Alright guys listen up!, First off, naruto isn't in the same time line as canon, and isn't the son of Uzumaki Kushina or Namikaze Minato, he has the blood of two very important people in the One Piece world!

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Naruto: The Natural Disaster

Prologue: The Beginning


The word is used in so many different way's its impossible to compare how many times its used by those that know the true logic of what the word defines. Only a select few know what the word truly means and these chosen few have experienced things others would find unbearable or just plain suicidal.

One boy on the streets of a war-torn town was walking by himself was no parents to around him to keep him safe or a sibling he could look up to or he himself to protect. The boy was alone the pure word defined this boy, he himself has been alone since the day he could walk. Strangely everything came natural to him so he taught himself how to walk and talk like any other kid his age. He still had troubles with writing or reading, but he was catching on after reading books and scroll's from the trash cans and practiced writing with old thrown out scroll's.

The boy was strangely tall for his age for being only a 4 year old he was already the height of 4'5 it caught many adults eyes to see a child of his height. The next strange thing about the boy was his hair it was long spiky golden while some of the bangs covered his eyes. His skin was a tan that showed he stayed outside mostly and his arm's showed some muscle for a kid his age.

Usually a 4 year old would never develop enough to gain any kind of muscle, but this boy was different and he knew it. He just didn't know how different he was from the rest...

This child only at the tender age of 4 was already able to fight since he had to protect himself from people that would take things he needed to survive. It ranged from petty thugs, mercenaries to other low life scum. So the boy was more then capable to defend himself if need be which is pretty unnatural since the child should be playing with friends or staying with his parents covered in their warmth of safety and reassurance.

Not this child...

Let us begin our little story with the boy, for he is our Hero of our little tale...

General P.O.V

Walking on the dirt road was a man with the attire of a shinobi. He had dark red hair that was tied up in a small pony tail and had brown eyes. He wore a black shirt with a customized blue chest-plate and spaulder's over his upper body. Engraved on the back of the chest plate was the insignia of a whirlpool and in Kanji Uzu no Kuni.

The man wore black pants that went all the way down to his calves while finishing it up was black shinobi sandal's a kunai/shuriken pouch on his left hip and a scroll on his right leg with the kanji for Supplies, finishing it up was the ninja-to strapped to his back.

This man was Uzumaki Ryu, Right hand man of the Uzumaki clan head himself and 1st Commander of Uzu no Kuni's battalion.

Sighing he spoke,''Ugh, why on earth would Iro-sama send me all the way here to get rid of irritating Iwa nin? It's bad enough it was just a scouting party getting in our border's, but now I'm low on supplies and need to restock.'' scratching his head in annoyance while he kept muttering 'baka of a clan head' or 'Stupid little brothers'.

When the man looked ahead he saw something surprising he saw a little kid by the age of 6 from what he could describe walking toward him. He studied the kid with a more curious eye and saw the differences he had then kids he's seen before.

'The kid has some muscle on how on earth is that possible? Kid's normally start getting muscles around the age of 8 or 10 not this kids age, and the way he walks...its like he's ready for an attack..This kid is interesting...' With that Ryu vanished deciding to follow the kid.

With the little boy he had just passed the shinobi and was on immediate guard in-case of an attack. Wouldn't be the first time he was attacked by a shinobi...

''Heh, what's a kid like you walking out here? It dangerous for little kids a night especially with the war going on.'' said a voice ahead of him. Looking up slightly he saw 3 thugs each one holding a different weapon. One was holding a giant mace the size of the man himself, the second was a bald headed man with a katana strapped to his right hip and a smug grin on his face the last was holding a broadsword over his shoulders so to intimidate anyone that seen it.

Too bad he wasn't a normal person...

He kept walking ignoring them completely which irked the three greatly while in the shadow's Ryu rose an eyebrow in surprise. He would have jumped in to help him, but for some reason something was compelling him to watch first. Good thing to cause the kid was amazing him every second...

Normally other kids hell adults would be scared at the three thugs sight, but this one...he just didn't give them a second glance and kept walking...

Oh yeah this kid was interesting...

''Hey brat! Its disrespectful to ignore those talking to you!'' said the one with the giant mace, but the boy still ignored him.

''Hey brat...'' said the one with the katana walked over to the boy and placed the un-sheathed katana to his throat trying to scare the gaki. ''You shouldn't annoy those bigger then you will get you killed.''he said closing the blade closer to the boys neck. The other two thugs grinned waiting for the response from the kid while Ryu was about to jump in and help the kid out.

But he got the shock of his life as did the other two thugs when the 'kid' practically grabbed the offending blade and pushed it away before grabbing the thug by his neck and pulled him down till he was eye level with the boy.

''Don' ever...threaten me that?'' he said in a more child-like tone then Ryu expected. Though the surprise wore off when the boy pulled the struggling thug down even more before actually throwing the full-grown man right over him and into the two un-expected thug making them all fall in a heap.

Turning around slightly he raised his head so the three and Ryu could see his face more clearly. They could see his now eyes which scared the living hell out of the trembling Thugs, but made Ryu's interest in the boy grow even higher.

The eyes were that of the purest azure blue anyone would ever see. It was like looking into the ocean itself, but what scared the thugs was the emotionless look in them as well as the pure anger to the ones they were aimed at.

''Or I will...Kill you!'' he said making the last proverbial straw be drawn which in turn made the three thugs flee in fear. The look in the kid's eyes just screamed killer intent!

When they were gone the boy turned around in Ryu's direction surprising the man a bit and spoke, ''Now what do you want shinobi-san?'' he said making Ryu in the tree's smirk.

'I was right...this kid something unique...'

Coming out of the darkness of the forest he showed himself to the blonde boy while speaking, ''Nothing really just wanting to help you out if those three tried to attack you, but I can see you got that covered.''he finished with a small smile.

Confused at the man's action he shrugged and was about to leave until he heard the man speak again, ''Hey kid, wheres your parents at?''he said, but already has a small suspicion.

Looking over his shoulder slightly he spoke in a somewhat somber tone, ''My name isn't 'kid'...its Naruto...Naruto D. and I don't have parent's never knew them. I've been alone since the day I could walk...The only thing I have from my parents is my middle initial'' he finished shocking Ryu greatly.

'This kid...hasn't had a parental figure? Then did he teach himself how to talk and walk for that matter?...By Kami...this kid is something else..I wonder...' he thought ending with a small smirk appear on his face.

''I see...Naruto...then how would you like it if I can grant you a family?''he said making the newly named Naruto turned completely around with a slight widening of his eyes to show any indication he was surprised at the words.

'' can grant me...that?''he asked, that was the one thing he truly wanted and that was a family being alone for so long like he was tended for him to at least have something akin to a family. So to be offered something like this was a dream come true for him...

But he was cautious...

'' do I know I can trust you? I've been tricked with this before...''he said narrowing his eyes at the man. Ryu just smiled warmly at the boy while on the inside he would really like to find those that tricked this boy and maim them ever so slowly.

Kneeling down till he was at the boy's eye level he spoke, ''Well I can't really tell you to trust me that's with your own instinct to do so. I am just here to give the chance orphans rarely ever get. So...what do you say?'' he asked to the strange yet very unique child.

Looking into the man's eyes for any sign of deceit Naruto ever so slowly lowered his caution before allowing a small smile appear on his face.

''I-I'd like that...'' he said making Ryu snap his gaze to the child before grinning ear to ear.

''Good good! Well then I think its time we go home then''he said with a smile while little Naruto got up beside the man. Looking up curiously he asked, ''Where is home...anyway?''he said. The word was very alien to him since he truly never had a home before so to find out he was gonna have one was still strange to him.

Looking down at he boy he smiled, ''Home, our country its called Uzu no Kuni and of where my clan resides. It's also where you will be adopted into the family would you like that?''he asked which to boy just looked up to him with a small smile on his face.

''Y-yeah, I'd like that very much...'' which Ryu just grinned even more as he ruffled the boy's hair making Naruto blink in confusion at the action.

''Alright then from now on your name is...Uzumaki D. Naruto!'' which made a warm feeling come over the blonde, it confused him of what this feeling was, but he slowly welcomed it after repeating his new name a few times.

''Soo...Naruto tell me how were you able to do that to an adult twice your size?''he asked with that Naruto and Ryu would ask each other questions as they made their way home.

Uzumaki Clan Compound-Clan Heads Home

Taking a few short 2 days to arrive at Uzu no Kuni Naruto was awed of how they had to traverse around the whirlpools to get onto the island. Even then as he and the person over the last 2 days he saw as a father figure Ryu came upon land, it was so full of life. When they came upon a large village of some kind he was baffled from all the people he saw. Some that were smiling or greeting one another, he also saw children playing happily with each other.

It was like the people around here didn't care that a war was going on, but just looking at all these changes around him made him feel a strange urge to keep this peace alive.

Though when they entered a certain building he saw a lot of people geared up like Ryu, but they to greeted his 'tou-san' with smiles and strange curious looks on him thought there wasn't a shred of malice in their eyes like he was used to.

So to his surprise when he and Ryu entered a small room that he read as 'Clan Head Office' he was stunned to see a younger version of his father sitting at a desk reading a bunch of papers. In the man's lap was a small red haired girl with a to his amusement tomato shaped face and the most pretty violet eyes he ever saw.

Their entrance got the attention of the two, so when they looked up the ryu-look alike smiled at them while the little red haired girl looked at naruto with a curious stare.

''Ah, Ryu-san, nice to see you back. I can see your trip was successful, and who's your little friend here?''he said looking at Naruto with a warm yet curious look in his eyes. The said blond just looked into the man's eyes unflinching amazing Iro inwardly while making Ryu smirk a little.

''Hmm, how about we let the kids go play and I give you my report over a cup of tea?''he said gesturing to the little girl's curiousness of the older boy. While naruto was looking back at the young girl with a confused stare.

Iro saw this and nodded with a smile small, ''Sure why not, musume would you like to go play with the boy?''he said asking the little girl in his lap. Looking up she blinked before waving her tiny little hands in a gesture.

''Y-yeah! I wanna pway!'' which Iro just chuckled at before picking her up and setting her on the floor. Looking toward Ryu he nodded which the man nodded back before he looked at Naruto.

''Ok, Naruto take her with you to the field outside we'll be there in a little while.''he said which naruto just slowly nodded before looking at the little girl and took her hand with his own.

''Alright lets go then...''he said which the little girl took in stride and practically pulled him out the door frame and outside. All this looked quite comical since the girl was only 2 and the boy she was pulling was twice her size and only 2 years older then herself.

After they left though the atmosphere in the room suddenly went tense. Iro moved his eye to Ryu while the warmth in them was still there, but now a cold serious look in them that spoke of a leader.

''Alright Ryu, report your findings...'' which the man just gave a 'hai'.

''Yes, it would seem the assumption's are correct, Iwa is getting more bold with their offenses. When I reached the area I was designated to be in. Their was a scouting Iwa squadron within our border's, I took care of them, but its just how their doing it now. It would seem their getting bolder everyday. Kumo to is from what information I could extract from them that the Sandaime Raikage and Nidaime Tsuchikage will be talking about trade agreements, but its still something to worry about.''he said finishing his report.

Nodding, ''I see things are as I feared then, with the sudden increase with Iwa's forces and their friendly relationship with Kumo things could get very bad in the future...'' he said which Ryu frowned, but nodded in agreement with his leader.

''That's true and I with the war still going on things will only get worse from now on...''he said.

''That is true, but now lets talk...nii-san...''Iro said with a smile on his face, Ryu's stance quickly reverted to an aloof look while a big grin came up on his face.

''Hehe ok, well I know you have questions so go ahead and ask since I to have my own.'' which Iro complied.

''Well I'd like to ask who is that boy your brought along? I can already tell hes different from the stance he was in and the look in his eyes. So care to tell me who he is?'' but the look he got from his brother was something that shocked him a bit.

Ryu's eyes quickly turned into a fatherly warm when naruto was mentioned, ''Ahhh that boy, Well his name is Naruto D. and I found him walking the streets of one of those war-torn villages.''he said but was cut off when Iro rose an eyebrow at the kids name.

''Naruto D.? Whats the initial for?'' but only got a shrug from the man. ''I don't know the kid only said it was the only thing he was left by from his parents. Though get this that boy...he's really something Iro...''he said which the man just rose an eyebrow.

''How hes only what 6, 7 year's old right? Nothing special about that right?'' but only got a negative shake of the head from Ryu. Linking his hands together Ryu spoke.

''No Iro...this boy is very unique...Let me tell you what I mean...''with that Ryu told Iro about his first time seeing Naruto and his amazing capabilities.

Outside the Compound-Forests of Uzu no Kuni

It had already been a few minutes since Naruto was dragged by the little girl. Since then he was sitting on the grass watching the little long red haired girl play around on the slide or sandbox. Though looking at the little girl he felt a small smile come up on his face. The little girl was so full of energy it was surprising.

''Oi Oi!'' said a excited voice, looking up he saw the big violet eyes looking back at him. Startled at the sudden closeness he fell backwards making the little red head giggle. Blinking, Naruto looked up at the bright blue sky until he saw the little girl crawl up to him with a curious look in her eyes.

''A-ano...whats youwr name?''she asked, which Naruto just blinked before setting up right before turning his gaze to her. ''Me? Well my name is Naruto, what about you?''he asked

Smiling innocently, ''I-I'm Kushwia Uzumwaki! And I'm...'' she said before counting on her finger's before showing them to his eyes. ''And I'm 2 years wold'' she said messing up her saying like a toddler would. Nodding, Naruto gestured at the playground.

''Why aren't you playing?'' which Kushina looked down at the ground embarrassed, but he did catch her mumbled words.

''Cause I can't swing by mswelf'' nodding a bit he stood up and grasped her tiny little hand in his own.

''Then I guess I'll help you then huh?''he said a bit more cheerily around Kushina. The girl's eyes got wide before she started jumping up and down excited.

''Yay!'' exclaiming the hyper redhead before she tried to get on the swing...

Only for her to be to small to get up there alone. Looking at Naruto, he saw the tears welling up on the sides of her eyes.

''I-I'm to smwall'' trying to jump into the seat. Naruto saw this and chuckled slightly before doing something he's never done before. He walked over to Kushina kneeled eye level with her and picked her up gently surprising the little girl and setting her into the swing.

Kushina blinked before looking at the smiling Naruto, ''T-Thank you...''she said

Hearing her say this he just gave her a nod, ''Now want me to push you?''he asked, Kushina abruptly looked at him and grinned, '' Yes, I wanna go high!'' which he just obliged so with that he lightly pushed the little girl on the swing while thoughts ran through his mind doing so.

'Why is it...that I'm so much more...relaxed around this little one? I've smiled...laughed more then I was with tou-san...or even more then I can remember actually...'

Though when he looked upon the little girl that looked to be having the time of her life as he pushed her on the swing, he smiled faintly.

What the two didn't know was that Ryu and Iro were looking at the scene with smiles on their faces. When Iro was told of Naruto's amazing capabilities from Ryu, he admitted to be interested in the boy as well, hell he was shocked greatly when he said the boy was actually 4 years old and just really tall for his age. So when Ryu told him that he adopted Naruto into the clan he was greatly curious of how good a shinobi the boy could be. But now seeing him play with his daughter brought a smile to his face, Kushina's kaa-san died in childbirth while he had to perform a Secret Uzumaki Fuinjutsu on his newborn daughter, since the day of her birth the Kyuubi no Kitsune had attacked Uzu no Kuni for some unknown reason.

Now though the little girl that was alone without anyone to play with now had someone here. A boy, that his older brother had taken in as his own, a boy he knew would be something special...

Shaking his head he gestured at Ryu before walking up to the laughing pair of children. During his musing's, he could see that now Kushina was off the swing and now on Naruto's shoulders with her head layed on his head like a pillow. The young Naruto was actually smiling brightly at them as he held Kushina on his shoulders.

Walking up to the two Ryu spoke,''Naruto, I've spoken with Iro-sama here and he has decided to let you become full-fledged Uzumaki. He just wants to ask you one question is all he asks.''he said, but was actually hoping Naruto agrees.

Looking at Iro he spoke, ''I don't care anything to have a family is good enough for me...''he said which both brothers smiled genuinely at. The boy unknowingly was already part of the clan and family. Kneeling down Iro asked, ''Well Naruto I want to ask you a personal question...Do you wish to become strong?''he said with a serious glint in his eyes, but Naruto met his gaze unflinchingly living a life as he had made him grow up quite quick so meeting a man's gaze like this was nothing to him.

''Without a doubt in my mind, I'd do anything to get stronger...''he said

''Alright, and what would you do with this power and strength when you had it?'' this was the most important question. But the answer he got made his eyes go wide while Ryu chuckled somehow expecting the answer.

Glancing at Kushina;s sleeping form he turned his gaze back at Iro with a determined look in them, ''To protect those important to me, I will become strong, stronger then anyone; stronger then the God's themselves if I must if it is to protect those I care about.''

This made Iro close his eyes to hide his shock, the answer he got was so unbelievable and to think he got it from a 4 year old! Chuckling a bit, he opened his eyes once more and said, ''Very well then from today onwards, Uzumaki D. Naruto you are to begin your training as a shinobi of Uzu no Kuni and a proud protector of the Uzumaki Clan!'' Ryu rolled his eyes, Iro was always the bit over dramatic even when they were kids.

''Hai...I will become strong and make the Uzumaki clan proud, come high hell or the wrath of every Bijuu. I will become the strongest being alive so I can protect those important to me...''he stated.

Clasping his hands together Iro spoke with a grin, ''Very good then, Well then I do believe its time we all got some sleep we can discuss your training tomorrow.'' which got nods from Ryu and Naruto. So with that Iro went to take Kushina from Naruto's shoulders which was a bit hard since she was a bit clingy to Naruto form.

So as Naruto watched Iro take his sleeping daughter to her bedroom he took another glance at the little girl and smiled once more,

' protect those important to me...that is my protect what I cherish the most till my dying breath...'

Unknown to anyone, a certain fox had seen the whole interaction with her container and the boy and was greatly curious about the hidden power within the boy. The being chuckled,

'Things are getting interesting...hehehe'

5 Year's Later

5 Year's...

It's been 5 year's since Naruto was adopted into the Uzumaki clan and his first meeting with Kushina. 5 Year's since he began his training with his father, Ryu. And finally 5 year's since his friendship with Kushina grew leaps and bounds.

After his first time meeting with the hyper little redhead, she would stay as close to him as possible. Like as close as him carrying her piggy-back or on his shoulders, but he truly didn't mind in fact especially when he found out her was her favorite thing to do. Kushina, to him was in so many words, but the most simple one was his best friend. No she was more, to him Kushina was most definitely a important person he'd risk death for.

Though embarrassing situation's always followed between him and Kushina which Ryu and Iro would use to blackmail him later on. Kushina though had him promise something very important to not only her, but himself as well, the girl over the last 5 year's was brought into shinobi training herself since she watched naruto train in becoming one and a very strong one at that.

Since his training began, both Ryu and Iro were struck speechless at how fast Naruto learned, be it physically or mentally. The boy was a machine he never stopped! Hell, it took a few clan members to pull the growing boy out of the library to go to bed!

Though, he did shock not just Ryu, but Iro and most of the clan when he showed his ability to excel in all manner of being a shinobi. Whether it be Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, and most importantly to the clan as a whole his ability in Fuinjutsu. He wasn't a Uzumaki by blood, but by kami herself the boy was a genius even with them! He could create seal's on the second or experiment to make new ones.

Though personally Naruto's most concentrated art to himself was his Taijutsu,Kenjutsu and Fuinjutsu. Seeing this his father Ryu had Naruto decide on what kind of weapon he wanted. Naruto chose to use a katana like his father.

So with the commission, Ryu had the clan's blacksmith Houseki Uzumaki create a blade for Naruto. The blade was designed for naruto's tall stature of 5'6 with him only being 9 year's old. It was just a normally made katana with only a difference was the Uzumaki insignia upon the pommel and the inscribed words upon the finely crafted blade,

'Protect those you cherish, if you lose get stronger and defeat the one who beat you, go past your limits and beyond to achieve your goal's. Dare I say, break kami's limit and become something more...'

For some reason handling a Katana to naruto was almost second nature, his skill's with the blade upon his training was second to none. No one not even Ryu could beat him in an all out kenjutsu duel, and if he did it was due to how much more Ryu had in height then naruto, but that was almost covered. His muscles with kenjutsu and taijutsu training were for some strange reason which also baffled the Uzumaki medic's develop faster then anyone has ever seen.

In which case, naruto was strong very strong, stronger then anyone in the clan was by far, but then again the Uzumaki clan was more generalized in Fuinjutsu then Taijutsu.

Even now, the boy continued to surprise them all each every passing day as he trained. His drive to grow stronger and will to never give in was unsurpassed even by the clan head himself. So when he finally passed and given the title as a shinobi during his second year of training...

They saw how much of a genius Naruto truly was...

So, with how much he improved Iro would give him more to study upon and train in both physically and mentally. And after only 2 years of training in the last 6 year's he was already being dispatched to do mission's with several squads of Uzumaki shinobi.

So on the fifth year of naruto's life in Uzu no Kuni war finally came to their borders and all shinobi were dispatched to stop it from coming to close to their home. So with Naruto's already amazing skill's he was sent out along with his father. Despite how much his best friend Kushina worried about it when he did go out fighting it was all the more relief for the long haired redhead when the troops of the Uzumaki clan came back with big grins on their faces with Naruto between them all with a small smirk of his own.

Even being 9 as he was, Naruto's actions in the war between Uzu no Kuni and those that brought the war to their border showed. Him being the frontal assault on most of every attack that they send or Major defense with the abilities to push them back.

Iwa's Tsuchikage at the time Onoki was still pissed at how only a child was able to hold off his shinobi from any kind of advancing. Even Kumo suffered casualties when naruto came upon the battlefield, they were losing many on their side by only a child at the age of 9!

Naruto's fame spread across the other countries of his feats in the war. How he was only a child, but the skill's of a kage or higher. This got attention of many villages and countries even Damiyo's saw this strange yet powerful boy. So with this, the Uzumaki clan was getting even more known since they produced such a shinobi, but this also got the unwanted attention of Iwa and Kumo's anger as well.

It also got the attention of the Uzumaki Clan's 'allies' Konoha. Whom hasn't helped a damn bit since the war broke out near the Uzumaki border, but the current Hokage wanted to meet the boy to see if the rumors were true. Only for Naruto himself to outright deny his invitation to the surprise of his clan.

Though during the war Iwa and Kumo, saw fit the only way to take down Naruto was to take him down emotionally...

And by that Iwa and Kumo made the biggest mistake of their lifes...

It was when Ryu's command post was ambushed by a combined effort of both Iwa and Kumo did they attack the unprepared uzumaki. There was many many casualties on both sides, Iwa and Kumo lost countless shinobi trying to kill Ryu, but they succeeded in doing so. In which they hoped would emotionally tear the 'Monster child' as they called Naruto apart. Making him unfit to fight in the war...

Oh how wrong they were, when new's reached back to the Uzumaki clan they were all pretty worried when Naruto found out. I mean Uzumaki Ryu was one of the most well respected Uzumaki in all of history. And one damn good of a shinobi, so when they heard he was ambushed by Iwa and Kumo and their two armies.

Things went straight to hell...


Naruto just sat there infront of Iro who had a saddened look upon his face, he to had just heard the news of his older brother dieing in the war. He truly felt the man shouldn't have died like he did, but he took a lot of them with him. But right now, he just told the very son of the man, his father was killed by his hated enemies. He honestly didn't know what was gonna happen, but was worried Naruto might do something crazy and idiotic...

He was right...

Abruptly standing up Naruto lowered his gaze to the floor and spoke,''Thank you for leaving me with this news Iro-sama, but I must go...''he said turning around so Iro wouldn't see his shadowed eyes. The Clan head had a feeling a dread come upon him and spoke before Naruto could leave, ''Wait Naruto, please don't do what I think your gonna do...Don't do it!''he pleaded with the boy no man that had fought in the war and was un undoubtedly stronger then him in certain aspects.

Turning his head slightly naruto spoke in the most chilling tone Iro has ever felt before, ''No Iro-sama, I will not let this go...Tou-san was the one who brought me out of that accursed life. Gave me a new life and family...and those bastards...killed him...I will not let this go un-punished...'' the words he spoke made Iro freeze in place. It sounded like death itself was talking to him!

Shaking him out of his stupor, ''But Naruto, what your doing is suicide! Your father wouldn't want this for you! Please don't do it, think about what you have here if you go out there and fight you won't be coming back alive! Think about Kushina, she would be torn up if you died and you damn well know it!''he said trying to plead his adopted nephew out of doing what he was gonna do.

Naruto stood there at the door frame for a good few seconds before turning around completely and revealing his eyes upon Iro, who saw the look in them nearly had a heart attack.

They held such anger and intensity he was close to the brink of passing out. The blue in them were as cold as the coldest glacier and were sharp enough to cut through solid steel. Naruto's face was contorted into a face that showed his immense anger, but also pure un-controlled hate.

''No...I won't die...not right now Iro-sama, I'm not doing this for not just out to avenge tou-san, but to end this petty war. We are losing many lifes to this and I won't allow it anymore. Besides...Kushina-chan, should know better then anyone I can't die easy...But I will be back Iro-sama and this time whether I come back hated by the clan or not for my actions I don't care at least I helped my clan...But I will go give Kushina a visit before I go...''he said

Not seeing anyway to stop the teen he lowered his head in defeat, ''Very well Naruto, but please don't die out there...The clan needs you...Kushina needs you...''he said which naruto just nodded before he disappeared in a shushin.

Appearing infront of kushina's room he quietly opened the door to see the sleeping redhead with piles upon piles of fuinjutsu scroll's around her on the bed. Smiling amusingly, he gently put the scroll's away before lifting up Kushina's sleeping form and put her in bed before covering her up. Upon doing this he kissed her forehead with a few goodnight words to her.

''Goodnight, Kushina-chan...hope you don't get mad at me for my actions...'' with that Naruto strapped his katana, the one his father had made for him, across his back and covered up his face with a black mask. With that he jumped to the window and jumped into the forest heading for the fight of his life.

Kyuubi within kushina's seal saw the little interaction and frowned, the boy she watched for the last 6 year's kept amazing the bijuu everyday. The way the boy grew stronger, his abnormal way of learning and abilities no other human has she seen had before. Kushina, the girl she was starting to talk to early on would probably be worried sick for the boy. Hell, even she, The Kyuubi no Kitsune was worried for the kid...

'Correction man, no boy faces what he does everyday...'

Flashback Over

Needless to say, what naruto did would be told for years and years to come. Storming into the combined base of both Iwa and Kumo which in-itself was the size of a Hidden village. The angry Uzumaki, raised all sorts of hell in the place planting explosive tags all around the weapon storage's to food and water supply. He also practically used his arsenal in Ninjutsu to destroy many unexpecting shinobi. In which awoke a hornets nest.

Upon the next scene that followed could only be said to have been insane and completely shocking, a nine year old by himself was fighting and actually destroying waves and waves of shinobi left and right. The wrathful Uzumaki was like a vengeful god, his anger couldn't be sated until all those that were in on the attack of his father felt his full wrath. This battle had gotten the attention of both the Sandaime Raikage and Sandaime Tsuchikage, and both were shocked at seeing the one person that had been the biggest thorn in their side in the war. And seeing most of their shinobi all lay dead at their feet made their anger for the unnaturally strong child go up even higher.

The battle that happened next could only be described as...


One lone child fought two kages and leftover shinobi. Naruto had to use everything he had to fight them at a stand still, while the other shinobi were pretty much just caught in the crossfire. Though the odds were stacked very high against Naruto, he did the impossible, he was beating both of the Kage's back.

That is when the old Tsuchikage pulled out the last trick up his sleeve, hoping it would catch the devil child's guard off for them both to kill him.

Too bad he didn't know how bad he just messed up...


Panting, Naruto held his katana out infront of him against the two exhausted kage infront of him. The area around them was full of crater's, upheaval's of rock from Onoki's doton jutsus and a massive thunderstorm from the Raikage's nature powered raiton jutsus. Bodies of both kage's shinobi littered the ground around them. All killed by one child...

A kami forsaken child!

Naruto's form wasn't any better, he was bleeding everywhere, his katana was closing to shattering, but thanks to enhancing it with Futon chakra it was able to sustain attacks, but even that was cutting it close. Over his face was just blood going down his head. All his other weapons were gone due to fighting a massive army.

He had wounds coming from every part of his body, big slash wounds across his chest, a scorch mark upon his back which would have left a scar if not for his protective chest-plate. His left arm was useless due it being broken in several places by a doton jutsu. Which left him holding his weapon with his right hand.

Blood poured from all around him out of his wounds and from the blood of his enemies around the battlefield...

Panting, the Sandaime Raikage, a very tall muscular dark-skinned man was kneeling on one knee as the other used for support. The man was covered in injuries as well, from a broken jaw and a quite a few teeth knocked out from what looked like a well placed punch. The man's right arm was totally singed from down on up. His left eye was closed due to having to much blood pouring down his face.

Panting, ''Damn, now I see why this kid was such a pain during our offenses. His father was just as bad, but this kid...hes something else...'' he said while his respect for the kid despite his anger toward him rose a few notches.

Onoki just snorted, he to was completely bloody from head to toe. His armor long forgotten in the battle when it proved useless to the boy's shocking strength. Onoki was a man the size of a head piece and a half, he wore at the moment Tsuchikage, battle armor, but right now it was cracking or falling apart. His nose was broken in ways that medical jutsu wouldn't ever be able to fix. His chest was practically cut to ribbons from the boy' futon attack's and slashes from his katana enhanced swings.

''Meh, I agree which is why I have this final trick up my sleeve...''he said getting his partner's attention. Onoki started digging in his armor until he pulled out a small scroll.

Naruto tensed ready for a possible attack, but he was already reaching his limit just by standing where he was. He doubted he could get back to Uzu no Kuni like he was now...

Though when the Raikage saw what the scroll really was he had a nervous look in his eyes.

''Mm, I don't think that's such a good idea here, this kid might actually snap if you unseal that...''he said a bit worried. Onoki just snorted already smearing his blood on the scroll.

''I don't care, whatever it takes to kill this bastard the better. So kid, I hope your ready to see this!''he said so when the scroll popped into smoke it revealed something that made Naruto's bod go into shock...

It was the body of his father Uzumaki pale as white lips pale blue eyes void of life...

Raikage saw the sudden change in behavior of the kid and suddenly felt something off...

he was right...

''Y-y-you...BASTARDS!'' Naruto screamed in rage...

The two never saw it coming.

Flashback Over

What would have been told by those two kages that survived the incident was something that was just plain impossible. When onoki showed the kid his fathers corpse, he practically snapped big time. He started to release so much killer intent on them it froze them in place, they never commented on it, but to them it was the scariest thing in their lifes. They saw the very ground around them start to crack and break.

The boy lost all consciousness with his body and somehow moved instinctively, what he did shattered all borderline of the word impossible in their minds. The kid grabbed the air itself somehow and started to grip it before they heard something like he was ripping paper, but the kid brought both his hands down with the sound of earth tearing itself apart. The battlefield around them started to shift uncontrollably and break apart causing fissure's, upheaval's the size of a mountain and the land itself actually flipping in over itself.

It was like mother nature was pissed, and bought down the mother of all earthquakes. It shook the very foundation of the Elemental Counties, but the boy wasn't done he moved along taking his fathers body, but also punching the air itself as a strange bubble was around his fist at the time.

When he did this multiple shockwaves blasted from where he punched and into both Kages sending them flying into one of the upheaval's at the time. In-which knocked them both out from flying at such high speeds.

That day...that battle was only seen by a few, but described it as ''Kami smiting the very earth she created, the power of which was was scary...''

The Uzumaki clan on that very same night all heard about naruto leaving to avenge his father, but some were not believing he would come back despite his amazing abilities.

Kushina herself, the poor little 7 year old was devastated when she heard how this all happened, the death of Ryu, naruto's departure to strike back. She wanted to see him desperately to know he was safe, but Kyuubi within her was telling her things were fine.

Though when they felt the tremor's coming from where the Iwa and Kumo's main force base camp was they were a little nervous...

So imagine all their shock when a unconscious naruto walks through the gates blood all over carrying the dead body of his father on his shoulder. The dull look in his eyes scared many since it showed he wasn't in-control of his body at the time. Only when he laid the body of his father at the feet of a shocked Iro did naruto's bloody form hit face first into the ground as his katana snapped in half upon hitting the ground with him.

Seeing the state Naruto was in he sent for the best medics to start healing on him. He had to also hold back Kushina as she was desperately trying to see her best friend only to see his injured and bloody form be carried on a stretcher as he was surrounded by medics trying to desperately heal him.

That very morning, both Iro and Kushina were at Naruto's bedside as he healed, Kushina was laying beside his form trying to do anything to heal him in anyway possible. Iro, the man was jumbled with so many thoughts.

'Reports are already coming from the battlefield corpses everywhere, and from what the report said, it looked like the Kyuubi came though there...' Looking at Naruto's form he let out a small grimace.

'To have let loose like you did naruto...what horror must you have seen to done something like that...I mean making upheaval's? Flipping the land itself? Causing earthquakes?...Naruto just what exactly are you?' He was amazed at this Ryu always said naruto was unique, but this...this was completely incredible.

The boy was only 9 years old, but did something in one night no one in history has been able to do. Fight an army alone, fight and beat two kage's single handedly. It was an impossible feat all on its own, but Naruto did it. He was quite certain now, people would know his name now there was no denying it now. Naruto's reputation was going to skyrocket because of this. Hell he wouldn't be surprised if other village's put this in their history books or something.

Looking up at his daughter he saw her sleeping peacefully beside Naruto with a small smile on her face. Looking upon the scene he found it amusing since he and Ryu always thought of two together quite adorable. Getting up gently he left the room so the two could be the only their in each others presence. He could talk to Naruto later...

1:00 A:M- Naruto's Recovery Room

Groggily opening his eyes, Naruto sudden felt a jolt of massive pain all over his body. He grit his teeth endearing the jolt of sudden pain, upon is lessening he opened his eyes once more to see it was night out. That's when sudden rush of memories hit him,

'The battle!...what happened? All I remember was fighting the Tsuchikage and Raikage before that old midget Onoki pulled out some scroll then everything else went white...'

Looking around the room he saw medical supplies on his left along with a few get well letter's from fellow Clan member's. This brought a smile upon his face, looking on his right his eyes widened to see his best friend Kushina sleeping beside him holding onto his bandaged right arm tightly. The little girl's face had tears going down her face and her eyes were clenched tightly to show she was having a nightmare, the quivering of her bottom lip was the key knowing she was in some sort of distress.

Quickly as he could, Naruto scooted himself closer to her quivering body, that's when he heard her whispering words from the nightmare she was having.

''D-don't die...Naruto-kun...D-don't die on me...please... don't die...'' his eyes soften, the little girl must be dreaming of his injured form form...

Sliding into bed once more, he wrapped his left arm around Kushina and brought her into his chest while ignoring grimace of pain doing so, but he continued ignoring his jolting slight pains and hugged the trembling girl to himself to try and quell her fear's and rid the nightmare that was haunting her.

It seemed to work when she started to quiver less and snuggled closer into him embracing his warmth he gave off. Seeing this he hugged even tighter as he started feeling the effects of sleep taking over him once again so allowing to to take him into the world of sleep he drifted off with his on top of Kushina own with his arms around her protectively.

This would be the sight his medic's would come to see to check up on him that same morning...

7:27 A.M-Naruto's Recovery Room

''Awwww, they look so cute together~~'' squealed a nurse as two more of them nodded as well looking at the scene before them. Kushina's form was mingled with Naruto's own her face an inch from his own as her little arms together around his body, while Naruto wasn't that much different his position didn't change much from early on, but his face was in the same position as Kushina's with his arms around her small body compared to his own.

But what was the real cute thing to the nurses was the way, Naruto, the pride of the Uzumaki clan and now Legend among the Elemental Nation's look so much like the child he looked to be. He wasn't the powerful entity upon the battlefield that striked fear into the hearts of his enemies. He was just a normal boy. Albeit, he was by far not normal that much was known, but he was still a child that really didn't have a childhood and really acted like one around Kushina. It was thought by many people that, Naruto was bipolar with how he acted a little like a child around Kushina, but then a veteran soldier on briefing of mission's or on the battlefield.

Either way, this scene to the nurses was quite a sight to see...

''We're done here, lets go before we wake them up''said one nurse with the other two nodding in agreement.

''Very well'' with that they checked his status before leaving the room closing the door with a gentle 'click'.

A few minutes later, Kushina's eyes started to twitch before slightly opening them only to close them back from the bright light of the morning.

'I curse you sun, I shall find a way to relinquish your burning rays! Or my name is Uzumaki Kushina Dattebane!~~'

Kyuubi chuckled at her containers words, it was so funny sometimes how much Kushina hated the sun in the mornings,

'Wakey wakey, Kushina-chan~~~'

'Huh? Kyu-chan? When did you wake up?'

'Meh, Around a few minutes ago, but you certainly found yourself in a good predicament if I do say so myself...'

Mentally scrunching her face up in confusion, which to kyuubi made her look like a kit to her amusement,

'What do you mean?'

'Well, what do you remember before you fell asleep?'

'Hmm, well all I can remember is being with tou-san in Naruto-kun's room when he was recovering...'

Finding the upcoming question amusing she asked,

'And do you remember anything else before you fell asleep?'


'Hehehe, then wake up and you'll see what I'm talking about, also tell Naruto-kun I said hi~~' and before Kushina could reply, Kyuubi mentally pushed her out of her mindscape with a small laugh.

That's when Kyuubi's face got serious, She did give Kushina small lie there she was awake through everything, when Naruto left and returned, she had seen his body upon return. It was a good thing Kushina wasn't able to see the full extent of his injuries or she would be having nightmares for a while. Though, she did hear of Naruto's achievement.

To say she, the Kyuubi no Kitsune strongest of all Bijuu was surprised was an understatement.

She was completely shocked at seeing someone like Naruto's age doing what he did, sure she's seen his abilities before during spar's with Iro and other clan members, but she heard of what he did at the base.

'Decimating it completely leaving no survivor's with only the Tsuchikage and Raikage barely alive...'

Now, she found it shocking when she felt the tremor's from where the battle took place, she and everyone else in Uzu no Kuni felt the quakes and tremors coming from the battle, and to learn that someone outside the battle seen it was Naruto to have caused such shockwaves and from the earth itself was saying there was much much more to naruto then she or anyone else knew.

The puzzle that was Uzumaki D. Naruto, that was almost solved by her just got much more confusing and challenging. In history no human, was recorded in the Elemental Nation's to have the control and manipulation to control the very earth itself, yet Naruto did it himself and on godly levels as well from what this spectator reported.

Now usually she wasn't so interested in human's, but Naruto was by human standards 'not human' for his terrifying powers and the strength he wields. Now to her, Naruto was most definitely strong strong enough to probably face the Ichibi or Nibi, but not any higher. But an assumption like that, was most legendary in itself.

She honestly couldn't wait for the coming future of how much stronger Naruto might become and the relationship between himself and her container...

Back in the real world, Kushina's eyes suddenly snapped open to see nothing, but the sleeping face of Naruto infront of her. Holding back a yelp of surprise, Kushina looked down see her small body engulfed in the arms of Naruto with his own covering her in a soothing yet protective manner. She blushed though, when she felt her arms wrapped his back or at least mostly around his back since he was still much taller then her.

Kyuubi within hr mindscape, giggled at her container's position...

''Eep...'' muttered a maroon faced Kushina, this seemed to wake Naruto up for he started to stir a bit, but this got the action of him opening his eyes...

Naruto, suddenly heard the sound of what was like a mouse? So opening his eyes, he was staring into the violet eyes of the 7 year old Kushina. He laid there staring into the surprised eyes of his best friend until they heard the door open.

Upon entering, Iro found the surprising yet funny sight of his daughter in the same bed as her best friend hugging each other. Chuckling, he spoke...

''Heh, I see your awake Naruto and are in good care if what I see before me is anything to go by, but I must ask to wait for that kind of action, I'm to young to be a grandfather right now...''he said before bursting in laughter when naruto's eyes grew to comical proportion's as a full body blush came forth. Kushina wasn't much better, despite being only 7 she knew of what her father was speaking of and wasn't any better, her face matched her hair with it being the color of a deep maroon. Her violet eyes were getting wide as they possibly could be, but the sudden action's of a certain vixen made it much worse for the little redhead.

'Oooo, I sense a very very good future for you Kushina-chan~~~'

This only made her blush deepen worse, but she did look at her tou-san who was smirking up a storm with a terrifying eye.

''TOU-SAN!'' she yelled, before jumping out of bed and pounding at Iro with her little fists; Iro just put up his arms defensively as his energized daughter kept pounding away at him. Naruto watched this a little surprised yet amused at her reaction.

A few minutes later, a panting Kushina was sitting on the bed with a pout with Naruto sitting upright with his injuries all, but healed. Yet another fascinating ability of his to heal at such incredible speeds, but he was still getting worried glances from Kushina with his bloody form flashing in her mind.

Iro suddenly spoke, ''Naruto, I have been informed your ready to be discharged from here, but I do have questions for you...''he said which naruto nodded.

''Hai, I know Iro-sama, but Kushina-chan would you mind stepping outside?'' he asked, but got a defiant stare from the girl.

''No way!, I wanna hear what you did and besides if I am to become a shinobi, then I must hear the words of someone I see as a great shinobi, hear the experiences when their on the battlefield. So please, don't hesitate Naruto-kun...''she said while both Iro and Naruto were looking at her with wide eyes and gaping mouths.



Seeing the looks she was getting, she blushed looking away from them, ''W-what?, I can speak freely and however I want to!'' she said puffing out her cheeks. This seemed to get a small smile from Iro and a chuckle from Naruto.

Placing a hand on her hand Naruto ruffled her hair making her pout even more.

''Ahahaha, I see, but your still a squirt Kushina-chan so none of that tough talk, ok?'' he said jokingly, which Kushina stuck her tongue out at him which only amused them both even further.

''Hey! I'm only 2 years younger then you! Even if your taller then me!'' she pointed out indignantly. Naruto just chuckled even more while messing up her hair even more. Thus earning a small growl from her which soon turned into her trying to pull his hand away from her.

Iro seeing the childish scene suddenly remembered what he needed to ask Naruto about, ''Well, enough games, Naruto I need you to explain everything to me right when you arrived at the base and if you can...when you left...'' trying to not say, 'And when you carried your dead father's body all the way back to Uzu no Kuni'.

Flinching which Iro caught, Naruto stopped his 'torture' with Kushina which the little girl looked worryingly at him.

''Yes, it is best you know, right after I left Uzu no Kuni...''

Thus, Naruto explained everything to Iro, his arrival at the base, his laid out plan of destroying their supplies and hesitating a bit on his part of his silent killings of many shinobi. He also told him of when he unleashed his arsenal of Ninjutsu the rest shinobi that weren't exterminated by the attack jumped at him. Naruto, spoke of his fighting with the army, using his control of futon, suiton, and raiton to its fullest potential, releasing all of his abilities in kenjutsu to their fullest capabilities.

Then he told them of his fight with Onoki and that Raikage with the last of the shinobi joining them. Iro was amazed of how the boy held his own against the two kages after facing an army that size, while Kushina had a starry look in her eyes, Naruto told them of when he had to release all of his personally created Chakra and Weight seal's upon his body and katana to make himself at the at least a little above both Onoki and the Raikage.

Afterwards he explained the fight, Onoki using his Jinton Release (Dust Release) while the Raikage used his raiton jutsu that was powered by the natural lightning itself.

''Then how did you fight them both when they used those kind of elements, Naruto-kun?'' Kushina asked cutely with curiosity. Naruto smiled, ''Well, lets just say I have my own way of facing elements like that and leave it at that. Now onto what else I remember...''

''All I remember next, is that all three of us were at our ends, and I was close to collapsing...until Onoki did something...'' he said with a thoughtful look come up on his face.

''Try and remember Naruto, please I need to know its very important...'' Iro said, hiding his astonishment of the man infront of him, Naruto was only 9 years old to young to be on the battlefield or be a shinobi for that matter. But, the boy was very adamant to become one, it was still so incredible to see someone as young as him rise to power in such speed as he has.

'Hell, I'd say he could be the 'True' Kami no Shinobi in the next few years with the rate hes going...Unlike, that old fool Hiruzen...'

Straining his mind for what happened next, he found the clips of small memories hitting him, Onoki pulling out a scroll, the raikage warning the old kage, the sound of a scroll releasing...

That's when the body of his dead tou-san flashed in his mind...

Snapping open his eyes, Naruto screamed!

''Onoki! You old fucking dwarf! You better pray to Kami I don't find you, for not even Kami will stop me from Murdering you!'' shocking the two Uzumaki's in the room or Kushina's case scaring her.

Iro, jumped out of his seat and held the struggling Naruto down, ''Naruto! Naruto calm down!, The fight is over you won!'' but the words didn't cease the screaming blond that that was now in a enraged state.

The killing intent coming from the blond startled many in the hospital while some shinobi were speeding toward the building to find the source. Iro was having much trouble holding down the furious boy, Kushina was watching with tearful eyes wondering what made her best friend go into such a state.

'War can do many things Kushina-chan, and there is many things Naruto hides from you. Like his side of a deadly warrior or his anger and hate to those he despises the most. What your seeing now is naruto's mental blockade he has probably held back all these years completely destroy itself whatever happened in that battle must have made Naruto-kun snap...'

'I-is there anyway to stop this? I want Naruto-kun back...this one scares me...'

'Kushina-chan, you might have to get used to this side of Naruto, there will be times when hes like that in the future and he will need your help to quell down his anger or he might just lose himself in the state of blood lust and hate, but a way to turn him away from this kind of state is only one way, and that's from having someone very important to him try and pull him back to reality before he loses himself...'

After hearing what Kyuubi said, Kushina looked at the struggling form of her best friend and her tou-san who was trying to calm him down only to end up failing and making it worse. She decided what to do...

'I will help Naruto-kun in anyway I can. As long as he comes back to normal...I'll do anything...'

'Good kit, but hurry he's getting worse!'

Snapping out her stupor, Kushina stood up and ran to the bed before jumping onto Naruto's form. Pushing away her tou-san she placed her hands upon his shoulders and got into his face,

''Naruto-kun, wake up! This isn't you! Your not like this!'' but it was to no avail, the blond was almost at his limit before breaking loose and letting his lust for Onoki's death overcome him.

''Kushina get off him, hes not in-control of his body at the moment!'' Iro shouted trying to handle the situation, but his musume just made it worse. Though he couldn't help, but know she was probably more worried then he was with how Naruto was acting.

He didn't get an answer from her since she was too concentrated to find a way to calm Naruto down. That's when something flashed into her mind, she had seen other people do that one 'thing' to someone they cared about and it was between a man and a woman. Though she did gain an atomic blush of she thought would be the only to way to bring him out of his furious induced state.

Leaning closer to his face, she clasped her little hands on his face with both cheeks halting his trembling head and him staring right at her,

''K-kusina-c-chan...!'' he struggled to say, though she did see the slight change in his blue eyes it didn't completely change from his bloodthirsty ones. Taking a deep breath she looked him in the eye, ''Naru-kun, I want you back to normal and I'll do anything to make it happen...even this...'' and before Iro could do anything, the 7 year old leaned closer to naruto's face and before the blond knew it.

His lips were linked together with Kushina's own shocking him to his very core while Iro's eyes just went wide in comical proportions till they could quite possibly pop out. Kyuubi, inside the seal silently cheered her container on for such an action!

Naruto's clearing up blue eyes looked into the determined violet ones of Kushina, that was it needed before Naruto's blood lust state crumbled away, and a blush of monumental proportions erupted onto his face.

Kushina wasn't any better the little girl just kissed her best friend! Though, she did hide it quite well when her eyes showed contempment when she kissed him. Breaking apart quickly, Kushina laid her hand in the crook of Naruto's shoulder and spoke, ''N-naruto-kun...don't change like that...I don't wanna see you become like that again...p-p-please...don't...''she said.

His wide eyes quickly softened and before Iro knew it, linked his arms around the crying girls frame and hugged her tight to him. He placed his head on her shoulder while whispering words to her,

''I-I'm saw Kushi-chan...I never wanted you to see that side of me...But I won't ever let it happen again...that I promise you...'' this made Kushina's face break into a wide smile and before the blond knew it, Kushina pushed him back on the bed with her small frame over his own.

''T-thank you Naruto-k-kun!'' she squealed before seeing the position she was in. Even for a 7 year old, it was quite embarrassing, she was straddling his stomach with her hands on muscular chest and her face inches from his own.

Upon seeing this, they both gained monumental blushes, but didn't break out of the position. Naruto moved his head slightly to Iro and to his irritation saw not only Iro, but many nurses and shinobi alike looking at the scene with knowing smirks or 'awwww' looks.

''Uh...Iro-sama, can we talk later...?'' which the snickering man just nodded having to much trouble holding in his laughter. It wasn't everyday you see your 7 year old daughter get her first kiss and then get in such a position in one day, but also with her childhood best friend.

He honestly saw the two would look perfect together...

After ushering everyone out of the room much to their disappointment since they wanted to keep watched the scene between the two little tykes, much to their embarrassment. When they left Iro went out the door due to the glare from his musume which scared him to the core.

It told him the message quite clearly...

She wanted alone time with Naruto and he would allow it...

Back inside the room, neither of the two had moved yet until Naruto, slightly moved his arms a bit and placed them on Kushina's shoulders. Upon doing this, Kushina went rigid and looked at him with curious eyes. Smiling a little he spoke,

''Kushina-chan,are gonna stay on top of me like this all day or what?'' with a small blush on his face, blinking the girl saw her position and quickly was sitting beside Naruto whistling innocently, but Naruto just chuckled at her form of trying to act innocent...

''Kushina-chan, we need to talk about what just happened...ok?'' he said worried for her. When she heard this her head dropped a little thinking Naruto would be angry at her, she felt his eyes upon even now.

Naruto saw her state quickly change to a sadden one and he immediately understood, she probably hated herself for doing something so strange at her age with him, but it was necessary to calm him down, plus he did quite like it...

Looking upon her form, he gently raised his left arm and did see her flinch of her body seeing the shadow of his left arm raise.

'She couldn't quite possibly think I would hurt her...' quickly he pulled her into a hug with his left arm pulling her form into his form while wrapping his right arm around her body. He wanted to do anything to soothe her worries, what he did back there...he never wanted Kushina to see and for her to bring him back from the brink of insanity was quite a feat, his respect for the girls courage was even higher then it already was.

Kushina stiffened when he wrapped his arm around her, but she froze completely when his arm wrapped around her, she couldn't speak or do anything except stay frozen in place. So when naruto face went to her ear, she heard him speak five words that broke the proverbial dam of emotions.

''Just let it out Kushina-chan...''

And she did, not a second later tears started to swell up in her eyes before she stated crying into Naruto's bandages chest. It escalated into soft cries into loud wails which were slightly muffled as she was against his chest the whole time. She let out all her emotions ranging from when she saw his injured form, from his bandaged body on the bed to finally his enraged state going wild. Letting out the emotions she kept down were freely coming out like a waterfall.

Naruto just sat there holding Kushina's trembling and wailing form and hugged her tighter, he honestly felt like the worst person in the whole kami forsaken world. To have Kushina like this, he truly felt like a fool how did he not see her hidden emotions when he was around her and the times he taught her in the shinobi arts?

He lowered his head his hair shadowing his eyes and spoke,

''I'm so sorry Kushi-chan...I've been a horrible friend to you haven't I?...'' Kushina's head perked up and looked at his face with her big red puffy eyes with tear marks on her face.

''N-no you haven't!...Y-you've been g-great to me...i-its just...I w-worry for y-you Naruto-k-kun!'' she said, Naruto raised his head to have his own eyes meeting hers. The silence between the two was tense, until Kushina acted first.

Taking the first step, the little red head slowly went closer to naruto's face with her violet eyes gazing into his sapphire ones, she interlocked her lips with his own in a small kiss which in adults eyes would find adorable or cute, but to Naruto it told him so much more...

The boy, stiffened at the action, but slowly closed his eyes and leaned into it enjoying the sensation he was feeling when being kissed by Kushina. He didn't know what it was, maybe he was to young to know, but didn't care as long as Kushina was with him he didn't have a care in the world.

Kushina closed her eyes as well and leaned in as well deepening the kiss just a bit, before they broke apart and her leaning her head on his shoulder hiding her blush that could rival the sun itself.

Speaking softly, ''Kushi-chan, I need to say...I'm sorry for putting you through that, but also...what was...the kiss for?'' he said confused, but won't deny he liked the feeling.

Kushina didn't avert her eyes when she looked at him, but the blush on her face grew intensely. ''N-naruto-kun...I'm to young to know what this feeling is, but I do say this...I...I...Ilikeyou!''she said quickly, but Naruto heard it loud and clear.

Kushina expected many thing to happen when she said that, but what she didn't expect was for him to raise her heard up to see him looking at her with a strange look in his eyes, but she diverted her attention to the sudden feeling of Naruto giving her a slight kiss on the lips before pulling her into a hug.

I see...I'll tell you the truth then...I like you to Kushi-chan...''he said getting a blush from, but quickly embraced herself in Naruto's arm's enjoying his warmth.

''Good, then I wanna stay in your arms a bit longer Naru-kun...''she said softly before drifting off into a light sleep earning a chuckle from him, but he slowly started to feel the effects of sleep taking over. With that he settled himself on the bed laying down with Kushina's form over his own and her head laying in the crook of his shoulder facing his way. Resting his head atop hers he let his eyes drift a bit before falling asleep.

A few minutes later Iro would come upon the scene of his musume in the embrace of his brothers adopted son. He could see something big happened with the content smiles on their faces but already knew he would never know what truly happened...

2 Day's Later-Iro's Office

Naruto sat infront of his leader with Kushina by his side, he was released a day ago. So resting for the day he went to see Iro so he could understand what truly happened after he blacked out during his fight with the kages. Every time he asked people would just say it was better for Iro to tell him. So here he was sitting with Kushina holding his hand with a serious expression on her face which was quite odd for a 7 year old.

Iro infront of them, was sporting a hardened expression, which actually hid his curiosity of the two before him. Ever since yesterday they were much closer then before, he's seen them together almost all the time, but now they were practically inseparable.

Shaking his head of those thoughts he spoke, ''Well Naruto, since you can't remember what happen during that battle, I'll tell you, but I myself and everyone else truly never saw it we were told by someone that seen the battle first-hand. So what I might tell you will be quite...shocking...'' Naruto just nodded grimly, needing to know what happened after he blacked out. Sighing he explained, he told him of the report when Onoki released the scroll ignoring the warning the raikage gave him and showed the dead body of his father to him. This resulted with Naruto's eyes narrowing dangerously, but a slight squeeze of his hand from Kushina comforted him a bit, but did not ease his anger toward the old kage. Iro, explained to him also that when the body was shown to him, he practically 'snapped' and went over his limit.

''Basically Naruto, all we know is that you were reported to have done something unimaginable, for when you lost yourself in your rage and anger. You did something unimaginable, I don't know how you did it, but you did. You, Naruto,even without intentionally doing it caused massive tremors in the earth itself. It was reported you 'grabbed' the air itself and ripped it apart creating upheaval's the size of a bijuu, making fissure's that would sink a shinobi village and an earthquake strong enough the shake the Elemental Nations itself. Hell we have reports coming from all corners of the nations saying they to felt the slight shockwaves of the earth itself moving. So I ask you Naruto, what did you do?'' he said.

Naruto just sat there wide eyed, but no other visible reaction from him. Kushina though was a different story, her eyes were comically wide and her jaw was on the floor. They both were shocked to hear, Naruto did such a thing and with the earth itself, even Kyuubi within Kushina was greatly impressed, to hear Naruto to do such a thing was now telling he Bijuu Naruto was no normal human hell she was having a hard time to even call him human with what he's done so far.

The only Bijuu she knows that had that kind of control to manipulate the earth like that was the Ichibi and even then all he had was slight control over the earth and mastery over sand. She herself despite what legends portray her as, couldn't do what naruto did. Sure, she could cause tsunami's and levels mountains with a swing of her tail, but to cause earthquakes to shake the Elemental Nations themselves?

Nah, no way in hell could she do that even on her best of days...

''W-wow...''Kushina said breaking the silence. Naruto raised his head up to look at Iro.

''Iro-sama, I don't know how I did that honestly, I don't even remember what happened, but just bits and pieces here and there...'' he said getting a nod from the man. ''I see, its understandable to have done what you did before fighting those two its no wonder you can't remember much.'' he said.

Nodding, he gave a side glance to Kushina before looking back at Iro, ''Though, this has shown me something Iro-sama...No doubt this has brought much more attention to the Uzumaki clan then what they wanted am I right?'' getting a grim nod from the man while Kushina looked a bi confused.

''But, that's good right? I mean, having a reputation would tell those that would try to attack us to back off wouldn't it?'' she said confused entirely, wouldn't that stop all the war's coming to their borders?

Shaking his head, Iro responded, ''No musume, it actually makes things pretty bad for us, for you see now the other Shinobi villages know that we have such a shinobi in our clan and will feel threatened. So it can end up pretty bad for us...But to fix this problem is the question...'' he murmured.

But Naruto heard him and spoke with a sad look to Kushina, ''I know one way that I think will truly fix this or at the least get the attention off your backs...''he said, Iro looked up to Naruto's face with a curious look in his eyes.

''Really? What is it then?'' but from the downcast look coming from the blond he knew it could be bad for him or the clan in general...

''Well...the only way I can think of is that I...'disappear' to take the attention of the clan and onto myself...''he said getting a confused look from Kushina, but a shocked one from Iro.

'' d-don't m-mean to...'' only to his fear a nod from the spiky blond boy.

''Yes, if you think about it...its truly the only way to ward them off the clan;;;besides I couldn't bare to see the clan hurt because of me...'' the conversation was making Kushina worried especially the horrified eyes of Iro and the sad ones of Naruto's, so she spoke

''Naruto-kun, what do you plan on doing? What do you mean by 'disappear'?'' worried of what he was talking about, but she received no answer from the two making her worries grow. That's when Naruto spoke again,

''What I mean Kushi-chan, is I plan to erase my existence from the world for a while hiding my presence from everyone never to be heard for a long time.'' he saw the sudden look of horror on her face and quickly continued to ease her thoughts.

''Don't worry, I won't be gone long...Iro-sama here can give me a 'long term mission' which would last at least a year. That way it would throw off the heat the clan is getting from my actions and also allow me to train to get stronger.'' he got a deadpan look from Iro which was saying loud and clear...

'Seriously? You wanna get stronger?'

''B-but I don't want you to go!'' she said looking him in the eye with a sad look in her eye violet orbs. Flinched at her look, but remained resilient. ''I know Kushi-chan, but I don't got another will only be a year, right Iro-sama?'' which got a nod from the man who couldn't help but agree with naruto's logic.

''See?, besides when the year is over, I'll come straight back to you, so don't worry, ok?'' he said gently trying to soothe the tearing redhead.

Hanging her head low she spoke, ''P-p-promise...?'' she murmured silently, but Naruto heard her and scooted closer to her picked her up and set her on his lap. This got a wide eyed look from Iro and a small 'eep' from Kushina, but that soon stopped when she looked into naruto's eyes. They stared at each other a few seconds before Naruto closed the distance and in a move that shocked Iro to the very core. Kissed Kushina on the lips, though the small little girl blushed at the action first accepted it and leaned into it a bit.

They stayed like that a few minutes not seeing the gaping Iro watching the scene, before softly breaking apart with Kushina leaning against his form and him holding her closely. Kushina looked up into Naruto's eyes and spoke,

''Fine, I'm ok with long as you come back to me, Got. That!'' she said poking him in the chest with a look that said, 'You better or you shall feel my wrath!'

Chuckling, he nodded with that she leaned against him feeling safe in his arms. Iro, seeing enough spoke, ''Uhhh...what did I just see?'' said a wide eyed Iro, Naruto and Kushina both blinked and looked at him before blushing up a storm...

They forgot he was there...

Uzumaki Clan Compound-Main Gate's

Standing infront of the entrance to the clan, Naruto was there with Kushina infront of him as was Iro, behind him was a crowd of his comrades and friends he's made with the clan. It was announced, Naruto was gonna be leaving on a long term mission to the shinobi of the clan which word soon spread throughout the whole clan. So they chose to see him off, despite he wasn't a Uzumaki by blood, he was a Uzumaki in everything else.

Looking at the crowd, Naruto waved at them with a smile before turning his attention to Iro, he stood at attention when he saw the serious look in his eyes.

''Naruto...are you sure you wanna do this? You don't have to...'' only to have Naruto shake his head in response.

''No Iro-sama, I know this is the only way, any other would possibly endanger the clan and I would rather die then let that happen. Plus...tou-san would agree with me on this one if he was here...'' with a sad tone when he spoke of Ryu.

Iro held his head low, Naruto was shown the body of his father in the morgue before he left...

The boy was silent ever since then...

Sighing, ''I guess your adamant about this, just remember Naruto to com back at the end of this year...ok?'' he said which naruto nodded at.

''Sure, I won't forget...'' with that he turned his gaze to the teary eyed Kushina and kneeled before her. Unstrapping his pack, Naruto opened up his arms.

''Well come give me a hug, Kushina-chan...'' and he did, Kushina tackled into his arms and buried her face into his chest hiding her shedding tears. Naruto, felt them though and rubbed her back soothingly. Iro watched the scene with a small smile, soon after naruto and Kushinas 'episode' he was explained about their relationship and promised to keep it under wraps.

Though, he greatly found Naruto being with Kushina perfect for each other. He still remembered back when they were both kids or in Kushina's case younger. It was like a brother/sister relationship, but over the years it evolved into more, though they both were to young to know what they were feeling. They knew they both shared something for each other and kept each other as close as they could to one another.

Looking upon them now, he allowed a small smile grace his face...

After soothing her a bit, Naruto pulled away to look at her face, he saw the tear marks upon her face so with a gentle rub from his thumb. He wiped the tears from her eyes, ''No need to cry now Kushi-chan, I'll be back before you dry those wanna be tough don't you?'' he said amusingly. She quickly responded by rubbing her eyes furiously with her small hands.

Upon seeing this he chuckled before seeing her stop and look at him with red puffy eyes,

''I-I know!, I just had something in my eyes!'' she said, but Naruto knew she was lying, she was always a bad liar...

Quickly giving her a small kiss on the cheek he whispered in her ear,

''Kushi-chan, my the promise you had me yes...''

With that, he put the shocked Kushina on the ground before grabbing his sack of supplies. Ruffling Kushina's hair a bit he walked on with a smirk, knowing Kushina would be in that state for a while and he would be gone before she was out of it...

Giving a nod to the amused Iro, Naruto walked on with the gates closing behind him, looking over his shoulder he gave a goodbye to those waving at him and a wink to Kushina.

When the gates closed with a resounding 'BOOM'. Naruto's face contorted into a hardened one, fit for a veteran shinobi, not fit for a child his age.

''Time to go...'' he said, before jumping from where he was and into the forest toward the docks so he can safely leave Uzu no Kuni to begin his training in solitude...

He briefly wondered, what's gonna happen in the next year...

If only he knew...

1 Year Later-Uzu no Kuni's Forest's

It has been a year since Naruto's leaving of the Uzumaki clan or what is known to the Elemental nation's, his 'disappearance'. Ever since then, like how the boy predicted the attention on the clan itself was quickly gone and focused on finding Naruto.

Though, no one to those that tried to find was irritated they couldn't find a single piece of evidence that would lead to him. Mostly, Kumo and Iwa, was annoyed they couldn't find him so they could kill him for what he did a year ago. Konoha also sent anbu to try and find him, on Hiruzen's order's so he could meet the boy that was already a legend amongst the shinobi lands.

Though what no one else knew, was that Hiruzen and his teammates were trying to capture Naruto, and try to make him loyal to Konoha since he was a very powerful shinobi.

The treaty they have with Uzu no Kuni was still in balance, but with how much Konoha oversteps its boundaries, the treaty wasn't anything, but a piece of paper.

But many things have happened, over the year, for one battles have appeared constantly over the Elemental nation's with each of them corresponding with each other strangely.

The battles, was in reality a cloaked stranger killing off missing-nin of S-rank or higher. There wasn't much said about the person only that he wore a tattered black cloak and atop the man's head was only a bell-strapped straw hat, white cloth was reported to be attacked at the ends to shadow his face.

This person was said to be targeted by not only Iwa, but also Kumo and also Konoha for his decimation of their shinobi and sudden attacks on their respective villages.

The man didn't have a name, but was given one by a person that survived long enough to tell how he fought before he was killed soon afterwards...

He was called the Kami no saigai to sensō (God of Disaster and War)

The name proved correct when he was seen killing armies left and right from respective villages from Iwa, Kumo or Konoha.

Though, he was seen in Kiri during the start of the bloodline war's. It was said, this strange man fought and killed the Sandaime Mizukage, but the body was never reported to be found. But, he was soon reported to be seen as a Hero to the growing rebel forces that were fighting for Kiri at the time. Soon afterwards, it was said he was seen in Demon Country, what he was doing there no one knew, but soon after his leave the people regarded him as a savior of their people and their priestess.

But, the one thing that marked this mysterious man the most wanted man by all three villages was when he was seen in the borders of Kumogakure fighting an army of Kumo-nin.

But what this wasn't any surprise since the man was rumored to have the power to fight off armies of shinobi like pigs to the slaughter. It was what he fought next that made him the most feared person in the shinobi world...

He, decimated the army, but ended up fighting the Bijuu, Hachibi, the eight-tailed Ox-Cephalopod and he was winning! This cloaked stranger, after a almost titantic battle with the bijuu actually releasing its Imari. Even then, after the destructive beam the man was able to bring down the rampaging bijuu by beating it into the ground with pure physical strength alone!

They didn't know how, but the man was able to kick, punch or even grab and slam the bijuu into the ground multiple times during the fight. So, when the man gave a chakra charged piledriver. It knocked the beast out and with the man leaving the war-torn battlefield without a scratch...

That day, marked the man a threat to many, but also a warning to those that to approach the man with extreme caution!

I mean who would attack a person that had the power to PHYSICALLY beat the Hachibi after taking down an army of shinobi and walk away without a scratch?

The man, was put into the Bingo Book as the top of the List dangerous shinobi.

Name: Unknown

Title: Kami no saigai to sensō (God of Disaster and War)

Occupation: Bountry Hunter/ Shinobi

Abilities/Bloodline: There is no report of a bloodline with the man, but his abilities are in an all around in all subjects of a shinobi.

Taijutsu: Beyond Kage-level

Kenjutsu: Beyond Kage-level

Fuinjutsu: Unknown

Ninjutsu: Beyond Kage-level


Kinjutsu: Unknown

Rank: Z-The first ever person in history to be given such a rank, for his dangerous reputation and abilities. He was titled with the rank for not only destroying armies, but also the first person to ever beat a bijuu into submission with not only single-handedly, but also with just Taijutsu.

History: he is wanted by Iwa and Kumo for his decimating of their armies and weakening of their village's defenses. Also wanted by Konoha for his part in the war, when he appeared in the middle of the battlefield and started to slaughter all Konoha-nin in his way. He is respected by many countries, Nami no Kuni, Kirigakure, Taigakure, Snow country, Demon country, Tea country and many more. Not much else is known about the man except that he is to be left alone at all cost! Lest your risk your life...

On-sight: Flee don't provoke him!

There was also a small picture on the bingo book, of the man in his cloak visage holding the dead body of a Iwa-nin by his throat and a piles of bodies littering around him with his cloak soaked in the blood o his enemies.

All in all, he was the true nightmare to many, but a hero to those that truly knew him.

But no one, truly knows the mans name...

In the forest of Uzu no Kuni, we see a man standing at the stature of 5'5, wearing a tattered black cloak and a bell-strapped straw hat. Not much else could be seen about this person except the calm aura he had radiating off his body.

As the man was walking he raised his head a bit to see the gates of the Uzumaki clan coming to his sight. So unseen by all a small smile came upon his face,

''I'm almost home...''

That's when he stopped before crouching down. When he did so the cloaked man jumped straight up with an incredible height. The members of the Uzumaki clan saw the sudden speeding black dot go into the air. So, shinobi were sent out to see what it was, so when they all came to the Main gates to see the black dot coming down over the gates. With them was Uzumaki Iro and his 8 year old musume Uzumaki Kushina, looking at the incoming humanoid figure coming down at fast speeds.

Seeing this, ''get out of the way!'' Iro shouted before jumping back as did Kushina, good thing they did for when the man landed he created a 10 meter-sized crater. The man's cloak flapping in the sudden landing. Those that recognized his appearance paled at seeing him. Though Iro was eyeing him with suspicion while Kushina looked at the man in wonder.

The little girl herself had grown over the last year, she stood at a height of 4'10 pretty tall for her age. Her hair had grown out much longer till it reached her lower back, she had dumped herself into her shinobi training after naruto left. She started to greatly impress her clan in her ability in Fuinjutsu, she was already getting close to a level matching naruto's own, but she didn't slack in other subjects she trained as much as she could in all.

She trained day and night, honing her skill's until the day Naruto came back so that she could show how much stronger she had gotten. Kyuubi over the year, was helping her in the training with Genjutsu since it was her weakest subject.

All in all, Kushina was already past Genin level as a shinobi and was quite close to being a mid chunin. Her skills in fuinjutsu though were mid to high jounin hands down. Hell, her tou-san was already telling her in a couple more year's she would probably pass naruto's own skill in the art and he was a master not seen since Uzumaki Mito's age.

Back at the sight of the cloaked man, all the shinobi had their weapons drawn waiting fro what the man would do. Though Iro, was having a tiny amount of curiosity of who this man was. Kushina though remebered what today was,

it was the same day Naruto left...

Widening her eyes she took a step forward to the man, while Iro was about to pull her away he heard her speak.

''N-naruto-kun...i-is that you?'' she asked timidly, which was unusual to be in the hyper redheads tone.

Everyone else widened their eyes and tore them at the cloaked stranger. He hadn't moved at all except the slight exchange of his head tilting to the right. Until they heard the man chuckling...

''hahaha, guess I was found out...'' he said and grasped the straw hat on his head, and with a gasp from Kushina and Iro, the man tore off the straw hat to show...

A golden spiky mane of hair sticking up, the man's face was rugged and masculine with a handsome look upon his visage. The man's eye's were the color of the deepest ocean with a slight tint of yellow mixed in. His irises were surprisingly slit not like a foxes, but of something else...

They looked like the eyes of a predator, but they were filled with warmth and compassion to all those around him and especially Kushina, who was running at him with a big smile on her face which was as big as his own.

''Hey guys...I'm back...''he said

''NARUTO-KUN!'' Kushina shouted jumping into his arms before he twirled her around before throwing her into the air before catching her.

''Man, kushi-chan you sure have grown haven't you?'' he said with a grin while she grinned back.

That's right Uzumaki D. Naruto is back!


A/N: Alright those that didn't read the note above I'll say it now, Naruto in this story isn't the same Naruto in canon! His birth was different and no this isn't a time travel fic ..

The pairing is Naru/Kushi/Akemi (FEM Kyuubi)

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