Joci: Hello everyone, it's good to see you. As promised in 'The Darkness and The Light' I have for you all a new story based off of Disney's Hercules.

Crys: Which takes place in Egypt instead of Greece of course.

Kuro: And we're using the Egyptian gods rather than the Greek gods.

Joci: So as you can see, it's twist, one I can't take full credit for of course since the characters do not belong to me either.

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Kuro: Continuing, please note that Joci does not own the right to Disney's Hercules, or the cast of Yu-Gi-Oh!. We appreciate comments and reviews for feedback.

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Joci: Of course. Welcome everyone, to Sons of Ra…

Chapter 1

In ancient Egypt long ago, there was a time when gods, titans, and humans coincided in peace, until a god by the name of Akefia decided he wanted to rule over the humans. He rallied the titans together and had them attack and destroy the villages, the crops and the land around the humans. A great Pharaoh by the name of Akunumkanon joined sides with the mightiest god, Ra and helped over power the titans and seal them away for eternity in the shadow realm.

In the fight, Pharaoh Akunumkanon was heavily injured for he was not immortal like the gods. Ra saw him as the mighty Pharaoh that he was and granted him and his wife to live with him among the other gods for his bravery and willingness to die for his people; he gladly accepted.

Many years and eons passed and close to the near present time, Pharaoh Akunumkanon and his wife Amara finally bared a child, or should I say children. Atem and Yami were but two months old when the gods held a celebration for the Pharaoh and his wife. Akunumkanon held Atem as Amara held Yami. "Fellow Gods and Goddesses, my wife and I would like to thank you all for coming to our palace and celebrating the birth of our children Atem and Yami." Announced Akunumkanon, "We'd also like to thank you all for your glorious and wondrous gifts for our sons."

"Oh honey, where's our gift?" Asked Amara.

"Oh, well I have a few actually." He smiled. "Mana, Mahado." He called out. Two people in Egyptian clothing walked forward holding the mentioned gifts, which were three colored eggs. The young man, Mahado, held two of the colored eggs, a red and blue one as the young girl Mana held a gold egg in her arms. "My children, these gifts are for you." He said.

Mahado stepped forward with Mana and Akunumkanon waved his free hand over the eggs and the shells slowly faded away and three small creatures floated there as Mana and Mahado backed away. The infants looked at the creatures in confusion when their father looked to them. "Atem, Yami, these are your pets." He motioned to the three who started to wake up. "The red one is Silfer the Sky Dragon, the blue one is Obelisk the Tormentor, and the gold one is The Winged Dragon of Ra."

At the mention of their names, the three creatures awakened and floated over to their masters and snuggled up to them as Atem and Yami squealed in delight as they patted them on the head in excitement. Amara conjured up a play pin and they placed their sons inside, and the creatures floated down with them before they sat beside their masters. "Oh Akunumkanon, I think they like them." Smiled Amara as she leaned up against her husband.

Akunumkanon chuckled when a figure approached them. "Pharaoh and Lady Amara, sorry for my late entrance." Bowed the god.

"Akeifa, how nice to see you." Said Amara as he took her hand and kissed it out of formality.

"It's a pleasure of you to invite me." He said when he saw movement behind the two. "Oh, are these the two boys of yours?" He asked as he walked over to the crib and looked down to see Yami cuddled up with Silfer as Atem played with Ra and Obelisk. "My, aren't they adorable." He said.

"Thank you, Akefia. I don't know what I'd do if I lost them." She said as she stroked Yami's head as he slept then patted Atem on the head as he reached out to Akefia. "Oh look, he wants you to hold him."

"Well, I don't know…" Akeifa reached down and Atem grabbed a finger and squeezed tightly once he grabbed it, breaking the finger. "Ah! Killer strength your son has there, Akunumkanon." Said Akeifa as he pulled his hand away to cradle his finger as it reconfigured and healed itself in a matter of seconds.

Akunumkanon laughed, "That he does. And so does Yami."

"Well, I best be off, I still have much to do. My advisors kicked me out for some time off to come and greet the new gods to be." He said with one last look at Yami and Atem who had snoozed off now.

"Thank you for coming, Akeifa. Please come up again sometime soon." Said Akunumkanon as Akefia turned and left with a scowl on his face passing the other gods who ignored him. Sure he was still among them, but ever since the titans were sent to the shadow realm, Ra appointed him as the head guard of the realm, unknown that he was the one who had planned the attack.

*Shadow Realm*

Back in the shadow realm, Akeifa walked into his home and found his two servants yelling at one another. "You tell him!"

"No, you can tell him!"

"I'm not going to, so you can!"

"He's all yours, you tell him!"

"Shut up both of you!" Barked Akeifa as a black shadow loomed over him for a moment before it settled down.

The two figures turned to him shocked before bowing to him. "We're sorry Akeifa." They said simultaneously.

"Bakura, Marik, let me know when the fate brothers have arrived." He growled as he walked toward his chamber.

"Oh, well you see uh-" The sandy bleach blond haired boy started.

"The Fate's are here already." Said the white haired boy.

"What? Why didn't you tell me sooner?" He growled as he stormed off to his study where he told Bakura and Marik to have them wait.

As he walked to the door and ear-piercing scream echoed throughout the spacious house and a spirit flew past him quickly as it entered the shadow realm. He opened the doors and walked into the room to see one of the three brothers hold a thread that was in two pieces as another had a pair of scissors in his hand. "Valon, Raphael, and Alister, the Fate brothers, thank you for coming at my request.

"We knew you'd be asking for us." Said a tall slim one, Alister.

"After all we know the past, present and future." Said the shortest one, Valon.

"And we know what you want to know, Akeifa, but we cannot tell you your fate." Said the third, which was big and bulky in strength, Raphael.

"Well can you tell me if my plans will change?" Asked Akefia.

"That'd be looking into your fate." Said Alister.

"But we do know what would happen." Said Valon.

"And we still won't tell you." Said Raphael.

"Please, one quick peak." He said as he caressed Alister's cheek. Alister shuddered noticeably and Raphael pulled him away from Akeifa before he stepped and stood between his two brothers and Akeifa.

"One quick word from us and no more." He growled to Akeifa.

"Wonderful." He smiled.

The three brothers came together in a circle as Raphael held out a round green stone. It floated from his palm and shined brightly as they focused their energy on Akeifa's fate. "In 21 years, the stars, moon and sun will be aligned for one day, allowing the seal on the titans in the shadow realm to be unlocked and freed to cause total destruction." Said Valon.

"The mighty Ra will fall and the gods will become powerless to you, and you will rise and rule all of man, god and titan." Said Alister.

"That's what I like to hear." Said Akeifa.

"But heed these words, Akeifa. If the Pharaoh's sons should fight, you will fail." Said Raphael as the stone shined brightly over the room and the Fate brothers vanished from the room.

Akeifa roared loudly as he stormed out of the study. Bakura and Marik followed him at his heels as he walked into a chamber of vials filled with liquids. "Bakura, Marik, do you know how you kill a god?" Asked Akeifa as he stopped in front of a small locked cabinet.

"Uh well… no." Said Marik.

"Idiot, you have to make them immortal." Said Bakura as Akeifa pulled out a key and unlocked the cabinet.

"Exactly." Said Akeifa as he opened it. He grasped to small vials and smiled. "And with this, we shall never have to worry about them again." He said.

Bakura and Marik looked at one another and smirked, happily to go along with the scheme.

*The Palace that night*

Amara took one last look at her two boys before she gave them both a kiss on their cheeks. "Mommy loves you two so much." She smiled. "Sleep tight, I'll see you in the morning." She smiled as she petted Silfer, Obelisk, and Ra as they slept together in the large crib in the babies bedchamber. Amara walked to her husband who stood at the door waiting for her. They shut the door and walked to their own bedchamber as night fell among the palace and all of Ra's land.

Late in the night, two shadows walked among the darkness out of sight from any prying eyes as they entered the babies sleeping chamber. The shadows took shape over the baby's crib and they smirked menially before they grabbed the infants.

From the Pharaoh's chamber, sounds of pots of clay breaking woke the king and queen as roars followed with soft cries. "The babies'!" Screamed Amara as she jumped out of bed and ran out of the room as Akunumkanon followed after her. Amara found the babies' door opened slightly, pushing it open fully, she gasped in terror at the sight. Silfer was on the floor stuck in a knot while Obelisk was rolling on his back stuck and unable to roll over as little Ra's wings were tied making him unable to fly. "My babies!" She screamed as she hurried over to the broken crib and found it empty. "No! My babies, no!" She cried as she fell to her knees with tears streaming down her face.

Akunumkanon stood behind his wife walking in after her to help their son's pets. He clenched his fists tightly before he cried out loudly waking all in the palace and in Ra's kingdom.

End Chapter 1

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