Shaiya : Meet you on the battlefield - Chapter 1 – Prologue
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''You won't escape'' Things been told/said
''I thought we were friends...'' Thoughts
''Why did you do this... Why...'' Big events happening or time change
-Slap- Actions


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*Knock Knock*
''Wake up, it's almost 7:20.'' Someone said from the other side of the door.
Vinny woke up and groaned...
Vinny sighted while he rubbed his neck.

Today would have been the same as always, had someone not used up all the Magic Leather in the guild house.
He'd wake up in his bed, put on his Heroic Adamas, do his morning routines, and go to his guild house to get an order from his guild leader, Dev.
Then he'd go and do what he was told to do for the day, most of the times he was told to help people with transferring stuff, or slaying some beasts.
The reason he sighted wasn't because of this, it was because of the order he received...
Yesterday he got an order to kill some boars, bears and toads.

He was also told to pack, and get ready to leave to go to Karis Castle.

He wasn't looking forward to this, he needed to collect 50 Magic Leather because the guild was lacking them.
He didn't mind that he got this order, but he sure wasn't looking forward to traveling 4 rainy days on his Sunsteed, not to mention darkies lure there, waiting to tear any lightie apart.
He still didn't understand why the AoL and UoF couldn't get along.
He befriended some darkies before, but in the end, it was a lie.
He paid dearly for it...

''Damn it,don't need to think about that right now…''
He checked his clock, 7:30 PM, Sat.
''Heh, in a half hour we've got a meeting for GRB, guess I'll start packing now...''

8:55 PM - In the Guild House

Aph's the head priest of our guild.
Most of the time she arranged the meetings of GRB, meaning she has a big role in the guild.
She recently closed the meeting and let people chat before they had to go for GRB.

Vinny always thought she was the motherly-kind of figure.
Aside from that, Vinny was excited, to say the least.
Dev was finally allowing him to help killing Old Willow.
Dev told the guild a lot of stories about OW, Skills, Weaknesses, Strong points... About everything.
Sometimes he thought Dev was bragging a bit, but didn't mind at all.

The people participating were waiting in the Guild House, including Vinny.
He listened to other people talking, and drifted off somewhere in his mind.

''Umh, Vinny?''

Vinny was starting to come back to reality... ''Hmm..? Ohh!''
''Sorry Shin, drifted off a little.''
''You've been doing that a lot lately, are you gonna be fine?'' The priest replied.
''Yea, just a lot on my mind right now.'' It was a plain lie, Shin could hear it, but didn't think she should ask about it.
''K, we're going through the portal now.''
''Oh yeah, the portal we go through, to either get to the guild house or the GMO, the place where another portal is to get to GRB(GMO is Guild Manager Office).''
''Vinny, you're drifting off again... Are you sure you're okay? You don't have to come to GRB if you're not feeling well...'' Shin asked worried.
''Ehh, I'm feeling fine, really!'' Vinny said, perhaps with too much excitement.
''Alright... Let's go.'' Shin replied, convinced.
''Hey, wait up!'' Vinny said, standing up and going through the portal.

9:30 PM - Inside GRB, at Old Willow's territorial.

''Holy... So this is Old Willow...'' Vinny thought. (Old willow will be called OW)
''Be careful guys, Old Willow knows we're here.. Actually, He's known since we entered GRB.'' Dev, The guild leader said.
''Wha-.'' Everyone started.
''Don't ask now, we have more important matters on our hands.'' Dev replied.
Dev started giving orders, making a formation.
Priests in the back row, Mages before the priests, and then the Archers.
Attackers, Defenders and Rangers at the front row.
They were to go in groups, Defenders to OW's attention and stand behind him, so his AOE's(Area of Effect, meaning hitting more people at once.) won't hit other people.
Rangers were to try to stun them, and attackers just to deal damage.
It was a near flawless strategy...
Yes, near flawless...
OW's AOE's would hit everywhere, no matter which direction he's facing.
Vinny was keeping up pace with the fighters and ranger while the defenders ran up ahead to get OW's attention.
He looked at the other fighters, most of them wearing Sylma or Mithril.
Some of them were wearing Mithril and other people wearing Adamas.
Dev was wearing Legendary Adamas, making Vinny envy him.
Vinny wanted Legendary Adamas, in truth he didn't care about bonuses the Legendary Adamas would give him, Legendary Adamas had a blue tint to them, making the person wearing it give off a blue aura.
Then he heard Dev yelling ''CHARGE!''

Everyone gave their battle cry, besides the people at the back row.
Vinny stayed silent, thinking it was silly to give out a battle cry.
Everyone started slashing at OW, but to their amazement, the wounds healed simultaneously, actually, quicker than that they did damage.
''Keep attacking, this happens all the time, when he runs out of power he'll stop healing!'' One of the fighters who was more experienced with OW yelled.
Vinny, along with the other fighters tried Divine Burst, a skill which was kind of an 'Last Resort', but it didn't work.
Clueless, they started fearing OW, thinking he was invincible.
Vinny's mind was having a mini-freak out, one part told him to run away, while he still could.
The other part, told him to stand his ground and attack, after all, this is the first and maybe last time he'd get to do this.

While the priests were doing their best healing and resurrecting people Vinny's mini-freak out was fading, replaced by fear.. while he had his mini-freak out OW noticed him, and went to deal a blow with his wand.

Vinny noticed a shadow hovering over his eyes, the first thought running through his head was I've got to move!

Just in time he rolled away.
Realizing he wasted enough time he came to the conclusion of not running away, and fighting, even if it meant his death.
While the others did the best they could Vinny formed up a little plan in his head.

''A rising uppercut to get him off balance, then while he's vulnerable I'll thrust my sword forward as hard as i can, making the thrust a deadly strike.''

Satisfied with this plan he started setting the plan in motion.
After he did what he planned to do, he saw that the wound he caused OW wasn't healing.
He quickly took advantage of it and slashed in the wound, making OW grunt in pain.
The others were realizing that OW wasn't healing anymore, and didn't shake anymore, with fear.
Instead, they cried upon another battle cry and attacked with everything they had.
''Keep up the good job, he's almost dead!'' Dev yelled.

10:21 PM - Keolloseu (One of the big cities in Shaiya, Alliance of light)

A lot of cheering could be heard, everyone was happy, thinking how their results would end up like.
Some people were so high spirited that they jumped up and down.
''Heh, another GRB well done!'' Someone shouted.
''Did you see what Shawn did? That was awesome!'' Someone exclaimed.
''Well guys, we did so well today I'll treat us all to a beer today!'' A guild leader said.
Everyone was just happy.
''Boy, i wish they'd hurry up with the guild ranking, I can hardly wait to see if we ranked today!'' Someone from Vinny's guild said.
Everyone was thinking the same.

Dev organized the guild house, along with Aph.
They also Up or De- graded people which did and didn´t take participation in GRB.
Some guys were shooting off fire crackers, making him lose focus off the others, and focused of the fireworks...
Vinny remembered the day, the day he'd never forget... the day he got abandoned...

9:20 AM - Proelium Frontier ~ In a mind

He was brought to Delphinian Fortress, his dad had an order from his guild leader to kill a Mutated woman.
The woman turned from a fighter, to an eight legged mutation his dad explained.
Vinny's dad brought him with him to teach Vinny at a young age what killing was about.
They walked across a path for five minutes, and then his dad came to a stop.

Vinny looked around and finally looked in the direction his father was looking in.
Vinny saw a creature, just like his father explained.
She had eight giant legs, like a spider has.
The legs had giant spikes pointing from them.
She had a sword in the left hand, and a shield in the right.
Also was the mutation wearing a helmet?
Then Vinny noticed that the mutation was looking at him and his dad.
Vinny looked at the mutated woman, and then at his dad.
Vinny was young, and didn't understand the concept of killing.

''Hey dad, I think she's looking at us...'' Vinny said.
''Yea she is, she won't know what hit her!'' His dad said with a giddy tone.
''Dad, what does killing mean?'' Vinny asked innocently.
''Son, it means this...''

Then his dad charged towards the mutated spider-woman and killed her.
Holding a goofy grin he walked back towards Vinny, just to change his look from victorious to a look of fear...
First he gave an ear piercing scream then he ran away as fast as he could.
Vinny didn't yell out to him, he didn't know why, but he knew that he was abandoned at that very moment.
He sighted and started to walk towards the spider-woman corpse, not realizing what his dad ran away from.

Vinny heard a chuckle.
He turned around, to see a girl with a purple tinted skin.
''Uh.. Hello?'' Vinny said.
-Chuckles- '' Hello... What're you doing out here, hmm?'' The mysterious girl said.
''Bleh, well, i was supposed to come here to see my dad kill a mutated spider-woman, but it seems like he left me.'' Vinny replied without any emotion.
''Hmm, not feeling upset about it?'' The girl replied again.
''Well, actually i don't know how to feel... But for some reason i didn't call out to him...'' Vinny said, a little bit in thought.
''I see...'' The girl replied.
''By the way, what's your name?... My name is Vinny.'' Vinny said.
''My name is Suki.'' Suki said.
''Kay, nice to meet you Suki, by the way, what are ya doing here?'' Vinny asked.
''Heh, well, if i told you, you wouldn't understand.'' Suki replied with a dark tone.
''Well, tell me anyways...'' Vinny said with puppy eyes.
''Do you know what a faction is?'' Suki asked suddenly, trying to get that cute look of his face.
''Faction? I think I heard my dad-, I mean former dad told me something about that, he said that there are two factions over shaiya, and they hate each other.'' Vinny replied thoughtfully.
''Yea, that's basically what it is... Well anyways, you are of the light faction, called 'Alliance of Light'.'' Suki said.
''Umh, okay...?'' Vinny asked, not getting it.
Suki sighted.
''You don't get it do you...'' Suki said, it was more of a statement than a question.
''Emh, no.'' Vinny replied bluntly.
''Okay, then I'll tell ya, I'm of the dark faction, called 'Union of Fury'.'' Suki said, expecting Vinny to freak out.

Vinny blinked.

''I still don't get what I'm supposed to get.'' Vinny said.

Suki sighted again.
''Basically, it means that I'm the reason your dad ran away and abandoned you.'' Suki said without remorse.
''Ahh, that explains it i gue-... Wait a freaking min...'' Vinny said, suddenly shocked.
''There's no way that my dad would be running away from a girl!'' Vinny said with a playful tone.

Suki felt like she slammed into the wall.

''What did you just say...'' Suki said, with a dark tone.

Vinny, being the young child he is, repeated what he just said without hesitation .

''You're lucky i don't kill you on the spot, Vinny.'' Suki said, with a dark glint in her eyes.
''Emh, Suki.. What does kill mean?'' Vinny asked suddenly, not realizing the position he was in.
''What... You don't know what that means?'' Suki said, surprised.
''No I don't, but I hear it a lot, whenever I ask someone they always say something about holding up a sword and slashing someone, or tell me I'm too young to know, either way I don't know.''
Suki felt that she sighted too many times today.
''Well, you'll learn when your older.'' Suki said, not feeling in the mood of explaining, also not wanting to steal Vinny's innocent.

Vinny gave a cute pout.

''Well anyways, if you think I'm not the reason your dad ran away, what is the reason he ran and abandoned you, his own son then?''

''Hey Suki...''
''What are you holding in your hands?''

Suki held up the claws attached to her hands.
Even though she was young she already wore high leveled material.

''Yea… They look awesome!''
''Thank you, they're called claws, or knuckles, if you will.''
''And what do you use them for?''
''For killing things.''

Vinny was about to ask what killing was again but was cut off by Suki asking a question.

''Vinny, would anyone care if you were gone?''
''Ehh… No idea… Probably not since my dad is no longer looking after me… why?''
''Well, I'd suggest this, go back to Keolloseu and talk to the guild master, ask him for a guild which would take you in, since you're now left without anyone to take care of you.
''But I want to talk more!'' Vinny was now using a deadly combo only a child could produce, puppy eyes with a cute whiny voice.
''Alright, just… don't… do that…''
''Do what?''
''You know what I'm talking about…''
''No I don't.''
''Vinny, if you don't stop I won't talk to you anymore.''
''Alright, alright, I'm stopping!''

After 2 hours Suki had to go.
They talked about, well, Suki mostly did the talking, Vinny only listened to the tales.
Suki explained about the world in darkies, but she didn't give a lot of information about herself.
She asked Vinny if her dad taught him anything about ''bad'' people.
Suki had found out his dad didn't tell him that much, probably because he was too young.
After she explained about the bad people like stealing and looking for fights just to prove nothing, she made the mistake to start with Pedophiles.

''Oh god, no, I'm not explaining the bird and bees to you…!''
''What? What are the bird and bees?''
''N- Nothing!''

After the two hours went by, Suki had to go.

''Alright Vinny, I have to go now, don't forget to go to the guild master, alright?''
''Alright, bye Suki!''
''Bye Vinny.''

And with that, Suki disappeared.
Vinny wondered how she did that, but for once didn't ask out loud questions being the kid he was.
Instead, he tried to look for the way back.
Stuck in Proelium Frontier Vinny decided to walk around aimlessly, he had to end up somewhere, sometime, right?

1:30 PM - Proelium Frontier ~ In a mind

''Well, what now? I've been stuck down here for almost... I don't even know!''

Then he saw the big gate of Delphinian Fortress, and walked through the gate, missing the dead body of his dad with an arrow through his head.
''Hey kid, where's your dad?'' Someone asked.
''Well he aba-... I mean, he had to do something else and left me at the port, he told me to go home.'' Vinny replied, knowing it was going to be a big fuzz when they found out what his father did, even though his dad abandoned him, he didn't want to make his dad go to jail.

''Alright, give him this when you see him for me, it's a sword.'' The man said.
''Okay, I'll give it to him whe- UMPH...'' Vinny said.
''Sorry kid, forgot you can't wear, neither carry a weapon that heavy.''
''It's no problem, really.'' Vinny said, dragging the weapon along the dirt.
''That kid's gonna be a fine fighter someday, pushing himself to carry a weapon like that...''
Of course, as you can imagine, Vinny never saw his dad again.
It wasn't until 3 years later that they found the remains of his former dad's dead body, it was now only bone.
Vinny didn't shed any tear for him, he had to keep it in, his dad told that a man would never cry in public.

After Vinny was back in Keolloseu the first thing he did is ask people where the Guild Master was.
He ended up talking to a man with white hair, but he was nice.
After Vinny explained to him what happened, since he felt he could trust him, the Guild Master looked at a board and after a while he scribed something on a note.
He gave the note to Vinny and told him to go to the guild house and find the blacksmith and give the note to him.

After Vinny went to the guild house he went straight for the blacksmith.
The blacksmith asked what he needed, eyeing the sword Vinny was carrying behind him.
Vinny gave him the note and the black smith nodded, and told him to follow.
They ended up at a guild portal and the blacksmith set it to Nr. 7.
The blacksmith told him to go through and he would meet up with a guild leader called Dev, and to register into the guild by speaking with him.
After Vinny went through there were a lot of people.
Some asked Vinny if he needed something, and some asked if he was lost.
Vinny told them he needed to find Dev so that he could register into the guild.
A lot of people were shocked, after all… most of the time when someone about Vinny's age wanted to register in a guild he needed to bring at least one parent or guardian with him.
A priest led Vinny to Dev, he was sitting in some kind of office.
He currently was looking at a paper on a marble table, with golden stripes along the sides.
He looked up and smiled at us.
Dev looked about 4 years older than him.
The priest told Dev that Vinny wanted to register in the guild.
Dev smiled at him and asked him if he had any particularly reason to join this guild.
Vinny told Dev what happened from the point on that the Guild Master told him to join this guild.

After Vinny told Dev what happened he only said that he was abandoned by his dad.
Dev nodded and told Vinny to write his name on a paper.
After Vinny tried reading it he just signed his name, as Vinny couldn't understand a single word the paper wrote.
After Vinny signed the paper Dev said he was now in the guild and that his training would start after a year or two.
Until then, he had to get along with the guild.

Keolloseu - 10:29 PM ~ Back in the present

Until now, Vinny never touched the sword he's been given again.
Suddenly he heard a loud scream in his ear.
Vinny yelped, falling over from his sitting position.
Standing up quickly he looked at the person who yelled at him.

''What is it?'' Vinny asked a bit annoyed.
''I've been trying to reach you for 2 minutes, what's going on with you, you're daydreaming each day!... Don't tell me it's a girl..!'' A good friend of Vinny, Noel said.
''Okay, it's not a girl.'' Vinny said.
''It's a girl isn't it!'' Noel started yelling.

Suddenly several heads turned to Noel.
Vinny tried to get out of there as fast as he could...

''No I haven't...?'' Vinny said, trying not to squirm under a lot of stares from other people.
''Yea you do! You keep daydreaming each day, that proves enough, right people?'' Noel said.
''You do seem to think a lot, tell me, what's she like... Vinnyyy?'' Dev said
Soon after that everyone listened to the conversation, and started chiming in.
Vinny felt like dying at that moment.
But he had been thinking of a girl.. Suki, but not in THAT way...
Well... Would it be that bad to think of Suki in that way... Wait a minute... Now's not the time Vinny!

''Listen, I'm not thinking of a girl..'' Vinny tried, but no one was listening, they all started chanting 'Vinny has a crush, Vinny has a crush'.
Vinny sighted.
''Well, only way to shut em up...'' Vinny muttered, and then coughed loudly, getting everyone's attention.

-Dramatic 3-5 second pause-

''I'm thinking of a girl, and she is standing there!'' And with that, everyone looked at the direction he was pointing.

''Ow, I think she just ran away!''

Everyone quickly went after the direction Vinny pointed, besides the people in Dev's guild.
''Lol, Vinny, that wasn't really needed y'know?'' Shin said.
''Yea it was, else they'd never shut up of something Noel started..'' Vinny said, staring at Noel.
''It's your own fault for daydreaming that much!'' Noel said.
''What the... Why is it my fault?... Daydreaming isn't illegal!'' Vinny said.
''Daydreaming each day is!'' Noel said.

''Is not!''
''Is too!''
''Is not!''
''IS TOO!''

''Will you two stop already?'' Aph sighted.

''..DONG... DONG... DONG...''
''Everyone, thank you for waiting, we have ranked the guilds in order. Congratulations to the guilds making it to the top 30!'' The headmaster of guilds said.
Everyone rushed to different notice boards, to see who ranked and who didn't.
Everyone gasped...
At rank 1, stood Celestial Legends...
The guild of Dev.

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Vinny age in the past : 5 years
Suki age in the past : 7 years

Vinny's age in the present : 15 years
Dev's age in the present : 19 years
Shin's age in the present : 17 years
Noel's age in the present : 18 years
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