Posted: 30 June, 2011

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Random Pairing Ficlet #3

"Cedric?" a soft voice called. "Where are you?"

"Over here."

Cho jumped and stifled a shriek, spinning to find him directly behind her, standing in the shadows.

"Don't scare me like that," she chided, looking about nervously. "Honestly, isn't this all a bit dramatic, secret rendezvous in the library at midnight?"

"Dramatic?" He feigned offence, then grinned at her in that adorable way he did, eyes twinkling and dimples showing. "I was going more for mysterious, thrilling, maybe even…" and one eyebrow waggled suggestively, "romantic?"

She giggled, charmed despite herself, and stepped forward to finally kiss him in greeting. He met her kiss with enthusiasm, with passion and intensity, like he'd been without for so long and was desperately yearning for her touch. It was always this was with their secret meetings. During the light of day the kisses were sweet and fluffy, but at night they were all dark and sultry. Cho suspected the dangerous, might-be-caught aspect of it all exited him, but couldn't complain, not when those night-time kisses made her shiver so.

Finally he pulled back, looking at her through lidded eyes, and groaned.

"Oh, but you tempt me so," he growled, and there was that shiver of hers again. "As much as I'd like to keep just doing this, and believe me I really would, we do need to get some work done if I'm to survive this Tournament."

"And win," she immediately piped up, insistent and confident. "I really think you can win it Cedric."

"Thanks," he said, looking once more like her cheeky-bashful boy of the daytime, until he cupped her cheek and kissed her once more, quick but deep. "I really do appreciate you agreeing to help me out with this."

"I'm your girlfriend Cedric, of course I'm willing to help you. Though admittedly, we usually do the work in the daytime, and save our night-time meetings for…" she grinned and blushed a bit, "well, for more fun stuff. Not getting bored with me are you?" she asked, voice trying to sound teasing, though she feared her insecurity shined through.

"Never," he said, staring into her eyes, and she felt her cheeks positively burn at the intensity of the regard.

"So, ah," she coughed delicately, glanced away, and looked about, "where do you want to…?"

"Follow me." He took her hand and led her weaving between library stacks, until finally they reached a study area set in a nook beneath a window, moonlight shining down on a table already set with quill, parchment and books. "Here. Sit. So, let's go over what we've done so far, shall we. Do you want to do the honours?"

"If you'd like." Cho accepted the proffered quill and parchment. Dipped quill in ink and let it hover. "Do I just…?"

"Just start writing. What we've planned so far and all that. I think I need it all written out to go over, to help it sink in and all, help me organise my thoughts, that sort of thing." She nodded in understanding. He continued. "Only if I do the writing I know I'll miss something, and I hate having to correct myself." He pouted. "I'm pants at the ink-erasing charm you know. Always end up with stains and scratches."

She laughed. "Yes, I know, I've seen some of your essays. So, second task, first we decided on the bubble-head charm…" As so she chattered and scribbled away, rather in her Ravenclaw-element as she quickly made notes, until she felt it had all been covered. "I think that's it. Can you think of anything…" she trailed off, upon looking up to find Cedric staring at her with dark eyes, "else?" she finished faintly.

"There is something," Cedric said, plucking away her quill, "so very fascinating," and he took her parchment, "about you Miss Chang, when you go all," a wave of his wand and everything was floated onto another table out of the way, "Ravenclaw, brilliant-minded, and oh-so-clever." Then, daringly and with a dangerous grin, causing her to gasp, he transfigured the nook area into bed. "It's such a turn-on."

And then he was kissing her again, those desperate wanting kisses. Cho barely noticed as hands wandered upper her calf, then thighs, dragging her robe with them. When they reached her hips they tightened and she was rolled to the middle of the bed. She realised suddenly that she was beneath Cedric, him resting between her thighs, her robes rucked up to her waist. But it felt too good to even think of objecting.


Half an hour later, clothes returned to their rightful places and study area to its original form, he walked Cho back to Ravenclaw tower. He left her after one final kiss, deep and claiming, and two whispered words.

"Secretus. Obliviate."

Dazed, she wandered into the tower, memory of the night's meeting altered such that she remembered nothing but the tryst. No tournament studying, no going over plans for the second task, just kisses and… well, a great deal more. More which, thanks to the secrecy charm, she would never mention to him. Only to he.

He stifled a chuckle, heading back towards his own rooms. Well, that had been a profitable evening. He'd accomplished his task of discerning the Diggory boy's progress, and as a bonus, had spent some time enjoying the pleasures of a beautiful young witch, something he'd been without for far too many years, thanks to his hated father.

Spotting the Hogwarts clock through a window, he saw it was fifty-four past the midnight hour. He had only six minutes left, so he hurried his pace. The potion would wear off soon, and he needed to get to his chambers before it did. Then he had to write his Lord with a progress update, get some scant sleep, and wake up in the morning to take his Polyjuice (Moody this time, not Diggory), and spend another day teaching dim brats.

And in the evening… well, perhaps Barty could arrange another meeting with the lovely Miss Chang.

- Barty Crouch, Jr. / Cho Chang

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