Rello sighed, pulling her green scarf over her chin to keep her warm. What a frightfully cold day it was in this place she called home. This place called Transformice...

She stared through the door of the mouse hole; it was nearly time for the next map. She grinned eagerly. Out she ran – along with her fellow mice – ready to take on anything.

Except this.

The weather had turned into a harsh blizzard, which ripped through her brown fur. She abandoned her headphones and glasses and then continued the game.

But above her and all the other mice was a long black snake of some sort. It had yellow spots along its side and piercing blue eyes. An Anvil God. It gave a mighty roar and charged at the crowd of mice, it's tail lashing forward, instantly killing unfortunate mice.

Rello jumped back, evading the vicious attack. Where was the shaman? She gasped suddenly as her eyes fell on the familiar large mouse with a blue tribal pattern on it. The shaman looked fine from the side but if one looked closer, one could see the fatal gash that had ripped his upper torso. His intestines spilled onto the stained-red snow he lay on. Stained-red with blood. His blood to be exact.

Rello averted her eyes, biting her lip nervously. What would she do?

She never had the time to think as the Anvil God's tail charged towards her. She dodged most of it, but her left-hind leg took the blow. She squealed in pain, collapsing to the floor on impact.

She only had time to look back at the monster that preyed on her, and scream, as it rammed headfirst into her fragile body, colliding with her essential organs, annihilating them on impact.

She coughed up blood, life slowly disappearing in her.

Her once glittering eyes left dead.

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