Sorry that this isn't a true update, but for everyone that has been waiting for it, the pictures of Danny and Dani in human and ghost form for The Phantoms Jump xcityx and Phantoms Jump At Justice are finally up! I drew them when I first made the first story, but never posted them. They are taken by the camera on my phone, so don't expect scanned pictures and whatnot. Without further ado, here are the links!

Danny/Skadus: browse. deviantart. com/ ?qh= ┬žion =& global =1& q= skadus #/d4 xva 6s


Dani/Riqis: browse. deviantart. com/ ?qh= ┬žion =&g lobal =1 & q= riqis #/d4 xva qr


I want to sincerely apologize for still not giving a true update, but I am still failing a class and you guys can all kick my ass once I truly return to everything, but for now, please enjoy the pictures, and if you want, draw your own version of them for me! And send me the link, I'll give it to everyone else when I actually POST A F*CKING CHAPTER! Thank you.