All is Fair in Love and Wizardry

A Young Wizards Fanfic

Note: Takes place the morning Nita wakes up after the last scene in A Wizard of Mars by Diane Duane

Chapter 1: The Moon May Not Be Far Enough

One morning, a girl woke up feeling the most excited she'd felt in a long time. It was surprising, because she had been through some pretty exciting things in her short life. She had experienced everything from talking to trees to saving the entire universe, and almost anything imaginable in between. But that morning, there was a completely different kind of excitement that she was feeling and it had a lot to do with a certain wizard that she had become very close to over the last few years.

Kit Rodriguez had been Nita's best friend ever since they met in the park that fated day. Over a short time they naturally became wizardry partners. Their relationship had always been an easy one and their friendship had always felt just right or at least up until lately. Nita had become attracted to Kit in ways that were a little more than "friendly." She tried to put the feelings aside and continue being Kit's friend but last night something unexpected and amazing had happened. Nita referred to Kit as her boyfriend without really realizing it during a heated fight with an alien princess. Somehow Kit overheard and brought it up during a dream she had had. Fortunately he felt the same way and they took that extra step to becoming more than friends.

As Nita was on her way to get dressed she realized that she had no idea what to wear to Kit's house. It seemed stupid that she suddenly wanted to impress him since it never mattered before but there was a nagging voice in the back of her head saying that it did and this time it wasn't Bobo. She decided to go with a skirt and a tank top to try and look presentable while at the same time hiding the fact that his opinion of her appearance mattered so much.

She was on her way downstairs to get some breakfast when her sister Dairine burst out of her room. Dairine was about to go down stairs too when she looked at Nita with an odd expression on her face.

She cocked her head sideways and said "You look way too happy way too early in the morning. What happened?"

Nita immediately started blushing and was tempted to lie and say nothing but wizards are against lying about anything and Dairine would have gotten it out of her at some point anyway.

"I'm just on my way to Kit's house. I'm really glad this whole Martian mess is over," which was true enough. It just wasn't the main reason for her good mood. Unfortunately, being too smart for her own good, Dairine saw right through this.

"Oh really? I think there may be a little more to it than that… perhaps something going on between you and Kit?" Dairine said with a devious smile on her face.

Nita's eyes narrowed in annoyance. "How would you know that? Have you been spying on me?" she said unwilling to tell her sister straight out what was going on.

"Ha! I knew it! Daaaaad!" Dairine screamed down the hallway, "Nita's got a boyfriend! For real this time!"

Nita wanted to vanish, which she could very well do considering the fact that she was a wizard, but she might as well get telling her father out of the way. Fortunately, their father was a heavy sleeper and didn't seem to hear her sister so Nita sighed with relief and decided to skip breakfast and leave before her sister decided to pursue the matter. A few minutes later, Nita was gone.

Kit was sitting in his room thinking about Nita. Ever since the big showdown on Mars, he hadn't been able to stop. He reflected on all of his memories of himself and Nita and it took a while for there were a lot. Every few seconds he found himself thinking how had I failed to notice?

Looking back, he saw that he's felt this way for a while now and forced himself to ignore it. The thing was, now that he acknowledged those feelings he couldn't seem to control himself. He was eagerly awaiting Nita's arrival, at the same time dreading it. He was afraid that calling him her boyfriend may have been a slip up and that she hadn't really meant it at all. In fact, he left in the dream before she had a chance to really think about it. What if she realized during those few short hours that she didn't actually feel that way? He wasn't sure if he could handle it. Not only would he lose his best friend but he'd also lose her as his wizardry partner and that was not something he was willing to sacrifice no matter how strongly he felt about her.

Since sitting there and dwelling on the many ways things could go wrong was not at all productive, he decided to try and remain optimistic and just let what happens happen. He went downstairs passed the living room and found his sister watching the alien shopping channel.

"Call now to buy this brevta now and we'll throw in a free kursh!" the TV said.

He resisted the urge to peek at the TV and give away his curiosity at what Carmela was watching. Instead he walked into the kitchen where his Mama was looking for her keys.

"They're next to the fruit bowl," Kit said, knowing where they were without using and wizardry whatsoever. It was the same place she seemed to leave them every time she needed them.

His Mama looked next to the bowl and looked back at her son with a mixed look of embarrassment, annoyance, and gratitude.

"Thank you Niño. I've got to go to work, I'll see you later. Tell your Popi not to forget to get the groceries."

"Ok Mama, bye," Kit replied, slightly relieved that his mother wouldn't be there to see what would happen when Nita showed up.

He waited in the kitchen with a bowl a cereal for what seemed like hours. Finally, he heard the familiar sound of displaced air in his backyard. He quickly tried to look casual, as if he hadn't been anticipating her arrival since their dream meeting.

She slid open the door that led from the backyard to the living room.

"Hey Carmela, is Kit around?" Kit heard Nita ask Carmela.

"Just moped into the kitchen like a lost puppy," Carmela said with a hint of amusement.

Kit wasn't sure if he should have been embarrassed by her comment, or just glad that Nita had finally come. Then he realized that as soon as she entered the kitchen, if life was going to change either for better or for worst and he wasn't sure how to handle either scenario.

Then Nita walked into the kitchen with a forgotten smile and a look on her face that said everything he needed to know. He could see that she had been looking forward to their meeting just as much as Kit was and that she wasn't at all unsure about her feelings for Kit. He wasn't sure why he'd been worried in the first place. Her mere presence seemed to affect him in a way that he had first noticed at the barbeque the day before. He wanted to touch her in some way, just make sure she was actually there and he wasn't just dreaming. She came over to him and the smile on her face grew.

"Hey," she said trying to look nonchalant and punching him softly on the shoulder.

Kit, feeling on top of the world and confident in their mutual attraction, grabbed Nita's wrist and pulled her close enough that they were standing with just a few inches between their faces. She looked back at him with surprise, pleasure, and perhaps even encouragement in her eyes. Just as Kit began to lean closer, someone appeared at the kitchen door.

"Ugh! Why don't you two just get a room already?" Carmela cries indignantly, "some of us would like to use the kitchen for its intended purpose, which was preparing and consuming food last time I checked."

Nita backed up a little but not looking at all sorry.

"I supposed this means that you two are officially an item now?" Carmela continued.

"Whoa, wait a second. Officially?" Kit said.

"Well, you were practically joined at the hip before and I just assumed you carried on in private where no one could see. Are you telling me you've actually just been friends all this time? Wow Kit, you're slower than I thought you were which is really saying something. If I had known it would take you this long to make a move, I would have intervened long ago."

Before he could respond Carmela walked away leaving Kit torn between rage and embarrassment while Nita was resisted the urge to giggle.

"Why don't we head up to the moon?" Nita suggested once she pulled herself together.

"Knowing my sister that may not be far enough," Kit replied exasperated, "but it's worth a try. Let's go."