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Deadly Revenge

Chapter 1: Lovely Scarlet

Kurosaki Ichigo, ruler of Hueco Mundo, most powerful person in all of the realms, sat upon his throne. He had his chin rested upon his knuckle and thought about what he could do to his pet today... Aizen had been very good at resisting, but he was starting to cave in, he had to be after everything that Ichigo had put him through.

The powerful lord stood up and walked calmly to the room that held his pet. Applying his reiastu on the lock, the door opened and he entered. The bloody, thin brunette was right where he had left him. Chained to a wall with his own life dripping down it, staining the red a much darker shade.

"Sosuke-chan, you've made such beautiful art upon my wall. Perhaps I should hang you on all of the many walls of Las Noches so that you might decorate them as beautifully as you have his one. What would you think of that?"

Brown eyes opened, no emotions detectable in them. Yes, he was good at hiding his feelings, but Ichigo would claw them out from the box they were locked in. Gently, he stroked his pet's cheek, looking for a reaction, but there was none. "Haven't submitted yet, have you?"

"Of course not. The likes of you could never get me to submit." Disobedient as always, perhaps he hadn't learned that that only made it more fun?

"Oh really?" Ichigo taunted. "What if I were to say that you could be let free, and your friends release and all you had to do was say that you submit to me? Would the 'likes of me be able to get you to submit' then, ay?"

Aizen's skill at hiding his emotions could be irritate-some, Ichigo had to admit, but that just made him want to bring them to the surface even more. He wanted to hear the other man scream, to see him cry, and to be the one who felt him break beneath him. He was king and he would get what he wanted no matter what. No one could defy the almighty god-like Kurosaki Ichigo.

Aizen responded calmly, "You'd never do that so I'd have no thoughts about it." Smart he was, but was he wise?

"Oh really? And what makes you so sure?"

"It would be rather silly for you to go through all the trouble of capturing someone, torturing them and stealing their friends only to release them upon them saying simple words. For words are only words." Strong, well-thought out words for someone chained to a wall, bleeding to death.

"True, very true." Obviously Ichigo's methods had not been working as well as he had thought they were if Aizen could still think sanely. He turned away from his pet. "But even if it was just in theory... I still don't believe that you'd submit. You see, Sosuke-kun, everything that you hold dearly to your heart and find worth fighting for... Honor and such... I will rip those things away from you..." Ichigo turned back to the brunette and grasped him by his hair, forcing him to look into his eyes. "...One thing at a time..."

"Idle threats have no effect, you should know," the captive replied, eyes still sparkling with resistance.

"Oh, but I do." A smirk fell upon the hollow king's lips and the doors to the room opened once more. This time, a black-haired, green-eyed form was emitted. He collapsed on the floor moments after he was pushed through the door. Looking up, his eyes widened.

"A-Aizen-sensei... I'm... sorry," he whispered, eyes glazed over upon seeing his teacher on Death's door.

Aizen looked away, not wanting to show Ichigo that he'd found his weakness... but it was too late. Glancing over at the orange-haired demon, the brunette felt his heart fall. The same dreadful victorious smirk that had gotten him into this adorned the ruler's icy mask.

"Your student gave Aikru some trouble to capture, so Mayuri took over his capturing process instead, being rather interested in... your kind." Ichigo's eyes gleamed, as anger rippled through Aizen's features.

"If that filth touched a hair on Ulquiorra's head-"

"Then what, eh? You'll bleed on me? Not likely..." The dark king turned to Ulquiorra who was on his hands and knees on the floor. "And you," he started, walking behind the young captive and leaning from behind to caress his pale, cold face. "You will be an excellent prize once this is all over. Not too far into your training... It shouldn't be too hard for you to change your way of thinking." Ichigo looked at Aizen with now red eyes and grinned, exposing his fangs.

"Leave him alone!" Aizen demanded, pulling with all his strength against the chains that held him. He desperately rose his reiatsu even though he knew that the room was designed to eat his energy and he wouldn't be in a good state if he continued to blindly waste all his strength. He tugged and strained, opening closed wounds and making the newer ones bleed heavier than they were before.

Ichigo, who previously had his mouth ghosting directing over the carotid artery of the struggling raven-haired teen he was holding in a vice grip, paused to stare up at Aizen. In an instant he was flush against the bleeding man. A spider-like finger found itself a wound and ran along it, carefully collecting the escaping blood that oozed out of it. The motion was one of care, but with the expression that Kurosaki was wearing, it could not be seen as such. He lifted his finger and sniffed it, before sliding it into his mouth and moaning.

"Have I ever told you," he whispered in the panting brunette's ear, "that you taste... absolutely... delicious?" He licked the remained of the red substance from his finger before eying the neck of his captive with want.

"You want him alive."

It was Ulquiorra who had brought the vampire out of his trance. "What was that, Raven-kun?"

"I said, you want Aizen-sensei alive. You want to see him break and know that it was of your own doing. So you can't kill him." It was said with such certainty. Emerald eyes held great confidence within their depths.

"You truly are just a student, aren't you, little Raven?" Ichigo laughed. "If I bite him, he won't die, and neither will you. Hasn't he told you before?" Red eyes cast their gaze towards brown ones that pointedly averted the stare. "Oh, he hasn't. Well, this most certainly is interesting."

"If Sensei chooses not to inform me of something, it's his own choice. I have no right to object."

"So loyal... I could use that." An idea seemed to come to the ruler of Hueco Mundo's mind. "Why don't I show you something, eh, Raven?" The nickname was not appreciated, but the glare by the one dubbed 'Raven' was ignored. Ichigo walked turned to Aizen and lifted his shackled wrist. Barring his fangs, the king bit down into the arm of his captive, despite the relentless struggling.

"Sensei!" Ulquiorra tried to move forward to rescue his mentor from the monster that was stealing his life, but the look given to him through pain-squinted eyes told him not to.

The orange-haired king vampire pulled back only when, blood dripping down his chin, Aizen's body fell limp. "Looks like I took a little too much there. Eh, I guess we'll just have to do this again later..." Ichigo turned, as if to walk away, when he paused. "Or, I could just do this." In an instant he was back in front of the chained male, holding his head up in a way that seemed gentle and caring. He bit his wrist and ran a finger over the blood, coaxing it into the unconscious brunette's mouth. Brown eyes opened in a matter of seconds, looking around, confusion evident.

"Sensei..." Ulquiorra whispered. Aizen looked away, avoiding the look his student was giving him.

"All these years and you never once knew that he's a vampire?" Kurosaki asked. "Or even the rest of the story?" He seemed absolutely delighted.

"Let him go," Aizen said, groggily.

"What's that?" Ichigo asked, turning back to his captive.

"I said let him go. I'll give in. Just... don't involve Ulquiorra."

"Be reasonable now. I could never separate an apprentice from his mentor. And if I just let Ulquiorra-kun go, then not only would I be losing my prize, but I'd also be giving him the opportunity to become a hunter. Now that would be rather silly of me. No, I won't let him go, but if you give in and do everything I say then I won't make you watch something you really wouldn't want to witness."

"I said let him go."

"And I said no."

"I want you to let him go."

"How does it feel to want?" Ichigo taunted.

Ulquiorra watched the conversation go on, not completely sure what they were arguing about. At one point, Ichigo directed his creepy smirk at him and the next thing he knew, he was on his back, flat against the cold tile, body tingling. He looked up, confused upon how he had landed on the floor so suddenly.

"I could always just do it right now, and then leave you to rot away..." Kurosaki warned Aizen in a sing song voice, his lips quirking up to form a small smirk. He stepped closer to the black-haired apprentice. "So what'll it be, pet?"

Aizen's eyes held uncertainty. He looked at Ulquiorra who shook his head, telling him not to agree to whatever the vampire wanted. "Fine," he said in defeat, eyes becoming downcast.

"What was that? Didn't quite catch it?"

Aizen met the ruler's eyes. "I said fine, I'll... give in."

"Ah, wonderful then. I'll escort young Ulquiorra-kun to where he'll be staying. You just keep hanging there until Grimmjow gets here." Delight was evident in both the king's tone and gleaming eyes.

"Grimm...jow?" Aizen asked, a small frown forming.

"Yes, he's a servant of mine. Lost a bet with Shiro. Such a funny kitty, that one. Well, I have some lives to ruin, so I really must get going. I'll be seeing you later."

Aizen sighed as his apprentice gave him a sad stare before being prompted out of the room. He closed his eyes and let the chains hold up his weight. The brunette was on the verge of passing out and finally being rid of all his troubles, if only for a couple minutes, when a door swung noisily open. His sleep-ridden eyes glanced up at the blue-haired intruder.

"Ha, so Kuro really wasn't joking. The mighty Aizen, captured and defeated." Grimmjow looked the vampire up and down, a smile in his eyes.

"Mock me if you will, but we both still know who's stronger."

Grimmjow leaned against the wall, examining his nails in an uncaring manner. "I wouldn't be so sure about that right now. If this isn't just another one of your silly illusions, then I'd say I could take you. It looks like simply breathin's gonna kill ya."

Aizen managed a glare. "Kurosaki...-san has been draining me over and over again. Excuse me for not being in top condition after having been kidnapped and tortured nearly to death. Last I heard, you were, as you so kindly put it, 'captured and defeated' as well. Though I doubt you hardly put up a fight. They probably had you captured simply to do the chores, while we both know that Kurosaki-san is much more interested in me than he ever had been in you." The -san had been added as a sort afterthought. Aizen knew how moody Ichigo could be and most certainly didn't want harm to befall his apprentice. Keeping his eyes open was proving to be tougher than the dark-haired male had originally thought, but he wasn't going to seem weak. He had already given up too much, he wasn't about to lose his pride as well.

Grimmjow scoffed, infuriated at the way the brunette vampire could always taunt him. Aizen was a hunter, yet Ichigo wanted to turn him. Grimmjow trained nonstop to try to attract attention to himself and be awarded a high place, but instead he was just captured to become some sort of maid, while the hunter got offered the higher position. Not only that, but he didn't even want it! He turned it down, trying, actually trying to escape Kurosaki.

"Whatever," Grimmjow replied, abandoning his place on the wall to walk over to the chained male. He pulled out a key, and then hesitated. Aizen smirked, noticing that Grimmjow was still afraid of him. Though having one's arm cut off would be a rather scarring occurrence, he thought to himself. Overcoming his hesitation, the younger male unlocked the chains holding Aizen to the wall. He did the feet first, and then the wrists.

Instead of falling flat on his face and letting his legs give out on him like they so longed to do, Aizen landed softly on his feet. He took a couple much needed breaths to rid himself of the haze that had overcome him mind when moving from the position he had spent the last couple of weeks in. He rubbed his aching wrists, wishing that he wasn't reduced to this weakened state.

"Follow me," Grimmjow said, heading towards the doors, but stopping short. "Oh, and don't even think of running. If you do, and you cause one of those illusions you're so 'well known for' then Kurosaki-sama gave me full permission to drain you dry." Grimmjow licked his lips, revealing long fangs, "And I can assure you that I won't be nearly as gentle as he was."

The thought of having vampires constantly biting him, drinking his blood, reviving him... It was truly disgusting and rather frightening as well. Not that Aizen would ever show it. Of course he knew better than to run, seeing as it wasn't just his existence at risk, but Ulquiorra's as well. Not to mention that he still had no idea how to get the collar that had been placed on him off. Still unsure of what exactly it did, it didn't seem like a wise decision to flee. Not to mention that if Grimmjow did catch him-which he actually did have a probable chance seeing as every step Aizen took the world seemed to sway-then he wouldn't be allowed to wake him. Ichigo would never let anyone other than himself dominate Aizen in such a way and therefore he'd just be passed out for who knows how long.

No; Running was no longer an option.

Aizen simply sent a skeptical look in Grimmjow's direction-more specifically at his arm- causing the blue-haired servant to stop walking in a moment's fear. A smirk graced the brunette's features as he walked past the stiff vampire and down the hallway. Grimmjow ran to catch up, anger and annoyance radiating off him.

"So where are you taking me?" Aizen asked, the slightest bit interested.

"To the baths, Ichigo said he didn't want you stinking up his bed."

"His bed?" Eyes widened at that and how deep the situation truly was for Aizen finally sunk in.

Grimmjow laughed, triumph gleaming in his azure orbs. "Come on, don't want to keep him waiting."

Surviving was proving to be more and more of a task. Brown eyes fell to the floor, before rising once more. Pride was all Aizen had left, and even that was hanging by a thread. He would hold onto it. He would escape Hueco Mundo with Ulquiorra and soon it would all just be a memory. Or so he told himself, for it was the only way to remain sane.

"Lovely, Isn't It?"

That would be chapter one. Keep in mind that this is the alternate universe. I'm thinking about tying it in with the cannon, but I wouldn't want to spoil anything, now would I? So that's all I'll say. If people like it then I'll post another chapter. So, tell me what you think.

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