To Every Guy that did what she wanted to die for...

It was common knowledge throughout Tortall that Lady Knights did what they wanted. They usually got to choose what missions that went on or in Kel's case which King's Own Company she got to travel with. But the problem with that is they didn't accept no for an answer.

"Can you believe him?" she demanded, brushing Peachblossom ferociously. "Tell me, not to go on a mission! How could he?"

Kel knew the only reason they didn't want her on that blasted mission was because she was a female. If it had been Merric or Neal that wanted that mission, then the King and Raoul wouldn't have objected.


Kel glanced over her shoulder before turning back to Peachblossom. Dom… He wasn't in her best books at the moment.

"Come on Kel,"

Peachblossom moved closer to his arm – it was resting on the stall door. Dom snatched it back before Peachblossom could bite.


"Just don't Dom. You're no better that Lord Raoul,"

"Why is it so important to go on this mission?"

She turned on her heel to face him.

"Because Dominic, the village that was attacked only had women and children living there. I need to go and help them. A man wouldn't understand what a woman has do to get back her life,"

Dom sighed and walked away. Kel listened to his footsteps disappear and pressed her head into Peachblossom's coat. She needed to see that village. Those women… they had to be alright. And if they had been forced then only another woman would be welcomed.

"I bet if the Lioness had asked to go, she would've been granted permission,"

Kel had been told that if she went to the village, she would be breaking the King's orders and after everything that she went through in Scanra, she was still skating on thin ice. She held back her sob and after a minute, she went back to brushing Peachblossom…


Dom hated being in Kel's bad books. He knew the rescue mission was more of a clean up then anything else. And the reason both the King and Raoul didn't want her or Alanna anywhere near there was because nearly all the women had been hurt, one way or another. He walked through the barracks and came to the Queen's Riders head quarters.

The Queen's Rider were the ones going out there and they were leaving tonight. He was looking for Evin Larse and Miri Fisher. He was in charge now that Buri had practically retired. He would be the one to let Dom join them. Of course he would have to ask for leave from Raoul – he really should do that first but in his mind it was better to beg for forgiveness then to ask for permission.

"Oi looky here Miri, we have a King's Own visitor,"

Dom swallowed his pride and gave his best smile to the two co-commanders. They were sitting at a desk, Miri sitting on the desk and Evin behind it. Miri touched Evin's shoulder and in that one movement, Evin knew to shut his trap.

"What can we do for you Sergeant Dominic?" Miri asked, her voice sweeter than it should've been for a trained warrior.

"I… I need a favour,"

Both raised an eyebrow at him, and pointed him to the seat in front of the desk.

"What can we do for you King's Own?"


Kel folded her clothing carefully, placing them back on her bed so she could put them away all together. A knock startled her, causing her hope to rise that maybe, just maybe she would be able to travel out to the village. She opened the door to find Dom standing there, looking that little bit guilty.

"Dom? Are you okay? What's happened?"

"I uh, I just came to say goodbye,"

"Goodbye? Where are you going?"

"To Westpoint Village,"

"What? How?"

"I can't talk really; I just had to say goodbye,"

He pulled her in and kissed her quickly, before walking away.

"I'll be back soon," he called over his shoulder.

She nodded and touched her lips. She didn't know what he was doing but she knew that his reason would've been her…


Dom was used to seeing thing; used to seeing bad things. It was part of the job description with being apart of the King's Own. He had see blood baths of humans against mortals, mortals against mortals, and humans against humans. He had seen bandits killing the innocents and he had seen people suffering.

But never in his whole career had he seen a sight quite like the one before him.

Evin and Miri had told him the truth as they were on the road. The truth was very different from the tale that was going around the palace.

It had been a mass murder and rape. Children had been sliced and diced. All girls over the age of twelve had been raped before being sliced in half. Women had been used and then used again and then used for a third, fourth and fifth time before being killed.

Livestock had been cut up or moved on. Then after everything was said and done, the village had been torched. There were no survives.

This mission wasn't a rescue mission but a cleanup mission. And he found before Dom had even entered the village he had been physically sick three times.

"If this ain't hell, I don't know what is," Evin muttered with a curse.

"At least their suffering is over," Miri replied.

Dom found he couldn't answer without cursing…


Kel had never seen Raoul so angry as he was now. It had been like this for the last three weeks; even since Dom left. Kel found out the night Dom left that he hadn't asked for Raoul's permission to go. Raoul had assumed that Kel had been apart of it but Kel hadn't; she didn't know what was going on.

"When that blasted Sergeant gets back, he's been demoted and then I'm gonna kill him and bring him back and kill him again,"

Kel knew she shouldn't say anything but Raoul wasn't being any help. And if he was going to be storming around her room, she deserved answers.

"My Lord, do you know when he's coming home?"

"Today," he grumbled.

Kel perked right up.

"Really? He's coming home today?"


Kel stood up and went to walk out when a knock on her door sounded through the room. Kel opened the door to find Dom, blood and mud covered, leaning against the wall. She sucked in and helped him into the room. Raoul was by her side immediately, helping her.

"Dom," she whispered. "What happened?"

Raoul helped him to her bed and Kel helped him to get comfortable. Dom closed his eyes and was asleep within minutes.

"Tell Dom I want to see him," Raoul said softly. "But only send him my way when he's better, tomorrow or even the next day will be fine,"

Kel walked Raoul to the doorway and let him out.

"Raoul, do you know what happened?"

He shrugged.

"It was a cleanup mission rather than a rescue. I don't know what happened there apart from that,"

Kel bit back her gasp and nodded. Raoul kissed her forehead and walked away. Kel locked her door and walked back over to Dom. She reached the bed to find him sleeping like a log. With unskilled hands, she slowly undressed Dom.

She started with his boots, removing them carefully, so not to wake him. Next she decided to remove his tunic figuring that it would be just like removing hers. Slowly and as gently as possible, she brought Dom forward and lifted his tunic off. He sagged back, still asleep. She next wondered if she should remove his pants. Seeing that they were dirty as well she decided to remove them.

Kel prayed that he had a loincloth on and took off his breaches. Her prayers were answered and she nodded to herself. She didn't have any of Dom's tunics so she decided to leave him as he was. She was tempted to try one of hers on him but she wasn't exactly sure if they would fit and how to get it on him without hurting or waking him.

She called a servant and got a fresh pitcher of water. Once the water was here, another servant came carrying a large plate full of fresh fruit of all kinds, hot bread rolls with melted butter and a small note from Raoul.

She thanks him privately for this small mercy and hopes he knows how very much she appreciates it. Then she settles down to wait for him to wake up…


Dom knows he's awake before he opens his eyes; he's in that state where he can think but still pass it as sleep. But then he hears quiet crying and he bolts up in bed. He looks around thinking danger but it surprised to find himself in Kel's room in Kel's bed with Kel crying at his side and him being naked except for his loincloth.

"You're awake,"

Her voice was soft and it sounded vulnerable. He hated it.

"I am,"

His voice was husky and rough. Kel past him a cup of water which he swallowed gratefully. He knows she watching him and he finds himself asking how long he's been asleep for after bringing the cup away from his mouth.

"A day,"

He noticed other things like it looks like she has slept at all and that she hadn't changed her clothes – they are wrinkled to death. There was food behind her, both fresh and some at least a day old.


He didn't know what to say. He didn't want to tell her what he saw; she would hurt too much.

"Thank you,"

His head shot up.

"You didn't have to go and I…I guessed it must have been really bad but thank you for going for me,"

He didn't know where this was coming from but decided to go this way rather then the way he had planned on the way home.

"Kel, I'd give you everything and I'd do anything for you,"

She nodded though he had the feeling she didn't believe him.

"Keladry of Mindelan I will do whatever you want me too; I'll do everything you want to die for,"

He didn't ever see her move but he felt her kissing him and he decided that he'd face a hundred more of those scenes he had just experienced if it meant she would kiss him like that…