Like a Child in the Dark (part 3)

Merlin walked down the hallway toward the ice-rink, where he expected to find his friends, but when he arrived there was no one in sight. The place wasn't that crowed so they shouldn't be that difficult to find, so the only explanation was that they had left without telling him or Arthur. He was thinking about what kind of idiotic friends he had when he saw Morgana standing up against a wall and looking to a dark corner.

Merlin looked that way and saw Will making out with some red haired girl he hadn't seen before in his life.

"Where are the others?" Merlin leant against the wall beside Morgana.

"They wanted to have some time alone before we had to go. Vivian is still waiting at that table for Arthur. I don't know what you two did in there but she's really mad at you." Morgana was smiling while she pointed to a table next to the exit.

"She said something about you stopping her from kissing her prince or some shit like that. I don't know, that girl is kind of crazy. Anyway, what where you two doing in there?"

Merlin lowered his head shyly. All his courage had left him and now he was feeling self-conscious of what he had done in that bathroom and he couldn't help blushing. "I told him the time was over."

"I hope you made your point clear this time."

"I did. Believe me, I did."

He didn't see Arthur leave the bathroom, neither did he see him walk out the door with Vivian beside him yelling and screaming at him about their epic love. He was too occupied thinking about when he would have the time to keep his promise.

None of the other guys or girls came back to the ice-rink when it was time to go so Morgana and Merlin took Will away from the red haired girl and went back to the bus station. They waited till Morgana was inside hers and then they left, both with a big smile on their faces.

The next day Merlin felt relaxed and confident of his possibilities. He woke up with a smile on his faced and hurried up to wash and go down to the dining hall where he expected to find Arthur.

Arthur was sitting at his regular place and he had Merlin's breakfast with him like every other morning and it made Merlin nervous that the night before hadn't meant anything to him. Merlin wanted some kind of recognition so he sat beside him and when Arthur turned around to talk to him, Merlin looked directly into Arthur's eyes while he licked his spoon slowly and with purpose. Merlin saw the exact moment Arthur's brain made the connection and he made an effort to look innocent. Merlin lowered his head and eyed Arthur from under his eyelashes while he pulled the spoon out of his mouth delicately.


Arthur didn't answer; he just kept looking at Merlin's wet lips with lust. He shook his head and turned around again to engage in Lancelot and Leon's football conversation. Merlin ate his breakfast silently but with a smile on his face.

The whole week went on like that, with Merlin making innuendos and trying to make Arthur hard in every possible way he could imagine. He played with lollipops and ice-creams during practice or in the dining hall when no one else was looking. Once, when he went for Arthur's dirty clothes to make their laundry, Arthur was talking with Leon about Vivian and Merlin didn't stop to listen to what they were saying, he just saw Arthur's ruler on his desk and he couldn't stop the impulse to grab it and hit his hand a couple of times with it. Arthur stopped talking and looked at Merlin from his bed. He saw the recognition in Arthur's eyes and grinned. Before he left with the basket of dirty clothes he put the ruler back in it's place and smiled naughtily at Arthur.

Merlin's favorite was that one time in History class.

Arthur had to present his work in front of the whole class and Merlin took advantage of the moment. He used his pen to made him nervous and lose control, and when he saw that Arthur - though a little bit breathless and sweaty – could still continue with his speech he lowered his hand, split his leg and stuck his hand in his pants without taking his eyes off Arthur's.

Arthur gulped and stopped talking. Mr. Allard thought he was sick and sent him to the infirmary. Arthur didn't talk to him for the rest of the day, but it was worth it.

Friday arrived and Merlin woke up excited. It was Arthur's birthday and he had to hurry to get all done and go to Arthur's room before he woke up.

Merlin entered Arthur's room silently and carefully not to trip over Arthur's clothes and books. He sat on Arthur's legs and put the tray on Arthur's stomach.

"Happy birthday, princess."

Arthur woke up and saw Merlin and the tray on top on him and smiled sleepily. He sat and looked at what Merlin had brought hungrily.

"So you have finally accepted that you're my slave. It took you long enough."

Merlin threw him a pillow and smiled. "Shut up, and eat before I regret this and take it away."

Arthur laughed and took a real look at what Merlin had brought. On the tray there was a small chocolate cake with a candle on it and a cup of his favorite tea. But what surprised Arthur the most was the plate with the cookies. They were Merlin's mum's homemade cookies.

Arthur picked one up and took a bite. Merlin had been a little nervous about Arthur's reaction because it had taken him a month to learn how to make them and he wanted Arthur to like them. Arthur's groans made his feelings about the cookies clear.

When Arthur opened his eyes he looked at Merlin. "I gotta call your mum and thank her. Best. Cookies. Ever."

Leon woke up before Merlin had the chance to tell Arthur it had been him who made the cookies.

"Morning, guys."

"Leon, come here, you have to try this. Merlin's mum made them. They're delicious."

Merlin blushed and handed Leon the plate with cookies. "I hope you like them. It took me a while to learn how to make them, a lot of eggs and flour suffered for my clumsiness."

Arthur's mouth felt open. "You did this?"

They both looked at each other and didn't notice when Leon left the room.

Merlin nodded and took a present out of his bag.

"Happy Birthday, Arthur."

Arthur blew the candle and then took the package in Merlin's hand. He opened it slowly and found a picture of the both of them. Merlin had taken it last summer, it was just their faces with the house behind them and they were smiling and looking at each other. It was perfect.

Arthur held it in his hand and looked at it for a few minutes, then he leant forward and kissed Merlin. It wasn't rushed or desperate. It was sweet and warm and it tasted of cookies and morning breath.

Arthur was the one to break the kiss, but not for long. He just took the time to lay the tray on the ground and then caught Merlin hand and made him lay on the bed beside him. They looked at each other laying on their sides and it was Arthur who closed the last inch that separated them and kissed Merlin again.

It was slow and perfect, but after a while it wasn't enough. Arthur put his legs over Merlin and pulled him closer, leaving him no space to move. It was getting too hot in the room and they were breathing fast and erratically but they couldn't stop. Arthur's hands were roaming over his body touching and caressing every part of him and every touch left Merlin wanting more.

Soon Arthur was above him kissing his neck and waist and licking his way down Merlin's body, stopping only to play with his hip bones. Arthur bit and sucked and licked them and Merlin was losing control. Arthur was pinching his nipples and it was perfect, then he lowered his hand and cupped Merlin's cock in his hand and stroked him. Merlin arched and lifted his hips off the bed, which left his cock closer to Arthur's mouth. Arthur left Merlin's hip bones and licked Merlin's cock trough his pants and underwear, but Merlin felt his warmth and pushed up a little bit more.

Arthur looked up at Merlin and their eyes met. Merlin saw Arthur's determination while he lowered Merlin's pants and underwear and he noticed the hunger in Arthur's face when he saw Merlin's hard cock. Arthur opened his mouth slowly and licked the head teasingly. That first touch made Merlin shiver and he lifted his hips again making Arthur grin. But Merlin couldn't hold it against the prat because he lowered his head and wrapped his mouth around Merlin's cock.

There was no deep-throating, it was messy and wet and there was too much saliva and in a painful moment teeth, but it was perfect, and Merlin wouldn't have changed any of it. He came in Arthur's fist with his tongue fucking his mouth languidly and messily, while Arthur rubbed against Merlin's tight and came in desperate waves.

It took them a few minutes to recover. Arthur was heavy but Merlin didn't want him to move. Arthur was breathing hard against his neck and he would have paid to stay that way the rest of his life, but they had to get up and get dressed for the day.

Arthur moved over and smiled looking at Merlin.

"You are making this hard, Merlin."

Merlin turned to lay on his side and looked Arthur back with a bright smile. "I thought that was the point."

Arthur laughed and the whole bed shook. He moved closer and kissed Merlin again, just a touch of lips, but Merlin could still taste himself. Arthur lay back on his bed and looked at the ceiling. They stayed like that for a few moments, until Arthur spoke again.

"I'm scared, Merlin." Arthur didn't look at him. He kept looking at the ceiling like it was easier to express his feelings that way, and Merlin didn't move, he didn't want to do anything that would stop Arthur's explanation.

"I'm scared because I don't want to lose you. I know what you said, but that's not what I mean." Merlin was a little lost, if Arthur wasn't scared of losing him if he chose girls, he didn't know what was he talking about.

"I'm scared of choosing you and then losing you. I'm scared of losing my best friend."

Merlin got closer to him and rested his face on Arthur's waist. "I can't guarantee you forever and sure as hell I can't promise you things won't change, Arthur. But who's to say that it won't be for the best?"

Arthur smiled and kissed him again before getting up and grabbing his towel and new clothes.

Merlin stayed in the bed a little longer with his eyes closed. "Did you make the reservation for Morgana?"

Arthur looked at him from behind his closet door and smiled. "Yeah, it's all booked. She's gonna love it."

Merlin smiled and got out of bed ready to go to his room and prepare for the new day. He went closer to Arthur and kissed him before leaving the room with an easy i'happy birthday'./i

Merlin went back to his room where he found Will sprawled on the floor. He would have asked but he really didn't want to know what the hell his friend was doing on the floor.

"Where the hell were you?"

"Arthur's room, I went to give him my gift."

Will smiled evilly. "And did you give him iyour gift/i?"

"I can't believe you just said that." Merlin grinned and went to grab his things.

"Did you? I mean, the cock-sucking jokes are fun but you have to actually do something before the poor guy dies of blue balls or goes looking for relief somewhere else."

Merlin threw him his shoes and turned around to look for his tie under the bed. "I'm not going to tell you."

"You don't need to, you smell like sex. And you look like sex, you're grinning idiotically!"

Merlin turned his face around and looked at Will. "Okay, we… we did something but you can't tell anyone. Promise me."

Will stood up and sat on Merlin's back. "Okay, but you have to tell me… Did you blow him?"

Merlin sat straight making Will lose balance and fall to the ground. "No. I didn't." Merlin bet that if he looked in the mirror his face would be a nice shade of red.

"Oh, my God. He blew you!" Will looked impressed. "I can't believe Mister Closeted did it! He ate your cock, Merlin. Go you!"

Merlin grabbed the shoes he had thrown at him before and left Will laughing on the floor.

That morning all the boys sang happy birthday to Arthur and they all congratulated him. The mood was light and Arthur looked happy.

"You could have brought Merlin's cookies, Arthur. They were delicious." Leon patted Merlin on the back and smiled. "Or did you eat them all?"

Arthur was about to answer but he was interrupted by Will. "Yeah, did you eat it all, Arthur?" Will tried to put an innocent face but failed miserably.

Arthur looked shocked at Merlin and the latter hit his head on the table and covered his head with his arms. He knew better than to tell Will anything.

Arthur stared at Will and faked a laugh before turning to the rest of the guys. "No. There's some left, I'll bring them later."

Merlin lifted his head a couple of inches and whispered sorry to Arthur, who smiled and continued to chat with the rest of the guys.

Arthur and Morgana had rented a house to celebrate their birthday. It was huge, four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a swimming pool, a big kitchen and a huge living room.

Half of their schools had gone to the party and the house was full of people dancing and talking - having fun.

And while Morgana was a great hostess, Arthur was a lousy one. He just cared about playing pool and having fun with his friends. Morgana and Arthur had exchanged presents before the party started. Merlin knew what Arthur had bought her – a weekend for two in a spa - because it had been his idea, but neither of them wanted to tell him what Morgana had bought for Arthur. He had asked Morgana who just grinned and said something around the lines of 'you'll thank me later' and when he asked Arthur he just blushed furiously and escaped to the living room.

Merlin went to the kitchen to bring some booze for the guys. When he went back to the living room he saw Vivian hanging around Arthur. He didn't want to make a scene so he collected himself and got closer. They were just talking and he could handle his jealousy just fine. But then the bitch proposed Arthur to go to a room and have their own little party.

Merlin stood up and left the room as soon as he could and went upstairs. He wanted some peace and quiet where he could think about the situation reasonably. If Arthur still considered sleeping with Vivian after the last week events he didn't know what else to do. He hadn't stayed to hear Arthur's reply, he had run away like a coward to hide and wallow in his misery, he wasn't sure he could stand Arthur's rejection. He heard someone open the door of the room he was hiding in and Merlin turned around - towards the window – because he didn't want anyone seeing him cry. He didn't want to be comforted by any of his friends, he just wanted to be left alone. He had a lot to think about.

But it was Arthur who walked up to him and hugged him from behind, resting his head on Merlin's shoulders.

"I'm sorry. I didn't want to ruin your party." Merlin cleaned his tears with the back of his hand and tried to get away from the embrace but Arthur held him tighter.

"You didn't ruin anything, you idiot." Arthur walked them back to the bed and sat.

"I heard what she said." Merlin couldn't look at Arthur, for he didn't know what he would find in his eyes and it scared him.

"I know you did, but you didn't stay long enough to hear me say no." He shoved Merlin with his elbow and lifted Merlin's head to make him look up. "I said no, okay?"

Merlin nodded shyly and a little smile formed on his face. "You said no to her. What do you say to me?"

Arthur lowered his face and tried to make a joke. "To date you or to have sex with you?"

"Both. Either. Just say something." Merlin stared at him and Arthur's eyes met his.

Arthur leant forward and whispered against his lips, smiling. "Yes. Yes to everything, Merlin."

Merlin smiled and took the last step that separated them and kissed him. It wasn't slow or gentle; it was frantic and desperate and soon they were breathless and rubbing against each other. Dry humping was good but not enough and soon they were taking each others clothes off and kissing every part they could get their lips on. They were naked and Arthur was stroking Merlin's cock and it was almost too much. Merlin caught Arthur's hand in his and took it to his mouth; he licked the palm and followed the lines with his tongue. He had always loved Arthur's strong hands; he licked his thumb and sucked it like he would suck Arthur's cock when he got the chance and it was making Arthur gasp lovely noises that went straight to his cock- that was painfully hard - and Arthur's strokes weren't enough.

Arthur stopped touching him and Merlin was getting pissed. He wasn't going to let Arthur stop this now. "What the fuck, Arthur? Get on with it." Merlin lifted to kiss Arthur who was smiling confidently.

Arthur grabbed him by the hips and turned him around, Merlin tried to protest but Arthur sat on Merlin's ass and rubbed his cock on his crack. Every coherent thought abandoned Merlin.

Arthur kissed his shoulder blades and licked all the way from his back down to his ass. But he didn't stop there and Arthur's tongue started to play where nothing except Merlin's finger had ever been and it felt amazing. Arthur was eating his ass and Merlin didn't think he could survive the night but it was a good way to go. Arthur slowed his rhythm and Merlin lifted his ass, which made Arthur's tongue go deeper which in turn made Merlin groan and rub himself against the sheets.

"So desperate, Merlin." Arthur was massaging the muscled ring with his thumb and pushing lightly and Merlin's head was going to explode. "God, you should see yourself, so fucking beautiful." And he licked him again, from his balls to his hole and Merlin was about to beg for anything, for everything.

Merlin lifted and turned around which provoked a whimper from Arthur. But before he could protest, Merlin wrapped his legs around Arthur.

"Fuck me, Arthur."

Arthur leant forward and kissed Merlin hungrily rubbing his leaking cock against Merlin's. Arthur disentangled from Merlin and went for his jacket. He walked to the door and locked it. They had been stupid and left it open before but Arthur didn't want anyone seeing what he was going to do to Merlin. He didn't want anyone seeing Merlin that way. Merlin was his, and tonight Arthur was going to make it true in every possible way.

Arthur searched for Morgana's present and reminded himself to give her a kiss later.

He carried it to the bed and placed it beside Merlin, who caught it and looked at Arthur questioningly.

Arthur shrugged and smiled. "Morgana's present." Merlin laughed and grabbed him by the neck to kiss him some more.

"You have the best sister ever." Merlin opened the lube and spread some on Arthur's fingers.

Arthur grimaced. "It's cold."

"Warm it, and fast."

Merlin laid back and spread his legs, placing a pillow under his ass to give Arthur better access. Arthur smiled and circled Merlin's hole with one finger looking into Merlin's eyes to see his reaction.

Soon one finger wasn't enough and he entered Merlin with another one, moving his two fingers in and out of Merlin's ass and scissoring them. Arthur noticed when he touched that special spot inside Merlin because he groaned loudly and pushed himself down on Arthur's fingers.

Merlin was getting desperate and he wanted more and fast. He wanted Arthur inside him, the sooner the better. He grabbed the box of condoms Arthur had placed beside him, pulled one out and handed it to Arthur.

"Do it, now."

"You need more prep. I don't think I'm going to fit in there just yet." Arthur was doubtful and nervous but Merlin wasn't taking any of it.

"Fuck me now, or I do it myself." Arthur's doubting face was erased by a mocking smile.

"You think you can do it yourself, Merlin?"

Merlin smiled and took the condom out of Arthur's hand and threw him back against the bed. He put the condom on Arthur and lubed him and then he sat above Arthur's cock. Slowly he lowered himself on to Arthur's cock and Arthur saw the painful face Merlin was making and he wanted to stop. He wanted to lift Merlin and hug him and not see that face again but Merlin kept going, first the head and after a few moments to adjust, he impaled himself until every inch of Arthur was inside him.

Arthur was looking at him. Merlin was so tight around Arthur's cock that he was killing him. He wanted to close his eyes and lose himself in the moment. He wanted to push in and out of Merlin fiercely, but the look on Merlin's face stopped him. Arthur didn't want to hurt him, and he felt dirty to feel such pleasure when Merlin was hurting. But soon his face changed and slowly Merlin started moving up and down.

Merlin saw the worry in Arthur's face and smiled sweetly, he leant forward and kissed Arthur lips while moving up and down and to the sides. Their mouths couldn't follow a rhythm and it was more tongues colliding in the air than kissing but it was wet and perfect and the sensation was killing them both. Merlin didn't last too long with the double sensation of Arthur's cock inside of him hitting that sweet stop and his fist moving up and down Merlin's cock. Arthur followed him soon after, riding his orgasm with wild pushes into Merlin's ass.

Merlin fell forward and rested his body on Arthur's. They were both breathless and sweaty and sticky, and warm and happy. Arthur smiled while he intertwined his fingers in Merlin's dark hair.

After a few minutes Merlin lifted himself and Arthur got up to get rid of the condom in the en suite. Merlin laid on the bed looking at Arthur's naked body and grinned stupidly.

"What?" Arthur came back to the bed and wrapped Merlin in his arms.

"I can't believe we just did that." Merlin couldn't stop smiling. He didn't know if he could ever stop.

Arthur kissed his head and laughed. "Believe it, because tomorrow you won't be able to forget it."

Merlin slapped him on the chest and then kissed him sleepily. "It's good to know you're still a prat."

Arthur smiled, grabbed the blanket and pushed it up above them and went to sleep.

Arthur woke up hungry the next morning and silently he left the room to find something to eat before his stomach woke Merlin up.

Last night's party had gone great by the look of the house. There were glasses and bottles everywhere and a lot of more things Arthur didn't want to think about. He went to the kitchen expecting to find it empty, but there was his sister with a cup of coffee and a piece of toast in her left hand.

"I guess you decided, bro." She smiled and took a bite of her toast.

He went to the cupboard and grabbed two cups to pour himself and Merlin some coffee.

"I guess I did."

"I'm glad you did. And just so you know, you better take care of that kid or you will be in trouble." She was serious and Arthur smiled knowingly.

"Sometimes I think you all like him more than you like me." Arthur leant over Morgana to grab the bread and then turned to switch on the toaster.

"That's because we do, Arthur. Even dad loves that kid." Arthur's face fell, he hadn't thought about what his father would think about his relationship with Merlin. Some of his thoughts may have shown on his face because Morgana smiled.

"Don't freak out now, Arthur. Dad won't mind, I think he already thinks you two have been at it for some time now."

Arthur felt relief at Morgana's words but it wouldn't have mattered what his father thought about them. Merlin was his.

He grabbed his and Merlin's breakfast and said goodbye to his sister with a surprise kiss on her check that left her gaping and laughing at her brothers sappiness.

"Oh, my god! You're gay now! We can go shopping together!"

"Not going to happen, witch."

Arthur ignored her reply and put all the food on a tray and went back to his room. Maybe after breakfast Merlin would engage with him in a replay of last night's events.

He closed the door after him and left the tray on his bedside table.

Merlin woke up to the smell of coffee and toast and the feeling of Arthur mouth on his lips. He smiled into the kiss and gave in to it gladly, wrapping his arms around Arthur's waist.

"Morning." They had morning breath but Merlin didn't mind and by the look of Arthur's smile, neither did he.

"Brought you coffee."

"And toast." Merlin said smiling stupidly.

"And toast." Replied Arthur with the same stupid smile on his face.

They ate and drank the coffee sharing smiles and little kisses. And after they finished their breakfast they shared the warmth of their bodies.

If sometime later they heard a certain someone screaming i'finally!'/i in front of their door, they only smiled and went back to sleep wrapped around each other.


Author's Notes.

Well, it's finally done. I hope you all liked it!

This is my second fic ever so I'm still not sure about "my work" and I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your support through it. Thank you!

As always, your comments would make me really happy!