Utsukushii henka

Chapter one

She didn't know why she deserved this, or how this whole Arceus damned situation happened! She didn't know if it was her- which was more likely- or if it was them individually, but she did know for sure that if anyone found out about them she and them would be locked up.

"Your entire monologue is depressing, White~" Some one said, a slight hissing accompying the words. White, for that was her name, turned around and glared at the male that was sitting at one of the 7 chairs at her encampment. When he caught her staring he smirked at her, causing her to blush.

"Etienne, stop being mean to White!" A younger boy, around the age of 13 said, as he pointed at the other male. 'Etienne', ran a hand through his pale green hair, he red eyes narrowed in a glare.

"Your one to talk, Agni!" 'Agni' glared right back and White sighed.

"Y-You guys! Stop fighting! F-Fighting is not good you, you know!" A 16 year old boy stuttered, his eyes were covered up by his feathery black hair, his skin had a faint tinge of blue.

A man at the camp fire a couple feat away face palmed. His hair was a dark red and his eyes red. A man with a somewhat crazed smile cackled, he was sitting in one of the chairs too.

"Keifer, fighting is awesome I don't see why you don't like it!" This man had red hair with natural black highlights, and his hair was long, to his waist and was tied up at the end with a hair tie. He had red marks on his cheeks and slightly pointed ears.

"Z-Zazei! Just because you like fighting does not mean the rest of us do too!" And so those two started fighting as well.

The last two of this wonderful group of 7 we sitting by the fire. The man who had face palmed turned to the other, a young male which looked the age of 18. He had shoulder length orange hair and had pale blonde hair that looked like 2 antennae. The orange haired teen turned to the other man who looked 24.

"They sure do love to fight, ne, Kronos-kun?" Kronos sighed.

"They sure do Haruko-chan, they sure do…"

Of to the side White just stood there gaping. She knew the rest of her group was known to fight but…

She heard a rustling in a bush and she panicked, grabbing six pokeballs off her belt. "Somethings coming. Everyone return!" All 6 humans, are what seemed to be humans, looked up as red light filled there vision and there forms seemed to shrink, turning into pokemon whom they seemed to resemble.

Once safely in their pokeballs, the members grumbled. For instead of Etienne, there was a Serperior, Agni- a Lampent, Keifer- a Zweilous, Zazei- a Zoroark, Kronos- a Typhlosion, and Haruko- a Dragonite.

This was Whites story, a story of Pokemon that could change into human form…

A/N: I wanted to write a purely pokemon story. And I had this idea in my head for a couple days so…

Please review! No flames though, please and thank you! Oh and to why Haruko and Kronos are using Japanese honorifics. The other regions, other then Unova are heavily based on Japan as evident in building structure and the like. Haruko and Kronos where gifts to white by a friend in Johto (At least in this story) so they would have some knowledge of the language. So yeah.

Ages that they look:

Etienne- 20

Agni- 13

Keifer- 16

Zazei- 20

Kronos- 24

Haruko- 18