Chapter 21

(The next day in Emerald City, Ozians are gathered at Time Square again. Everybody is there, even Boq, who was with the lion, and Fiyero, who has Chistery. A trumpet fanfare plays and everyone turns to the podium.)

Announcer: Fellow Ozians! Presenting, in person, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

(Crowd Cheers and Applause. The Wizard walks up to the microphone.)

Wizard: Thank you. Thank you. Citizens of Oz, I, the Wonderful Wizard, have here today an important announcement for you. I . . . am retiring. (Crowd Gasp) Yes, I know it is rather shocking, but the truth is I feel I'm not the right person to be look up at. So, therefore, I would like to present to you a few people who will take my place. One of them shall be Glinda the Good! (Applause)

(Glinda come up to the Wizard's side with a smile on her face.)

Wizard: Helping Glinda will be someone who I consider a very special person . . .

(They turn to the door where Elphaba stays out of the sunlight. She is very nervous, so Glinda goes back and walks her out to the podium. It is very quiet.)

Wizard: Now, what you see is not what you think. This young lady, Elphaba, has taught me that you shouldn't look on just the outside, but you must also look on the inside as well. Everyone here today has a different personality, different looks, and we mustn't be judged for that. (Brings Elphaba closer to him) I only wish that you all would forgive her and give her a chance to show how kind and caring she is.

(Then, a little girl comes to the podium and tugs on Elphaba's dress. The green witch looks down at the child as the girl holds up a few flowers. She takes the flower and with her powers, makes a tiara out of the flower. She gives it to the little girl.)

(Girl Giggles)

(Crowd "Awww")

(In the crowd, Boq and Lion are crying together.)

Boq: (Sniffs) I think my heart is growing back. (Sobs)

Wizard: Fellow Ozians! Please give a round of applause to these two Wonderful Witches of Oz: Glinda and Elphaba!

(The Crowd cheers and applause even louder. The two girls share a hug and soon Fiyero climbs onto the podium to Elphaba. He holds her closer.)

Fiyero: They love you . . . but I love you more. (They lean for a kiss, but Chistery cuts in and kiss Fiyero.) Uh! Chistery!

(Elphaba Laughs. Glinda and the Wizard watch the sight with delight.)

Wizard: I'm sure going to miss her so.

Glinda: Well, at least she has someone special to keep her company.

Wizard: That's true. And she also has a very dear friend who cares about her very much. (Glinda smiles) And will keep an update on wedding plans for me. (Glinda nods.)

(Now, Glinda is back narrating the story once again.)

Glinda: And so, everyone was happy. Well, not everyone. Morrible was put into custody for life, but that's a good thing. After a week or two, Boq turned by to the munchkin he once was and joined the lion on . . .uh-I forget what. I think it was a club or something but anyway, they were happy. Dr. Dillamond was able to talk again and continued to teach all over Oz. As for Fiyero, oh yeah, he turned back into a man again and was back to being captain of the royal guard . . .

(Time moves forward a year later where Glinda finishes the story at Kiamo Ko.)

Glinda: And as for me, well, I was popular as usual. Like that will never change. (Giggles) And my dear friend, Elphie, had other plans. Let me tell you, it was crazy year. There was graduation, the wedding with a little help from me of course and-well . . . they had you.

(She's talking to a baby boy name Liir, who is watching her from his crib. He is Elphaba and Fiyero's son with black hair like his mother and blue eyes like his father.)

Glinda: Oh, Liir. You're considered a lucky child to have parents like Elphie and Fiyero. Not to mention you have your father's good looks. Oh (Whispers) and sometimes your mother's attitude.

Elphaba: (From another room) I heard that!

(Liir Giggles)

Glinda: Oh, see? He agrees with me!

(Elphaba walks into the nursery.)

Elphaba: He was just laughing.

Fiyero: (From another room) No, I think he was agreeing with her.

(Elphaba rolls her eyes as she picks up her son.)

Elphaba: Hi, sweetie. (Liir Coos) Well, aren't you wide awake. (Turns to Glinda) Glinda, I thought you were putting him to sleep.

Glinda: Well, as his Godparent, I thought he outta know the story of us.

Elphaba: Well, as the Mother, I like him to get his sleep.

(She looks down at Liir as he cuddles close to Elphaba.)

Glinda: Awww. He wanted his Mommy. (Looks at a clock) Oh, it's getting late. I must be on my way.

Elphaba: So soon?

Glinda: Yes. I need my beauty sleep. Good night, Elphie. Good night, Fiyero. Nighty night, Liir. (She leaves as Fiyero enters the nursery.)

Fiyero: Good night, Glinda. (To Elphaba) Is he asleep?

Elphaba: Whenever he's with Glinda, never.

Fiyero: Good point. (Laughs) Wow, he's so beautiful.

Elphaba: And not green. But I'd love him either way.

Fiyero: Well, he loves you more . . . and so do I.

(They kiss)

(Elphaba turns to the window where she sees Glinda standing outside alone.)

Elphaba: Fiyero, could you take Liir?

Fiyero: Sure. (Elphaba hands him the infant.) Hey, bubby.

(Liir coos happily)

(Outside, Glinda is standing outside looking at the stars in the sky. Elphaba comes out.)

Elphaba: Beautiful night, isn't it?

Glinda: Oh, yes it is.

Elphaba: Thanks for coming over and helping out with the baby.

Glinda: Well, it's the least I can do. But lately, I been thinking that it's you who I should thank.

(Elphaba gives her a confuse look.)

Elphaba: Thank me? For what?

Glinda: For everything. Elphie, you made me realize that there's more important things in life than myself. Without you, I wouldn't understand that and . . . I wouldn't have a great friend like you. (Elphaba Smiles)

(Sings) Who can say if I've been
Changed for the better? But

Elphaba and Glinda: Because I knew you...

Elphaba: Because I knew you...

Glinda: Because I knew you...

Elphaba and Glinda: I have been changed . . . for good.

(They hug)

Elphaba: Well, you better get going. It's a long flight to Emerald City.

Glinda: Right. Oh, Elphie! I was working on a new spell. Wanna see?

Elphaba: Oh, I don't think that's-

Glinda: Oh, don't worry. It's a quick one.

(She pulls out her wand and gives his a twirl. Magic dust covers her entire body and she is lifted into the sky.)

Glinda: Here I go . . .

Elphaba: Glinda, be careful!

(Fiyero comes out with Liir in his arms and Chistery flying over to her shoulder.)

Fiyero: Should we catch her?

Elphaba: (Sighs) I think she'll be fine.

(Liir coos. Elphaba kisses her son's forehead and watches her friend in the sky. In the sky, Glinda flies all around the castle having a good time.)

(Glinda Laughing)

Glinda: (Sighs) Well, that's it. They lived happily ever after. (Giggles)

(And with a wave of her wand, the story ends.)

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