A/N: The italicized writing is from Jessica's point of view and the normal is Sam's. Slight Spoilers if you haven't seen season 5. Enjoy!

I awake in a jolt. He's here. He isn't in my heaven, not yet, but he's in the same world. I would know his presence anywhere. I can feel him. He is my love, a soulmate, if you will. My darling.


I sit up, panting heavily. I can't see through the pitch black lighting. The last thing I remember is saying yes to Lucifer. Has he set me free? Or am I...

As if finishing my sentence and answering my question all at the same time, a dull light appears.

I'm dead.

Castiel told me to follow it last time. But last time it wasn't a light, it was a road.

I must be heading somewhere else.

I slid on my blue oven mitts and took the freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, Sam's favorite. It was then that I remembered they were the last thing I baked for him before I burned. If only the cookies had been the thing that had burned... I brushed the thought away. It doesn't matter anyways, now that we're both dead.

Once the cookies were set onto a plate, I walk over to the window of our Stanford apartment.

I wait.

The dim light gets slightly brighter as I move towards it. Now I can see a building coming into view and I hear the crunch of grass beneath my feet. Wait a minute... This has to be...

My thoughts cease when I find the source of the light. A goddess is staring at me from a second story window in the large Stanford apartment building that I know all too well. The light is coming from a lamp that's behind her.


If I weren't already dead I think my heart would have just stopped. The old and familiar feeling I used to get when I would lay my eyes on Sam has finally returned. He stands in shock in the Stanford courtyard, a shadow that I didn't have to be afraid of. Soon enough he is running toward our apartment building. An eager smile spreads across my face. I've waited five lonely years to see him again.

I break out into a sprint. I won't lose Jessica. Not again.

I reach the door to our room and don't even bother to knock, let alone hesitate. I thank God that the door is unlocked.

She turns towards me when the sound of the open door reaches her eardrums. My favorite "Jessica smile" is plastered on her face and I can't help but grin.

A single tear rolls down my cheek at the sight of his heartbreakingly beautiful face. We slowly walk to each other, not quite knowing what to say after such a monotonous separation. He places a hand on either side of my face, leans in, and kisses me.

Our hearts explode like the first firework to appear on the Fourth of July. This is exactly how I remembered. We both pull out of the kiss dar too soon, but our foreheads still linger on each other.

I forgot how much I missed her touch. Her smell. The way she always looked at me. I didn't have to worry anymore because everything would be alright now. Now that we're both dead, I feel like I've finally found the solace I've been searching for.

"I love you, Sam Winchester," she whispers.

"I love you, Jessica Moore," I breathe.

And we melt away into our heaven.