Ginny sat on the stairs watching as boxes floated out the front door one by one. Despite sleeping with Harry the previous night, she didn't sleep a wink. She figured it was her Weasley genes finally kicking in…four months later. She had wallowed in freakish misery for a month and then for the other three months she wandered about in a limbo. Now, however, she was royally pissed off.

Just as Ginny's anger started to reach a boiling, Harry walked in. He had a sign in his hand, "Hey Ginny, ready to go?"

"Go? What do you mean 'go'?" Ginny snapped. She was not in the mood for his chipper demeanor. "This is my house. I'm staying here."

Harry's face scrunched up and he rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, I guess that's okay, but you should ask the new owners if you could haunt their new dream home for the remainder of your life and maybe in the hereafter."

"New owners?" Ginny's eyes widened in horror. She looked down at the sign in Harry's hand and read "sold" in bold red letters. Her body began to shake with fury. Now he had gone too far. Her eyes narrowed into slits as Harry waived the sign in her face happily. Ginny ripped the sing out of his hands and smacked him across the face with it. Harry went down.

"How dare you sell my house!" Ginny exploded. "Was it not enough for you to divorce me and pretend that it was nothing? Did you care that you painfully ripped my heart out that I was distraught for months? And I watched as you packed up the entire house, thinking you were going to leave me with just an empty house, but no! No, you decided to take that from me too! So what are you leaving me with you floppy wanded dementor buggerer!"

"What makes you think I'm leaving you with nothing? You're coming with me to the new house, are you not?" Harry frowned.

Ginny gripped the sing firmly in her hands and proceeded to beat her ex-husband with it. Harry quickly curled into a fetal position. It was his only defense as his body absorbed blow after blow from the dreaded "sold" sign.

"Um, should we come back later?" A small voice said from the doorway. Ginny froze mid-smackdown. Standing in the doorway was the young couple who wanted to make their dream home from the remnants of her dream home. The young couple had looks of horror on their faces. The husband was standing protectively in front of his wife. After further inspection, Ginny noticed the woman was pregnant. She quickly ditched the sign and flipped a stray lock of hair out of her face. She put on her politest smile and held out her hand in greeting. The couple just stared at her hand.

Ginny gave a small smile, "feel free to look around the house! We're just going to finish our business in the sitting room." She stooped over and grabbed Harry's leg, dragging him across the floor into the sitting room.

Instinctively, Harry reached up for the sofa that was usually there, but only found himself to be reaching for air. He gave up, collapsing on the floor. He lay there for a few minutes, Ginny staring down at him. After the few minutes in staring contest (Ginny blinked first so naturally Harry won), he figured getting beaten by a real estate sign was better than being hexed. He pulled his bruised body upright.

Ginny felt like kicking him, but since the new "owners" of her house were in earshot, she decided against it.

"Why did you divorce me?" She finally asked. In the end, the reason was all she wanted to know.

"Well, it had been on my mind for a while before I actually did it. I kept trying to figure out why, but it never came to me. I thought maybe chalking it up to a fear of you killing me for a life insurance policy, but that made no sense. You'd have to be jobless for that. Then I just realized I didn't want to be married anymore."

Ginny's anger broke down into sorrow again. She felt a lump well up in her throat. She tried her hardest to not to cry. "You don't love me anymore!"

"No, it's not like that at all," Harry wrapped his arms around Ginny's waist and she immediately buried her face into his shoulder, starved of his closeness. "I still love you Ginny. I just got bored with being married, so I thought to jazz it up a little."

"By filing for divorce?" Ginny said. Her voice muffled by Harry's muscular shoulder. He must have been working out. Those boxes did look heavy. She wondered what other muscles lifting heavy boxes could tone. Some core work, no doubt. Tri's and thighs too. Ginny opened an eye to glance down at Harry's bum. No change. A little disappointing, but his pectorals were feeling a little more toned. She figured the pectorals made up for the bum.

"Will the kids be at the new house?" Ginny suddenly asked, cutting Harry off from whatever he was saying.

"What?" Harry pulled away to look at his ex in the face. He noticed the gleam in her eyes. "You haven't been paying attention to a thing I've said to you, have you?
"It was a lovely speech, I'm sure." Ginny answered.

Harry rolled his eyes. Typical Ginny. "So I take it we're cool?"

"Of course not! I still want to know why you felt like not being married anymore."

"I thought to myself twenty years is a long time to be married to someone. Then I read all these stories in Witch Weekly about women bragging how long they have been married to their husbands, thus defying the odds of marriage nowadays. For the life of me, I imagined you as one of those women somewhere down the road and I felt myself cringe. I thought it would be funnier to say we were divorced for much longer than we were married, but we were still together. Except then we just became permanent boyfriend and girlfriend. Plus the divorce lets our kids have a cool hyphenated last name."

It took Ginny a moment to process everything Harry told her, but as soon as it set in, she doubled over laughing. "That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!"

"Well, so long as there is no blood to clean up or bodies to dispose, kindly get out of our house," The man of the young couple called out from over the railing. Harry and Ginny looked over at the man.

"Bloody hell, Harry," Ginny said. "Of all the people you could have sold the house to, you had to give it to Mr. and Mrs. Arse." Harry started laughing. He grabbed Ginny's hand and the two disapparated to their new starter home in suburban Tempe.

Of course, After a year in suburban Tempe and three skin cancer scares later, the Weasley-Potter clan relocated back across the pond to Gordric's Hollow. Harry didn't feel like living in the house his parents died in for obvious reasons ("Who wants to live in a house where their parents were brutally murdered, Gin?"), so they bought the house next door. Because Harry was technically owned his parents old house, he demolished the memory of them having once lived there by blowing up the house's remains and installing a pool with a spa. The kids, grandkids and great-grandkids loved it.

Two Years before Harry died, Witch Weekly did another spread on women with long-lasting marriages. Ginny was featured and Harry clipped the article. It hung next to their wedding photo.

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