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By the way, if you're new to the series (Trilology, maybe?), I changed a few things in the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series (neither of which I own, otherwise I would've probably written them similarly to this fic.), being that the Lost Hero took place between the Battle of the Labrynth and the Last Olympian. It also takes place after the Red Pyramid and, now, during the Order of the Phonex (neither of which I own.) Sorry, I know this is short, but I really wanted to get it up. Now, read, review, enjoy, and I don't own anyone but Feyda in this chapter. (And yes, for Zarter fans, Zia will appear… When the insane me decides to include her!)

Annabeth POV

"I still don't see the point of this," Feyda moaned.

"We're going because the gods want us to," I sighed.

"Why do we have to fly?"

"What's wrong with flying?"

"Percy, Zeus gave you permission to fly calm down. And Thalia, you know they're scared that Zeus'll shoot them out of the sky."

"He wouldn't do that with Jason and I here," she waved me off, but Percy didn't seem so sure.

"I'm sure everything'll be fine," Mel turned from his seat in front of us. We where sitting on one of those big international planes, in the center isle. Feyda, Jason, and Bast sat in front of us. Flying to England from Cairo was no fun, but at least Thals was there to make things… interesting…

"Excuse me, sir?" she tapped a flight attendant's arm. "Is there a storm coming? My friends are a tad concerned." I snickered, knowing what she was getting at. But she said it so convincingly that it didn't draw any attention from Percy.

"No, I'm quite sure there isn't," he assured us.

"Oh, but I'm quite sure there is," and just as Thalia said this, as if by que (hint hint), a streak of lightning struck just outside the plane, barely missing us. Of course, traveling couldn't be boring with Thalia.

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