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''I was destined to die at birth...'' Speechs
"And I've always regretted that..." Big events or time change
''I can't keep this up any longer...'' Faint whispers or thoughts
? - ? ~ In a dream

"Suki..." was Vinny's last thought before he turned around, but he didn't see anyone this time.
This looked like Proelium Frontier to Vinny.
It was different, the dried up trees were slightly burned.
The dirty grass on the ground had a lot of dirt on them.
And the camp of the spider woman wasn't there anymore.
Instead, there was a destroyed Inn.
He walked to the Inn slowly.
Upon reaching the door he pondered if he should enter or not.
After a while his adventurous part got to the better of him, and he went inside.
The place was trashed to say the least.
Chairs knocked down, tables destroyed and the stairs were broken.
Slowly he crept towards the middle of the house.
After looking around a little he shivered as the chill crept up his spine.
Suddenly feeling the need to go outside he started walking towards the door.
He heard something upstairs, and ran towards the door.
Footsteps could be heard inside the Inn.
One walking, the other one running.
Not wanting to spend another second inside this Inn Vinny ran as hard as he could.
As he was having a HUGE panic attack he forgot how to open a door, and tried pushing it.
Then he heard something going down the stairs.
He tried kicking the door, no luck.
Paralyzed, he did the only thing he thought of.
Launching himself at the door headfirst with everything he had.
Taking 2 steps back he quickly ran and jumped.
He started to black out while seeing a faint white mixed with yellow color, while feeling a shadow standing over him.

Karis Castle

Vinny woke up with a start, once again gasping after the dream he just had.
''Just now, what had happened… was that only a dream?''
Crooking his neck and rubbing his eyes Vinny sighted and looked around him.
Thinking back about the day before he started to remember that he hired a room at an Inn, and the reason he was in Karis Castle.
Looking at the clock on the nightstand in the room he read 7:20.
Getting out of bed he yawns and stretches then did what he normally did in the mornings.
After he was done he walked out his room and saw that some people were sitting at the bar.

Walking out of the Inn he went on his way to the oxes, thinking that he didn't need Shade to get to them.
Being sure to watch out for darkies Vinny walked towards his destination.
Earlier the day before he went out of the Inn he walked towards the bar and got something to drink.
While sitting there he asked if they knew where he could find oxes with magic leather.
They told him to leave the South-Eastern gate.
He was headed to where he was told he could find them.
Thinking back about the strange dream in the morning, he couldn't help but shiver by thinking about who the person could have been behind him when he was inside the destroyed Inn.
He also started to get frustrated by getting these dreams.
''I'm going crazy..arent i- Eck!''
Vinny tripped and fell flat onto the ground.
Standing up he look at what he tripped over.
He saw nothing, and continued walking, while he wondered what the reason was that he tripped.
''Probably tripped over my feet, guess I'm really daydreaming TOO much..''
After walking another five minutes he reached a two way road.
''Which way do i go...?''
Seeing a 2 arrow sign he walked up to it.
Sign 1 was blank, Sign 2 said Raigo Castle.
''Hmm... Raigo Castle?''
''Ahh, right, that's the Castle for darkies, well, guess I'll start heading back then.''

After he walked back for a while he saw some oxes.
''Guess i must have missed them on the way''

Almost half a day later Vinny when on his way back to Karis Castle.
He was happy, he scavenged more than 30 magic leathers today.
He'd be heading back to Keolloseu soon, not that he disliked the D-borderland.
But he thought the weird dreams would stop as soon as he left.
On his was back he listened to the birds chirping, and watched the sun go down.
Stretching he yawned.
Another mile walking, then he should arrive at Karis.
''I'd better hurry, it's getting dark soon...''
Vinny was once again looking at his surroundings.
Almost tripping Vinny lost balance and was forced to drop his weapon.
Bending down to get it he felt something hit his head hard, and made him almost black out.
Seeing a tint of purple and black, he realized these were darkies.
''Oh shit..."
Seeing a sword going for his head, he never thought this was possible...
He was only heading towards the Inn, yet he was ambushed and now he was going to die...
Time seemed to slow down, this wasn't a dream anymore, this was for real, and he was going to DIE.
Vinny pushed all the emotion and memories away, the last thing he needed was drama at the moment.
He needed to do something, but how could he?
The sword was heading right for his head.
He tried to think of something to stop the sword going for his head. Trying to find a solution he couldn't, and everything was going slow-mo.
He started thinking about his dad.
Old man… What am I supposed to do in this position?

"Let me apologize to begin with...
Let me apologize for what I'm about to say...

But it his iron wall for his emotions started to break...
But trying to be genuine was harder than it seemed...
And somehow i got caught up in between
He remembered his own words well... at his dad's grave...
Let me apologize to begin with...
Let me apologize what I´m about to say...
''Dad, you've told me a man never cries...
But trying to be someone else was harder than it seemed...
And somehow i got caught up in between
''So I'll try not to, no, I'll never cry... again.''
Between my pride... and my promise...
Between my lies... and how the truth gets in the way...

But now... he had to... he had to break his promise...
He shed one tear, the one he held back his life since he was 5...
He was glad he was wearing a helmet, the last thing he needed was someone seeing him crying at his death.
Then everything went black...

Raigo Castle

''What... Where am i?''
Looking around him he saw four walls, a nightstand, a closet and a door.
''Wtf... I could have sworn i was dead... Wait, maybe i am dead and this is hell!''

''... Naaah, this looks way too good for hell, yet not good enough for heaven, where the hell am i?''
Thud... Thud... Thud...
''Someone's coming...''
Deciding not to play stupid he sat up and looked at the door, preparing for the worst.


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