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The conversation turned to other subjects and no one brought up Jasper again, but I was torn. It was a relief that the information was out there, but my fear about people seeing his work was confirmed and I didn't like it one bit.

At least it was in the past. That was something I could work with.


I was sitting at the airport sipping on a Jack and Coke when I felt my phone buzz in my pocket, indicating a new text.

Call me as soon as you land. Can't wait to see you!

Smiling to myself, I thought back on the last few weeks. It hadn't been long since Jasper's trip to San Francisco, but we had spent a lot of time on the phone getting to know each other. I knew my feelings for him were becoming stronger, but as much as I enjoyed our nightly conversations, something felt off. There was an annoyed, almost frustrated feeling in my gut that I couldn't have him with me whenever I wanted.

I missed him. And it sucked.

I typed out a quick reply.

You'll be the cowboy in the black Civic, right?

He responded right away.

My trusty steed. You got it!

Overhearing the announcement that my flight was about to begin boarding, I quickly downed the rest of my drink. The flight was quick, just over an hour, and I passed the time flipping through the Sky Mall magazine, laughing at some of their ridiculous offerings. Who really needed a head spa massager that looked like something out of Star Trek, or worse, something out of The Black Eyed Peas' closet? I couldn't lie, though, the Slanket caught my eye, but I would certainly draw the line at the Siamese version of it.

I mean, Jasper and I would look ridiculous in that.

Laughing to myself at the image, I reasoned that my airplane drink was starting to affect my judgment. Luckily, before I could make any ridiculous purchases, the plane began its descent into Los Angeles. Once we hit the tarmac I dialed Jasper's number, hardly able to contain my excitement to see him again.

"Hey!" He sounded as excited as I felt.

"Hi, Jas! I just landed."

"All right, I'll get'cha right at baggage claim."

The flight attendants signaled that we could start gathering our stuff, so I quickly got off the phone. Standing up, I huffed, annoyed that the crowd in front of me seemed to be moving at a snail's pace when disembarking from the plane.

Jeez, hurry up people!

Finally off the airplane, I followed the signs toward baggage claim. I assumed that Jasper planned to pick me up at the curb just outside, so I started scouting for the exits as the escalator made its way to the ground floor. Stepping off, I was ecstatic to be greeted by a wide smile and blond curls in the crowd. Jasper was adorable, bouncing on the balls of his feet, shifting from side to side, trying to make sure I saw him. As soon as we made eye contact he started waiving wildly.

The excitement in my chest turned into something more, an overwhelming warmth that I couldn't define.

I pushed forward through the crowd. Reaching Jasper, I set my roller bag down and threw my arms around his shoulders, taking a quick moment to inhale his scent.

"Hey, baby," Jasper whispered in my ear, settling his hands at my waist and letting his lips brush a light kiss onto my cheek. "Why don't we get out of here?" We broke apart quickly, and he grabbed my hand and led me to the parking garage. He threw my bag into the trunk before turning around and pulling me close to him, pressing his lips against mine. I didn't realize just how much I had missed him until actually seeing him again. I hummed against Jasper's lips, and tried to pry open his mouth with my tongue, but he pulled away, saying, "Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I just needed a little taste before we got into the car."

We settled in for the drive and Jasper informed me that we were about twenty-five minutes away from his apartment. I had been kept in the dark about our plans for the weekend thus far, but figured it was time for him to fill me in. "So, what's on the agenda for the weekend?"

"Well, now that you're here and I can't scare you aware with the itinerary, I'll let you in on the plan. Tonight, we've got my place to ourselves."

"Oh?" I interrupted. "Where's Jared?"

"He's staying with his boyfriend tonight. Anyway, I hope you're hungry, because I will be preparing a delicious gourmet meal for you this evening."

I turned and looked at Jasper with my eyebrows raised. "Really?" I questioned.

"Oh, yes. While you unpack and get settled in, I'll be working on dinner."

"You better be careful with treating me so well. I might never want to leave."

Jasper gave me a wistful smile. "I can't lie, it would be nice to have you around a little more often."

"I don't know, you'd be surprised at how quickly you could get sick of me," I joked.

Jasper reached over and grabbed my hand from my lap, bringing it to his lips for a kiss. "Somehow, I doubt that."


Jasper unlocked the door to his apartment, letting me walk in first as he flicked on some lights. The door opened just to the left of the living room and I waited for Jasper to direct me as to where to go next.

"Home sweet home," he said with a smile. "Living room and kitchen to the right." A small dining room sat next to the kitchen and the place was surprisingly clean and stylish for a couple of recent grads. There was a large olive green sofa in the center of the room, flanked by two leather armchairs, with a dark brown wood coffee table between them.

"That's the bathroom," Jasper said, pointing down the hallway, "and my bedroom's the first one here on the right. Try not to get confused and accidentally wander into Jared's room by accident this weekend," he teased, "he'll cuddle with a paper bag if it gets to close. And you, sir, are all mine this weekend." With a kiss on the cheek he continued, "Now, go ahead and get comfy, unpack your stuff. There are some hangers in the closet and the middle left drawer of that chest is open. I'm going to get started on dinner, so come join me in the kitchen when you're done."

With a playful slap on my ass, Jasper left, and I threw my suitcase onto his bed. I had to admit, it felt a little funny, being back in, practically, a college student's room. There were a lot of silly knickknacks and posters haphazardly hung on the walls. I smiled to myself, remembering how similar my own room looked back then.

Thankfully, the bed was quite large. Plenty of room for the nocturnal activities I had planned.

I couldn't help but snoop around at the photos adorning his nightstand. Jasper was smiling beautifully in each one, surrounded by friends that I assumed I would meet this weekend. There was something sad about it, though, not to see any pictures of his family. I shuddered, unable to imagine how it must feel to be abandoned by the people you love.

Once I was finished unpacking, I grabbed my small digital camera and walked into the kitchen to find Jasper hovering over a cutting board. This was the perfect opportunity to catch a candid photo of him. He didn't notice me, thoroughly engrossed in the work, so he jumped when I snapped the picture and then gave me a warning look. I simply shrugged my shoulders and asked, "What'cha making?"

Jasper let it go, cryptically answering, "You'll see." He pointed over to the living room. "Why don't you pour yourself a glass of whiskey at the bar," gesturing at a black piece of furniture in the corner. "You can pour one for me, too." When I walked around the tall black cube, there was a full bar underneath, with glasses hanging from a rack and bottles tucked away.

"This is awesome, Jas!"

"Yeah, IKEAs finest." I quickly spotted an unopened bottle of Johnny Walker and pulled it out.

Did he buy it just for me?

My chest warmed as I poured the liquid into our glasses, and then grabbed a couple of ice cubes from the freezer before handing Jasper his drink.

"This all looks and smells amazing, Jas." I snuggled up behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist and planting a kiss on the back on his neck.

"Hey! No distracting the chef!" He took a quick sip of his drink before gesturing to the counter. "Do me a favor and put that bread on the table, will ya?" I followed his instructions as he placed chicken into the skillet before pouring in some white wine. "Okay, ten minutes and it should be all set." He held up his hand and we clinked glasses. Watching the warm liquid slide down his throat, I leaned forward and touched my lips to his before licking across his lower lip. Tasting remnants of the sharp, smoky liquor against my tongue, I parted my lips, eager for more. Jasper slid his tongue into my mouth with a moan and I pressed my body against his.

"Wait, wait," he groaned, pulling away with a peck, "the food." Acquiescing, I stepped back, taking another sip of my drink. "All right, can you grab the plates from the table and bring them over here?" I followed his instructions, placing the plain white plates on the counter next to him. "Okay, now I need you to open this bottle of wine and put it on the table."

"A pinot, huh? This looks great."

"Yeah. I don't really know much about wine, but the guy at the wine store said it would be good with the meal and I just trusted him. As the expert, you'll have to tell me what you think."

I couldn't believe that he had gone to all of this effort for me. It made me feel so special and cared for, seeing all the effort he had put into his evening with me. I had to admit, it was actually fun, working together in the kitchen. Lord knew I couldn't cook for shit, but at least it looked like Jasper knew what he was doing.

When we sat down just a few minutes later, I was practically speechless by the spread. Jasper had prepared chicken roulade stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese, along with mashed potatoes and asparagus. He wiped his brow as he poured the wine into our glasses and took a seat.

"Whew!" he exclaimed, picking up his wineglass and holding it up for a toast. "To the first of many LA trips for you," he said with a wink.

I clinked his glass, and teased, "We'll see if you make it worth my while." He raised his eyebrows at me, not even responding. I took a sip of my wine. "Mmm, very tasty, Jas. Nice job!"

"Yeah? I'm glad you like it," he responded, with a hint of pride in his voice. "I hope you feel the same way about the food." I smiled, cutting off a small piece of the chicken, sure to get some of the tomatoes and cheese on my fork and raised it to my mouth.

"Shit, Jasper, this is delicious!" I exclaimed. The chicken was flavorful and tender, complimented perfectly by the other ingredients. His cheeks flushed a little at the compliment, and I dug into the mashed potatoes, which were rich and buttery and perfect.

"You're so screwed, Jasper. I might never leave, now. I didn't know you could cook!"

"It's something that I've always enjoyed doing." he responded, with a shrug. "I'd help out in the kitchen when I was younger and then in school I just learned on my own."

The rest of our dinner was perfect, and I was still in shock that he had done all of this for me. When we finished the meal, I insisted on cleaning up, but Jasper wouldn't hear of it. Finally, he relented enough that we could share clean up duties. While I washed and he dried, we chatted comfortably and I couldn't help but feel surprised by how easy it was to be with him.

When everything was put away in its proper place, we made our way to the living room. Jasper brought the rest of the wine and I grabbed our glasses as he turned on the stereo. "White Stripes, huh?" I commented.

"I'm a big fan of Jack White, especially the bluesier stuff. Is that cool?"

"Yeah, I like it."

Jasper sat down onto the couch next to me, his hair falling into his face as he sank into the cushions. Almost unconsciously, my hand reached out to brush the curls away from his eyes, tucking the strands behind his ear. I was struck, yet again, by how gorgeous he was. Letting my hand rest on his cheek, I guided his lips toward mine. The kiss began slow and soft, but quickly increased in intensity, a result of not having seen each other in so long.

He wrapped his hand around the back of my neck, pushing his fingers into my hair as our tongues twisted. A soft groan came from the back of his throat, spurring me to crawl into his lap, my knees resting just outside of his thighs. Jasper moved his lips to my neck, mouthing at the skin there while he unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off my shoulders.

I guided him forward so I could strip him of his t-shirt before plunging my hands into his curls. His warm, strong hands splayed across my upper back, pulling me closer to him as I moved my hands to toy with the waist of his jeans, popping open the button and dragging his zipper down. He let out a gasping breath when I palmed him through his underwear. Gently running my fingers up and down his length, I enjoyed the feel of him hardening against my hand. Pushing my hips back, Jasper whispered, "Up," and guided me to stand in front of him, where he laid open mouth kisses across my stomach while undoing my pants and pulling them to the ground, along with my underwear.

Jasper stood up in front of me, pushing the rest of his clothing off while I ran my hands across his soft skin. As soon as he had stepped out of his pants, I lightly pushed on his chest, forcing him to sit back down before I returned to my previous position on his lap.

"Much better," he groaned into my mouth and I hummed in agreement. His fingers began to run up and down my back again, getting closer and closer to my ass on each pass, until Jasper pushed a finger between my cheeks, rubbing lightly at my entrance. Moaning, I reached between us and wrapped my hand around his neglected cock. He threw his head back, drawling out a throaty, "Fuuuuck."

Leaning toward his ear, I teasingly bit the lobe before asking, "Do you have any lube out here?" He gestured to a side table and with a kiss, I reached across the couch and pulled out a condom and small tube, pressing them both into his hand. "Here," I whispered.

He smiled back at me. "Yeah?" he asked. I nodded yes, feeling my skin heat up slightly. Jasper placed the items next to him and pulled my face to his, kissing me with renewed fervor.

Repositioning myself slightly, I guided his hard length down, between my legs so it nestled against my hole. I slowly moved my hips back and forth over the head of his cock, teasing us both with the soft skin as Jasper coated a finger with lube.

"So sexy, Edward. You feel so good," he whispered, nudging his dick out of the way and softly rubbing his finger against my entrance, massaging the muscles until they relaxed against his touch. He pressed past the tight ring of muscle, pumping his finger in and out a few times before adding a second. I moaned, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and tucking my face into his neck as he finished preparing me.

Jasper grabbed the condom packet from the couch, opened it and rolled it down his length, adding more lube when he was done. As I lifted up onto my knees, he grabbed his cock and held it up against my entrance. I sank down slowly, inch by inch allowing him to fill me. Taking a moment to adjust, I licked across his lower lip and gently caressed the velvety warmth of his tongue with my own.

Exhaling deeply, I ground my hips down against Jasper's lap. He threw his head back, muttering, "Fuck," with a low groan, dragging his fingers up and down my sides. I gripped the back of the couch over Jasper's shoulders for leverage and began rocking my hips steadily, back and forth.

The languid pace didn't last long as Jasper spread my cheeks wide with his hands and began to thrusting into me. My head fell forward onto his shoulder, where his skin was becoming sticky with sweat. His warm breath fanned across my ear, "Edward— Edward— oh fuck."

Suddenly Jasper stood up, bringing me with him, and I wrapped my legs around his waist so I wouldn't fall. He spun us around, gently laying me back onto the couch. "Turn around," he whispered.

Jasper moved behind me as I knelt forward on the couch, arching my back to him. He pressed back inside of me, slowly and deeply, before quickening his pace. I pushed my hips back to meet his thrusts, but he began to move more powerfully, the force pushing me into the cushions. Jasper reached forward and wound his arm around my waist, lifting me so my back pressed firmly against his chest. I turned my face toward him and he lightly pressed his hand against my jaw, guiding my mouth to his.

I couldn't control the whimpers falling from my lips and reached down to grasp my cock, pumping it in time with Jasper's motions. My entire body shuddered, warm and sticky where Jasper was pressed against me, cool across my chest and stomach. The familiar tingling that usually preceded my orgasm began to build, and Jasper moaned loudly behind me, his thrusts turning erratic as we both reached our climax. I cried out as the tight coil of tension in my stomach unraveled explosively, simultaneously hearing Jasper call out my name, feeling his cock pulse inside of me.

We stayed pressed tightly together as Jasper leaned us forward onto the couch. As our breath slowed, I couldn't help but let out a chuckle at the mess on the couch. "What?" Jasper asked, nibbling on the back of my neck. "I'm not sure this is an entirely appropriate time to start laughing, Edward. I might get my feelings hurt."

"I'm afraid we made a bit of a mess on your couch, Jasper." He leaned over my shoulder to see what I meant, and laughed when he saw that my cum had sprayed all over the cushion in front of me. I looked back at him, a little sheepishly. "Oops."

He nuzzled against my neck. "Well it's a good thing they're leather, baby. I'll grab some stuff to clean up." He stood up and I collapsed onto my back, head propped up on the armrest. Coming back with our underwear and a washcloth, Jasper cleaned up the mess while I shimmied my boxer briefs back on. He tossed the washcloth onto the floor and lied on the couch facing me.

Winding his arms around my waist, Jasper kissed my lips, telling me, "I'm so glad you're here."

Sighing contentedly, I smiled back at him and whispered, "Me too, Jasper," before snuggling closer into him.

I couldn't wait to find out what else he had in store for us.

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