This really thoroughly sucks. He was on the floor of his class room with Finn and Rachel kneeling on either side of his sprawled body fretting like grandmothers. But there was nothing he could do about it. The world was dark but he could still hear perfectly.

"Is he dead?" Finn asked.

Will could feel Rachel's cool fingers on his neck.

"No, it looks like he just fainted," Rachel replied.

The darkness was stolen as Rachel pulled open his eyelid. She must have been looking to see if his eyeball was rolled back in his head or something. He really didn't know if it was. He could see them around him, but he couldn't move any muscle in his body.

He really wanted to. He wanted to tell Rachel the eyelid thing was annoying and itchy and to just let him wake up when he was ready. He wouldn't be long.

Finn poked him in the face. What was wrong with him? What first aid program was teaching the students to poke fainting victims?

About this time he must have moved his eye or something because Rachel released her iron grip on his eyelid. He blinked like it was better than caffeine.

"Do you know where you are Mr Schuester?" Rachel asked.

"The floor," Will replied and tried to get up but Rachel placed a hand on his chest and made it clear that was out of the question.

"Do you know what day it is?" She questioned again.

He'd been unconscious, not stupid.

"Tuesday," He said.

"Do you know who the president is?" Rachel smiled.

"The president of what?" Will asked.

Rachel paused for a moment.

"I don't know, the first aid training just told me to ask these questions when you woke up to make sure you were oriented," Rachel pointed out.

"Do I seem oriented? Can I please get up?" Will asked losing his patience.

"I don't know maybe you should just lie here a while," Rachel added.

Will tried to sit up. Rachel's hand held him flat.

"Please? I feel stupid laying here in the middle of the floor, " Will laughed.

"Do you know why you fainted?" Rachel asked once more.

Will grinned sheepishly. He knew why. He'd been so absorbed in the song choices for Regional's, he had skipped lunch and dinner.

"I need some lunch?" He suggested.

"And you will eat lunch right now, won't you?" Rachel said in a mother like tone.

"Yes," Will nodded.

"And you won't keep skipping meals will you?" Rachel asked.

"No," Will laughed.

"Just let him up," commanded Finn.

Finally he did something. Finn helped Will sit up and then get to his feet.

"Thanks guys," Will smiled before heading off to the lunch room.