The time of summer pass swiftly

Like soft warm wind licking me as they past

I can only stare at the sky

Wishing to spread my wings and fly

To pass the clouds that holds heavs tears

To look down upon those I've come to known in my life

These dreams of mine come each night more and more vivid with each moon pass

As night comes to prance on this empty field I stand upon

A shower of light bathes down illuming my sight

I get the will to run and leap bearing wings

I wish to stay in the air

My dream has come true

But upon that lonely hill I not so long ago stood

A figure comes forth

His eyes scan the sky looking but not finding

A burst of light falls and I realize

You must have seen me for you gasp and smile for you knew my dream

You wave me down

I drooped down and feet touch earth as you welcome me back