Chapter 1 The Start Of A Journey

'A Jouney Of A Thousand Miles begins with a single step' -Confucius

"Ami-Chan? Where are you off to?"

"I'm going to be receiving a college lecture Mom." Dr. Mizuno smiled knowingly at her daughter.

"Then why are you dressed up so nicely?" Ami blushed profusely and made a beeline for the door the small light blue sundress flitting along with her.

"I'll be late if I don't leave now Mom!" She half screeched, flustered beyond belief.


"Bumblebee what are you doing?" Prowl sighed.

"Ssshhhh...Jeez Prowl you're a ninja, Can't ya see I'm tryin' to get a look at this all stealthy-like!"

"And why is that?"

"Duh, Ratchet's got a thing for this one! DOC-BOT! A thing for a HUMAN!" Bumblebee stage whispered

"Strictly speaking, Ami Mizuno is Mercurian."

"Yeah, Well... Oh! Forget it! Just don't tell him I'm doing this Okay? I'm not gonna use this for like, ammo or anything, I'm really just curious...I know, shocker." Bee murmured annoyed at the surprise that just barely passed though Prowls expression.


"I suppose that's all that can be said in one lecture without keeping you here for solar-cycles." Ami stood up and bowed glancing at her watch and inwardly groaning, it was barely 3 o'clock, There went Step A...

"It was all very informative Ratchet-sensei. Thank you very much." As Ami moved to leave with a sigh at her plan failing,

"Wait." She turned to Ratchet in confusion and was well aware that if he could he would have blushed.


"You're clearly going to be around here for awhile to make sure Chrona is alright, So Prime ordered I bring you on my rounds tonight." Ami smiled sweetly and turned for the door.

"Thank you very much then!"


Setsuna looked toward Optimus as she placed Chrona in her car carrier.

"Why did you do that to Ratchet Prime-san?" Optimus gave her a small grin

"I just figured they'd need a reason to have a little bonding time."


"Is Ami-chan really gonna be giving her all in this? FOR A BOY?"

"Yup! She's Planning on making him fall in love with Ami Mizuno, not Princess Amy. It's so unlike her..."

"I know, She must be really serious about this guy...We have to help out a little Usagi-chan!"

"Great idea Minako-chan! But we can't be too obvious! That would be bad and Ami-chan would get mad at us!" With a flourish of silver and orange light Sailors Venus and Moon teleported away.


This is just to get things started and to introduce the characters who will progress the plot the most.

Because I'm still working on stuff, I'm gonna be putting in a quote at the beginning of every chapter to get the creative juices flowing. Some will be proverbs, some will be song lyrics, and some will just be random stuff my friends have said. As long as it fits with what's going on in the story I don't care.