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Previously in Sons of Ra…

"After Seto, Mokuba and Jou, we must catch up to them!" Yelled Atem and the god pets flew fast and they soon caught up to Seto and the other dragons.

"Glad to see you decided to join us." Hissed Seto. "Now, when we get to the main land, you must remember that you can't showboat. You won't be able to save everyone, there's too many dangers in this world."

"We understand." Said Yami. In no time, they were now flying over Egypt's great sands.

"I also advise that you don't go running into battles without first thinking about-"

A scream pierced through the desert sands to the skies above. The three dragons and the gods stopped. "What was that?" Asked Mokuba.

Chapter 5

"Sound like someone's in trouble..." Said Jou as a faint memory long ago seemed to go through his mind when Setos tail wrapped around his own and Mokuba cuddled to him.

The scream sounded again now joined by another. "We have to go help them! Silfer! Follow that scream!" Yelled Yami and the god dragon roared fiercely followed by Obelisk and Ra who dived bombed alongside Silfer to reach the ground faster.

They emerged from the clouds and spotted a luscious oasis. The scream came again, "It's coming from the oasis!" Yelled Yami as Ra dived down to the ground at a faster pace. Atem jumped from Ra's hand as Ra pulled out of the dive and slowed down. Yami soon joined him as he jumped from Silfers head. They rushed through the oasis and came to a small pond of water.

"I don't see-" Atem was halted as a hiss came from the jungle in front of them and a figure ran out of the brush as a large serpent darted out and coiled around him as he stumbled into the water.

The snake hissed as his tong darted out and licked the boy as he flinched away from the tong, "Thought you and that little slave could get away from our master, lad?" He hissed.

"It's better out here then back at that awful place!" he boy spat and spit in his eye.

"Gah! You awful slave!" The snake constricted tighter and the boy gasped as he tried to take in constricted breaths.

"Atem, what do you think-" Yami looked to his left to see that Atem had vanished when he heard movement ahead of him to see Atem advance toward the creature, wading through the shallow pond. "Atem!" He yelled.

Atem stood a short distance from the serpent, "Hey! Let him go!"

The serpent hisses as he glared down at Atem, "Make me."

"You asked for it." Growled Atem as he drew his sword and jumped at the serpent, slashing deeply into his back. The serpent screamed and uncoiled the boy, dropping him into the water as he backed away. Atem rushed over to him as he helped him stand up to catch his breath. "You okay?"

Soft red eyes locked onto his sharp crimson eyes for a brief moment when the serpents hiss brought them back into reality. "How dare you, you filthy human! No mortal can harm me!" He hissed as he lunged for Atem and the boy. Atem pushed the boy behind him before he punched the attacking serpent in the face, sending it flying a few feet.

"Stay back; let me handle this for you!" Smirked Atem as he jumped at the snake and began to wrestle with it.

Yami hurried out and got the boys attention as he grabbed his arm, "This way, Atem can handle him." He said and pulled the boy to the other side of the shore and to their god pets whom returned to their smaller sizes. He sat the boy down on a rock for the boy was still catching his breath. "Are you all right?" He quickly looked over the boy and found his appearance to be strangely familiar to his and Atem's, only his blond bangs didn't stick up into the air.

"I'll be find, it's my brother I'm worried about, he's also being chased-" The boy explained when a scream pierced through the air followed by a loud screech. "No! Yugi!" He screamed when a large bird appeared over head with a figure in its claw unmoving.

Yami quickly pulled out his bow and grasped an arrow in his hand, drawing it back onto the string and taking aim. "Please don't fail me." He whispered as the arrow glowed and soared through the air as he released it.

The arrow pierced through the bird's wing and it cried out in pain as it dropped the figure it held into a deeper end of the pond as it crashed into a tree along the edge of the jungle. Yami dropped his bow and arrows case and rushed into the water to help the younger boy.

The boy looked toward the bird and the serpent in worry as the two strangers went out of their way to help them. "Oie, is this where the party is?" Asked a figure as three emerged from behind the boy who sat on the rock.

He jumped startled and saw a tall brunet with blue eyes and silver wings. A smaller one with long, spiky raven hair also had the same silver wings as he stood beside a tall blond with honey eyes and black wings. "W-who are you?" He asked nervous that their master may have sent more creatures after them.

"Oh, I'm Jou. This fella is Mokuba, and tall, dark and gloomy here is Seto. Seto and I trained Atem and Yami, you're safe now." He grinned.

"Trained them? Are they hero's or something?" He asked as he looked back and saw Yugi being carried out of the water unconscious by one of the boys Jou had mentions.

"You could say that." Said Mokuba as Seto walked over to Yami as he placed the boy onto the ground.

"Is he all right?" Asked the boy as he walked over to see his brother as Yami bent down close to his mouth, listening.

"Damn it, he's not breathing. Seto-" Yami looked to Seto when he shook his head.

"You know what to do, you don't need my help." Said Seto as he stood from the boy.

"Right." Yami looked down to the boy and closed his nose as he leaned over and started to give the boy CPR.

"W-what're you doing?!" Yelled the boy.

"He's helping him, let him concentrate." Hissed Seto. "He's never let a soul down. If anyone can save him, its Yami." Said Seto as Yami pressed down on the boys chest a few times before breathing into him a few more times and repeating the process till the boy spit up water and coughed it out once Yami turned him to his side. Yami then helped him up as the other boy rubbed his back.

"Yugi, are you okay?" Asked the boy concerned.

Yugi blinked in confusion as he turned to his brother, "H-Heba. D-did you save me?" He asked.

Heba shook his head, "No Yugi, not me. Yami did." He said as he looked to Yami on the other side of Yugi. Yugi turned and saw whom Heba was talking about as his soft amethyst eyes locked onto sharp, violet eyes.

"Hello there, you okay now?" Asked Yami as he took in the boy quickly. He looked like Heba's identical image, only he had amethyst colored eyes that matched the tips of his hair.

"Y-yes, I-I am." Flushed Yugi as he continued to gaze at his savior before he looked away hastily, "T-thank you, f-for that."

"You're welcome." Yami smiled when a loud screech startled them.

"Hey, looks like that birds not finished yet." Said Jou as he took a battle stance in front of Mokuba as Seto stood in front of him.

Yami stood and grabbed his bow and arrows, "Silfer, Obelisk, Ra, look after the boys for me, I got unfinished business to attend too." He said as he hurried to the water, pulling multiple arrows from his case and firing at the bird that hovered above the trees screeching down at him.

The gods moved over and Silfer wrapped loosely around Yugi as Ra sat on Heba's shoulder, wings spread to full length as Obelisk stood in front of the two like a shield. They felt something radiating off their masters about the two boys who declared themselves as Heba and Yugi and they immediately felt that they would soon be special to their masters in time to come.

With Atem

Atem had the serpent in a tight vice grip, closing off its windpipe as it thrashed violently in the water, "How do you like me now, serpent?" Growled Atem as he squeezed the serpent tighter, only aggravating him more n the process.

"You'll see." He whipped his tail around and grabbed hold of Atems leg tightly before pulling him off of his feet and dangling him in the air as he was also released from the previous death grip. He hissed in front of his face. "Not so tough now, are ya." He smirked.

Atem struggled as he dangled in the air. 'Okay, think back to Seto's lessons. Access the situation.' He saw the serpent about the strike when he noticed a vine dangling from a palm tree the leaned over the water. 'That will do!' Using sheer body strength, he swung in the snakes grip and grasped the vine, pulling it from the tree.

"You will be a perfect piece to masters' collection of slaves." He hissed, "Maybe if you're lucky, he'll let you have a go with that other boy." He chuckled before he lunged at him.

Atem quickly made a lasso like he learnt back on the farm, "I don't think so." He smirked as it looped around the snakes mouth. Pulling tightly, it clamped the snakes jaw shut. The snake hissed and tried to break the vines free, and momentarily forgot his grip on Atem and dropped him into the water.

Atem took this chance and pulled the snake down to his level before hissing back at him, "You'll do no more harm to that boy while I'm around." Gripping the snakes head, he twisted it swiftly, killing the snake instantly as its body went limp and fell motionless into the water.

Atem huffed quickly due to the rush he was experiencing from the battle and spotted Yami on the other side of the pond as he faced off a bird which had multiple arrows prodding from his chest and wings as it tried to advance toward the two figures that were surrounded by their gods. The boy he had rescued looked his way and the locked eyes once more. Atem couldn't have felt happier, 'He's safe, for now.' He looked to the bird as he hurried over to the group.

"You managed to defeat him." Said Seto when he walked out of the water.

"I did." Said Atem.

"You were awesome Atem, the way you wrestled that serpent and everything." Smiled Mokuba as he jumped in his spot beside Jou as Jou put a hand on his shoulder.

"Calm down Mokuba, you can still change at any time because of your emotions." He chided.

"Opps, sorry." He said as he calmed down.

Atem smiled before he turned to the two boys surrounded by his god pets. "Ra." The golden bird at Heba's shoulder jumped from his perch and onto Atems arm as he nuzzled him, "Did you watch him for me?" He asked and Ra nodded with a soft screech. "Good, I'm glad you also watched them Silfer, Obelisk." He said to the two gods as Ra jumped from his arm and perched himself alongside Heba's shoulder once more, nuzzling softly into him.

Heba started to laugh and flush at the affection, "S-stop that, t-that tickles." He said as Ra nuzzled right between his neck and jawbone just below the ear.

"Ra likes you, a lot. He never acted that way around Jou, Seto or Mokuba till a few years ago." Said Atem as he stood between the boys.

"C-could you ask him to stop, please. I-it's really starting to tickle." Said Heba as he tried to push the birds face away. Atem chuckled and cooed to Ra as he stopped, but continued to sit on his shoulder. "That's better, thank you." He said as he looked up to Atem with his soft red eyes.

"What's your name?" Asked Atem.

"Heba, and yours?" He asked.

"Atem." He bowed as he looked to the boy on the ground as he flushed.

"Oh, I-I'm Yugi." Silfer screeched and nuzzled up to Yugi causing his flush to deepen.

A laugh caused them all to turn to see Yami soaking wet walk over, "Looks like Silfer's found a new friend."

"He likes him." Said Atem.

"Silfer, you're making him uncomfortable." Said Yami and Silfer unwound himself from Yugi before laying himself across Obelisks shoulders since Yami was dripping wet.

"You got the bird then, I presume?" Asked Atem.

"Of course. I had to get my arrows back though." He said as he put his bow on his back.

"Well done boys, you defeated your first monster." Said Seto.

"You and Jou taught us well." Said Yami as they bowed to them.

Seto scoffed, "All right then, we better head out then. If we go now, we can make it to Cairo before sundown." He said as he spread out his wings.

"What about Heba and Yugi? We can't leave them here." Said Atem.

"We'll be fine now, don't worry." Said Heba as he stood from the rock.

"But what if you're attacked again?" Asked Atem.

"I don't think we will. Besides, we'd only burden you." Stated Heba.

"But you wouldn't-" Started Yami.

"It's okay." Smiled Yugi as he stood on his feet. "Heba and I can take care of ourselves."

"Well, more like I take care of you." Smirked Heba.

"What was that?" Asked Yugi as he glared at his brother. "I think I take care of you more. I feed you."

"Yea, that's because I can't cook. I stand up for both of us, don't I? I was the one who got us away from master." Stated Heba as Yugi looked down.

"I suppose." Said Yugi.

"Hey, you two wouldn't happen to be twins, would you?" Asked Atem.

"Of course, how could you not tell?" Asked Heba.

"Quite obvious actually, Atem and I argue all the time." Smirked Yami as Atem hit his arm. "How old are you two, if you don't mind me asking?"

"W-we're 18." Replied Yugi when Atem, Yami, Seto, Mokuba and Jou looked at them shocked. "W-what? It's true." He stated.

"You look just as old at me." Said Mokuba as he pointed to himself.

"Looks can be deceiving. We get it from our mother. You swear she was 27 when she's really 35." Said Heba as he crossed his arms.

"H-how old are you?" Asked Yugi.

"We're 21." Smiled Yami causing Yugi to flush once more before his brother walked over to him.

"We're great full that you helped us out, truly we are. We'll be able to take care of our self though till we reach the village, don't worry about us." Insisted Heba.

"All right." Sighed Yami as he took one more glance at Yugi.

"Maybe we'll meet again sometime soon." Said Atem as he looked down at Heba.

"Maybe, you never know how fate is dealt." Smiled Heba.

"Yea, fate." Smiled Atem. "Well, see you Heba, Yugi." Atem bowed to the two before Yami bowed after him.

"Be safe, and stay out of trouble." Smiled Yami as they turned and followed Seto, Mokuba and Jou through the jungle with their god pets following them. Ra was the last to leave for he nuzzled the two affectionately before flying after his masters.

"Yugi, go freshen up, we got a ways to go before we reach Cairo." Said Heba.

"Why couldn't we have just gone with Yami and Atem then? They were willing to bring us." He pouted.

"I know, but we can't put them into anymore danger, you know that. Master will be mad that he lost his two best slave sellers, and he'll send more of his demons after us." Explained Heba before he pushed Yugi toward the water. "Go, you're covered in sweat anyway."

"What about you, Heba?" He asked.

"Once you're finished, I'm just going to look for some fruit." He smiled as he watched Yugi go to the water to freshen up before entering the jungle brush.

Heba walked far enough in so that the lake was barely visible, but he could still see Yugi. A rustle beside him startled him and he looked down to see a lizard and a cobra hissing at him. "Ugh, not you two." He growled as he noticed that the lizard was albino and the cobra was more blond then black.

"Hey, don't say that." Hissed the lizard.

"Yea, we haven't seen ya in ages kids." Hissed the snake when the changed shape into the forms of Bakura and Marik.

"Yup, definitely don't want to see you two." Said Heba as he turned from them only to be confronted by another.

"Not so happy to see us Heba, I thought you wanted to see us after all this time." Smiled Akeifa as he leaned down and lifted Heba's face with a finger.

"Yea well you hoped wrong." He said as he turned from him.

"Hey hold it, we're not done here." He said as he grabbed Heba by the waist and pulled him close. "Heba, what about our plan earlier, where you know, I promised to set you and your brother free, your master sends his two guards after you, and you convince them to join me… I'm a serpent and a roc short from my army of creatures to take down Ra and the gods!" He yelled.

"Look, it wasn't my fault." Growled Heba as he pushed himself away from Akeifa. "The serpent tried to make an offer I just had to refuse, for the both of us."

"Heba, heba heba. Because of this, I'm gonna have to add another three years to your life as a slave to me." Said Akeifa as Heba stopped walking away from him.

"Hey, it wasn't our fault all right. Two men showed up and saved us, they called themselves Atem and Yami." He stated as he leaned against a palm tree.

"S-Say what?" Asked Akeifa.

"Atem and Yami… Where have I heard those names?" Wondered Bakura as he paced.

"Who knows, maybe we stole a toy from them or something." Said Marik as he played with his spiky bangs.

"What in Ra's name are there names, again?!" Yelled Akeifa.

"Atem and Yami." Stated Heba as Akeifa fumed. "They came trotting in, saving both Yugi and I from the roc and serpent and I can clearly see that Yami's taking a liking to Yugi as he has to him, I'm gonna have to make it clear to him that we can't interact with them." Sighed Heba knowing he only wants happiness for his brother.

"I remember! They were the brats we were to kill." Said Marik when he and Bakura turned to Akeifa to see him fuming above them.

"Oh no!" They yelled and tried to run when he grabbed them by their hair, bringing them to a quick hault.

"You took CARE of them?!" He questioned. "My directions were for you to KILL them! Not let them LIVE to see another day!" He yelled in their ears.

"We're sorry!" They cried.

"We tried, we honestly did." Said Bakura.

"We turned them mortal though, that has to count for something." Said Marik.

"Well, I suppose you're right." He said as he let them go. "Now that they're mortal, all I gotta do is kill him. After all, they're just the only two that could STOP my plan from HAPPENING!" He yelled as he brought Heba closer to him with Marik and Bakura on his other side. "All we have to do is correct what we've undone and we're in the clear." He smirked.

End Chapter 5

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