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Chapter Nineteen – An Audience With the Shogun

After Harry had accepted the invitation to join the Organization, L had pulled Watari aside to discuss the security level the wizard should be given. Considering he had hopes of keeping the other man with him, he felt that the level should be a reasonably high one and the inventor agreed with him. Before long, the new addition had been given a security clearance that was very close to the level that the detective and his handler possessed. L informed his heirs of this, knowing that Harry would be the one to communicate with the trio once things moved to where he could have the proper taskforce working for him.

While L went back to sorting through files and Watari focused on getting the contract ready, Dobby appeared and handed a scroll to his master.

"The Shogun will be wanting a response, Master Orion Sir," he told him as the wizard took the scroll from him.

"Thank you, Dobby," he answered. "I'll call for you once I have one ready for you to take."

The house elf nodded, disappearing with a quiet pop, and Harry opened the sealed scroll. Thanks to the charms he had cast when arriving in Japan, he was able to read the beautiful calligraphy that the Shogun had used to write this response.

~Lord Harrison Potter-Black,

I was pleased to hear that you were able to take time to visit one of our magical communities and hope that you will be able to explore more of my country before the investigation ends and your time here comes to a close.

In regards to the request you must present to me, I am willing to meet with you and understand your need for secrecy. Considering the nature of the investigation you are assisting in, I will take a meeting with you and see what can be done to offer any assistance that I can give.

Would you be willing to meet this afternoon at your current headquarters? This would allow you to remain hidden, and I will ensure that my security detail will swear a magical oath to not reveal anything seen or discussed.

I shall be awaiting your response.

Miyamoto Satoshi

Imperial Shogun~

"L, I think you need to clear some time out of your schedule," Harry called, fingers running over the seal that was placed beneath the signature.

"For what purpose," the detective asked, then blinked when the letter was handed to him.

L read through it several times and looked over at the wizard. He hadn't expected this response, and it was obvious that it had taken Harry by surprise as well.

"The Shogun wishes to come here," he asked, needing clarification. "I had not expected him to be willing to meet us in our own domain and not neutral territory."

"To be perfectly honest, neither did I," Harry responded, shaking his head. "I did some reading on the Shogun and how the Japanese magical world works. Unlike the US or the UK, the head of the magical world is a hereditary position and the Miyamoto family has been in power for several centuries. The community takes his safety seriously so it means he's putting a tremendous amount of trust in us for him to come here."

L chewed on his thumb, looking to Watari who was watching him. They hadn't expected this and knew that they needed to accommodate the Shogun's request.

"Write him back and tell him that we will wait for his arrival at whatever time suits his schedule," the shaggy haired male responded.

Harry nodded, following the orders he'd been given. Once the response was sent back with Dobby, the wizard dropped his head on his desk with a low groan. A thought had occurred to him, and it was enough for him to have a bit of a wobbly. Given what he was about to have to do, the Master of Death felt entitled to have a small strop.

"What's troubling you, Orion," Watari asked, pulling a book out of the young man's way when there was a muffled response.

"I'm going to have to start using the etiquette that was hammered into me once I found out I had two titles," he grumbled, repeating the answer that had been previously muffled. "I was happy just acting like plain old Harry, and now I've got to step back into that role again."

"Just for a short while," the older man soothed. "Is there anything we should know so we don't cause offense?"

"Merlin, I have no idea," the nobleman answered, keeping his head down on the desk. "All I can suggest is following what you know of Japanese etiquette and whatever you've been taught in regards to addressing those of noble and royal blood when back in the UK. That should keep you from causing any grievances."

Watari was kept from answering when Dobby came back, giving a nod to his master.

"Shogun says he will be arriving in an hour," the house elf replied. "What does Master Orion wish for Dobby to do?"

"If you can manage it before he arrives, make sure everything is clean and that we have tea ready to offer," Harry answered. "I'll make sure the wards are up to par and then see about getting ready. For a meeting like this, I can't exactly meet the Shogun while wearing trainers and denims."

"No, Master Orion cannot," Dobby said firmly. "Dobby will be seeing everything done."

As Harry got up, Watari shook his head. This was going to be a unique visit as they had yet to meet anyone in charge of the magical governments before, and he hoped his ward would not cause too much offense. L was fairly mildly mannered for the most part, but he could come off as very abrasive when his patience was tested.

The wizard moved around the hotel room, chanting lowly under his breath as he moved the wand in intricate circles. He was renewing the wards and ensuring that no spying spells could be left behind or anything else that might compromise the investigation.

Once he had finished, Harry went into his room and took a shower, ensuring he was well groomed before drying himself off. He dressed in a dark pair of slacks and a light gray dress shirt. With this, he pulled on a lightweight blazer with both seals of his family embroidered on the pocket.

The young lord brushed his long hair out, tying the top portion of it away from his face and letting the rest of it hang freely to the middle of his back. After that was done, he took the chain off and put the signet rings onto his hands.

"All right, Potter-Black, you can do this," he murmured to himself, trying to settle his mind into the right frame of mind. "Yes, it's the Shogun but you've handled government types before and can do so again. Merlin, I hope I don't screw this up."

At the tap on the door of his bedroom, Harry squared his shoulders and allowed himself to slip into the mentality of a British noble, slipping out of the room. As soon as he stepped into the living room, there was a knock at the door and he turned as Dobby escorted a middle aged man, dressed in a very nice suit, and several other men of various ages.

"Lord Potter-Black," the middle-aged man began, giving a polite bow. "I am Miyamoto Satoshi, the Shogun of Japan's magical world."

Harry bowed as well, voice smooth and calm as he greeted their visitor. That the man hadn't introduced the people with him told him this was a security team.

"Welcome to our temporary headquarters, Shogun Miyamoto," he said to him. "May I present my companions?"

"I would very much like to meet them, Lord Potter-Black," he replied, turning as both L and Watari moved to stand next to Harry.

"This is Ryuuzaki and Watari," the Englishman introduced him, watching his companions give the Shogun a polite bow. "Please take a seat, Shogun Miyamoto. Would you like some tea?"

It took a few moments to get everyone settled with their tea, and the Shogun took several sips of the delicious brew before setting it down to look at Harry.

"Lord Potter-Black, before we begin, I must ask how the investigation is going. Do you believe L is close to catching the person responsible?"

Harry flashed L a look, speaking only after the detective nodded. It seemed the shaggy haired man was content to let him be the spokesperson for the time being, and the wizard knew he would step in once the conversation moved in a direction where he would need to do so.

"As far as being close to apprehending the criminal, I'm not certain yet. There's a lot more research and data to go through before we can safely say we're close. There's a lot of factors we've had to consider and weed through."

"Such as," the Shogun asked.

"I was brought in to assist with the magical side of research," Harry started to explain. "With the data L was able to provide me, I was able to use a few of my contacts to help eliminate several possibilities on who this 'Kira' could be. At first, I had thought that the individual behind the murders was a member of the magical community that had a problem against non-magical people. However, after receiving some information from a few contacts I have, I was able to rule that out."

"Would you please explain your reasoning behind why you believe Kira is a non-magical person? I would have thought he would be a member of our world given how the victims have died."

"That was the reason I had thought he or she was a member of our community," the British wizard replied, setting the teacup and saucer down. "I asked a few friends to check the magical prisons; only members of our world would know that we do keep non-magical people and squibs in our prisons for crimes against magical people. If this had been a witch or wizard, they would have gone against the non-magical inmates in the magical prisons as no one else knows of where those specific people have gone. The report I received stated that there have been no unusual deaths in those prisons."

"I see your reasoning," the Shogun told him. "L agrees with your conclusion?"

"He does," Ryuuzaki answered softly. "The logic is solid and coincides with the available data. His work so far has been able to narrow the profile down."

"That is good to hear," Miyamoto replied. "I am glad to hear the investigation is proceeding as it is; I imagine you are researching into rituals and magical items that a non-magical can use?"

"I am," Harry agreed. "I have been pursuing one particular line but have run into a problem. Both of the families I head have extensive libraries, which I brought with me, but due to the UK's habit of eliminating books that are considered dark or black over the centuries, my research has run into a wall."

"A sad habit," the Japanese magical leader shook his head. "You are hoping we might have resources that were written in the time before the books you have in possession."

"To be honest, Shogun Miyamoto, I was hoping you do. This line of investigation I am pursuing may very well be what I need to help L. The local bookstores do not date back far enough, and I don't have the contacts here for purchasing older, rarer books to add to my library."

The Shogun was quiet, thinking on what the visiting noble had shared with him. He could appreciate the difficulties and knew that something had to be done to aid the man. The investigation was vital to the safety of the world and if his government could help, then he would do so.

"I am willing to help you where I can, Lord Potter-Black," he said quietly. "First of all, please write me a list of topics that you need to research and I will send copies of what we have available on the understanding that they are returned once the investigation is finished."

"I am willing to do so," Harry replied, watching the leader nod and continue.

"Secondly, I will provide you a list of the dealers of rare books that are reputable so you can expand your personal library for future projects and a letter of introduction will accompany the list as well."

"I greatly appreciate the help, Shogun Miyamoto," he told him, feeling very grateful and relieved to know that he would be getting the help he needed.

A short while later, the Shogun left the hotel with the list in hand. All three members of the investigation team were feeling relieved by the offer of help from the magical government of Japan. The resources being offered were vital, and Harry felt good about what had transpired and couldn't wait to get into the material once it arrived.

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