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I watched in delight as his eyes raked over my body once more before turning on his heel and walking towards the house.

I couldn't help but wolf whistle as I got a view of his ass. Jake just stood there shaking his head at me before walking back inside.

I just hoped that Jake had all his shit done so me and tiger boy can get out of here.

Chapter 3


Blah, Blah, flowers, Blah, guest, were the only words that I could hear. All my attention was on that sweet piece of ass that was sitting right across from me.

The little thing knew what she was doing. She was biting that lower lip of hers and it was driving me insane. I wanted to put something else in that mouth of hers.


She is a total distraction. This is an important client and I need to focus.

"How about you take me to the location where the wedding will be held at. So I can take some measurements and compare notes with my staff." I needed to get some fresh air. The scent of her arousal was way too potent in the air.

I'm surprised no one noticed it.

"If we are going to go outside then I am going to switch shoes. Like hell if I'm going to break my neck before my best friends' wedding." She threw her heels in the corner and ran to some room in the back.

"Damn you, Bella. You do not treat 'Louboutin' shoes like that. You are supposed to take care of them. How will you ever appreciate style if you don't appreciate your shoes?" Alice went to go pick up the shoes that Bella threw in the corner.

Bella being the mature person that she is stuck her little tongue out from doorway.

"Real mature, Bella, these are not payless shoes that you are tossing around. These are seven hundred dollar shoes." Alice grabbed the shoes and placed them on the side of the door.

Damn, seven hundred dollar shoes!

"Are you kidding me, Alice? Why the hell would you give me a pair of shoes that cost that much? Why would anyone spend that much money on a pair of shoes that are high and that look ridiculous?

With the money that was spent I could have bought several pairs of nice shoes and still have money to pay my rent. Nothing is wrong with 'Payless Shoes'. I have found several pairs of very nice shoes there, you said so yourself. So quit your whining, Tinks. You should be lucky that I'm wearing the death traps that you call shoes for the wedding."


My woman has some spunk.

What the fuck! She is not my woman. I most definitely need some fresh air.

"Jacob, if you could please show me the location where the ceremony would be held. If we stay here any longer we'll probably get beaten by flying heels."

After the girls sorted their shoe problem out we all walked outside. Jacob suggested we take the jeep as Bella wouldn't be able to keep up if we were on foot.

"Oh no," Alice Cullen sighed out loud. I turned to see what her problem was and was expecting to see Bella had done something with another article of clothing, but to my surprise and confusion I was instead about to be greeted by two very irate looking Vamps.

Everything inside me was alert, I had no idea who they were or what they were here for. In a split second decision on my behalf I rushed towards Bella and placed her behind me.

How the fuck was I meant to know that, that move would make things worse?

"Get the fuck away from her," the black eyed blonde Vamp warned me. I stood my ground letting the roar inside my chest rubble within.

The hostile Vampire stalked up to me, I could see his scars glisten in the sun. This one was a fighter; I looked behind him to the muscle, who weirdly gave me a wink.

"I said get the fuck away from her, you have two seconds." He warned again.

"Jazzy…" Alice started.

How the fuck can someone named 'Jazzy' be this damn scary.

"Not now Alice, step away." He hissed at her, and taking another step towards Bella and I.

The roar that I was trying so hard to keep in erupted from me, echoing around the surrounding mountains.

"Well damn Tigger, that was hot," Bella panted from behind me. My pending threat had me distracted that it was too late to stop her when she stepped out from behind me and placed herself between myself and 'Jazzy'.

"What is all this about, Jasper?"

She placed a hand on my shoulder and I hated to admit that I calmed almost immediately.

"Stay the fuck away from my sister, "Tigger"! Or so help me god I will rip you to pieces." He growled at me.

Sister? How?

"Jasper, I'm fine. This is Quinn. He works for E.E.E. He is here to finalize the preparations for Jacob and Angela's wedding. We were just heading to the site now."

She was calm when she was talking to him, but he still didn't relax his stance. So if he didn't; neither was I. We could stand here all fucking day if we had to.

"Jazzy, it's okay, he will not hurt Bella. No one will hurt her." Alice tried to calm him down.

"Alice, you don't know him. I know what he is, and what he has done and I don't want him anywhere near my little sister." He said between clenched teeth.

'What he has done.'

What does he know?

"Jasper Cullen Whitlock, what have I told you about telling me what to do or not do? You have no right to tell me who I can be with. I love you, but I think I am old enough to make my own decisions.

Though I do appreciate your over protectiveness; you have no say so. So back off!" she growled to him.

Damn my girl has some balls.

"Isabella Marie Swan. I am trying to protect you from the likes of this animal. You don't know about his past! I do. So st…."

"Exactly Jazz, I don't know about his past. The past does not define who we are or who he is. You should know that by now! You don't see me judging you about your past. Or do I?" She crossed her arms across her chest which brought her gorgeous breast up.

"She has you there, Jazz man! Leave the man alone." The big guy in the back yelled out to him.

"Fine then, but I will be watching you "Tigger"." He straightened out of his crouch and gave me a deathly glare. Like the saying goes if "looks could kill" I would be dead and eight feet under.

I am really starting to hate that name. I don't mind if my girl says it, but anyone else is just wrong.

I relaxed my stance and Bella placed her hand in mine and squeezed it lightly. I looked down in her eyes, to see she was offering me an encouraging smile.

"He really is harmless. He and Emmett have taken it upon themselves to be my brothers, my protectors. Please let them have that. Amuse them and the rest of us." She whispered up at me before her gaze rested on our joined hands.

"Now Tigger do you usually move this fast or am I a special case?" she smirked.

"Now Miss Swan, as a matter of fact I do always move this fast. Holding hands by lunch, kissing by tea and fucking…"

"I swear to god, I will fucking drain you if you finish that sentence." Jasper hissed from the porch.

I held my hands up in surrender, "I was joking," The big guy, who I assume was Emmett, had a grin from ear to ear.

"Oh you are going to be fun to have around," he laughed, but soon replaced his smile with a scowl, "However you are to never touch my baby sister while I am there to witness it." He shuddered in disgust.

Bella went over and hugged her 'brothers'. I couldn't help wonder what I was doing. I really thought that Sookie and I had something special, but was just thrown to the side. Did I really want to rush into another relationship?

I'm sure Bella is looking for fun just like I am, and what would be the harm in that? I cannot remember the last time I was able to just do that.

Have fun.

I would be lying if the whole idea of a secure community didn't appeal to me. The fact that Vampires and shape shifters both protected the town intrigued me. If I were to stick around I would be an asset to their already impressive team. If by joining them I could protect Bella, bring my Mother and sister down here and give them the security that they too deserve.

What I wouldn't give to see the haunted look in my Mothers eyes, diminish. To never have to look behind our backs, and worry what was lurking behind a corner.

I wanted to give her this life. I owed her this life.

The sound of laughter brought me out of my inner rambling.

I looked up to see that Emmett had Bella over her shoulder swinging her around. I could see he had a firm grip on her, and Vampires are not clumsy, but the idea of Bella being hurt even by accident had me a little on edge.

I was about to suggest Emmet let Bella down, but Bella's laughter turned to screaming and cries to throw up all over her bear of a brother.

"Put her down Emmett or you will be wearing her breakfast in two minutes." Alice said confirming Bella's warnings.

Emmett placed Bella softly to her feet. I could still see he was wearing a huge grin. As I looked to Bella I could see why. She was swaying all over the place. Her dizzy state was making it hard for her to stand.

"You are all assholes," she screamed as she finally let herself fall on her ass.

Emmett and Jacob were both in hysterics. I thought Bella would be pissed, but instead she had a smile tugging at her mouth.

She is absolutely beautiful, but when she smiles she is fucking stunning. I smiled brightly down at her.

Isabella Swan was claiming a small part of my heart, even though we have only known each other for hours. I wouldn't be surprised if she owned me completely by tomorrow. I…

Isabella Swan…

Isabella Swan…

Isabella Swan…

"As soon as you bring us Isabella Swan, we will allow you to be free of further obligation."

The words of Felipe de Castro sent dread coursing through my body. I looked down to Bella who was still smiling brightly at Emmett and Jacob. I looked up to see Jasper was moving closer to me with a knowing look on his face, and a worried glance towards Bella. How the hell did he know? I had to go, I couldn't stay here.

"I'm sorry I forgot I have somewhere else to be."I said as I raced to my car.

As I looked up from the steering wheel I saw that Bella was standing and looking at me in confusion, her smile long gone. All I could do was mouth 'I'm sorry' before I tore out of the drive way.

I am so fucking screwed. Of all things why her?

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