Written for a request on the Redwall Fic Meme - link in my profile, though I should warn you the Fic Meme includes very, very adult content. If more people start using it I might set up a separate post on it for strictly worksafe prompts, but I'll see what people think first. This fic's fairly clean, but has discussion of violence, so be warned.

The thing that had been his brother was staring at him again. Tungro shuffled uncomfortably and pushed the bowl of fish stew towards the bound otter again.

"C'mon, Folgrim, eat. It's going cold, and you've lost so much weight since I saw you last - you'll get ill if you don't eat something."

"I don't want to be spoonfed like a kit. Untie me paws an' I'll eat, brother." Folgrim grinned on the last word, exposing broken and sharpened fangs.

"I can't untie you. I don't trust you as far as I could throw you."

"Don't trust your own littermate?"

"Not anymore."

Folgrim lounged back, chuckling dully. His eyesocket was still raw, the fur around it matted and dirty. "No matter. I ate earlier."

"I saw. We buried the bones. Even a rat deserves a decent burial."

"Ha. It was rats that did this to me, remember, brother dear? Did I tell you what they did? Do you know how much it hurts to have an eye gouged out-"

"That's enough!"

Folgrim cackled. "Just like Uncle Riverwyte, yeah? I don't look like him no more! Mebbe if they'd took me tail instead o' me eye ..."

"Don't say that, Folgrim, it's not funny."

"You want to know what else they did?" Folgrim continued to laugh, ignoring his brother. "Did I tell you how they broke my leg? Did I tell you how they made me scream? I screamed for you, brother! I screamed for you and you never came! Where were you, Tungro? Where were you?"

Tungro fled the cave with his brother's sobbing laughter following him.