Chapter One

Response to this prompt at the glee kink meme: Brittany gets a were!peen for 3-4 days a month. Because of all the were!hormones she is super horny the first day, all she can think of is sex and does inappropriate things like semi-humping santana in the hall as she bends over to pick something up etc and is eyeing up every girl she sees in school. Santana's all jealous but knows brittany would never cheat. At the end of the day Brittany has had enough and bend santana over something and fucks her roughly and desperately from behind, as she's super horny she can't wait for pleasantries, santana's used to it, afterwards brittany is back to normal (hormonally!)and is all apologetic. for the other 2-3 days they bonk like rabbits but its fluffy sex!

Established brittana please

Bonus if santana says something like "can you please not Look at rachel/quinn/tina/mercedes/miss pilsbury/miss holiday/whoever like that?" while they're at school and brittany is distracted by were!hormones!

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Hope You Enjoy! First one...

Santana makes her way through the hallways of McKinley High Monday morning. She rounds the corner headed for her locker when she sees Brittany leaning up against her own locker watching the people walk by her. Santana's face instantly lights up and she picks up her pace headed for the blonde. She stops abruptly though when she sees Rachel walk past Brittany, and the blonde's eyes travel up and down the smaller girls body as she licks her lips.

Anger flares in Santana's body and she storms over to the blonde stopping in front of her, making Brittany stand up straight and smile at her. "Hey San." Brittany almost moans out as she looks the Latina up and down pulling her bottom lip in between her teeth.

"What the hell was that?" Santana demands folding her arms over her chest, trying to ignore the intense lust filled stare the blonde had on her.

Brittany moves her eyes from Santana's chest to her eyes as her eyebrows scrunch up in confusion. "What?" She asks confused trying to keep her gaze on the brunette's face and not elsewhere.

"You just checked out man hands." Santana replies as Brittany's eyes once again drop down to her cleavage. She was wearing a low cut shirt and gave the blonde a great view. Santana follows the blonde's gaze and looks down at her chest before rolling her eyes and snapping her fingers trying to get Brittany's attention once again. "Brittany!" She shouts clearly annoyed.

Brittany jumps at the noise and quickly moves her eyes back up to meet Santana's angry ones. "I'm sorry San, but it's…that time…" She says, her voice lowering as her eyes dart around the hallway to make sure nobody was listening. Santana's eyes immediately perk up after hearing this and her anger fades away. "You know how I get. It's like I have no control…." The blonde trails off as her eyes follow Quinn down the hallway.

The time of the month Brittany was talking about was not her period, no. Once a month Brittany would grow a penis for a few days. At first Santana had been confused by this and the blonde thought she would never speak to her again, but Santana actually grew to love it, and looked forward to the days this would happen. The first day Brittany would grow the penis her hormones would be out of control. All she could think about all day long was sex. She wanted to fuck just about every girl who walked past her. Fortunately she had enough control to where she hadn't yet; only Santana.

Santana rolls her eyes and snaps her fingers brining Brittany's attention back to her once again. "Could you please stop checking everyone out? And don't ever look at Berry like that again. It's weird." she asks incredulously. "I am the only one who you should be checking out! Is that clear?" She asks, making the blonde nod her head and smile sheepishly.

Santana sighs and turns to her locker, opening it up as Brittany watches her with hungry eyes. She opens up her backpack and places a few books inside, knocking out a couple of pens in the process. "Fuck." Santana mumbles under her breath looking down at the fallen objects.

She leans over to pick them up and Brittany feels herself getting hard as she stares at Santana's ass. She can't help herself and takes a few steps closer to the Latina, pressing her crotch against Santana's ass. She puts her hands on the Latina's hips and starts rocking her hips grinding her growing erection into Santana's backside as a groan escapes her lips.

Feeling what Brittany was doing, Santana quickly stands up and spins around coming face to face with Brittany who was slowly fluttering her eyes opened at the loss of contact. "Fuck Santana, I'm so hard." The blonde groans grabbing one of Santana's hands.

Santana quickly snatches her hand away and looks down the hallway, thanking god or whoever that everyone had gone to class already. "I don't care. We're late. Come on." She says, dragging the blonde to their first class.

Brittany sat in her third period class trying her best to concentrate on what the teacher way saying. She was finding it hard to do because of the short skirt Tina was wearing as she sat right next to her. Her eyes kept traveling up the Asian girl's legs, leaning forward in hopes to see more. "Britt, are you okay?" Tina asks, looking at the blonde concerned.

Brittany quickly moves her eyes up to Tina's face and sits up straight in her seat. "Yeah fine." The blonde says offering her the best smile she could at the moment. She had been hard almost all day, and the pain was getting to be too much. She needed release and she needed it soon.

She pulls her cell phone out of her pocket and quickly types out a text .

Sent: (10:34 am.) San, I'm so fucking hard right now. I need your tight little pussy baby.

She puts her phone down on her desk and taps her fingers on the table top waiting impatiently for the Latina to text her back. She feels it vibrate on the desk and quickly picks it up opening the text.

Santana (10: 38 a.m.) Mmm yeah? You want to fuck me hard until I cum all over your rock hard cock baby?

Brittany feels her erection growing even more as she read over the Latina's text. Her hand unconsciously went down to the slight bulge in her pants, massaging her cock through her jeans as she text out her reply.

Sent: (10:39) Fuck yes baby. I want to fill you up with my cum so much so that when you walk my jizz runs down your thighs.

Brittany slides down in her seat as her hand continues its ministrations on her cock through her jeans, tilting her head back in pleasure as she imagined Santana's hands working her hard cock through her pants. "Brittany?" The blonde hears, causing her head to jerk up where she sees Tina standing over her looking down at her confused. "What's going on with you?" she asks concerned.

Brittany looks around the classroom and notices all the students leaving and quickly sits up in her seat. "Nothing. I got to go." She says, rushing out of the room leaving a very confused Tina behind. Brittany makes her way down the crowded in hall and rushes into the bathroom. There were a couple of cheerio's standing in front of the mirror fixing up their make-up, and they smile at her as she walks in.

Brittany can't help but let her eyes roam down each girl's body as their smiles turn in to confused faces. Brittany just gives them uneasy smiles before locking herself inside one of the stalls. She pulls out her cell phone and quickly texts Santana to meet her there as she hears the two girls exiting the bathroom.

She lets out a sigh and unbuttons her pants, freeing her huge cock from the confinements of her pants, with a relieved sigh. As she waits for Santana to come in or to respond she subconsciously wraps her right hand around her throbbing erection. Her head falls back against the wall in pleasure as she moves her hand up and down the thick shaft.

She hears the door open and lets out a sigh of relief and opens the stall door. She quickly closes it back though upon seeing Mercedes walk in the door. "Shit." The blonde mumbles under her breath, trying to be as still and as quiet as possible.

Brittany peaks through the crack of the stall door and sees Mercedes leaning over the sink messing with her hair in the mirror. The blonde can't help but let her eyes roam down to the darker girls ass as she continues stroking her cock. A few minutes later the blonde was growing aggravated. This wasn't enough for her to cum. She needed Santana.

A few seconds later the door opens once again, "Weezy." She hears Santana's voice say lowly. She peaks through the cracks and sees Mercedes straighten up glaring at the smaller woman. She sees Santana looking around the bathroom probably looking for her as Mercedes gathers up her things.

The darker girl walks out of the bathroom causing Brittany to release a breath she hadn't known she was holding. "San." She whispers hurriedly, opening the door of the stall.

Santana turns around and sees the blonde peaking out of the stall and smiles. The brunette opens the door wider and steps inside immediately seeing the blonde's erection. Smiling, Santana immediately drops to her knees and takes the blonde's huge cock into her hand. "You're so big." Santana moans out, pumping her hand up and down the 8 inch shaft.

Brittany throws her head back, colliding with the tile wall as she closes her eyes in pleasure. "Fuck, Santana I need you so bad. All I could think about today was fucking you." Brittany moans out, making Santana smirk.

The two girls hear the bathroom door open once again, and Brittany groans picking her head back up. She peaks through the crack and sees Mrs. Pillsbury walk past, walking into the stall next to them. The blonde then feels Santana's warm mouth wrap around her cock, making her eyes widen. "What are yo- The blonde whispers only to be cut off my Santana's lips on hers.

Santana pulls back after a moment and smiles at the blonde, "Sshh." She says before moving back down to her knees. She gives the blonde a devious smile before taking all 8 inches of Brittany's dick into her mouth.

Brittany's head once again collides with the cool tile as she tries her best to suppress a moan as she feels Santana's tongue winding around the head of her cock.

Santana's head starts bobbing up and down at a quick pace as Brittany's knuckles begin turning white as she gripped onto the side of the toilet. She had her eyes clenched shut and was biting down hard on her bottom lip trying to suppress any noise from coming out of her mouth at the risk of being caught by the do eyed counselor.

The girls hear the toilet next to them flush and heels clicking against the tile as she made her way over to the sink, turning the water on. The blonde took this as an opportunity in hoping the woman couldn't hear her and let out a small moan that she couldn't contain any longer.

Brittany was close and Santana knew it so she pulled back and left just the tip of Brittany's cock in her mouth as she started jacking Brittany off with her hand making sure that she would catch all of the cum in her mouth. "Give me your cum baby." Santana says quietly before reattaching her lips to the blonde's throbbing erection.

With a few more pumps Brittany cums in Santana's mouth letting out muffled cries as she placed her hand over her mouth. She thrusts her hips up fucking Santana's mouth through her orgasm, making sure the brunette took all of her cum, and the brunette did gratefully.

"Is someone in there?" They hear the small voice of Mrs. Pillsbury ask, making their eyes widen.

Santana pulls Brittany's dick out of her mouth creating a plopping sound as she did so. "Yeah it's just me, Santana." The brunette replies in her HBIC voice, hoping to just scare the woman away.

"Are you okay?" Emma asks concerned.

Santana rolls her eyes, and looks over to Brittany who nods her head telling her to answer, "Yeah I'm fine." The brunette replies, the annoyance in her voice evident.

"Are you sure?" the woman asks, clearly having no intentions of leaving anytime soon.

Santana lets out a sigh and motions for Brittany to tuck herself back into her pants. She stands up and opens the stall door just as Brittany was buttoning her pants up. "Yes I am very sure." She replies with a smirk.

Emma's eyes widen as she looks down at Brittany who was finishing up her pants, and had a lazy smile on her face. She looked back up at Santana who still had a smirk firmly placed on her lips and her arms crossed over her chest. She looked back over at the blonde who's eyes had wondered down the small woman's frame and landed on her ass, as she chewed on her bottom lip.

"W-well…okay then." Emma stutters with a nod before quickly making her way out of the restroom.

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