Sam smiled hearing Chelsea's small giggle as his lips descended upon hers. The water from the shower head fell upon them drenching them. Chelsea wrapped her arms around Sam's neck as the kiss deepened. Sam's hands on her lower back slightly pressing her against him letting her know his need for her. Her hands ran up into his hair then down his face and body. She loved the feel of his muscular toned upper body against her hands then against hers. She felt safe and protected and Hell turned her on half the time.

Sam's large hands cupped beautiful porcelain face then parted his lips just for a bit, "Want to?"

Sam watched her bite her bottom lip, the one he loved to just suck on and lick. She placed her hands over his and smiled with a slight nod, "Yeah." Of course. Who wouldn't want to have sex with this man? He was gentle and tender and knew what she liked.

Sam's hands slid down her sides and she couldn't help but smile at how careful he was with her. Just as Sam was about to grab her thighs the door opened up.

"Don't mind me Sammy," said Dean walking in and towards the toilet, "Renée has locked herself up in the bathroom and won't let me in."

"Dean!" yelled Sam turning Chelsea out of sight and blocking her, "Chelsea's in here!"

"Oh," said Dean and glanced at the shower and he watched as a small hand waved at him in the shower, "What's up Chels? Anyway, I won't take long just need to take a piss."

Sam shook his head as the two of them heard Dean's zipper go down and him start to pee.

"Oh my God," Chelsea whispered closing her eyes and trying not to laugh but she was almost feeling embarrassed.

"Dean really can you hurry up?"

"I'm sorry I've been holding it in for a while now!" Dean looked around their bathroom looking at all their stuff, mostly Chelsea's, "Hey Renée is on the same birth control."

Sam looked at Chelsea who's face turned as red as a tomato.

"Say…were you two about to-"


Dean laughed as he zipped his pants up, "I'm just saying because Renée loves the prison inmate move you know when you have her facing against the shower door or the wall and you-"


"Alright alright I'm out of here…geesh just trying to spice things up for you kids." Dean walked out of the bathroom and as he closed the door he said, "Damn Sam, she does have a nice ass."

Dean was smiling ear to ear as he walked back into his room and closed the door. "Where did you go?" Renée asked as she walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her slim tanned body.

"Well since you decided to lock the freaking bathroom door I had to go use Sam's and let's just say those two may be running a little late this morning." He winked.

"Really Dean? Please tell me you didn't walk in on them." She said as she ran a smaller towel through her hair.

"No...I got in there before the action started." He smirked, "I gave them a few tips. What can I say, I'm a good brother."

"Well I think they do just fine without your input, Dean. Chelsea does get pretty loud sometime." She said and turned to the mirror.

Dean smiled as he walked up behind her and wrapped his strong arms around her tiny waist, "Not louder than you." He whispered into her ear before leaving small kisses on her neck.

Renée sighed and closed her eyes, "Don't do this now." She said and turned around to face him. "We have to get ready to leave."

Dean pulled her tightly against his chest, "What's the rush? I got the keys so we leave when I say so." He said before leaning in and giving her a kiss.

His hands moved down her back and cupped her ass, lifting her up and Renée wrapped her long legs around him as their tongues battle.

Dean carried her over to the bed and laid her down slowly. He broke the kiss and sat up a little so he could strip the towel from her body.

Renée bit her bottom lip softly as she watched Dean move back down to her, kissing his way down her chest causing her to let out the tiniest moan that made Dean crave her even more.

"Guys you!" Chelsea yelled when she saw full frontal Renée. "So sorry."

"What's going on?" Sam asked and saw the two on the bed rounding second base, "Dude lock the door."

"What the hell?" Dean yelled and jumped off Renée, leaving her fully exposed. "Don't you knock?"

"You don't so why should I?" Sam asked with his and Chelsea's eyes covered.

"You can look now." Renée said as she covered herself with the sheet, "Plus its nothing you guys haven't seen before." She winked. "So we ready?"

"No." Dean said, "They need to leave like right now."

"Hey if I don't get any then you don't get any." Sam said and Chelsea glared at him, "Sorry. That came out wrong. I just meant we need to get on the road."

"Sure." Chelsea rolled her eyes and turned back to Dean and Renée, "So are we ready?"

"Yeah just let me get some clothes on." Renée said and jumped out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

Dean slowly looked at Sam and frowned, "I am getting you back for this, dude."

"Sorry Dean but paybacks a bitch." He Laughed

Twenty minutes later the four were in the car headed west to see if they could find a case. Dean had been itching for a hunt for days now.

"So Sammy you find anything?" Dean asked.

"Well I came across something last night maybe we could look into. Hey baby will you hand me my lap top?" He asked Chelsea.

"Sure. Here you go." She said. Sam took his computer and flipped it open. "I think it's about time you get some more RAM in that thing. Its acting slow."

"Yeah I know." Sam said as he hooked is cell phone up to the laptop to sync it to his WI-FI. "Ok got it." He said and clicked on the internet key but he was not prepared for what was about to pop up...

"You've been a bad boy. I think someone like you needs a bad girl. Mmmm I think so. I wish it was you touching me."

Chelsea snapped her head to Sam, "What the hell?" She asked and looked at the screen to see a fully naked woman on a large bed.

"You know you want me to touch myself. Oh God you bad boy!"

Sam tried to press escape button but nothing was happening, "I-I don't know what this is." He stuttered.

"Have you been watching porn when I go to sleep?" She asked him with her arms crossed, "What? I'm not good enough for you?"

"No baby it wasn't me I swear." Sam said and just slammed his laptop to stop the moaning.

"That is just sick, Sam. I can't believe you would do that while she is in the same room" Renée said.

"Yeah Sam you perv." Dean laughed.

Sam knew then what was going on, "You asshole! You did this."

"Hey don't blame me for your sick habit." Dean chuckled.

"Ok just remember you started it." Sam said. "Just wait."

"I'm shaking." Dean said and looked back at the road.

Chelsea was still giving Sam the evil eye and Sam moved away from her a little. He was going to kill Dean for this and he knew where to start.


"Ok so I'm thinking angry spirit," said Renée sipping her soda. "It makes a lot of sense. I mean the victims friend said that the victim was having a secret affair with the boyfriend of the girl that died a couple months ago."

"And according to the report," said Sam looking through the file, "Jada had slipped and fell hitting her head on the fireplace right in front of her boyfriend."

"Alright so with that we have Jada marked as the angry spirit getting revenge on all the boyfriends' secret girlfriend," said Dean.

"So you think she found out about the affairs?" asked Chelsea leaning over and looking at the report, "Maybe the boyfriend, Eric is it?" She looked at Renée and she nodded, "Maybe Eric and Jada were fighting. Maybe it was an accident but maybe Eric was pushing her, shaking her, lost his grip and boom she fell cracked her head open."

Dean smirked and looked at Sam, "You got yourself a smart one there Sammy."

Chelsea smiled as Sam wrapped his arm around Chelsea's shoulders, "Alright so salt and burn the bones of Jada to make sure she doesn't go after anymore of Eric's fan club."

"Fun, fun," said Renée, "When are we actually going to get a real action one. I'm itching for a fight."

Dean grinned, "I love this woman."

Renée smiled at him, "Now give me some quarters."

"What? Why?"

"I'm tired of listening to this music. I want to go to the jukebox and put something on."

"Fine but I'm going with you to make sure you don't put any of that Rihanna or Katy Perry shit." He took her hand sliding out of the booth.

"Aw come on I know you love it," Renée stuck her tongue out at Chelsea, "I heard you singing 'I Kissed A Girl' in the shower."

"Hey! I was drunk and that was the last song you put on."

Renée kissed his cheek and they walked over to the jukebox. Chelsea watched as Dean held a protective arm around Renée as the other he leaned on the jukebox.

"He can be cute with her when he wants to be," said Chelsea.

"Yeah just don't tell him that."

"Aw Sam are you still upset about what he did to your laptop?"

"You know as well as I do that my laptop is my pride and joy like his dumb car out there is his."

"Well if you plan on getting him back don't mess with the car. I'd like to see you live past your next birthday."

"You think I can't take him?"

"No…I'm just saying he may bury you alive." She smiled at him and Sam smiled down at her and kissed her lips as the waitress brought over their food.

"Here ya go kids. One double cheeseburger with a side of fries, a double bacon cheeseburger with extra pickles and a side fries, a Cesar salad with the works and chicken tenders with mustard sauce and fries. Anything else?"

"Nope we're good thank you," said Chelsea as she grabbed a chicken tender and bit into it.

Sam glanced up at Dean who was still at the jukebox with Renée and he looked over at the hot sauce on the condiment rack. Sam smirked and reached over grabbing it. Chelsea looked at him confused as he opened it up and looked up at Dean seeing him still preoccupied with now Renée kissing her neck and whispering in her ear. Sam lifted the bun off the burger and poured it all over the burger then poured it in Dean's beer.

"Ok…sweetie…I think that's enough. He's going to kill you!" Chelsea's eyes were huge.

"Payback Chelsea." He screwed the cap back on the hot sauce and put it back then went back to his salad as the couple came back to the table. As they reached the table Zeppelin's 'Ramble On' came on.

"How did I know?" asked Sam and Renée smiled at him.

"It's my man's favorite," she said with a smile as she dipped a fry into the ketchup.

Dean smiled before digging into his food and Sam watched as he continued to eat then watched as Dean stopped.

"Son of a bitch!" he yelled his eyes growing wide and he grabbed his beer and started to guzzle it down.

"Dean are you ok?" asked Renée worried and then Dean spit his beer out on the floor next to the booth and grabbed Renée's soda and drank it.

Sam was cracking up across from him and clapping his hands. Dean put the soda down and glared at Sam, "Run."

Sam stopped laughing and jumped out of the booth and across the diner. Dean got out but slipped on the beer/hot sauce on the floor but stopped himself from falling as he grabbed the table and ran after Sam. "Sam!"

Chelsea and Renée watched their boyfriends run across the parking lot like children. "You've got to be kidding me," said Chelsea.

"Nope…I know what time of the year it is," Renée sighed shaking her head.

"What? What is it?"

Renée looked at Chelsea, "Prank War."

"Oh no."

"Oh yes."

They turned their attention back to the parking lot to see Sam had locked himself inside the Impala and kept locking the door as Dean tried to open it with the keys. Renée shook her head, "This never ends well."

"Well," said Chelsea with a sly smile on her face that Renée had to arch an eyebrow at, "you have me now. What do you say we teach them a lesson?"

Renée grinned, "I love your thinking sugar. We'll teach them a lesson they'll never forget."

Authors Note: And the Prank War's beginning :D What do the girls have in mind for the Winchester boys? Review and find out.