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Remilia squeezed the handle of her burning red spear as she stood her ground. She watched as Skyler looked around him, mindlessly snickering as he observed everything around them crumble away from his destructive power that poured out uncontrollably.

"This can end real fast and real badly if I provoke him too much." Remilia said to herself. "Can't waste time wearing him down, but I have no other way of calming his raging power without…" She said then shook her head, clearing away all distracting thoughts. "No. That is not an option. Unfortunately for you, Flandre keeps her heart open to anyone and you just so happened to stumble into it. I cannot have you dying and abandoning your responsibility. I too have my responsibility just as my mother did, but unlike her I will not fail." She twirled her spear over her head several times before pointing the tip of the spear at Skyler. "Come at me Skyler. This fight will solidify my position as your master… and your position in the Scarlet family."

Skyler looked back at Remilia then grinned psychotically. He held his right hand out towards her then clenched his hand. She took off into the air before she could become consumed in a violent explosion of green fire. He reached out to her with his left hand then clenched his hand, creating another explosion and again missing his target. He began alternating between his right and left hand as he clenched at the air, seemingly trying to catch Remilia in his grasp. His warped laughter was blocked out by the string of explosions that trailed behind Remilia as she climbed higher and higher into the night sky.

Remilia stopped high in the sky then looked down at Skyler as she pulled out a spell card. "Hell Sign "Hell Catastrophe"!" She declared.

A dark red light formed above Remilia, which unleashed rays of red light down upon the ground. Skyler looked around at the eerie lights with a curious expression. From the red sky poured down small blood red danmaku that quickly covered the ground below. Skyler snarled angry as he used his burning wings to shield himself from the dense rain of danmaku. With an angry roar and the flap of his wings, he sent out a powerful gust of wind that blew away the danmaku while sending out a splash of small green embers. He set his burning green eyes on Remilia then, with a vampiric roar, took off into the air after her.

"That's right, Skyler. Follow me." Remilia said then took off towards the dark horizon. "I need to get him as far away from civilization as possible." She thought.

Remilia flew through the sky while Skyler remained close behind her in hot pursuit. He formed blue spheres of dense energy in each hand then began to throw them at her one after another. Keeping her eyes looking forward, she swerved to the side to dodge a blue energy ball then ascended into the clouds to dodge another. She rose above the clouds and the second Skyler did, she turned around and threw her spear. He used his wings as a shield, letting the spear explode against them. Remilia let herself to free fall with Skyler growling angrily before continuing his chase after her.

Remilia turned her back towards the ground below, facing up at Skyler as he quickly approached. "God Devil "Remilia Stoker"!" She called out.

Remilia's red aura grew in size before unleashing wave after wave of red blasts of energy along with bat-shaped danmaku that homed in on Skyler. The blasts of energy smashed against his violent green aura while he clawed at the bat-shaped danmaku the second they drew too close. He then began to inhale, breathing in the burning green flames all around him before unleashing a torrent of green fire. Remilia rolled to the side to avoid the fiery breath attack then stretched out her wings that helped to greatly reduce her falling speed. Unable to slow down or stop himself in time, Skyler continued on a collision course with her. Just before he could fly into her, she moved out of his path then stuck out her arm, striking him in the neck and nearly ripping his head off of his shoulders. He spun around in the air dozens of times uncontrollably before finally stopping. He held onto his throat as he chocked and gagged before taking a powerful kick to the back of the head. Remilia followed up with an elbow drop to the top of his head then kneed him in the back, snapping his spine in two. She grabbed him by his wings then spun him around several times before launching him into the sky. She clasped her hands together then pulled them apart, forming a medium sized ball of pulsating red energy. She tossed the ball at Skyler, but it exploded harmless against his wings after he managed to stop himself in midair.

Remilia clicked her teeth. "Damn. Looks like I was being too easy on you if you are still able to block so easily." She said.

Skyler scowled angrily at Remilia. His angered expression then faded when he spotted numerous small lights and the silhouette of buildings in the horizon behind Remilia. He stared at the lights for a moment before a grin formed on his face. He then took off towards the lights in the distance, leaving Remilia baffled.

"Eh? And where the hell do you think you are going, huh?" Remilia shouted. Her expression turned to dread when she spotted the lights in the distance that Skyler was flying towards. "Shit!" She exclaimed then chased after him.

Skyler flew as fast as he could, soon appearing over the skyline of a city. He looked down at the skyscraper directly below him then grinned. He let out a sinister chuckle as he held his hand above his head. Before he could gather any energy into it, Remilia grabbed him by his wrist.

"Oh, no you don't. This is not for you to destroy." Remilia said. Skyler looked back at her with his grin growing larger. "Eh?" She said as she raised an eyebrow.

Before Remilia could react, Skyler grabbed her by the front of her dress then, with his tremendous strength, tossed her down towards the skyscraper. She smashed through the roof of the building and then through the floors one after another, causing panic among the people who dwelled within. After nearly being thrown half of the way down the building, she finally came to a stop.

"Oof!" Remilia grunted as she landed on her back on one of the floors of the building. The people on the floor panicked and fled while some watched stunned as she rose to her feet. She looked up at the hole in the ceiling that led up to the night sky. "Damn boy." She said.

"Dear, Christ." A frightened woman said as she cautiously walked up to Remilia, looking up at the hole in the ceiling then back down at her in bewilderment. "How on earth…" The woman said, still stunned and confused from what she had just witnessed. She dropped to her knees in front of Remilia. "Honey, are… are you alright?" She asked. Remilia then grabbed her. "What are you-" She forced the woman to tilt her head then sank her fangs into her. She screamed and flailed around as Remilia drank some of her blood. Once she had her fill she shoved her aside.

"I am now." Remilia said as she wiped her bloody mouth on her arm.

"Y-You bit me. You just b-bit me…" The terrified woman said as she slowly crawled away while holding her bleeding neck.

Remilia watched as Skyler descended from the hole in the ceiling then landed in front of her. People watched in horror at the sight of the burning vampire. Before they could flee, they slowly decayed from Skyler's power, collapsing to the ground into piles of dust.

Remilia glared at him as he chuckled in a depraved manner. "This place is much too crowded don't you think so, Skyler? Why don't we go someplace else so we can be alone?" She asked. Skyler continued to laugh, but he suddenly cringed in pain and clenched his chest. She watched as the cracks around his body began to split open further, letting out the raging green inferno that lied beneath his skin. He groaned in pain as his body broke down further. Her expression then turned to fear. "Skyler! Skyler d-" She shouted, but then was blown out a window after Skyler unleashed a sudden burst of energy that engulfed the entire floor in an explosion. She stopped midair and watched as green fire consumed the floor of the building. "Damn it all. I need to get him away from here as quickly as I can." She said.

Skyler quickly flew out of the green fire and out of the building towards Remilia. He took a swing towards her head that left a trail of chaotic blue and red sparks in the arc of the swing. She narrowly managed to duck then countered with an upward slash of her claw. She sliced the front of his body, but caused burning red blood to splash out from the wound, covering her face.

"Gyyyaaahhh!" Remilia cried out as she tried to wipe off Skyler's burning blood off of her face.

Skyler grabbed a hold of Remilia then threw her down to the ground below. She crashed into the concrete with great force, creating a small crater in the middle of the road and causing the traffic of vehicles to abruptly stop. Skyler formed a blue ball of energy then tossed it down into the crater. Remilia leaped out of the crater in time to avoid being consumed in the explosion. She formed a red spear then tossed it at Skyler who used one of his wings to swat it away, sending the spear into a vehicle, destroying it and the people within it. He landed on the grown and grabbed a car before chucking it at Remilia. She quickly formed another red spear then sliced the car in two, letting the two pieces fly passed her on either side of her. She leaped in the air toward Skyler then performed a downward slash as she landed. Skyler used his wings to block the strike then countered with a jab wrapped in green fire. She tried to block the punch with the handle of her spear, but he broke through it then struck her in the face, sending her flying backwards. She bounced off the ground several times before crashing into a vehicle. She jumped out of the crushed vehicle in time to be hit by another vehicle that had been thrown at her. The vehicle crashed into her then into the wall of a building.

Remilia crawled her way through the pile of broken brick and crushed metal then back onto her feet. "Damn all of this smoke from these blasted machines." She said as she coughed.

Skyler laughed hysterically as he formed a blue ball of energy before chucking it at Remilia. She quickly formed a red spear then used it to swat the ball harmlessly into the air. Skyler threw two more at her which she bounced into the air with her spear, followed by three more energy balls then four. Remilia found herself swatting one energy ball into the air after another in rapid session. Skyler stopped then formed a green ball of burning green energy between his hands, still laughing mindlessly as he slammed it into the ground at his feet.

"Crazy, fool!" Remilia yelled as she hastily took off into the air before she could be consumed by the large explosion that swallowed the entire street below and incinerated any human being unable to get away in time. She stopped then turned her gaze to the sea of green flames below. "Idiot's power doesn't even care if it destroys itself… Now where did he go?" She asked as she quickly scanned the area with her eyes. Suddenly, two green fireballs that spiraled around one another were launched from within the sea of flames. She watched as the fireballs flew right passed her and into the side of a few-story-high building, engulfing it in a giant explosion. Her angry glare snapped back to the ground below. Skyler was standing amongst the fire, letting out his warped laughter. "Focus on me, damn you!" She yelled then flew towards Skyler.

Skyler grinned then ran up the side of a skyscraper with his vampiric speed. With every step he took an explosion was created under his foot that sent stone and shards of glass raining down to the streets below. Remilia landed next to him then started to run alongside him while slashing furiously at him with her extended nails. He blocked using his wings and with slashes of his own claws. Every time their claws would clash a small shockwave would be unleashed. They continued clawing at one another as they quickly ascended up the tall building, the vicious swings of their claws not ending even when they reached the rooftop. Skyler reached out to grab Remilia, but she grabbed a hold of his arm then tore it from his shoulder, unleashing a burst of green fire out from the wound. The fire formed into the shape of his arm which he used to deliver a heavy downward punch to her head. The blow sent her through the rooftop and down into the floor below. He then formed a green ball of energy and prepared to throw it down into the hole of the roof. Remilia flew up through the roof behind him before jamming her nails into the back of his skull, causing the ball of energy in his hand to explode that sent them both flying off the roof.

Skyler and Remilia grabbed hold of each other as they tumbled through the air. Remilia slammed Skyler against the side of the stone building, only to have him grab her by the head then smash it into the building, leaving a streak of blood down the side of it as they continued to fall. Before her face was completely torn off, she pulled her face away from the building then headbutted Skyler in the face, breaking his nose and causing him to growl angrily as his eyes watered up. They both went to punch one another, but slammed into the concrete ground at the foot of the building.

Remilia slowly rose from the small crater she made while holding her pained head. "Oooowww… Ground looked further away than it was." She said.

Skyler rose from the crater he made while moaning in pain. His pained expression turned to anger before turning into rage. He let out a warped roar as his burning wings began flapping wildly. With each flap of his wings, a powerful blast of wind was created that shattered windows and cracked stone in a large radius. Burning green embers flew off from his wings that ignited anything they landed on. Remilia tried to shield herself with her own wings, but they became immolated by all of the green embers. She hastily flapped her wings in a bid to put them out, but was thrown into the wall of a building by a powerful shockwave unleashed by Skyler. She grunted when she hit the wall then again when she fell to the ground. She quickly got to her feet then pulled out a spell card, but was stopped when Skyler suddenly grabbed a hold of her then started to slam her repeatedly against the ground. After smashing her against the concrete ground several times and creating a large crater, he grabbed her by the head with both hands then started to viciously headbutt her over and over again, caving in the front of her skull. She managed to deliver and upward kick, hitting him in the jaw and forcing him to let go of her. Just as she tried to follow up with and uppercut, Skyler let out a booming roar, unleashing a powerful shockwave that sent her flying backwards into a tanker truck that exploded the second she hit it, sending a fireball into the air. She crawled out from the burning wreckage then to her feet, coughing and gagging from all of the smoke. She wiped the black soot from her face then watched as Skyler continued to roar angrily into the sky. His wings continued to flap without end, sending out rain of green embers and stone-crumbling winds.

"Throwing a temper tantrum just because you hurt yourself now? You only have yourself to blame so don't take it out on this human city." Remilia demanded, with her words falling on deaf ears.

The winds created from Skyler's wings suddenly began to twirl around him, sucking up his green aura and forming it into a ball of fire directly above him. The wind made the fire ball spin, turning it into a spiraling vortex of destruction that only grew larger as it was fed more green fire that tore out from within Skyler's body.

Dread quickly filled Remilia's expression. "No! No, you idiot!" She shouted. "Shit! He can destroy a large portion of this city with that if not more. If he does then the consequences will surely follow us back to Gensokyo." She thought then pulled out a spell card. "Scarlet Sign "Bloody Magic Square"!" She called out. She unleashed several streams of red circular danmaku that spun around in a tight circle around one another. The danmaku flew towards their target then began to shatter one after another as they crashed into the violent vortex. "Eh?" She cried out as she began to panic. "I need to empower my spell cards more, but I'll just wear myself out before wearing him out, leaving me at his mercy. Damn it… Think."

Remilia desperately thought to herself as she tried to quickly come up with a plan while Skyler's chaotic vortex grew in strength. The winds it unleashed grew stronger as green streaks of lightning flew out from it that struck nearby abandon vehicles, exploding them.

"Skyler!" A voice shouted over the sound of the raging winds, gaining the attention of both Remilia and Skyler.

Remilia looked up into the air towards the source of the voice. Her expression turned to that of surprise. "Flandre?" She exclaimed.

Flandre panted as she hovered in the air above Remilia and Skyler. Her expression turned to sadness. "Skyler… What happened?" She asked.

"Flandre! What do you think you are doing? How did you find your way here?" Remilia yelled.

"Once I got passed the red-white then out into the outside world I… I kinda just flew in one direction hoping to pick up on your spirit, but then this weird gap with eyes appeared in front of me. I went in it then found myself surrounded by all of these big structures. That's when I saw you two." Flandre said.

Remilia's expression quickly turned to anger. "A gap? That woman led you here?" She asked as she started to grind her teeth. "Damn her! Damn that woman! She's done it now, leading my sister into danger! She has gone too far this time with her jokes! All of this is her fault to begin with! She probably planned all of this right from the beginning for her own sick amusement! Curse her!" She yelled out in anger. "I'll have to deal with her latter after I get this trouble maker under control."

"I'm going to help!" Flandre exclaimed then glared at Skyler with a stern expression. "Skyler! Stop right now!" She commanded. Skyler snarled at her as his rage increased.

"No, Flandre! He's far too gone. You will only enrage him." Remilia said.

"I know! I'm going to lure him away from you so you can rest." Flandre said.

"No! That's…!" Remilia exclaimed then sighed. "A good idea… Get him as from this city as possible. You understand? We can't have him destroying this place." Remilia said, with Flandre nodding. "Such a horrible elder sister I am. Using my own little sister as bate…" She thought as she shook her head in shame.

Flandre returned her attention to Skyler. "Come on, little brother! Do as your elder sister says and follow me!" She yelled out.

Skyler let out a rage filled roar at Flandre. He held the destructive vortex in the palm of his hand as he prepared to throw it. He took aim at Flandre then threw it. The spiraling vortex tore through the sky as the destructive power it unleashed caused the very air around it to catch aflame. Flandre quickly flew out of its way, cringing in pain from the burning air as it flew by her. Entire buildings ignited in green flames as the vortex flew passed them and into the night sky. It vanished into the dark clouds, illuminating the sky with a green glow when it detonated, unleashing a huge explosion. The explosion unleashed a powerful airburst that rattled the entire city, knocking out all of its lights and shattering windows.

"It burns! It burns! It burns!" Flandre quickly exclaimed as she patted her arm wildly after it caught fire.

"Flandre, look out!" Remilia called out.

Flandre ducked, avoiding a sudden swing from Skyler. "Hey! You know better than to hit your sister!" She exclaimed angrily then delivered a powerful kick to Skyler's stomach, causing him to hunch over in pain. "Now follow elder sister." She commanded then flew off into the night sky.

Skyler growled angrily before letting out a vampiric shriek. He took off after Flandre, throwing green fireballs at her in his fury. Flandre easily evaded the poorly aimed balls of fire as she continued to lead him further from the city while Remilia trailed behind them. With a sudden burst of speed, Skyler caught up to Flandre in a near instant and grabbed a hold of her leg.

"Whah! When did you become so fast?" Flandre exclaimed.

Skyler went to blast Flandre at point blank range, but she kicked him in the side of the head, forcing him to let go of her. He growled furiously then performed a downward swipe of his claw. Flandre caught his arm then countered with a kick aimed at his groin. Just as her leg went up between his legs, he closed them, snapping her leg at the knee. She yelped in pain then was grabbed by the throat. Skyler chocked her with one hand then began to punch her with the other in the stomach repeatedly, only stopping when he was struck in the back by a flying kick from Remilia. Flandre grabbed his wrist and crushed it, forcing him to let go of her neck. He roared angrily, unleashing a blast wave that knocked the girls away.

Remilia and Flandre stopped themselves in midair beside one another. They watched Skyler as he groaned in pain and agony. Burning pieces of his skin started to fall off from his body, further revealing the green inferno that continued to grow inside him.

"This is horrible. Look at him. He's in such bad shape. How could I let this happen to him?" Flandre said as she watched with great distress. Remilia placed her hand on her cheek then moved her gaze to her.

"Enough of that, Flandre. We need to remain strong in order to stop his out of control power. Do you understand?" Remilia asked.

"Y-Yes. Of course." Flandre said. She then looked back at Skyler. "I just want to protect him like you protected me."

"I know, dear sister, and we will. I won't let this end in tragedy again." Remilia said.

Skyler began gasping for air as the very air was being burned away while burning blood seeped profusely from his eyes, nose and ears. Suddenly, his right arm exploded. Remilia quickly covered Flandre and herself with her wings to shield them from the splash of burning green liquid that flew out from the explosion. Skyler's arm reformed, but not one of flesh. An arm of obsidian bone covered in green fire formed in its place.

"This is bad. We can't waste any more time. We need to fight him with the full force of two Scarlet vampires." Remilia said as she grew nervous. She then took notice of the dreadful look on Flandre's pale face. "Flandre? Flandre, what's wrong?" She said as she shook Flandre.

"I… I can hear it. It's just like when my power talks to me… but it's not me it's talking to…" Flandre said as she grew more deathly pale.

Terror appeared on Remilia's face. "What? What do you mean, Flandre? What do you mean?" She asked. Skyler let out a maddening roar then rushed for her and Flandre. "Look out!"

"Taboo "Lavatein"!" Flandre called out.

From red flames formed an iron wand in Flandre's hand which she pointed at Skyler, firing a beam of red energy. Skyler mindlessly collided with the beam, flying through it as it burned away at his body. Remilia shoved Flandre out of the way before he could fly into her. He turned around then swiped at Remilia with his claw of green fire. She jumped back to avoid his claw, but was set on fire when she was splashed with liquid green flame.

"Gyyyyyaaaaahhhhh!" Remilia screamed as she was burned to death.

"Remi!" Flandre cried out.

Skyler swiped his arm through the air, sending a wave of several blue crescent-shaped energy attacks towards Flandre. She took her Lavatein and used it to block each blue cutter before pulling out a spell card.

"Forbidden Barrage "Counter Clock"!" Flandre declared.

A number of large blue gears formed around Skyler. Seemingly oblivious to them, he went to rush for Flandre, but was stopped when the spoke of one of the spinning gears impaled him in the back. He growled as he tried to pull the gear from his back then was crushed between two other gears. Held in place by the gears, Flandre took aim with her wand and fired a powerful red beam along with a horde of red danmaku. Skyler flailed around wildly before being hit by the beam and countless danmaku that consumed him in an explosion.

"Gotcha!" Flandre exclaimed victoriously. Her expression then turned into shock when a large green fireball came flying out of the smoke. "Yikes!" She exclaimed as she narrowly managed to dodge the sudden attack. "Gah!" She cried out when she was jabbed in the face when Skyler suddenly appeared in front of her, sending her spinning through the air.

Suddenly, Skyler took several small red spears to the back. He cringed in pain then turned around to see Remilia hovering with a spell card in her hand.

"Divine Spear "Spear the Gungnir"!" Remilia declared. A large and majestic red spear formed in her hand, which she quickly held at the ready.

Remilia rushed Skyler with her spear pointed towards him. She thrusted her spear forward at his chest, missing when he dodged to the side. He then went to counter with the slash of his fiery claw. Remilia sliced his burning arm off only for it to reform in a near instant. She then blocked a bash from one of his wings. From above, Flandre appeared and swung down with her wand, striking Skyler over the head and consuming him in an explosion. The explosion knocked Remilia back, but she immediately rushed back to melee combat with Skyler. She sliced him across the chest while Flandre slashed him down his back with her extended nails. He howled in pain before unleashing a wave of green fire, forcing the girls back. He thrashed around wildly at the air, sending out powerful blasts of energy in every direction. Remilia and Flandre dodged around the blasts of energy then both swung their respective weapons at him. To their surprise, he caught their weapons in each of his hands. He tore the weapons from them then swung Lavatein, unleashing a wave of chaotic flames that forced them back. The dark red spear turned green as the flames that circled the wand turned from red to green as well.

"Ah! Lavatein!" Flandre exclaimed.

"Seems like someone needs to be taught a lesson about stealing others possessions!" Remilia declared.

Skyler pointed the wand at the two girls, firing a tri beam of red, blue and green that spun around one another in a tight circle. Remilia and Flandre tried to quickly fly out of its path, but the beam's tremendous power tore half of their bodies apart. They cried out in pain before their bodies regenerated. They then each pulled out a spell card.

"Destiny "Miserable Fate"!" Remilia called out.

"Forbidden Barrage "Starbow Break"!" Flandre called out.

From Remilia's aura manifested several chains that shot towards Skyler. They wrapped around him tightly to the point of crushing his bones, holding him in place. He let out a furious roar as he struggled to free himself. Several circular danmaku of different colors formed around Flandre which she then launched at Skyler. Powered by his insane rage, he unleashed a devastating shockwave that shattered the chains that bound him and obliterated the danmaku. Remilia and Flandre cried out in pain when the shockwave crashed into them. The shockwave set them on fire and knocked them out of the sky. As they both helplessly fell from the sky, Skyler flew below Flandre then clenched his stolen spear and wand in his left hand. He swung both weapons like a bat, striking Flandre and sending her flying back into the air. He then chased after the falling Remilia, grabbed her by the head with his burning right hand and encasing her in a green fireball. With all of his might, he tossed her towards the ground below. A large explosion was created the second she hit the ground, sending a green fireball high into the sky. Skyler roared triumphantly, but was quickly silenced when he was suddenly engulfed in an explosion. He blew away the smoke with the flap of his wings then angrily looked around, stopping when he spotted Flandre above him.

Flandre gritted her teeth as she looked down at Skyler. "This must be how elder sister felt when she watched as I hurt mother. It's painful. I stayed in the basement alone willingly as a way to punish myself, wondering how dear sister could still love me even after seeing what I did, but now I know." She said as tears ran down her face which she quickly wiped away with her arm. "Watching you hurt elder sister angers me, but it's not your fault. It's my fault. You inherited your power from me. I'm sorry for that. That's why I'll make sure you never suffer the same pain that I did because of it. I'll protect you and elder sister from it no matter what!" She declared.

Skyler glared at Flandre then let out a mind-shattering shriek before charging towards her. He tried to pierce her in the chest with his green spear, but she caught it then snatched it from his grip before kicking him in the chest. He let out an angry roar as he made a downward swing with Lavatein. Flandre held up her spear to block and the moment the wand hit the handle of the spear, both her and Skyler were swallowed up in a large explosion. The smoke was quickly cleared away by the winds created from the swings of their weapons. Flames of red and green danced around them while large dark clouds began to form above them as their powers collided with one another.

Skyler murderously swung his wand horizontally with Flandre ducking to avoid the swing then countering with the thrust of her spear. Skyler went to block with one of his wings, but the spear ripped right through it, striking him in the face and destroying his head. A fanged black skull covered in green fire formed where his head once was. He breathed out a torrent of green fire, hitting Flandre at point-blank range. She screamed as she was burned to death, but her red aura suddenly grew larger, providing as a shield against the breath attack. Flesh covered Skyler's burning skull, reforming his head completely. He glared at Flandre as she glared back at him. Her eyes glowed red as she gritted her teeth in anger and glowing red cracks formed all over her face.

Flandre let out a vampiric scream as she threw out a powerful punch, hitting Skyler in the chest and sending him flying backwards. She flew at high speed, getting behind Skyler then kicking him into the air. She held her hand out then fired a stream of red danmaku at him. He stopped himself in midair then swung his arm out in front of him, sending out a powerful shockwave that blew away the danmaku. He then pointed Lavatein at Flandre and fired a spiraling tri beam at her. She dodged the destructive beam then charged towards Skyler with her vampiric speed. She swiped her spear at his waist, which he blocked with his wand. An earth-shacking shockwave rippled out from the point of contact of their weapons. They furiously swung their weapons at one another with more shockwaves being created with each clash of their weapons. Flandre punched Skyler in the face then tried to stab him in the chest with her spear, but he quickly knocked her spear out of her hands with his wand. He pointed the wand at her chest then fired another tri beam. Flandre hastily transformed into a swarm of bats that scattered in every direction. Half of the bats were incinerated by the tri beams, while the rest each fired small shots of danmaku at Skyler. He snarled angrily from the stinging blasts of danmaku that pelted him all over his body. He then exploded into a horde of black bats that were covered in green fire. The bats clashed with one another, viciously biting and tearing one another apart. After a short but violent fight between the hordes of bats, they reformed into Flandre and Skyler.

Flandre panted from exhaustion, but began to giggle. "This is… This is actually kinda fun." She said in a slightly warped voice as she continued to giggle. Her giggling stopped when she looked up at Skyler, her pupils shrinking as she stared at him. "This is lots of fun! I never had someone I could go all out against before. No spell card rules. No nothing. Nothing to hold back the enjoyment! And we're in the outside world! Who cares if we break it? Right, Skyler?" She exclaimed as a creepy smile formed on her face. Her face then turned to dread. "No! I can't do that! I could break him if I do that!" She exclaimed as her own power tormented her from within her mind. A dark expression returned to her face. "Oh… he'll be fine. He's a vampire just like me so he won't break." She said in a warped voice. Once again fear returned to her face. "No! I thought the same thing when I was playing with mother!" She shouted. Suddenly, a green fireball struck her in the stomach, exploding on contact. "Gyyaahh!" She cried out. She held her injured stomach as she looked over at Skyler who was laughing. She gritted her teeth in anger. "That wasn't nice, Skyler." She sneered. She held out her hand towards Skyler then clenched it, engulfing him in an explosion. Her angered expression turned to surprise as the smoke cleared. "Wha?" Skyler was still floating in the air, seemingly unfazed from the explosion as he held a dark grin. Despair began to develop within her. "What… What am I supposed to do?" She asked. To her surprise, he suddenly charged towards her, catching her off guard.

Skyler grabbed Flandre then ripped her in two at the waist. She regenerated her lower half while a clone regenerated from the torn off half. They both then retaliated with the swipe of their long nails, but their arms suddenly disintegrated from Skyler's overwhelming power. They winced in pain before the clone was pierced in the chest by a jab from Skyler. He unleashed an explosion inside the chest of the clone, destroying it. Flandre then pulled out a spell card.

"Taboo "Four of a Kind"!" Flandre called out.

Three clones manifested next to Flandre. A black iron wand then formed in the hand of each Flandre. They all pointed their wands at Skyler then fired a red beam of energy. The red beams spiraled around each other as they traveled towards their target. Skyler focused his sights on the real Flandre then thrusted his left arm out, unleashing a spiraling tri beam. His beams collided with the beams of the Flandres that caused the air to shake violently from the collision. The Flandres struggled to push back Skyler's attack with their own, but slowly gained ground as his beam was slowly pushed back. Skyler then held his right hand above his head. In his palm began to grow a burning green ball that quickly began to spin, forming into a vortex. The Flandres gasped in horror.

"Skyler, no! Don't do that! You'll destroy yourself if you do that!" Flandre pleaded, but was answered only by Skyler's psychotic laughter.

Skyler's body began to break down as he pulled out massive amounts of his power. The green vortex of chaos burned away his upper body, soon leaving only his flame-covered black bones. His rapidly beating heart was revealed under his black ribs. His heart burned intensely and brightly as it continued to feed his power. A horrific laugh echoed from Skyler's black skull the second he finished pumping his power into the vortex.

"No! Don't do it! You'll die! We'll both die!" Flandre shouted as tears ran down her face. Skyler formed a nightmarish grin before clenching his right hand. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" She screamed as the spinning vortex collapsed on itself, unleashing a gigantic explosion that consumed her and Skyler.

The night sky was filled with a green flash of light. Clouds were blown away as a devastating airburst was unleashed that traveled for miles. The rocky wasteland itself shook violently from the force of the explosion. After the green flash disappeared, a sea of green fire covered the sky. Green embers rained from the sky as the heavy winds slowly died down.

Down at ground level, a ragged and beaten Remilia was slowly crawling out of a deep crater. She pulled herself out then slowly got up onto her feet. She groaned while a throbbing pain pounded her head. She breathed heavily as she tried to catch her breath.

"Damn it… How long was I out for?" Remilia asked as she continued to pant in exhaustion. She looked around her then into the sky. Her eyes widened in fear upon seeing the burning sky. "No… Flandre… Skyler…" She ran around as she began to search for signs of life. "Why… Why can't I sense anyone? Why can't I sense them?" She asked as she started to panic. She stopped running then tried to calm herself. "I need to relax. I wouldn't be able to sense anyone being in the state that I am. I'm sure they are fine. I just need to focus…" She said to herself then closed her eyes.

After a moment, Remilia's eyes shot open when she felt someone's presence. She turned around, only for her relieved expression to turn into shock. Skyler, with his bones covered in flesh once again, was slowly making his way towards her. His skin was several burned and was only slowly healing. One of his wings was broken and it dragged across the ground behind him. In his right hand he held a blue prism. Upon seeing the prism, Remilia's expression turned to dread.

"Flandre…" Remilia said with despair in her voice. She then started to shake her head in disbelief. "No… No…! No! No! No! Nooo!" She screamed. Skyler let out a dark laugh as he clenched his hand, shattering the prism he held within it. "This can't be happening! Not again! I won't allow this! I can't allow this!" She cried out as tears ran down her face. Rage quickly consumed her as she formed a red spear. "I will not let this happen! I will not let the past repeat itself!"

In her blind rage, Remilia sprinted towards Skyler. Letting out a grief-filled scream, she leaped into the air towards Skyler and tried to impale him with her spear. With his good wing, he smacked her out of the air and to the ground. She quickly recovered then swung her spear horizontally at Skyler, only for him to grab it by the blade with his hand. He ripped the spear from Remilia's grasp then hit her across the face with the end of the spear, knocking her to the ground. She went to get up, but was forced back down to the ground when Skyler stomped on her back, knocking the wind out of her. He kicked her onto her back then stomped on her chest, preventing her from getting up. Tears ran down her face as she looked up into the burning eyes of the monster.

"This isn't fair! How could I have let this happen? How could I let the Scarlet bloodline end like this?" Remilia yelled as all hope left her heart. "Go ahead! Destroy me! Destroy me like you did Flandre!" She shouted. She then laid her head on the ground as she gave up. "I can't go on without her… There's no point… I'm sorry, Skyler… Don't blame yourself for this. I was the one who failed to protect her so don't blame yourself. That's a command. My last command…" She said then waited for her end. "Back then… I lost my mother because I was weak. This time… I've lost both of my younger siblings because I was weak. All my fault… All my fault…" She said as she covered her watery eyes with her arm.

Skyler held the spear in his hands then held it up as he prepared to jam it into Remilia's sorrow-filled heart. An evil grin formed on his face as he tightly held the spear. He then went to impale her, but suddenly stopped when something tore into his back and out his chest. Shock appeared on his face as he dropped the spear, letting it fall beside Remilia. She uncovered her eyes with surprise appearing on her face when she noticed something sticking out of Skyler's chest. Skyler looked down at his chest to see Lavatein sticking out of it, right where his heart was. Behind him stood a ragged Flandre who had streams of tears running down from her eyes. One of her wings was missing and the other was missing many of its prism shards. She held in her hands the other end of Lavatein.

"Flandre!" Remilia cried out then struggled to her feet.

Flandre let go of the wand. "I'm… I'm so sorry… Skyler…" She whimpered.

The wings on Skyler's back slowly vanished into dust while his burning green aura slowly died down. His green eyes faded, revealing his vampiric red eyes. His power that clouded his mind receded as it began to die. He stared at the wand for a moment before a content smile formed on his face.

"That'a girl, Flandre… That'a girl…" Skyler said in a weak voice. He fell to his knees as he lost the strength to stand.

"Skyler!" Remilia exclaimed as she caught Skyler.

Flandre hugged Skyler from behind and buried her face in his back. "I'm so sorry! I… I didn't know what else to do. I didn't know any other way… to protect you both from it." She said as she cried into his back.

"Stop it, Flandre. You… You did exactly what you needed to do. You did… nothing wrong." Skyler struggled to say as his lungs slowly decayed. "Flandre… You were a great sister. I just wish I could have been a better brother." He said as he drew in weak breaths.

"You… You were the best…" Flandre wept.

Skyler turned his eyes to Remilia, who too had tears running down her face. "Come on now… You are the last person I want to see crying like a baby." He said with a weak laugh. "Man, am I so glad I found you in that room. Not once… did I ever regret that."

Remilia forced a smile as she placed her hand on Skyler's cheek. "I couldn't have been saved by a better man." She said.

Skyler chuckled. "Bullshit." He said. He then cringed in pain as his life force dwindled away.

"Skyler…" Remilia helped to hold Skyler up as he lost the strength to do so himself.

"I'm really sorry, Remilia… Last thing I wanted to do was bring you and Flandre any more pain… I was just… too weak." Skyler said.

"Shut up. Don't speak like that." Remilia wept.

"This was one hell of a ride. Short… but loads of fun." Skyler said as his body slowly disintegrated. "Thank you both… for giving me… the time of my… life…" He said as his life left him. He fell forward into Remilia's arms, collapsing into dust.

Remilia and Flandre both fell to their knees as tears continued to run down their faces. Flandre reached out to the pile of dust, and pulled from it the silver cross attached to a chain. She then held it to her crying face.

"Skyler… Skyler… I'm so sorry… Brother…" Flandre wept.

"Flandre…" Remilia said then embraced Flandre.

A mournful wind began to blow across the landscape, carrying away Skyler's remains. The Scarlet Sisters hugged one another as they together grieved over the loss of their brother, the first and last Artificial Vampire.

The End.

Can't believe this story took me over a year to finish. Wish I had more free time to write. Just getting in front of a computer has become difficult anymore.

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