Karin got up to figure out how to exactly use his new television. Naruto disappeared into the kitchen and began to work on something—"I swear to Hokage, if it's instant ramen I am leaving and not coming back until you learn how to cook a proper food!"

Then there was a knock on the door. Who could it possibly be at this hour? Karin tested the air, but it wasn't anyone she recognized. She placed the remote on the coffee table in front of the couch before heading to the door. Whomever it was apparently was getting impatient, knocking again as Karin got to the door.

"Yeah, yeah. Calm down, I'm coming." Karin checked her glasses on the bridge of her nose before swing the door open. Before her stood another redheaded girl. This girl was wearing white pajamas, little thunder cloud designs covering her from chest to ankle. Her arms were crossed as she looked surprised to see Karin here.

"Here for the Uzumaki Sleepover Reunion?"

The dark skinned girl grinned, but rolled her amber eyes all the same. "Whiskers invited me a couple of hours ago once he realized I was in the village for a while. It wasn't a that big deal for me to spend the night, so I figured 'hey why not?'. Besides how can someone say no when he looks at ya with those dopey eyes of his?"

Karin nodded, knowing well what she was talking about.

"I'm Karui, by the way, from Kumogakure. Didn't realize that I'd meet another family member so soon."

"Karin, formerly from Otogakure. Got your pillow?"

Karui showed that her pillow was strapped to her back via a sash on back. It was a large brown dog and looked a lot like—

"You got that from the carnival a while ago, didn't you?"

Karui read her tone and laughed. "Yea and I take you got one too?"

Karin stepped aside to let her new cousin inside, Karui taking noticed to the pillow pets on the couch. She smiled.

"I guess clan members think alike then,"

Naruto had finally finished whatever he had been concocting and entered the living room with a glass bowl in his hand. With his free hand he grabbed the remote and put it to DVD setting, theme music of a Princess Gale movie beginning to play.

He started humming to himself before looking up and noticing the new arrival.

"Karui!" He cried, excitedly!

Karui watched over for a hug, grabbing the bowl the second they separated. She munched down on the popcorn and chocolate mix and gave a slight moan of satisfaction.

"Hmm. Glad you listened to me about this I bet, aren't you Naruto?"

Naruto laughed, flopping himself onto the couch, Karui sitting in front of him and Karin at his side as the movie began!