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Chapter 1: A hero is born

The council chamber of Konohagakure tended to be noisy, today it seemed was no exception. Sarutobi refrained from burning all of the civilian council members, and asked himself, why the hell Minato left him to retake this job. There was of course a valid reason since the Kyuubi had attacked, but he still could ask.

"The boy must be killed, it cannot be left alive, as it is," screeched one council woman by the name of Haruno thus pulling the Elderly Hokage from his thoughts. He sighed in exasperation, quietly, so that nobody would hear, and turned his head towards the council of self-preserving stuck-up diplomats.

"Could you all just ask one question at a time," he addressed them quietly. Somehow everyone heard him, but they never seemed to tone down the racket they were making. They were still shouting out profanities, and wanting to kill the demon, but he wouldn't hear any of it.

"Now I believe that Danzo was going to speak," he mumbled in a clearly bored tone. He never liked the man, since he believed that ninja were just weapons that should have no emotions at all.

"Thank-you, Hokage-sama," he addressed Sarutobi, "I do not believe that the child should be killed," this brought absolute silence. Everyone present knew that Danzo was a heartless bastard who didn't care for anyone except for himself, and the Village.

"What brought this about Danzo-san," asked Koharu, clearly interested in his reasoning for letting the boy live.

"I would like to take the boy under my wing and train him to become the greatest asset of Konohagakure," he replied with that sick smile of his. Sarutobi knew that this was the reason why Danzo wanted the boy to live; however there was no chance in hell he was going to allow Danzo to destroy the poor boy's mind. He was about to voice his opposition of the request, when Hiashi beat him to it.

"I believe first of all that we should have a vote on whether or not the child Uzumaki Naruto shall live or die," stated Hiashi betraying now emotion in his cold white pupil less eyes.

All talk stopped after this, as the shinobi council thought about what would happen should the boy die. Fortunately three council members knew the difference between a sealing scroll and a kunai, these people being Choza Akimichi, Hiashi Hyuga, and Shikaku Nara.

"Then let us begin the voting. I Hiruzen of the Sarutobi clan vote that Naruto should live," stated Sarutobi hoping that the rest of the clan heads would want the boy to live.

"I Hyuga Hiashi wish the boy to live," responded a smiling Hiashi, even though he didn't care if the boy lived, by voting for life he would be able to get on the Hokage's good side.

"The Nara clan votes for life", mumbled Shikaku obviously bored, and quickly fell asleep. Sarutobi looked over at Shikaku mumbling about the laziness of the Nara clan.

"The Akimichi clan votes for life," replied Choza

"The Inuzaka clan votes for death," replied Tsume

"The Yamanaka clan votes for death," stated Inoichi, gaining an approving nod from Tsume Inuzaka.

"I say the boy should die," stated an angry Danzo through gritted teeth. If Sarutobi wouldn't allow making the boy into a weapon, then there would be no use for his existence.

"The Uchiha Clan vote for the death of Naruto Uzumaki," stated Fugaku. Now everyone was looking at Shikuro Aburame as he was the final Clan head to vote on the matter. Shikuro seemed to be lost in thought, or that's what everyone thought since Shikuro had his face covered and had black sunglasses on.

"The Aburame clan votes for Naruto to live," blankly stated Shikuro.

Three years later

The sun began to shine across the village of Konoha, and everything seemed like it was going to be a normal day. However the prankster from hell had other plans. Ten Anbu began franticly chasing around a strange orange blur shouting, "GET BACK HERE YOU STUPID BRAT." All the while you could hear the laughter of a small child having fun. Just as the Anbu were about to catch him, the boy vanished. "Where the hell did he go," asked a dog masked Anbu.

"Hell if I know, man that kids just way to difficult, when he comes out of hiding we'll take him to Hokage-sama, but for now let's just go report back," stated a Bear masked Anbu.

As the Anbu left, some paper came off the wall of some store and there stood a small three year old boy in an orange jumpsuit laughing at the stupid Anbu. 'Hmm I would of thought they'd catch me this time, haha just shows how awesome I am!' This boy's name was Naruto Uzumaki.

(Later at the Hokage's office)

Sitting in his chair Sarutobi was glaring evilly at the pile of paperwork thinking if he stared at it long enough it would just go away. 'God why did I take back this job' Sarutobi asked himself, glaring at the photo of Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage. He was about to actually do all of the paperwork, when Naruto burst into the room. He was about to ask him what he wanted, but then saw as he threw some paper over himself and stood next to the wall blending in with it, just then two Anbu came into the room.

"What's going on," Sarutobi asked the Anbu while glancing over to the place Naruto was hidden.

"Well Hokage-sama, Naruto..." began the Dog masked Anbu, when Sarutobi stopped him.

"Yes, yes I'm aware of what Naruto did, however it was a harmless prank, so it is no problem."

"But sir, he threw a flash tag wrapped around a kunai into the Jounin lounge scaring the shit out some of the people in there," stammered the Anbu.

"Is that all he did, well I'm impressed he didn't get caught. You can come on out now…Naruto", laughed Sarutobi as he threw two Kunai towards the wall where Naruto was hiding on.

"What the heck Oji-san" said Naruto in an upset manner.

"You stupid demo" yelled the Anbu as he was instantly impaled in the chest by twelve Shuriken. Sarutobi looked over at Naruto who was, what looked like, on the verge of tears, but also saw that his eyes had turned dark red. Seeing this he grabbed Naruto into a tight hug and let the boy cry his heart out. When his secretary told him that Team 9 was back from their mission, he told her to cancel all of his meetings and to ask for Team 9 to come back tomorrow.

"Can I ask you something Oji-san?"

"What is it Naruto-kun?" asked the Hokage knowing what was coming.

"Who were my parents" started Naruto making the Hokage blink in surprise and caught totally unaware. "And why did they leave me?"

The Hokage was baffled by this question, and took a minute to collect his thoughts, but he knew that now was not the time for him to tell, so he painfully lied and said, "I don't know who your parents were, and I'm sure they didn't leave you on purpose. When you turn fourteen, how about you and me go through the records, and see if we can find anything about your parents."

"O-Oji-san," stammered naruto with tears running down his face.

"Yes Naruto?" asked Sarutobi, wondering if there was anything he could do to help. He hated the fact that he wasn't allowed to adopt the boy, but tried to help and do anything for him.

"I-I was wondering if you could help me become a ninja," mumbled Naruto, hoping that he wouldn't be crossing the line.

"Should you wish to train under me then I will gladly take the position as your sensei. However you will still be going to the academy once you turn nine, that is if you can't beat me in a spar," laughed Sarutobi as he saw Naruto's jaw drop at his comment. "Alright Naruto, now what I am going to teach you is: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, and Fuuinjutsu. I would like you to specifically specialize in Fuuinjutsu, and Ninjutsu, since they are very good things to know, and also because Fuuinjutsu isn't learned by very many people and would be a great asset. By the time you are fourteen, eleven years from now, I expect you to be at a high Anbu level or greater, so don't disappoint me now," said a smiling old coot.

It had been six years since the day Sarutobi had decided to take him as his apprentice. During this time he learned the history of Konoha, all of the Hogakes, and his three previous students, Jiraiya, Tsunade Senju, and Orochimaru, the three legendary Sannin. They had gotten this name by Hanzo of the Salamander during the second Great Ninja War. Jiraiya, the Toad Sannin, was a flamboyant young boy, who later on in life taught Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage. Tsunade Senju, the Slug Queen, the sole surviving heir of the Senju clan, granddaughter of Hashirama Senju the First Hokage. She is known as the greatest medic-nin in the world. Orochimaru, the Snake Sannin, betrayed the Leaf and became an S-Rank missing-nin who is currently searching for immortality. After the ten long painful years of training (cough) torture (cough cough) Naruto had become a Seal master, became proficient at Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, and was rather good at Taijutsu. He learned plenty of Doton, Suiton, and Fuuton techniques. Years of waiting and training with Sarutobi-sensei had all paid off.

(With the Hokage)

The old Hokage sat in his office asleep, when suddenly his secretary walked in and said, "Umm Hokage-sama, Naruto-san is here to see you." Seeing that the Hokage started snoring, she just sent in Naruto to deal with him.

"Hey Sensei," said a cheerful blond nine year old boy.



"Huhh what?" mumbled the sleepy Hokage while rubbing his eyes. Seeing Naruto he immediately perked up, "Naruto what are you doing here?"

Hearing this he thought, 'Wow he totally forgot that he was going to test me today.' He then threw a shuriken towards the Hokage, who immediately caught it and threw it, and he narrowly evaded it. "Oji-san what was that for?"

"You were the one who threw it first… so what can I do for you?" asked the Hokage.

"Well today was the day you told me you were going to test my skills to see if I had to go to the academy, or just continue training under you."

"Oh yeah you're right Naruto. Alright well come back in two hours with everything you'll need for our fight at the training grounds behind the Hokage monument," said the begrudging Hokage, 'I wonder if he might be able to beat me… HAHAHA nah he won't be able to, but he'll certainly give me a challenge,' thought the old Hokage as Naruto disappeared in a small yellow flash. "WHAT THE HELL!" yelled the Hokage as he thought he just saw the Yondaime Hokage's secret jutsu. His secretary then rushed into the room wondering why he screamed something about the Yondaime.

(With Naruto)

On the far end of the Village near the West Gate, Naruto was franticly running around his small one-person apartment gathering all of tools that he would need to fight his Oji-san, 'Alright 50 shuriken check, 50 kunai check, flash tags check, sword check, cool now all I gotta do is eat,' thought Naruto as he went over to his kitchen/living room cupboard and pulled out his small frog wallet and looked in the contents. 'Uhh only 400 ryo, that's probably only enough for one more meal and my rent for the month. I'll need to ask Oji-san for some more when I kick his ass,' he thought as he grabbed a hundred ryo and raced off to get some food. Walking along the streets, people were staring at him, and shying away from him, he wondered 'why are all these people so mean to me?'

'It's because of me kit,'said a voice in his head

"Who's there," he asked out loud, which got a lot of people to look at him like he was stupid or something.

'Just go to the park and sit there. Oh and to talk to me don't talk, just think,' said the mysterious voice in his head. He then walked over to the park and sat down, 'alright so who are you,' asked the voice, when suddenly he was transported into a sewer. Off in the distance was a loud animal growl, so he decided to go towards the sound. What seemed like 10 minutes of walking, he finally found himself looking at a large 50 foot gate with a slip of paper covering a part of the gate, with the word 'Seal'on it.

"Ahh you finally came, I was wondering if you would ever show up," said a 45 foot tall blood red fox that just appeared behind the gate.

After seeing the large fox, he stumbled backwards and fell in the water filled sewer, and asked "Wh-what are you?"


"Umm alright, then why are you here?" asked the small blond.

"It's because of your Yondaime Hokage who sealed me inside of you," said the infuriated nine-tailed fox.

"Wait your inside of me, then what are we in..."

"Your mind yes, we are in your mind. That's not the point right now, the thing is you are about to fight your Sandaime Hokage, and I don't want you to lose badly, so I'm going to train you until your fight."

"But my fight is in like an hour and a half, there's no way you'll be able to get me strong enough to fight Oji-san," questioned Naruto.

"HAHA I like you kit, you're trying to think, unfortunately you're not all that bright, we're in your mind, and we have much longer than just an hour," laughed Kyuubi.

"So then what are you going to teach me Kyuubi-sama?" asked Naruto.

Taken back from the respect given to him, Kyuubi was speechless for a while, until he said, "Well first is I would like you to sign this summoning contract. With this contract, you'll be the first human to summon the Fox clan, also you'll be able to summon me into battle," said Kyuubi with a sick sadistic grin on his face.

Walking through the bars of the gate, Naruto stood face to face with Kyuubi and asked, "Alright, where do I sign, and what do I sign with?" After getting over the shock of seeing Naruto walk through the Seal's barrier, Kyuubi pulled out a scroll with the Kanji word for Fox. He then watched as Naruto signed the contract with his blood. "Alright Naruto, now what I want you to do is sit down and meditate and try to listen to everything you hear and listen to nature"

"Well how about we change the scenery a little bit then," said Naruto as the once sewer transformed into a large green meadow with trees and flowers swaying with the cool wind that was blowing.

"H-How did you do this?" stammered Kyuubi as he was taking in the beauty of this place, he could see the tall oak trees swaying with the wind, the thousands of different colored flowers, the large river that fed the earth with life so that everything would survive.

"Well considering this place is my mind, I just thought that since you were planning on helping me instead of trying to hurt me, I imagined this place and here we are now," chuckled Naruto as he saw the look on Kyuubi's bewildered face.

"Alright Naruto thank-you for this, now it seems I've actually taken up most of your time before your fight with Sandaime, so return to the real world and go eat so that you'll have enough strength. Oh and if you wish to talk, just think and I'll hear you, so we can talk like that instead of having you come into the seal just so we can talk."

After his talk with Kyuubi, he saw he was siting underneath a large pine tree, and noticed that he could hear the birds chirping, water dripping from a nearby fountain, and could see a lot better. He could smell Miso Ramen which got him out of his trance as he raced toward Ichiraku's. Once at the stores entrance, he walked in and said, "Hey old man"

"Naruto how's it going, I haven't seen you around lately, where have you been?" asked Old man Teuchi. He was delighted to see Naruto again after a few years of him not being seen around, not because he was his best customer no, but because he considered the little boy family.

"Well you see I've been doing a lot of work, so I'm sorry I haven't been around lately, I couldn't because my sensei is a freaking slave driver that I didn't have time to visit," Naruto lamely said since he didn't think it would be good if he said Hokage-sama was training him. He didn't lie of course, he just didn't elaborate.

"Oh well that's alright Naruto, so what will it be this time hmm?" asked Teuchi.

"Ahh three Miso Ramen please," asked Naruto politely. After receiving his food, he quickly ate it, paid Teuchi, and ran off for the Hokage monument for his fight.

(With the Hokage)

The old Hokage stood at training ground 24 behind the Hokage monument waiting for Naruto to come for his spar. Secretly he had ordered the Clan Heads to watch the match to be able to determine what rank Naruto should become. Within the next ten minutes a cloud of dust was shooting straight towards the Hokage, and immediately His Anbu guards appeared next to him to protect him from the possible threat. When the dust cloud came closer, they could see a small boy running at incredible speeds towards them, they figured it must be Naruto, but since they couldn't see his usual orange jump-suit, they stayed. The dust blew away when a small blond boy wearing dark black Anbu shorts, a sleeveless dark blue shirt and a white trench coat with red flames at the end. Everyone present including Sarutobi were thinking 'Yondaime-sama/Minato-san' when they noticed that it was really Naruto they just thought it was a type of Genjutsu to make them see the Yondaime. Sarutobi was thinking, 'ha you look just like your father wonder if you'll finally get the respect you deserve now,' but was then pulled out of thought when Naruto asked, "Are you ready Oji-san?"

"Ahh yes of course Naruto, whenever you're ready," said Sarutobi with a smirk. After he said it though, his smirk was wiped off his face as he doubled over when Naruto landed a solid kick to his stomach. "Hmm seems like you've gotten faster than before Naruto," said Sarutobi as he spat out some spit. He then charged Naruto and brought his fist towards Naruto's face, which Naruto caught and used the momentum to throw him on the ground. He then brought his leg down to hit Sarutobi's stomach, when Sarutobi back flipped and dodged his kick. Seeing that Taijutsu wasn't going to work, he pulled out his Katana, Shi Buringa (Death bringer) and swung the blade towards Sarutobi. As he did so, the slash caused a blade of wind to form and shoot towards Sarutobi. 'So he's using wind jutsu now interesting,' thought Sarutobi as he did some hand signs and shouted "Kuchiyose no Jutsu," which in a poof of smoke an ape appeared and asked Sarutobi, "Why have you brought me here to fight this boy?"

"Well Enma, I want to test my students' abilities with a sword, and since I don't use a sword…"

"Right just do it already," said Enma in a bored tone. Sarutobi then had Enma turn into an Adamantium staff. When this was happening Naruto stood there and watched as his sensei brought out his most prized weapon to fight him. He felt honored to be able to go up against Enma, but he was also kinda frightened at the thought. So not feeling like being left out, he decided to test out his new summon, and shouted, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu," and through the smoke, a fox about as tall as his waist appeared and looked around. When it looked at Naruto it said, "Greetings Naruto-sama, I am Hakiyo, what do you need?" after the fox said this, Sarutobi was wide-eyed staring at the small fox thinking, 'I've never heard of a Fox summoning contract, this is about to get interesting'

"Enma take care of the fox, while I deal with Naruto," said Sarutobi as the staff transformed back into Enma. But before Enma could attack, Naruto shouted "Fuuton- Daitoppa!" as a burst of wind blew Enma and Sarutobi across the field. As they landed on the ground, Naruto sped across towards them, and laid his sword across Enma throat. Enma then poofed and disappeared back into the Summoning realm. Seeing that Enma was now out of the battle, Sarutobi decided to attack at his full strength now. He then shouted, "Suiton Suigandan" (water style: Water Fang Bullet). Three Water bullets burst from Sarutobi's mouth and shot towards Naruto, which were evaded all except one which hit him square in the chest.

"How about we end this sensei," began Naruto as he then shouted, "Doton Yomi Numa (Earth style: Swamp of the Underworld)," as soon as he said this a small swamp appeared beneath Sarutobi and pulled him under leaving only his head above the surface. Sarutobi after being caught was franticly trying to find a way to escape the jutsu, but couldn't find a way, and so he admitted defeat. As Naruto was freeing Sarutobi from his jutsu, all the clan heads were looking at each other with a 'WHAT THE FUCK' look on their faces. Finally Hiashi spoke up, "Well I believe Naruto has skill that most likely surpasses all of our strength combined. Therefore, I believe that he should become the Kitsune Sannin."

Everyone was about to ask why Kitsune when Choza Akimichi said, "Hmm he can summon foxes, so I believe that he should become the Kitsune Sannin."

"So it is decided then Naruto Uzumaki is now the Kitsune Sannin," said Inoichi Yamanaka. From that day forth, the Legendary Sannin gained a new member, and became the four Legendary Yonnin.

(Three hours later in the Hokage's office)

Naruto walked into the council room, and saw all of the Clan heads and Sandaime-sama talking amongst themselves, until he walked in which had everyone stop talking immediately.

"Hello Naruto, we have something to discuss with you," said Tsume the Head of the Inuzaka clan.

Sarutobi then began to speak, "Naruto your skill level is that of Kage level, to be able to fight me and win without breaking a sweat," Naruto smiled at that, "so we of the council have decided not send you to the academy, and to give you the official title of the Kitsune Yonnin. Now the legendary Sannin are no more, since you have become Sannin, the name has now changed to Yonnin. This means that you will be able to leave the village at any time, for as long as three years without being labeled as a missing-nin, But this also means that you will be charged with the protection of the village, and to gather information that may prove threatening to the village."

"So you mean that with the title of Yonnin I'm the second highest rank in the village under you?" asked Naruto.

"Yes that's what it means. On the battlefield, you are the highest rank and will be able to order others, and take over the mission if you believe the Jounin isn't doing a proper job," replied the Hokage, "Oh and before I forget, you will be paid 2,000 ryo a month." Everyone in the room burst into laughter after seeing the look on Naruto's face which looked completely astounded at so much money.

"That's AWESOME!" shouted Naruto as he began imagining what he could do with so much money. "Well I think I'm going to leave the village so I can go train, see different countries, and to set up my own spy network, so Ja Ne," yelled Naruto who was already out the door running towards his apartment. Later that day The Hokage announced to the village that the Legendary Sannin became the Legendary Yonnin due to the fact that the Kitsune Sannin joined the ranks.