A/N: This is the last chapter in Cast Aside. Hopefully it came out decent. Fugaku narrates his own death. Who is his killer? If anyone would like a sequel let me know. I can honestly say I enjoyed writing this story.


Brutal Protection

By: Silverwolf

I step through the thick vegetation. It was obvious that people didn't live on this island. There were only Talyena. It was time I took things into my own hands. Trying to give the little menace away to the underworld hadn't worked. Mikoto was still angry over that. She couldn't get any angrier if I just killed him. It seemed to me that Sasuke was never going to even be worth calling a god. He was indeed integrated into the world of the Talyena.

There wasn't a way for Mikoto to even know that I was among humans for now. Besides I felt I could kill the boy and then give her another child when she decided I wasn't responsible for Sasuke's death. Why hadn't I just killed the pair to begin with? The next bit I would have to handle was Itachi. Though older than Sasuke he completely lacked the skill to defend himself against an animal. At least Sasuke could defend himself; even if it was as if he was a member of the Talyena.

I found the young cubs roaming outside the den. Sasuke sits partially upright balancing on his hands a bit. He could almost pass for an animal in the pose he'd chosen. While Talyena back away from me even though I've arrived in front of them with the appearance of a large canine. They know a god no matter their chosen appearance. I grab a cub by the throat when the small animal growls at me. It will learn respect.

What I don't count on is Sasuke moving to slam me into the ground with his weight. Muscle tears as I feel his jaws lock around my shoulder. He wasn't going to let me get away with teaching the cub. The Talyena around growl and circle. It wasn't as if they could interfere even if they wanted to. They'd been created to recognize the gods. I feel blood begin its way down my shoulder as Sasuke releases his hold. He moves taking the dropped cub. I rush forward surprised that Sasuke even expected such an attack as he turns and forces me down.

With Sasuke being taught to fight as he was a Talyena it meant that he would use the same underhanded attacks. The Talyena weren't against doing anything they had to in order to survive. I sink my teeth into the shoulder and chest of the child. Sasuke growls and moves away. He doesn't have the fur of the Talyena to try to deflect my bite. I know he's in pain, but he also will not give up. I look at the cubs slipping from sight into the den.

There is nothing any of the Talyena can do. I am a god and they cannot defy me. Sasuke springs forward again. It seems he isn't going to give up despite the pain. I turn to sink my teeth into his arms. However, before I can get a grasp upon the child what hits me with great force is the weight of a teenage Talyena; not a teenage boy. I'm thrown to my back by the force of the animal. I stare into a pair of dual colored eyes. Onyx and crimson narrow towards me. I soon realize that on top of me is a midnight coated Talyena and not the boy I was fighting. It seems Mikoto has interfered again.

Sasuke wraps his jaws around my throat with a menacing growl. I can feel teeth sink into my throat as air becomes harder to receive. I realize that I'm being suffocated as if I'm prey. Sasuke will not release me. Is a cub really worth my life to this child? And how do I know the midnight Talyena choking me to death is my son?

I hear words stated by the wind as it blows. Mikoto knew you would hunt the child. And she grants him protection. He is now able to murder you. Yet everyone believed that it would be the young prince by mistake. Instead you die in the jaws of a Talyena you can call your own child. Your wife bids you farewell Fugaku.

Everything fades even before the Talyena standing on top of my body jerks flesh from bone. This is all. The prophecy was indeed correct, but it was only because of my own paranoia. Because I wished to eliminate Sasuke he was granted with the ability to be an actual Talyena. And now I die by the teeth and jaws of my own child.