The Death of Uchiha Madara

"Why...?" The words slipped out of Madara's mouth before he could think of what he was saying.

The cold gray eyes glared at Uchiha Madara's mangled body. "Shouldn't you know by now?" Uchiha Sasuke spat.

"I was your mentor! I was the one who taught you everything!" Uchiha Madara's rage was squelched as Uchiha Sasuke stepped onto his broken back. Uchiha Madara held onto another scream of pain.

"You taught me nothing." Uchiha Sasuke spat onto Madara's bloodied hand. "You never taught me anything."

"I gave your eyes." Madara whispered.

Sasuke looked at the nearly-invincible ninja. He had nearly died fighting his "caretaker," the one who took told him the truth about his family, and Itachi. At the thought of his brother, Sasuke picked up Madara. It was only out of pure rage was he able to do so.

"You brought my brother back." Sasuke spoke through gritted teeth. "You brought him back, and made him fight. You used me. You tried to kill me."

"Why did you betray me in the end? After you fought Naruto? After I taught you that jutsu?" Madara's life was bleeding out of him, and Sasuke knew it.

Sasuke grinned. "Isn't that what we Uchihas do? Betray each other?"

He raised his sword, and brought it down to end the life of the ninja that had betrayed him.

Blood showered Sasuke's all ready blood-soaked body. He stared down at the body beneath him. Uchiha Madara was dead.

Sasuke felt something close to peace.