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"Why do I have to do this again?" I asked as we drove to the therapist's office. I'm not crazy. I barely know anyone in my school doing this...except for Fiona.

"Because,"My father, Randal began."your mother and I want you to talk to someone...other than Alli to help you." He explained with a small smile, glancing at me before back at the road. I groaned and looked through my lime green, canvas messenger bag for my phone. Once I finished searching for it, I looked out the window before my phone disappeared out of my hands and into the glove compartment.

I looked at Dad harshly before trying to open it. "Dad! I need to text-

"You aren't texting, calling or helping anyone until after your appointment," He interrupted with a triumphant smile.

I gave out an annoyed sigh before saying, "Why are you doing this to me? I'm fine and- and I think this is against my will!"

"Who cares, Clare bear?"He scoffed before pulling up in front of the building. I winced in annoyance before he took my phone out of the glove compartment and began waving it around, practically taunting me. "Dad, this is cruel and unusual punishment...I'm not stepping one foot in there." I argued, crossing my arms and looking at him, angrily.

"Well then,you will if you want to see your phone again."He explained, sliding it up and down...damn him.

"Fine,"I said with a exasperated huff."Fine, I'll go but, I need my phone." He eyed me suspiciously before I let out a sigh. "Just in case someone gets crazy and starts harassing me." I explained, unbuckling my seatbelt and getting my bag together. "So...are you giving me it or not?" I asked, looking at him in anticipation.

"Fine," He was about to hand it over before he continued. "But, you must go to your appointment, Clare...its for your own good."He gave it to white slider, touch screen phone and I smiled, happily.

"Thanks, Dad and...I'll try to talk to the therapist, okay?"

"I'll take that as a 'yes',"He kissed my forehead and I bid my goodbyes before getting out the car. Great...another therapist who will not get me.







"Mom, will you listen for a second?"

"What is it, Eli? You know my new-

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Your new client is coming...I thought you were going to actually pay attention to me?" I asked, plopping on the couch.

"Eli, I am..I will-just I need time to look for my keys," You would think for an organized person, she would expect where to search.

"Oh look...scissors...with very sharp blades,"I said, mockingly.

"Would you actually help me look for them?" She asked, hitting me on the top of my head with one of her files.

"Ow..." She shot a cold look before motioning me to search. "Fine, mother..." I got up and began to look around her surprisingly cluttered desk before hearing a bell ring rapidly in my ears.

"What is that?" I asked, annoyed, knocking off the papers on the desk.

"New ring tone...Just keep searching. Its probably your father," She explained, taking her phone out of her pocket before answering. This shit is going to take forever. I began to sit in the black leather swivel chair, searching through the drawers. It wasn't long until I found the mysteriously missing keys in the top drawer. I held the keys up in the air waving them back and forth, jingling them.

"Okay..see you tonight. Yes, love. Eli's doing fine." Sure, I am. I wish I had three wishes and if I did, they would be to:

a.) Have a girl here..she has to be cute and has to fight with me over things once in a while...

b.) Have my best friend here to help me...and to give me a laugh here and there.

c.) To have all my-

"Eli, baby boy, you found them!" She exclaimed, interrupting my thoughts as she motioned me to throw them. I complied and I raised an eyebrow.

"I know why you did this." I said, interlocking my fingers together and setting the palms of my hands on the surface of the desk.

"Oh, really now? You do?" She questioned, amused, putting her hands on her hips while tapping her foot.

"Yes, I and your crazy therapy skills..I told you I don't need your help,"

"Eli, I only want what's best for you and if this is it, then-

"Then, let me try this on my own for now..." I suggested, cutting her off instantly. "Mom, I want to change but-

"But nothing...that's a start that you want to change," She said in agreement before having a huge grin on her face.

"What?"I asked, clearly lost. " can help me."

"I am helping you," I responded, jokingly.

"Ha, Eli but, what about your extra credit project?"

"For Mr. Perino? I don't have to do it when I have the highest grade even though he hates me..for some unknown reason." I explained, drumming my fingers along the desk.

"So, how about you help um, this new client.." She began to look through the papers and files before taking one. "Clare Edwards." Clare Edwards? Why does that name sound so familiar?

"Okay, fine. I'll do it but um, can you get me something to eat?"

"Fine, Eli. Pizza?" She suggested, walking towards the door.

"Sure. The usual,"I replied while she nodded and left soon after. Clare Edwards...Come on. I know that name...its going to come to me sooner or later


I sat in the waiting room, texting Alli. She's the only one who gets me so, I need to talk to her. I also, listened to music before some guy came out of a room and went to the front desk. I analyzed him slowly...Okay..I know the back of his head from somewhere...Where though? Okay, think Clare. His dark brown tousled hair...the black skinny jeans and the grey Dead Hand tee shirt...the amazingly belt like wristbands and one white and black studded one..I seen him before. Why is this so hard to realize him! Who the fuck is he?

Als, I definitely need a doctor-Clare

I took the ear buds out of my ears to hear the conversation he was having. Intrusive much? Very.

"...yeah. So, wouldn't she get fired for letting me help out?"He asked in a hushed tone.

"Well, you're probably helping just one person anyway. Its nothing," The lady behind the desk explained.

"I just will feel guilty if she does get fired,"

"Don't worry...she'll figure out you guys' meeting place other than here,"

He nodded and walked by to the room again. He flashed me a smile and I smiled back shyly, still not able to figure him out...who are you? He went into the room and Alli replied back.

Why? I mean is there a cute guy there? And if so, does he have a brother?- Alli

I smiled and sighed. There's Alli. Planning one step ahead for a new boyfriend. Drew's nice and suave and cool but, sometimes its like he doesn't think at all...She did better with Johnny and that's saying a lot after what happened between them.

Um, no...I think this guy here is someone I know but I can't figure him all -Clare

"Clare, sweetie?" I looked up and saw the front desk lady. If Alli was here, she would have gave her a make over. Literally, she would have...I feel bad for her just thinking of the thought.

"Yes?" I chirped, getting up and slinging the strap of my bag over my shoulder.

"I think she's-he's ready for you," she corrected herself at first with a giggle. I smiled and nodded before she pointed to a door. "In there..I think you knew that,"She said before she walked around the desk and to the door. I followed, looking down at my white sneakers before the door. I fixed my aqua short sleeve cardigan and my white ruffled shirt before the white bow in my hair.

She watched me and said," No need for that...he'll like everything...well, not everything." I smiled and nodded, tucking my phone away in a small pocket of my bag.

She opened the door and I walked in with a deep breath. "Hi...I'm-

"Clare..I know. You act as if I'm socially challenged,"He spoke and I looked around for him.

"Okay..all I said was hi and I'm already getting a lecture? You're supposed to be helping me..from wherever you are," I argued, heading for the forest green couch and sat down on it.

"Oh..I'm everywhere you want me to be,"He mocked and I rolled my eyes before taking out my phone.

"Would you stop being some 'Great holy one' and actually show yourself...unless you're scared," I retorted, licking my lips and looking around. I heard a scoff then, incohrent words under their breath.

The swivel chair behind the desk turned around to face me with the guy...he's not my therapist..right? "'re my extra credit?" He asked bewildered.

"Excuse me? Extra credit?" I questioned, finally realizing who he was. I got stuck with Eli out of all people...what did I ever do to deserve this!

"Well, blue eyes-

"Do NOT call me that...I barely know you and you're practically the new guy,"I interrupted with an irritated sigh.

"Fine, I try to be nice to you and this is what I get?"

"And what would that be exactly?"I asked.

"You and your bitchy attitude."He responded, getting up from the chair; moving towards the front of the desk and hopping on it

I scoffed and flipped him the bird. "Do you even know how to use that finger, Saint Clare?"

"Yes, yes I do."I replied, pecking away on the keyboard of my phone. He sighed, annoyed before snatching my phone away. I glared at him before holding out my hand. He, being the jackass he is, slapped it as a high five.

"Thanks, Clare..I needed one of those,"

"Fuck you, Eli!"I shouted, standing up and walking closer to him. I pinched a spot of his bare forearm and he winced.

"What the fuck is your problem, Clare? Just sit!" I jumped and complied before he sighed and smiled triumphantly before speaking. "Look, we both need this, okay?" Before I could protest he continued. " And whatever you're going through I can help you with...if you let me, Clare. I want to help you and if you don't want that help, you can walk out that door and you don't have to come back, okay? But we both know that your ride doesn't come until an hour or so,"

I smiled weakly before looking at him. "Fine, I'll stay but we have to lay down some rules,"I began before standing up and pacing back and forth.

"Okay..what are they?" I turned to him and smiled."The first official rule is that this is strictly in no feelings are able to get involved." He nodded and waited for more.

"Um, rule number two: Do not tell people about us or this," I said, pointing between us. "We keep this a secret...a dirty little secret."

He smirked and mouthed, "Dirty little secret..."

I smiled and continued with the last rule. "Eli, um, you and I are going to have to get along so, every time we get mad at each other..we just take a deep breath and walk out for five minutes and come back in..okay?"I explained and he nodded.

"Sure, Edwards..whatever you say,"He shrugged afterwards before I sat back down on the couch. It was pretty comfy and not like the other couches..the stiff, uncomfortable, leather ones. This one was soft, fluffy and smooth that made me want to sleep.

"So, let's play a game..."He suggested, pulling his legs up on the desk and pushing everything off before laying back to look at the ceiling.

"What kind of game?" I asked, wriggling my eyebrows and smirking.

"Truth or dare?" He asked, sitting up and looking at me.

"Dare,"I said in a whisper before he told me speak up.

"Dare, Eli." He smirked mischievously and I swallowed the lump in throat. Oh no. What did I just get myself into?

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