a/n: I've been reading a few of these Next-Gen collections, different pairings written as oneshots between 600 and 3000 words, and I love the idea. I'm getting a bit done with writing Rose and Scorpius for now; I think it's time to give some love to the other children of our favorite heroes. Without further ado, our first coupling:

LysanderLucy (a new [to me] pairing!)

Total word count: 1,011

As you place the don't disturb sign on the door.

-Mary Jane, Alanis Morissette

this lonesome sun

"Let's go!" She grabs his hand and laughs her sunshine laugh. "Come on, hurry up!" With a yell and a dazzling smile she runs past him. He stares in awe, her golden hair streaming ahead.

"Oh no you don't!" He counters, grinning himself, "get back here." He chases her forward. Under his feet, green grass presses flat, leaving a trail of crushed foot prints behind. She may have had a head start, but he's faster, and in only seconds he's caught up. He grabs her, lifting her off the ground as he twirls them both. When he sets her down, gently, his rough fingers find her sides and probe. She's soon squealing with infectious giggles.

"Ly!" She scolds between huffing breaths and high pitched laughs, "stop tickling me." He feigns deafness and continues to run his fingers down her waist and stomach, stopping frequently to press or scratch a spot for a moment longer as the shrieks erupt from his blond victim. She, while trying to get away, falls to the ground, and pulls him down after her. They tumble in the grass for a few moments until the rolling comes to a halt, gravity and friction and some other forces in the universe that he has no name for slowing them to a stop. Their chests rise and fall quickly, their breathing fast and their heartbeats irregular.

She's honey and sweetness and perfection overflowing on to him, brighter than the sun even on this beautiful, bright day. And he's always been the moon, absorbing her fire to flicker back, dimly but still glowing enough to pass as bright. She's bubbles and sugar and dreams of fairytales and white knights, while he's no more than damaged goods, a broken heart outfitting a broken boy.

But there's moments, moments like this one now, where they can just lay there, breathing heavily with bright eyes and soaring souls, and both feel whole. Because she may be the girl who seems untouchable, so shining and flawless, but inside she feels like she's crumbling; and he may be the boy who seems dim and flawed, but she know him to be perfection.

It was always him, she smiles up to the sky, it was always him who had her heart. He just never knew it. She always seemed to float along, to be in love with anything and anyone that she encountered, but he always had her, totally and completely. His obliviousness made her sigh.

He loves her. Her honey curls, as wild as she was; her sunny smile, warming him from head to toe. She was everything he always wanted but so remote he knew he'd never have her. But that changed nothing, he loves that wild sunshine girl.

The air is quiet and undisturbed as they lie, basking in the warm summer sun, both deep in strikingly similar thoughts.

It's a strange kind of solitude, they each think, seemingly unrequited love. One feels so alone, like they can confide in no one nor expect any person to understand what they're going through, the strangest part, though is the soaring, the leaping, the undying hope that maybe, just maybe that other person loves you back. Generally they don't. How could they? They're given no warning, just sprung with an announcement from somebody who may have been nothing more than just oh, that person they met once or twice before. And so hearts end up broken and all future confessions are put to a halt before they can even begin. And so people go about their everyday lives, both too scared to tell the other their feelings, and neither ends up knowing that their unrequited love isn't quite so unrequited. Maybe that sunshine girl needs him like a bee needs flowers, and maybe that not-so-broken boy wants her because he thinks she's the glue that will piece him back together, and maybe she is, but he'll never know because he's too damn scared to try.

Their separate broodings are interrupted abruptly by storm clouds filling the horizon. Within moments big rain drops are splashing down on their faces. She pulls together a golden smile that looks almost genuine and pulls his hand.

"We should go in, before it gets worse." She tells him. He nods his approval to the notion. They trudge back up the hill, slowly walking back to the Burrow. He wonders why they aren't running, playfully racing, like before, but he doesn't question her about it. She turns her face down to the mud at her feet, trying to avoid his knowing gaze. Her eyes cloud as she meditates on how close they are but how far they'll always be.

She'll always be the sunshine girl, and he'll always be her moon. He'll always be too broken to be fixed and she'll always turn her face away and cry in the rain, because she knows she could piece him back together and she knows he could heal her aching heart but they both know that she's too free and he's sinking and they're just not meant to fall in love. So they don't, because neither dares to defy the stars that whisper that he'd just screw it up and she'd just run away and it'd never work out.

She doesn't shine so brightly anymore, she's been dimmed by hopelessness, and he doesn't smile so often anymore, the painful cracks in his heart becoming infected as no one bothers to heal them. And maybe he could restore her faith in the world and maybe she could bring back his once easy grin, but he can't and she doesn't and that's that.

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