***This is a crossover between the Southern Vampire Series and Twilight. It is a Quinn and Bella story. Quinn didn't deserve to get rejected by Sookie. He got the shaft for no reason. This is a story about two people finding love again after heartbreak. The vampires are out of the coffin. Vampires and shape shifters will be involved in the story.

There will be a little of everything so the story is rated "M" for a reason. So if you have read our stories you know how our minds work.

This is collaboration between BloodAngel78 and Moore8879.

**I just wanted to thank moore8879 for asking me to do this with her. I love her writing and her idea's, and I'm really excited. Anyway enjoy, and tell us what you think.

Disclaimer: We do not own 'Twilight' or the 'Southern Vampire Series' we just like to play with the characters.

"In the eyes of a Tiger."

Chapter 1

(Quinn's POV)

Never again.

I will not go through that again. No woman is worth it. I've learned my fucking lesson.

It's been a year since the Nevada vampires took over Louisiana. It's been eleven months since I last saw Sookie.

It's been seventeen years since I left the life of the pits behind me. Or at least I thought I did.

She knew of the life I had to endure at the hands of a sadistic vampire. I had two choices death for my mother, and I, or life in the pits. My mother comes first, so putting my life in the hands of Maria for those three years was the only way to go.

Maria had one goal in mind, and that was to rule the south. I had come to her at the right time as a threat formed in a group of shape shifters was putting Maria's plans in to a spin.

Maria set me up in the pits, to work my way into the shape shifters pack. And that is exactly what I did.

We were caged animals fighting for the entertainment of the supernatural world. Yes, we were given the illusion of being treated with respect but at the end of the day we were all just working, and earnings for the sadistic bitch Maria

She is a ruthless bitch who uses humans, shape shifters, werewolves and Vampires as she pleases.

The humans were sold as pets treated worse than a family dog. The Shape shifters in the pits fighting to stay alive, the Werewolves thinning out the vampires that no longer had use in this world, her world, and the Vampires...

After I had destroyed the pack of Shape shifters I was put to fighting every day and every night. Sometimes as my tiger form and others as my human form.

I was equally as strong and quick in my human form, but the punters liked seeing the tiger, the freak tearing and ripping through the other freaks. Vampires would line the cages with their human pets at their feet.

The more tearing, ripping and all-out war the better, it was a kill or get killed world and I was on top for a long time.

After my three years were up I thought I walked away from it all. I have paid my debt to the bitch and I was through with her.

Or at least I thought I was.

I love my mother and my sister. They are the only family I have. I would do anything for them. Which is the reason I am here; in a little town in Washington.

The only thing I had left to do was find the human named Isabella Swan, and take her back to Vegas. After that I was done. No more vampires. No more Felipe de Castro and his mate, the sadistic bitch Maria. I was through with this shit. I will do what I need to do and my debt would be paid. My family and I will be free to live our lives away from the Las Vegas vampires. We will no longer be under their thumbs.

I suppose the only good thing coming out of this is I get to do the work I love. I work for a company called "E.E.E" also known as Extremely Elegant Events. We organize events for everything.

Since shifters have come out, business has been booming. Weddings, births and plenty of pack events have been keeping me busy. After what happened, I do need the distraction.

I'm on my way to La Push, Washington. The alpha of a pack of shape shifters is getting married this weekend. I'm here to make sure nothing goes wrong.

I will be staying in Forks which is about a ten minute drive to La Push. According to what I was told about this Isabella Swan is that she lives here in Forks. I am pretty sure she will be easy to find. It would have helped if I had a picture, but unfortunately the psycho bitch didn't have one. How is that even possible? Her mate is one of the most feared and respected vampires in the U.S. How could she not get one?

Stupid bitch!

(Bella's POV)

I should be happy, right?

My werewolf best friend is getting married with my human best friend.

I should be happy about it, but I'm not. I feel like my life is falling apart again.

After the Cullen's left I was miserable. Miserable is not quite the word I would use to describe what I felt. I was devastated. I felt my world crumble when those words left his mouth.

"I don't want you." He said with cold eyes.

My heart and soul were left on the forest floor that night, and I'm starting to believe that I will never get it back.

Some stupid part of me believed that Edward would come back. Especially since the supernatural world has been exposed to what use to be the real world.

When we humans, thought that we were the rulers of the world, everything felt like it should be. Even when I discovered that Vampires, Shape shifters, and Werewolves lived amongst us I felt safe in the fact that they were kept hidden, living their lives in our world.

They even had their own rulers to make sure that this world was kept secret, in a way the Volturi were protecting us humans from the fate that they knew could happen.

Now we struggle day to day trying to coexist in their world.

Yes it's meant to be a shared existence, but it is all a charade. Everyone, and by that I mean every human, knew that we were the bottom feeders. We were only here for as long as they want us here.

When the true world was exposed Charlie and I were greeted by most of the Cullen family. They were on our doorstep within an hour of the news release, well, all but one.

I looked around Jasper hoping he was just hiding in the shadows, but when I realized that he was in fact not with them my eyes turned to the floor as I tried to keep the tears from falling. I had made a promise to myself that I would no longer shed a tear for him, and I would be damned if I was going to fail the first chance I got.

Jasper must have seen something or maybe he felt my hurt, he grabbed my chin and lifted my head up so that my eyes were on his.

"He is not worth those tears that you are trying so hard to keep in, don't let him hurt you like that. We love you Bella, and that is why we are here." He said, before Alice pulled me into her awaiting arms.

We are the big family I never had.

Carlisle, Emmett and Jasper got together and re made the treaty that they once had with the Wolves.

The Cullen's, along with the Wolves had agreed that Forks and La Push would not be turned into the mayhem circus that the rest of the world had been turned into.

The townspeople of Forks always knew there was something wrong with the Cullen's and now they know what it was. The Cullen's were expecting some form of backlash from the reveal, but nothing came. Carlisle got his job back and life seemed to get back to normal for the rest of the Cullen's.

They still decided to stay home during sunny days. They didn't want to blind the whole town with their diamond like skin. We all learned our lesson the hard way. By me being the prime example. Jacob and I were riding our motorcycles along the road heading towards the Cullen's house when I was suddenly blinded by a bright light. I ended up losing control of my motorcycle and I ended up crashing into a bush. A good thing it wasn't a tree.

I found out later on that it was Emmett up in the trees keeping an eye out for us. I was a little scared when they all came out to check on me since I was bleeding quite profusely, but what ended up happening was not what I was expecting.

It was actually Jasper that came to help me. I thought right then that it was the end. I shut my eyes waiting for it to happen, but nothing happened.

Jasper just grabbed the first aid kit and quickly bandaged me up and that was it.

"Jasper, doesn't the blood bother you?" was the first thing that came out of my mouth after he finished.

"As good as you smell Bella, the answer is no, it doesn't bother me. Since "True Blood" has been produced life is a little easier for me. I'm also hunting regularly so it doesn't bother me." He said nonchalantly.

And that was the end of that.

"True Blood" is a synthetic blood developed by the Japanese. The development of the blood brought on "The Great Revelation" by all the vampires all over the world.

Who knew there were so many different types of vampires?

I guess the internet was right about something.

The Cullen's are categorized as "Cold Ones" due to their cold marble skin. The other vampires that were made known were the "Dark Ones". They were called the "Dark Ones", because they only came out at night. Just like the vampires that we read in books.

The "Dark Ones" were able to take blood from their victims or willing donors. Unlike the "Cold Ones" who were venomous. The "Dark Ones" only came out at night due to their reaction to the sun. The "Cold Ones" were able to be out night and day, but they never slept.

There was a major controversy in the beginning, about who is the superior vampire, but in the end a vampire is a vampire they both survived on blood.

After the incident life became a little easier, but I still craved my independence. Charlie would not hear of it. He along with Emmett and Jasper, screamed and yelled at me for even thinking of leaving, what they didn't get was I needed to go, I needed to find myself. I knew I wanted to be a writer, and I couldn't do that here in Forks. So after hours of fighting Carlisle intervened.

We decided that Seattle was not far away, and because he was back and forth between Forks and Seattle that he would be able to check in on me on a regular basis.

It took me a year into my studies to realize that my new best friend Charlotte, and her husband Peter, had been sent to my University by my over bearing brother, Jasper.

It turned out that it was a good plan, as always trouble would find me, but I had back up this time.

I have been approached by 'talent' scouts that believe I have a shield of some kind. Carlisle later found out that there has been a silent bidding war between several ruling covens that want me.

That was the nail in the coffin for my Father and brothers.

So here I am a free-lance writer heading back to Forks, to my family and friends, forced to listen to her red eyed friends making out in the back seat, and a hefty price hanging over her head. The stuff you do for your best friend. Jacob is fucking lucky that I love him and his imprint. Angela is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Besides being best friends with me.

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