Utsukushii henka

CHAPTER 2| Haruko's Story

He was my first master. The man who caught me. The man who handed me over to the boy he called son to be raised. It was hell… Every minute I lived there felt like hell, and it truthfully was. The Boy was abusive, not understanding that Pokemon are beings too, we need love too. Why couldn't anyone love me? I have always been alone… In the wild, at the house of the rich boy. Always alone.

These Scars he gave me won't fade away with time, the collar claiming property I once wore dug into my skin, chaining me to him for all eternity. I felt as if I was worthless, he often told me I was. Am I worthless? I was beginning to believe I was.

The smirk, it was the smirk that he had always seen on his face which terrified me and tortured my dreams. I tried to slither away, afraid of what the boy would do to me. Why… why do I have to be afraid of my own trainer? I shouldn't be. I know I shouldn't. I had often heard back in the wild, about how trainers took care of us pokemon, loved us, cared for us.. But was it all a lie..? "Hello there, Dratini, how are you today?" Just his voice scared me. I quivered a little and he smirked once more before digging into his bag to retrieve something. He made a small noise of triumph before taking out a collar. But the collar was not normal. It looked like a dog collar but the spikes were inside the collar instead of out. He took his hand and wrapped it around his hand as he drag me closer to him. One more smirk and he put it on me.

It hurt, little a thousand needs poking into you. It hurt so much… I looked down and saw blood dripping down my neck. I looked up at him, far more scared then I had ever been before.

"So you'll be more obedient…" His Master said, before he took out his Pokeball. Looking up at the boy, I said softly. "Dratini…?"




I didn't believe anymore… in the fairytales of Trainers and Partners, because I would never have it…

And then one day I was saved, by the most beautiful human ever. Her brown hair in two pig tails and her big puffy hat. I had a real trainer, and I tried harder then ever to please her. Maybe she will love me, unlike the Rich Boy.

And she did… to a point. No, she most definitely loved me but.. But I was not meant to be on her team.

So she gave me to her friend. At first I was weary my first owner was abusive, my second seemed to not want me, so what would this one be like. But I could feel she was different. Some innate sense, she seemed special. I still remember the day when I first changed.

I watch as she paced, her eye brows scrunched up in concentration. Even from my view from within my Pokeball I could see. She was obviously thinking hard. I managed to capture some of what she was saying.

"Will he change too..? Might be possible.. Wont know if I don't try…" She then nodded her head as if agreeing with herself. I then watched, scared as she reached for my Pokeball. This was it, the time to see if my new Mistress was nice like my other Mistress, to see if she love me and keep me for ever and not give me up..

To not give me up..

That's all I really wanted, was to live in peace and happiness, to have a nice trainer, maybe evolve.. I just… I just wanted to be loved…

She un-clicked the ball of her belt, re-sizing it and then throwing it up in the air. I appeared, shaking my head. I looked at her weary..

"Its okay, you can come here… I won't hurt you.. I want to be friends with you.." She said, nicely. I slithered a little closer to her. Maybe if she saw the scars she will be repulsed and run away. But she didn't. When she saw them her eyes filled with tears, and she cried.

For me.

She cried for me. No one had cried for me not even my previous Mistress. And I felt the need to cry myself. It came over me so suddenly. She walked closer dropping down onto her knees as she wrapped her arm around me. I felt all warm, white suddenly filled my vision, her tears mixing with mine and suddenly I felt different. I looked down. No longer did I have a serpentine body, I had a whole new body. I looked down at my now human hands, one hand curiously tugging on a piece of light blue chin length hair. I looked up at White, and she smiled a watery smile at me. I did not understand. How could she..? How did...? But, her warm smile was enough to melt the ice that had surrounded my heart and made me not trust. She was the first person to truly care for me.

And for that, she has earned my loyalty…

"Haruko-chan…" The dead-panned face of my best friend said, tugging on my orange sleeved shirt. I turned to him, my shoulder length orange hair was blowing in the breeze that had just appeared.

"Yes, Kronos-kun?" I asked, a small smile on my face. He pointed up a head where everyone was farther than us.

"Every went ahead, I stayed back here with you to protect you.." He dully said, looking up at the sky. I smiled.

"Thank you Kronos.."

Kronos looked at me then and I swore I could see the beginning of a small smile.

"Your welcome…"

Yes, I was happy now… I had a family and friends that love me.

Maybe Fairytales to exist…

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