A/N: So this is my view on what happend to Lucifer when he fell. WARNING: This is ALL made up in my mind. None of it is real (that I know of)

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It may also sound a little Christian... for those who aren't...

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The first beings to ever walk the Earth were angels. God's children. They roamed the Earth and then, as they aged and grew wiser, made their way to heaven to serve God.

Michael was the first. He was the archangel, ruler of all, because he was oldest. But he was lonely on Earth.

So God gave him a brother. God gave him Lucifer.

Michael and Lucifer grew up together. Over time, more angels appeared (Gabriel, Anna, Uriel, Castiel…), but none of them had as close of a relationship with each other as Lucifer had with Michael.

When Michael was ready to move onto Heaven, to serve the Father, he held himself back, waiting for Lucifer. They crossed over together, ready to face God's will (together, of course).

God stopped creating angels. As soon as the last came to Heaven, God brought his next creation to life: Humans.

Michael didn't question the new beings, but Lucifer did. "What are they?" he would ask Michael. "Where are their wings? Why are they so small? Why do they not believe in the Father?"

Michael would try to answer these questions the best he could, but he knew little about these humans at the time.

Then one day, the Father gave him a message, which Michael was to tell all the other angels.

"You must love these humans as you love the Father," Michael translated. "Respect them as you do each other."

Angels did not question God's will. They watched the humans, respected them, loved them.

But Lucifer hated the idea. "Why Father?" he asked. "Why must we love them more than you? They did not create us. They did not care for us. They did not help us. They were not there for us."

"Lucifer," Michael said softly. "These are the Father's orders. We must obey."

Something inside Lucifer snapped. He was outraged at these orders because, in simple terms, they were stupid. "I will not," he said. "These humans have done nothing for me. I am loyal to the Father, not these wingless creatures."

The message Lucifer was given was not a good one. He was to Fall. He was no longer an Angel of the Lord. He was no longer welcome in Heaven if he disobeyed the Father's orders.

"Lucifer please," Michael begged. "Just respect the humans. Follow His order. Don't leave me."

"I am sorry brother," Lucifer replied. "But if this is what it takes to stand up, to love the Father, then so be it."

Lucifer Fell.

Lucifer lost his Grace.

Lucifer was cast into hell and never heard of again.

Michael was never the same.