Hey. This new series has been on Bulbagarden for a while now, but I am now going to be posting it here as well in order to get a wider range of readers. I hope you enjoy the story itself, and don't bash the slavery themes it is based around

Part 1: New Adventure Dawning

Olivine City was the busiest part of Johto. It was an industrial city, built heavily on the new discovery of steel-type Pokemon, which was helping to construct a lot of the city, and all parts of the region. But Olivine was mainly bustling as it was a busy commercial and industrial port: the main railways from Goldenrod ended here, with lots of produce, minerals and materials being brought here to be shipped to other regions. And the wealthy people of the land came here to sail to other regions, or trainers with decent cash would go and try Kanto, Hoenn or Sinnoh out for size. Olivine residents were mainly for the men and their families who worked there, and they all got on well enough.
And most of their food came from Miltank Meadows.
Miltank Meadows was a farm, several kilometres up the hill from Olivine. Trainers passed it on their way from Ecruteak to Olivine, and there was a small train platform outside the main gates, where the morning and afternoon freight trains would collect their goods and take it to Olivine. The farm was surrounded by two metre high, dark green hedges. The only break was a wrought iron gate, which lead straight into a closed off courtyard. Miltank Meadows produced milk from Miltank, wool from Mareep and Flaafy, eggs from Torchic and Combusken, and meat from Miltank, Tauros, Combusken and Grumpig. They made a wealthy living, with a huge farmhouse in the middle of the fields, and the farmer, Edmund Parrish, his wife Grace, their sons Victor and Marvin, and their daughter Judith lived a happy lifestyle.
Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for their workers...