A/N: This chapter is written in Fugaku's point of view. The felines are my own creation. I'll get more into what they are some other time. That is if there's a decision to create another chapter. Enjoy!


Cast Aside

By: Silverwolf

One of your sons will kill you. You will die by the hand of your own child. The prophecy had been repeated many times. And with that I threw both of my sons from our land of honey. Let the child born to murder their father attend to themselves. What I didn't count on was one to stand in front of me a king and the other to become like a wild animal.Nor how far their mother would go to protect them from not only me but each other.

I watch as the days pass from my throne. Neither of my sons had appeared in front of me since they'd been cast from sight very young. As the days pass I watched Itachi stand adopted by the queen of some profound island. He may have been her young prince, but he was born among the gods. I am his father, not some human that would fall to death.

My second son was a complete different story. Sasuke lie along the coats of his siblings for warmth. Wild to the core. Here was a cast away god living with very an adaptable killer. Muscle shifted and coiled as my son stretched. The moon brought the rise of the pack. Purring is heard as each member of the family gives a morning greeting.

I watch both of my children from my paradise. One will be king upon an arranged marriage. The other lucky if he ever becomes civil. I watch as they move realizing that tonight they hunt near the island village. I laugh knowing this will be the first time either of my children will see each other. Will Itachi my oldest notice among them is his brother or will he prepare a hunt for the pride? Rustic felines move forward and with them moves Sasuke. Growls signal singled out limping cattle.

Part of me laughs as I notice the excitement of my child on the hunt. Part of me wonders if there is a way to civilize the animal I've created through time. You see Sasuke was never found by people after I threw cast him from my sight. Instead the crying child was carried away by the animals.

There was laughter when I thought that through my decsion a may have killed one of the threats to my throne. Instead my wife pleaded to another goddess to save her son. This is how Sasuke became the animal he is currently.

I hear the call as the felines begin their move. Sasuke stretches a moment as he leans down hidden by shadows. The felines all prepare to pounce. They begin an attack forcing the cattle to divide and then scatter.

This is where I decide I have to see the hunt closely and leave my paradise to stand among humans. I choose to report the hunt as one of the felines has the suffocating hold along the throat of the animal.

I watch the first person out to back of the animals spear one of the cats. The animal goes down injured. The male goes to celebrate while pulling his spear from the animal. The next moment he thrusts his spear forward it isn't towards a rustic furred feline, but a raven haired wild teenager.

I watch as Sasuke is grazed by the spear as he brings down the hunter. The precision at which the raven teen was taught by the felines is clear as Sasuke suffocates the hunter. Delighted to realize those around are pleading with their prince I stand silent.

I watch happily as the felines drag off the dead cow into the shadows. Sasuke moves with them as the village lights torches in search of the pride. The sight in front of me brings me to laughter; everyone rushing around to find the wild animals and their prince staring at the signs of a human delivering the suffocting bite to one of his subjects. Through the confusion I decide to take the form of one of the felines and disappear to seek out entertainment elsewhere.

I find the felines dining on the cow they dragged into the darkness. Unlike the scattered members to the pride I notice Sasuke isn't lying in wait he is asleep. Judging by the bit of blood to be found along skin it was clear that his stomach is all ready filled.

I laugh as I watch others join to teen to sleep lazily in the shade. Here is the child of a god sleeping among predators.