AN: It seems all of y'all River and Amy shippers have gotten the heebie-jeebies about continuing all of your very brilliantly written fan fictions. Don't like the idea of having mommy/daughter loving? Neither do I actually. That's why in my fic River had to lie, about being their daughter and was just protecting all them companions from and even bigger [evil plotations]... But yeah she took the name Melody Pond (River Song) as an intergalactic witness protections program planny genius thingy that I haven't worked out the details for (I just needed an excuse to keep writing some girlie lovin). So that was all sorted out AGES (in fic time) ago. So let's have some fun with tongues okay? I'm hoping this will push you writers into continuing... I love your fanfics.

River and Amy walked a little ways behind the Doctor and Chris were up ahead deep in conversation this neither girl cared about. They were eye fucking in every sense of the phrase. Amy was shaking just thinking about getting back to camp, about what would happen...The Dreamless Entity or Dreamless as the Doctor called it was taking them through an elaborate maze of darkness that often changed. Probably to keep them away from the fighting entities that were looking for bodies to use for their battles. The cloudy darkness that formed their path was illuminated by the sun, but the light was that, just light. There was a pleasant coolness that each of the four felt as they walked through the maze.

River stopped them in their walking and pressed herself close to Amy before kissing just below her ear.

"You'll be screaming your brains out when we get back." Amy closed her eyes and shuddered at the mental image she got. River kissed her ear again and looked her in the eyes, they were still very close together, and Amy leaned in and caught the blonde in a chaste kiss. Full of promise.

"I want you to call me Amelia." Amy said with a timid smile on her lips. River smiled back.

"Amelia, that's nice, okay Amelia." She got all up in Amelia's bubble and whispered in her ear. "When we get back, Amelia, you're going to be screaming your brains out." They both shuddered, and River pulled her in for a quick turned to continue walking only to see that their path had changed and the Doctor and Chris were nowhere to be seen. Using the opportunity River kissed Amy hard, getting a hum of content from the Scott.

"Pond! River, it seems Dreamless has separated us, are you alright back there?" The Doctor called, River laughed once into their kiss.

"Just fine Doctor." She called back as Amy let her hands slide over the blonde's tummy. They started walking, stumbling locked in embrace as they made their way through the maze, often having to stop dead in their tracks, and turn back to find the newly made path. After some journeying, the girls hand in hand froze in their places. It had gone completely dark. Their path was gone. Almost as soon as it had happened they were in the heat of the day no closer to camp than they had been an hour and a half earlier. A dark shadow hit them both and they swayed. Both collapsed on the sand as asleep as the dead.

Amy and River entered the cabin giggling, River kicked the door shut behind them and pulled Amy in for a heated kiss pushing the redhead into the wall and let her hand slide down to the waistband of her shorts and started playing with the button. She broke the kiss and let her mouth slide to Amy's neck where she started kissing and sucking as she pushed the Scott's shorts to the floor. Amy hummed in approval letting her eyes slide shut and her hands blindly reach for the blonde's shirt and push up to feel her toned tummy, she sighed at the pleasuring feeling she was getting on her neck and pulled the Blonde's shorts off as well. River kissed up Amy's neck until she reached her mouth and let her tongue slide lazily over the red head's kiss swollen lips. Amy pulled River's shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor carelessly. They kicked their shoes off and tumbled onto one of the beds, River straddling Amy's hips and pushing her top up and she sucked and kissed her way up Amy's tummy, Amy moaned at the contact and squirmed impatiently. She sat up and pulled off her shirt, and kissed River again hard but slowly. River moaned and Amy took that moment to flip them. The surprised gasp she got from the blonde only served to turn her on further. She grinned and kissed her again, letting her hands massage River's breasts through her bra. River hummed and unsnapped Amy's bra letting slide down her arms. She flung it away, and River sat them up and kissed along Amy's collarbone dipping down lower until she got to Amy's breast. She licked and sucked and kissed making Amy shiver with delight and ran her hands through River's hair, there would be a mark, she knew that, but to hell with it, it felt so good. River continued to suckle at Amy's breast and flipped them again. Amy let herself relax into the feeling of the Blonde's lips on her skin. She sucked in a lung full of air when River sneakily bit down on Amy's pert nipple and gave it a hard suck. Amy's groan of pleasure only gave River more passion. She started on the other breast kissing and sucking enjoying the little moans she was getting from the pretty Scottish girl. She peppered kissed up to her neck where she continued her suckling.

"River..." Amy said pulling her up and kissed her hard, sitting up and starting the same acts she had just received to the blonde letting her bra fall off carelessly to join the other clothes. River voiced her pleasure much more confidently than Amy. She tangled her hands in her lovers red hair as she was marked, humming contentedly as Amy worked her magic. Amy smiled and let River fall onto the pillows, she kissed her way down River's tummy sucking and kissing as she went until she was under her belly button, looking into River's eyes and witnessing the little red marks she'd made all the way down from her breasts. Amy knelt and started pulling River's panties off letting one hand trail over her thighs. River watched silently with lust-filled eyes as Amy tossed the piece of clothing to the floor, and licked her lips before moving over her again and kissing River's inner thighs. River moaned at the contact her hands bunching up the bedspread in anticipations of what was surly to come. Five more red marks and Amy let her tongue swirl around River's clit, sending shivers down the Blonde's spine, she slid her fingers into her and River whimpered, rolling her hips into Amy's hand. Amy sucked on River's clit sending shock after shock of pleasuring waves through her. She threw her head back into the pillows and her breathe hitched, she moaned and let out a string of unintelligible mumbled drawn out moans, as Amy skilfully brought her closer to the edge with each suck and each movement of her fingers. River's hips jerked despite the arm that held her down at the waist. Her toes started to curl and her back arched, and she let out a wail of pleasure as she started to tumble over the edge, Amy followed her movement not stopping for a second.

"Aaaamelia, merciless daleks!" She howled, as Amy bit down just hard enough to make her climax and see stars. Amy crawled over River's sweat slick body and kissed her letting her own arousal be known when she sat astride the panting Blonde. River hummed and brought an arm up lazily to the back of Amy's neck as they kissed.

"You're good." She whispered, her eyes half closed with post-orgasmic arousal. Amy chucked and smiled into the kiss, letting her hands move up and down River's sides. River rolled over and Amy lay down in her place, River took a deep breath stretched, combing her fingers through her hair before biting her bottom lip and pulling off the red head's underwear, she'd left a trail of angry red marks along the Scott's pale torso, and that served to motivate her further. She pepper kisses down to just under the Scott's belly button and started those sucking kissing again. Amy took and deep breath, she was already addicted to the action. Rivers tongue trailed lazily through her folds, she moaned, seeing stars instantly when River's thumb started teasing and kneading her clit, mercilessly.

"Oh, gawd, keep doing that." She hissed balling the bedspread into her fists. River didn't stop inflicting pleasure upon the freckled beauty, quite the opposite, she got three fingers inside the red head and sucked on her near violently. Amy came with a silent scream those stars in her vision exploding with great force. Two tears made trails down past her temples as River lay down on top of her. River kissed the little glistening spot just beside and below Amy's right eye, letting the redhead regain her breath, she suckled the spot, getting lost in the action until Amy pulled her to her mouth and kissed her hard.

"You're amazing." She gasped, wrapping her arms around the blonde and bumping her nose against River's.

"It's all for you." River replied, leaning forward and kissing Amy's left eye.

"Sorry about that." She mumbled.

""You've already made up for it." Amy and River both frowned, Amy's voice had echoed...

River sat up in a hospital bed gasping and screamed.

"River! You're alright, just lie down." It was the Doctor, he was pushing on her shoulders and guiding her back onto a pillow.

"Amy you're okay, just stay calm." That was Chris.

"I can't see! Amy?" She said tears streaming down her face as she tried to look around.

"Amy's right here, Song, you're okay. You remember what happened?" Chris was a little ways away, River could hear Amy's accelerated breathing.

"No, I can't see!" She said. Bringing her hands to her face, "Why can't I see?" She said.

"You should see your eyes! Your pupils are enormous, practically can't see your irises. One of the dream entities jumped into you two, you're just getting the after affects, it was right scary for a bit marks kept showing up on your skin and you have one on your face. You remember what happened?" The Doctor's rambles finally stopped.

"We, were fighting. It scared me." River answered.

"When will we be able to see again?" Amy asked.

"Oh it should only last the night." He answered.

"I want to go back to our tent." Amy blurted and River nodded in agreement.

"Sorry, Song, them dream things don't want you in there it seems. The only place left is the cabin. Don't worry, your stuff was chucked out of the darkness so its all in there now." Chris sounded like he was milling.

Help us get there then." River said sitting up. She felt a hand on her elbow and was standing up a second later. She could smell Amy's shampoo in front of her and reached out her arms, she was met with the Scott's jaw and impulsively threw her arms around her neck in a hug. Amy hugged her back.

"I'm so sorry it wasn't real." River whispered, and Amy nodded. They broke apart and were led carefully out of the medical tent.

It took ten minutes but they finally reached the cabin, were let it, and lead to their beds. The men left after telling them that they should be able to see come morning. They gave up on finding a change of clothes and just stripped out of the nonessentials, shoes, shorts, socks, bras, until they were both in their underwear and tank tops. River sat with her back against the wall the blindness confusing her, as well as how realistic their last dream had been. She was fighting tears and she didn't know why. She let the tears fall, she felt vulnerable and scared and a little more than just simply sexually frustrated. She had seen stars when Amy brought her over the edge, in their dream, and she felt unsatisfied and empty, she wanted the real thing, not another dream, she wanted to feel the Scott squirm under her and come screaming her name. She was unaware that she had started sobbing until Amy spoke up.

"River, what's wrong?" She asked, and River wiped her face, she always hated it when she let her heart get the better of her.

"I'm upset." She said sniffing and wiping her eyes.

"Come here?" Amy asked, her voice timid and shaky.

"I don't wanna." River lied, she wanted to, very badly, regardless of their visually impairment she wanted to take the redhead while they were both awake.

"Please?" River gave in, and felt slowly and carefully for the edge of the cot and then the floor; she kept her arms out as her felt her way to Amy's side of the room. She climbed onto the bed clumsily. She made out Amy's body and shape with her hands and found that Amy was sitting up. She slid her hands up Amy's arms and they were hugging again. Amy let River burry her face into the crook of her neck and cry, rubbing comforting circles over her back.

"I wanted it to be real. So badly. I'm so sorry I punched you. I want it to have been real." She sobbed, hiccupping occasionally.

"Me too." Amy whispered, wondering what it was that made River feel this way. Amy felt the sexual connection, craved it, like a drug, and she wanted so much more from what relationship could grow from here. Very suddenly the extent of how tired she was hit her bluntly. She let her hands trail down the sides of River's face and she found her lips, she didn't hesitate to kiss them slowly and lovingly. River didn't pause to think, just let herself feel the moment, the lips she had become addicted to inside the dream world. Amy let them fall onto the mattress with a quiet squeak and broke the kiss.

"We'll make it real. It'll be real. I can't let it not be real." She whispered. River kissed her again they lay down with her head in the space between Amy's shoulder and breast.

"Can I ask you a question?" She whispered running her hands over Amy's tummy.


"Who broke your heart? When we were stranded, you didn't want me to...I just, if you don't want to answer that's okay."

"My husband." Amy answered, picking up on the younger River's nervousness. "He was stuck in a super type of prison cell with a girl who had escaped from a war ground. We'd gone to seen the scenery but the times were mixed up. He was there for almost three months, four hours my time. And they slept together. He said it was their only way to keep warm...He keeps mentioning her. Wanted to bring her with us...I felt like I was being just as bad as he was. I know I'm not. We're plenty warm here." She trailed off.

"I'm sorry." River whispered. Amy chuckled.

"We've been traveling three months while he's at a dentist's appointment, some thousands of years ago. I'd stay here, in this moment for that long, just to postpone going back..." She closed her eyes.

"You could you know..." Both girls fought sleep and lost. Amy thought of something before falling to sleep and had to say it.

"We'll stay in here all day tomorrow. We'll make it real..."

They were fast asleep in three minutes.