The night stretched endlessly before them in a path of gleaming stars and a full blood moon. The ominous yellow mist trailed her muzzle – bringing forth the scents of the two owls flying overhead hunting for prey. She felt hot – blazing to be exact despite the cool mist. Her womb clenched in rhythm with the beat of her paws hitting the sloppy mud. She could scent her mate behind her, his vanilla scent tempting her sex more.

Bella tried to breathe through her mouth instead – needing to make it to the village before she surrendered her body once again. It's not as if that finding a mate had never been in her future path but…things were so mixed up. First of all he was a vampire- their sole mortal enemy. Second – his demon seed could not bring forth a new generation – something her people needed desperately less they fall under extinction. Bella herself had always wanted to be a mother. She had never admitted it to Angela but she wanted loads of cubs running around – protected and loved. She imagined herself standing next to her mate – and a submissive one at that. A perfect match to her alpha. She wanted to feel his warmth – his heart breathing with his lungs.

Not to say that Edward wasn't warm; well at least to her. When they were tangled together he had felt almost as if his skin was on fire – a weird abnormality she would examine later. Vampires were supposed to be dead and thus cold.

So yes Edward was warm – he was also loving…


But his chest was dead…she couldn't fall in love with him.

"You're thinking too hard" his voice entered her subconscious, sinful yet tempting. He was almost as fast as her, so light on his feet he flanked her. He had been silent since they had sex and there ensuing chase. She hadn't been into it and sensing her mood he had given up.

The silence was still ominous between them, so Bella had tried blinking out and focusing on Melodia. Her cat was currently prowling through the forest searching for dinner. She was angry, tired, and wanted the comfort of her partner. Bella could practically smell the longing desperation on her. She felt the same – they had never been separated for long, especially not over someone else. Bella quickly summoned her – they always hunted together and it would not stop now. From the time they each were cubs they had each learnt to catch the lesser prey – mainly the red tipped rabbits. Then they had advanced together, moving onto catching eagles out of the sky or bears on the prowl. Harmonia really had been a grand teacher and she admired the woman for year after year of teaching the new students.

Perhaps she should look into gaining apprentices for her old friend. But that was a though for the future. The present was hectic enough as it was.

The scent of home filled the air – apples, wild rain and the overlaying odor of feline.

She screamed suddenly, the growl rumbling in her chest and exploding out of her mouth. The sound was nasty and loud and Edward covered his ears in obvious pain.

She winced, feeling guilty of hurting her mate. But continued to growl loudly to call her pride. The individual huffs of breath sounding much like a male lion looking for company.

Doors were slammed and feet stomped. The air of magic shifting could be heard throughout the entire compound. The winds then carried growls and the light padding of feet on crunchy gravel.

The scent erupted around her in an array and her cat gently quieted. The calling ending with a seamless yawn of large canines. Her tongue stretched out carelessly.

They surrounded her, their partners flanking them. She was larger than all of them and Edward seemed to realize this, looking between her pride and her with a look of awe. Melodia had already joined her, standing on her right.

Gazing in each of their amber gaze she stepped forward, her chest out. Edward followed her tentatively and with a swish of her tail she sent him sprawling in front of her. Then in front of the entire pride she bit him, her canines flashing so fast even the vampire didn't notice the moment until her teeth was piercing his once impenetrable skin. His taste exploded within her in a wave of vanilla and the sweet taste of an almost candy aroma.

Her mate screamed out in shock and pain and immediately tried to dislodge her to no avail. Instead she tightened her grip and bared her front paws down, looking him in place.

The wind was still as the entire village watched the claiming with none believing eyes. Some of their mouths were open so wide Bella thought for sure they were catching flies. Others were just shocked still.


"What in the hell is that girl doing?"

The loud growls came from her right and Melodia was quick enough to interpret the flying blonde vampire before she reached Bella. Melodia screeched and sliced through the air in a flash of claws and teeth. The vampire was lucky that she dodged or her blond hair would probably be on the opposite side of the village.

By this time Edward had already been released. His amber eyes were confused and hurt looking up at her in betrayal.

She was in no concern as she licked the wound close and then snorted in his bronze looks. The warm air swirling around him and adding to the claim.

"Why?" the single word was laced with confused hurt.

In this form she could answer him but lowering her shield she whispered "It was necessary. You are mine now and I refuse to lie to my pack."

"I can hear you" the mind reader suddenly gasped in shock.

The giant tiger before him simply signed before straightening to her full height.

"Come we have much to discuss."

And followed her he did – almost in a trance he simply walked pass his shocked family amber eyes transfixed on one certain spot of his mate.

Bella internally cursed. This mating heat would be the death of her.


"What the fuck just happened?" Rosalie screeched as her brother disappeared in the dark forest like a love sick fool. Emmett stood beside his mate, just as confused as she. He couldn't even think of a witty comeback to say even when the arousal flowing from both of them had been so pungent.

"Language!" Esme chastised her eldest daughter, shaking her head disapprovingly.

"She has a point though" Jasper pointed out looking towards the point his brother had just walked into "What did just happen?"

"Why didn't I see this?" Alice mumbled to herself, shaking her head as if trying to force the vision.

"Our leader has chosen her mate" Megan squealed excitedly as she transformed back, naked as the day she was born.

"What!" Rosalie screeched again – making most of the now nude shifters cover their ears in a wince. To think that Edward had truly chosen this beast made her heart clench. It was disgusting despite what the rest of her family thought about it. He basically had chosen an animal for his mate which was ironic sense he was a prude in all sense of the word.

A sudden cry rang out from one of the homes, making everyone turn to their left.

"Crap" a woman suddenly dashed from the crowd back into her house in a burst of speed. Mere seconds later the crying stopped. Most of the village smiled as they heard the new mother's voice drift on the wind in collective hums.

"Chosen her mate?" Carlisle asked confused "You mean she has chosen Edward as well?" This was wonderful news for his eldest son. Carlisle had not known if the shifter would have accepted him as her mate, knowing their background.

The now dispersing crowd speared a collective 'Duh' for the vampire leader before returning to their homes. Most were shocked but there was an underlying anger in the confusion. How could their leader mate with a vampire – their mortal- now –at-war- with enemy? How could she endanger them like this?

They knew there was to be a meeting in the morning, so most just waded off to sleep.

Others disappeared in the dark forest – away from the direction of their alpha – to hunt. Frustration and disapproval almost trailing behind them.

"A vampire for love's sake" Jake spat, smelling the arousal coming from his leader. How could she even stand to touch him, let alone have sex with him? It was appalling and disgusting. Bile rose high in his throat just thinking about it.

He led his pack back to their patrols, his mind and thoughts on full display.

"Come vampires I will tell you our history" Megan said to the in shock coven, leading them to her home, smiling all the way. She could tell they were still in a bit of shock over the claiming ceremony.

Despite her reaction in the beginning Megan felt happy for her best friend – Bella deserved happiness, no matter where she found it.

Be it a vampire or shifter.

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