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It was finally the day. Edward and Alphonse had gone to Xing and had practiced mixing alchemy and alkahestry together. Finally, they had come up with a theory that could work- would work, Edward amended. Finally, Al would get his body back.

Alphonse stood in the middle as Ed drew the final lines for the transmutation. Throwing the kunai, he walked into the center with Al. They smiled at each other, and simultaneously clapped their hands together, and touched the ground, activating the circle. Xio (?) May and Ling stood by, but other than the two, they were utterly alone. The last thing that the Elric brothers saw before the blue lights flashed, was May biting her lip as she concentrated on one of the points of the circle that connected to a kunai.

"No!" She shouted, but it was in vain. The flash of light came like it always did, and the Elrics were gone.

Ed found himself standing in a place that was starting to feel familiar- way too familiar for his liking. He was in front of the menacing gate. He looked to his right and saw Al, staring at the door longingly.

"So, you're back again, Alchemist." Ed looked back and saw Truth. No matter how many times he saw Truth, he/it was truly creepy.

"We're here to pick up Al's body!" Ed spoke determinedly. Al nodded. Truth grinned in delight.

"Sorry, Alchemist, but that's not what the transmutation circle you created does. You didn't really think that you would get it right the first time, did you? Besides, alkahestry and alchemy don't match each other that well, no matter what you think. Since you did try so hard, though, I'm going to give you a chance. Here's the proposition: I'm going to send you to some place interesting for a year. At the end of the year, you both will either die, or get sent back home with Alphonse in his original body. While there, you must find the true way to mix alkahestry and alchemy- in other words, find the correct sequence that gives back what I have taken. This isn't really a proposition. You're going to do it no matter what!"

The gate opened before either Elric had a chance to yell something, anything, and black hands grabbed them and pulled them into darkness.

Authors Note: Sorry this chapter is a bit short; hopefully the upcoming ones are longer! I'm going to have fun with this story, but I'm not sure where it will go from here! If you flame me, I will flame you back and I AM a pyromaniac, so you'd better watch out.