Okay, a little explanation to start with:

I'm still working on both "The Wolf and His Girl" and "Party Crashers" and will finish both. But I have started thinking ahead to what I might work on next. I've got a few ideas going and would like to know what my amazing readers might like.

What I'll do here is post three sample chapters from these story ideas. I invite you to read them and see what sings to you. I'm going to put a poll on my profile page so that you can vote on the story idea you like best. End results are ultimately dependent on my muse, of course.

Option 1 is "Alpha and Omega", a Bella/Sam story. It will be AU from the beginning, and start before the original Twilight book.

Option 2 is "Defection", a wolf-centric story. My thought when writing it was that it would be a Jake's pack POV of Breaking Dawn from the point where the pack learns Bella and Edward are back from their honeymoon and Bella's sick. I've since begun to consider the possibility of just turning it into a wolf POV version of all of Breaking Dawn.

Option 3 is "Jagged Edges Heal", a Bella/Embry story. It starts in New Moon, a couple months after the Cullens left (in the middle of the 'blank pages' part. It would be AU from the point of Bella's zombie phase not lasting as long as it did in the book.

Feel free to comment with reviews, and vote on the poll.