psychosis or personality disorder due to the unstable blood that now runs through his veins. Nothing we haven't already anticipated, however."

"I see. Well done. I was afraid I was going to have to send you our more willing subjects, but it looks like that won't be necessary." The Commander said with a pleased expression. "What is the next step?"

"Further engineering of the blood with stabilizing it a main priority to allow for use with the volunteers. They won't have nearly as much power as the original vampires, but the risk of them dying during the change or going out of control will be reduced significantly."

"Where are the original vampires?"

"The older one is right here behind me while the other one was taken to another lab for further testing."

"The other one? Flandre…?" Remilia thought.

"It seems like everything is going well there. Keep me up to date on the status of the prototype. What was his number?" The Commander asked.

"Three one one nine, sir." The scientist said.

"Three one one nine…" The Commander said as he looked down at the desk that was off screen. "Skyler Keese, huh?"

"That is correct, sir."

"I assume he is disabled with the same serum we used on the original vampires?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Good."

"What will you have me do with the original vampires after we have collected the necessary data from them?"

"Dispose of them. No need to have unruly vampires running around now do we?"

"Yes, sir." The scientist said before the computer screen went black. He turned to the soldier who was still admiring the disabled vampire. "That's enough goggling at her. Let's go."

"Who would have thought vampires really existed…" The soldier said.

"A lot exists that you thought didn't. Now let's-" The scientist was suddenly interrupted by a loud alarm. The lights went out with a flashing red light turning on.

"What's going on?" The soldier asked nervously.

Suddenly, gun fire and screams could be heard from outside the room and down the hallway, making the scientist and the soldier sweat. The scientist ran to a nearby phone and picked it up.

"Hello. What is going on? Is it intruders?" The scientist asked, but got no reply. He dropped the phone and went to leave the room, only to have the metal door close on him. "Damn thing." He said then tried swiping a card in the computer to get the door to open. "Come on you piece of shit." He mumbled as his card failed to open the door.

"W-What do we do?" The soldier asked with a hint of fear in his voice.

Suddenly, a woman's voice came over the intercom. "One of the subjects has escaped! I repeat! One of the subjects has escaped! Approach with extreme caution!"

"What?" The scientist said.

"But didn't you say only one of the test subjects survived?" The soldier asked, only to receive a frightened look from the scientist, causing him to freak out. "You mean we have a vampire on the loose?"

"Get a hold of yourself. You're a soldier aren't you?" The scientist said as he grabbed a glass bottle filled with a clear substance from one of the tables. He took a syringe and filled it with the clear substance.

"What is that?" the soldier asked.

"This is what was supposed to keep that vampire from moving around."

"How are you going to inject that into him?"

"Easy. You distract him."

"What? You out of your mind?" The soldier exclaimed.

"You want to get out of here alive? Then do as I say." The scientist said. The entire room was rocked by an explosion from somewhere else in the building, causing the scientist to drop the syringe that then shattered as it hit the floor. "God damn it."

"What are we going to do? The screaming and gun shots are getting closer." The scared soldier said.

"How could this have happened? We pumped more than enough of the serum into him." The scientist thought as a drop of sweat fell from his chin.

Another explosion shook the building and the sound of something collapsing could be heard not too far away. The gun shots were now directly outside the metal door.

"Shit! We can't get out this way!" A man screamed from the other side of the door.

"To hell with it! Gun it down!" Another man yelled.

The sound of automatic weapons firing lasted for only a moment, quickly being replaced with screams and the sounds of flesh being ripped apart. The scientist and soldier listened with horrified expressions. The final scream was silenced with a sickening crunch of bone.

"What the hell is happening?" Remilia thought.

The scientist and soldier remained silent as they could still hear movement behind the metal door. After a few tense minutes, the sound of walking disappeared. They sighed in relief, only to jump in surprise when something started banging on the other side of the metal door. The soldier squealed in fright as he aimed his weapon at the door.

"Don't bother. Those bullets won't get through that metal door and he won't be able to break through, so just relax." The scientist said. Suddenly, an arm pierced through the metal door, grabbing a hold of it then ripping it out of the doorway.

"Shit!" The scientist and soldier exclaimed.

The soldier kept his weapon pointed at the doorway as a young man entered from the dark hallway. A boy in his late teens, he was of average male height and had black, scruffy hair. His eyes glowed a scarlet red and the pupils were like black slits. He wore only trousers made out of clothe that was soaked in blood. He had a rather toned body with pale skin. He stared at the two other men with bloodlust in his demonic eyes as he panted heavily. Blood dripped from his mouth and down his chest, sending chills up the men's spines.

"Oh my god…" The soldier whimpered.

"Hold it, son." The scientist said to the young man. "You are in a very confused state and probably extremely thirsty. You need to relax so we can help you. Do you understand what I am saying?"

"I think he is thirsty for our blood." The soldier said as aimed his gun at the young man.

"Do not shoot him, soldier. It took us forever to get a subject that could survive the procedure and I will not risk you piercing his heart and killing him."

"To hell with you and your insane experiments!" The soldier shouted then opened fire. The young man took multiply bullets to the chest and was knocked to the ground. The scientist grabbed a hold of his gun and took it from him.

"If he dies, you'll be one of the next test subjects." The scientist sneered. He and the soldier both slowly turned their heads to see the young man was suddenly on his feet again, staring at them angrily. "Young man. Skyler was it? You are not thinking straight right now. You need to stop and focus on what you are doing."

"He's not listening, sir."

"Shut the hell up."

Skyler was suddenly in arm's length of the scientist and soldier, surprising them. He grabbed a hold of their necks and lifted them into the air. The soldier struggled to break his grip while the scientist tried to point the gun at where his heart was. The scientist went to pull the trigger, but dropped the gun as his strength left him. The soldier watched in horror as the scientist decayed right in front of him. Within a few seconds, the scientist was reduced to a dried up skeleton. Skyler dropped the skeleton, letting it break into dust as it hit the floor. He stared at the terrified soldier who tried to speak to plead for his life, but couldn't get his voice out. With massive force, he threw the soldier, splattering him across the metal wall of the room. He looked around the room, quickly spotting Remilia who laid helplessly on the table.

"Am I going to die without even having the chance to defend myself?" Remilia asked herself.

Skyler snarled angrily then headed towards the table. He stepped on a clear substance on the floor, slipping on it. He stumbled forward, smacking his head off the table. "Gah!" He cried out as he held his injured forehead. "God damn it! What did I slip on? Wait… What the hell…" He said then started to spit blood. "Eh? What is this?" He went to check for any missing teeth, only to prick his finger on one of his fangs. "Son of a bitch." He said then sucked on his pricked finger. He then looked around him. "Where the hell am I?" He stood up and continued to examine the unfamiliar room, spotting the naked girl on the table. "What the...? A little kid?" He then spotted the wings on her back. "What on earth are these supposed to be?" He asked


"Idiot…" Remilia thought.

"What the hell is going on here…? How did I end up in this place?" Skyler asked. He placed his hands on Remilia's shoulders then lightly shook her. "Um... Hey. Wake up, kid."

"Do not touch me you strange man!" Remilia shouted in her mind.

"Come on. This ain't the time or place to be sleeping." Skyler said. "My lord, she's cold." He then wrapped his arms around him as he suddenly felt a strong chill. "Now that I mention it, so am I." He stood in silence as he began to think to himself. "Alright. Think… How the hell did I get here…? Bah. All my memories are jumbled. Let's just get out of here and find some help." He gave the room a quick scan, spotting the automatic weapon at his feet and picking it up. "I better hold on to this." He threw the strap of the gun over his shoulder. "Well. I can't leave this kid here, so I guess she's coming with me." He then gently picked Remilia up.

"This man will be the first to die." Remilia thought.

"Now to get out of here. All this blood is creeping me out." Skyler said. He ran out the room with Remilia in hand. The ceiling had collapsed in one end of the hallway, forcing him to go the other way. "The hell happened here?" He said as he ran down the blood filled hallway. Mutilated bodies laid everywhere he looked, making him sick to his stomach. He tried to use one of the elevators, but mumbled angrily when it wouldn't work. He ran up the stairwell as quickly as he could, stopping once he reached the door at the top. He opened the door and ran down the hallway then into a large open room where a number of armed soldiers were waiting.

"Hault!" One of the soldiers shouted. Skyler did what he was told and stopped where he was. "Drop your gun and the girl!" Skyler did both, dropping both carelessly to the ground.

"Did this idiot just drop me?" Remilia thought.

"Now on your knees and hands behind your head." The soldier commanded.

"Look. Some crazy shit is going on down there and I swear I ain't a part of it." Skyler said as he got on his knees. The soldiers surrounded him with one pushing his face to the ground and another handcuffing him. "Ow! Chill out will yuh?"

"Oh good. We didn't need to put him down." A large man in a white lab coat said as he entered the room from outside. He was wiping his sweaty forehead with a handkerchief. "Report to Commander Giovanni and let him know the situation is all under control." He said to one of the soldiers.

"Yes, sir." The soldier said before running back outside the building.

"Can someone fill me in on what the hell is going on?" Skyler asked.

"You, son, are going back to sleep." The scientist said as he began to fill a syringe with a clear substance from a glass bottle.

"What the hell? Why?" Skyler asked with a bewildered look on his face.

"We can't have you running around, massacring anymore of our employees." The scientist said.

"What? I didn't kill anyone!" Skyler shouted.

"Oh, but you did. But don't worry. You'll be sleeping like a baby here in a second, so you won't be having any more of those episodes." The scientist said.

"This is bullshit. These people are insane." Skyler thought as he clenched his teeth in frustration. A trickle of blood started to run out of his noes as his frustration turned into anger. His mind was wracked with a painful pounding and his chest felt as if it was being crushed.

"Just relax." The scientist said as he went to inject the clear substance into the back of Skyler's neck.

"Jeezus, it got cold all of a sudden." One of the soldiers said. The other soldiers started to shiver as the temperature in the room started to fall.

The syringe in the scientist's hand froze as he was just about to inject the serum. "What the hell?" He said in confusion. Suddenly, Skyler broke out of the handcuffs and slashed his throat, coating his lab coat with his own blood.

Skyler grabbed the scientist and threw him into the crowd of soldiers, knocking a bunch of them to the ground.

"Shoot! Shoot!" One of the soldiers shouted.

The soldiers opened fire on Skyler, but he moved with demonic speed, seemingly running through the bullets and into the crowd of soldiers. He slashed the chests of thee of the soldiers with his hands then grabbed another soldier by the lower jaw, tearing it clean off. He ran through the soldiers, killing them one by one with ease. He tore off limbs and shattered bones with his unnatural strength.

"Jeezus Christ!" A soldier shouted as he watched his fellow soldiers getting slaughtered before him. He pulled out a grenade, pulled the pin then threw it at Skyler. Skyler caught it then quickly ran up to the soldier, jamming the grenade into his mouth. The grenade detonated, blowing his head off his shoulders in a bloody mess.

With more than half of the soldiers quickly killed off, the rest tried to retreat. Skyler severed the leg of one of the fleeing soldiers then stomped on his head with a sick pop. He impaled another soldier in the back with his hand and sliced the stomach of another, spilling his guts.

One soldier managed to make it outside. He ran to one of the Humvees that were parked then jumped into the driver's seat. Sweat poured down his terrified face as he looked for the keys to the vehicle. "Where? Where?" He said repeatedly. "Ah! There they are!" He jumped in his seat in surprise when Skyler suddenly landed on the hood of the vehicle. "Shit!" He yelled as he tried to pull out his pistol. Skyler smashed through the glass windshield and grabbed a hold of him then threw him out of the vehicle. He rolled across the ground then came to a stop. He pulled out his pistol and took aim at Skyler then opened fire, putting an entire clip into Skyler's chest. The soldier watched with despair as the bullets fell to the ground as they were pushed out of Skyler's chest. "You god damn monster…" He said with fear in his voice. He tried to reload his gun, but froze as he saw Skyler effortlessly lift the Humvee up off the ground. He screamed out in terror then was silenced when Skyler crushed him with the Humvee.

Skyler's rage filled expression slowly vanished. "Uh… What the hell just happened?" He said as he looked at the smashed Humvee. He clenched his chest then fell to his knees when he suddenly felt a terrible pain. "Urg. God! Feels like my chest is burning. But I'm so cold… What is happening?" After a few seconds that seemed to last for much longer, the pain faded and he slowly rose to his feet then observed his surroundings.

The building was small, leading Skyler to believe that most of it was underground. A simple chain fence surrounded the building. He appeared to be in the middle of nowhere in a desert and the sun was just setting over the horizon. He made his way back inside the building with his cautious expression turning into shock once he entered. He covered his mouth as his stomach turned from seeing the dead bodies inside. Once he spotted Remilia on the floor, he rushed to her side.

"I don't know what the hell is going on, but we really need to get out of here before more of those people show up." Skyler said. He lifted Remilia up then ran out the building. He ran to one of the Humvees then placed her in the passenger seat. "How the hell can you still be sleeping?" He asked as he strapped her in.

"I'm not sleeping you imbecile." Remilia thought. "Who is this man and what did he do?"

Skyler hopped into the driver's seat then buckled up. He looked around the Humvee as he searched for the keys. "Come on, come on…" He mumbled. "Thank god!" He said once he found the keys. He started up the Humvee then drove off. "There's no road… Guess I'll just drive in one direction and hope for the best." He thought. After about two hours, they finally came to a road. He drove eastward down the empty road then after about another hour he stopped at a cross road. "Alright. I really don't want to, but we need to walk from here. Driving one of their vehicles around is a sure way to get caught." He said to the paralyzed Remilia.

"Oh goody…" Remilia thought.

Skyler got out of the Humvee then ran over to the passenger side to get Remilia. With her in hand, he looked at one of the signs on the side of the road. "Only a few miles to the nearest town. Just hope no one spots us on the way there. There is no explanation I could give anyone as to why I am carrying a naked little girl with wings." He said as he headed down the road.

"What did he say? I'm naked right now…?" Remilia thought as her cheeks turned red.

"It's a moonless night yet I can see as if there was a full moon. Weird…" Skyler thought.

After about two hours of walking, they came to a sleeping town. Skyler ducked behind the buildings as not to be seen by the occasional car driving by or the few drunks stumbling down the streets.

"Okay… Now what?" Skyler said under his breath. He spotted a motel then made his way to it, being careful not to be spotted by anyone that may be nearby. He ran across the parking lot then started to peer into the windows of the rooms. "Hmm… Don't see anyone in this one. Now how to get in…?" He placed Remilia gently on the ground then started to jiggle the window. Suddenly, the latch to the window broke and the window flew open, making a loud noise. "Oops…" He said as he looked around to see if anyone heard. He jumped inside then opened the door. He picked Remilia back up then went inside, shutting the door behind him. He laid her on the bed then looked her over with his cheeks turning slightly red. "Yeah… I'm a need to get you some clothes and some for me while I'm at it. I'll do that tomorrow though. So damn tired now." He said before lying on the floor. "You can have the bed. After some sleep, maybe I'll be able to think better and figure out what the hell to do." He let out a drawn out yawn then quickly fell asleep.

Remilia sighed in her mind. "How the hell did this happen? I can barely feel anything now. What did those bastards do to me? And my sister… What did they do with her? Once I can move again, I will find Flandre then kill every single person involved in this incident. Starting with this fool."