This is my first Negima fic, Lets have some fun okay?

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Finally, It's the Graduation ceremony for Class 3-A. After their adventures in the Magical World Negi and the rest of the Ala Alba studied for the next year for Graduation, and all of Mahora looked forward to it.

That night though, would be known as the greatest single handed defeat the Ala Alba, as well as Mahora, has ever had, their defeat at the hands of a Mysterious group. Everyone in Mahora, even Negi himself, has been captured. In his last efforts, Negi was able to let Konoka Konoe, and her lifelong friend Setsuna Sarkurazaki escape.

With Enemies of frightening power after them, Setsuna and Konoka run for their lives to get help from their new friends in the Magical World, but will they make it in time to save Mahora?.

Three weeks later:

"Setsuna! We're here!" exclaimed Konoka happily. Setsuna was in a daze, they've been running for three weeks, three weeks since Mahora was taken over, even her Teacher Negi wasn't able to hold back the threat. It's hard to believe it's been three weeks since everything happened.. She looked into the sky, I hope everyone's alright. "Hey Setsuna!" Setsuna was dragged from her daze to see Konoka's face right in front of her, which caused her to yelp and jump back, causing Konoka to laugh, "Hehehe... Setsuna you were spacing out again." Setsuna regained her composure before bowing, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have.." she said, her head bowed in shame.. Konoka put her hand on Setsuna's shoulder, "It's Okay Setsuna, you don't have to apologize." she said smiling. Setsuna shook her head and she smiled, "Lets move, They could be anywhere." Konoka's smile faded only for a second as they made their way to to a village in western China, approx. hundred and fifty miles from the sea of japan. How they got that far? lots of running and rides from locals.

As they entered Setsuna looked around very carefully, I don't see any sign of those Things, maybe we got away? she shook her head at the last thought. The things that attacked Mahora have been chasing the two girls for the last three weeks, she doubted that they would give up so easily. As they walked through Setsuna saw a wanderer eating at a small open shack, he had a sword next to him so she guessed that he was a swordsman, she couldn't see his face cause it was under a hood, and being twenty feet away didnt help much either, but what she didn't expect was the Man looking towards her. She quickly turned her head away and kept on, after a bit she looked back and she saw that the man was back to eating, I wonder who that was.. "Setsuna! I got the supplies!" She looked towards Konoka and thought, Even though the world is falling down, She still stays positive despite the terror she has come across.. With fresh supplies, they made their long trek into the rocky mountains.. It'll be quite a while before we get the Gate port in Wales. They didn't seem to notice the multiple shadows creeping behind them.

Several hours later:

It had gotten dark, they would rest in their small camp for the night, then continue on at dawn, by doing this they estimate that they would get to the Gate Port in a few months.

Funny thing is, three weeks before, the Ala Alba planned to go the Magical World for couple months after graduation, right now they could be having fun there, but these mysterious monsters came and took over Mahora, in the last three weeks, no one has heard from them.

Setsuna kept watch, she hadn't gotten much slepp the last few weeks, Konoka usually healed her so she could continue. The fact that Konoka's Provisional Contract from Negi was still working, meant that he was still alive, which meant that the others were also.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard something move, she looked up in time to move out of the way from an attack from above. Looking around, she saw four figures in the shadows, they seemed to glow, not to mention that they looked human, but were more mutated.

Konoka wake up moments after the attack and screamed, Setsuna saw one attack Konoka and she moved to get her away. Holding Konoka bridal style Setsuna jumped through the trees, "Setsuna, what about our stuff?" she asked. "Don't worry, we'll shake them off and go back for the stuff later okay?" Konoka nodded.

Just as Setsuna landed on the ground a hand grabbed her ankle, causing her to trip and release Konoka, who rolled few feet away. Konoka was picked up by creepy looking hands, they almost looked like lizard scales. Setsuna was about to move but she was pushed down when a clawed foot rested on her back, holding her down, another one emerging from the ground.

A voice that sounded like hissing was heard, "You gave usssss a good certainly stayed ahead of usss the lassst few weeksss, but now, we need to take you back so we can use you asss sslaves.." Setsuna knew this was the end, she didn't have either of her pactio cards, nor was she strong enough to fight four of the beasts that even Negi had a hard time with. But now that I think of it, it almost seemed like they- her thoughts were cut short when a new voice appeared, "You guys are something else, attacking Women? How low can you get."

She was able to turn her head towards the voice as the hissing voice replied, "They belong to usss, we can do whatever we pleasse.." there was a pause before the man replied, "What a buch a balony..Oh well, sorry for the trouble, I'll leave you to your business." She heard foot steps walked away and got mad, not even knowing that she stood up knocking the thing above down even surprising the lizard men, "Hey! whats the big idea, you bastard?" The man, who was hooded and cloaked stopped and turned his head, "You seem like you can handle yourself." Sestuna recognized the garb, she also saw the sword, It's that guy! she thought as he then turned around, the Hissing man grabbed Setsuna by the hair pulling her to the ground, "Don't get any ideas Human." it looked at the man, "So, you gonna leave or what?" The man's answer was him drawing his sword, "Why would I? I've been following you all day, you guy's sure are stupid, or you can only sense these two girls...Well i kinda figured that you were after them, but then again I know exactly what you are to." The Snake-like man shouted, "What do you know? We'll just kill you now, attack!" Ignoring the Girls, the four lizard people charged and leaped at the man, who was pulling something from his pocket and a sudden flash enveloped the area. When the light vanished the lizard-like people disintegrated.

Setsuna has never seen such an attack before, Konoka was also shocked that someone was able to save them. Both Girls stared at the man as he stared at them, he took his hood off revealing black hair blue eyes and a handsome face aside from the scar, and a little bit of non seriousness was there, he kinda remined them of Kotarou, but only more adult like. The Man then said, "So, you must be those two I saw in that village."

Thats it for the first Chapter, there will be a flashback when Mahora was taken, and a little more information of these Lizard-like monsters(how powerful they are, how they took over Mahora ect.).