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It had been four years since he had left the village to go out to train, kick ass, make money, and have the time of his life. Walking down a hard dirt road, enveloped in trees that shaded the ground from the Sun, he could see deer within the woods eating grass, mice scurrying across the grass filled ground foraging for food, the foxes running around chasing each other and their prey, the rabbits hopping away from the foxes searching for protection. He could feel the wind blow across his face, and could hear all of nature in its wondrous glory. Then the majesty of nature dissipated as thirty foot tall oak gates appeared before him, The gate was open, which showed that anyone was welcome to come through, that is if they had permission, a hundred yards from the gate there were markings on the ground which represented that there was a seal in place which would notify who nears the village at any given point at any given time. The forest was cut off as a thirty foot tall wall was surrounding a village, The Hidden Leaf Village, his home. As he strode towards the village, two Chunin were sleeping on guard duty. Seeing that they were asleep, he decided to have a little fun at their expense. He pulled out a two kunai, wrapped flash tags around both of their hilts, and threw them at the two Chunin impaling their shirts to the back of the booth they were sitting in. The two immediately awoke only to be blinded by the flash tags that now exploded in their faces. After the flash was gone and the two could see, there was a man standing in front of them. The man had blonde hair, wore dark blue pants, a blue long sleeve shirt that was covered by a green Jounin vest, and had a sleeveless white trench coat with cherry red flames at the bottom with an orange swirl on the back of the coat, the man was wearing a dark green swirled mask with two holes for deep ocean blue eyes.

"I do believe you shouldn't sleep on the job boys, now tell me your names," commanded the stranger.

"You're the one who should tell us your name since you are an intruder in our village," stated the two Chunins as they took up a battle position.

"Of course where are my manners," began the man as he pulled off his mask revealing his blonde hair and chiseled face, "my name is Uzumaki Naruto, also known as the Kitsune Yonnin."

The two Chunin stood there with their jaws dropped all the way to the ground, and quickly stammered out, "G-Gomen Naruto-sama, we're sorry we didn't recognize you we…"

"It's no matter, just next time don't let me catch you sleeping again, next time that flash tag might be an explosive tag," snickered Naruto as he left the now pale Chunin to their guard duties. As he walked past the Academy he wondered about how those brats were doing since he last saw them.

(Flashback, 3 years ago)

He was walking across town, when he saw the academy, and was curious what it was like since he never went to it. So he walked into a classroom, sat at a desk in the back corner and placed a Genjutsu on himself to hide him and the desk from view. It was an A-rank Genjutsu, so he figured nobody would be able to sense it, and he watched the classroom fill with life. Two girls were trying to get into the classroom at the same time.

The pink haired girl screamed like a banshee saying, "Let me through Ino-pig, Sasuke-kun will be mine."

"Like hell forehead, he will be MINE," yelled the blonde, someone from behind them pushed both of the girls who fell on the ground. A large kid eating chips then walked into the room, followed by a short pineapple shaped kid mumbling, "Troublesome…"

'Hmm must be an Akimichi and Nara, the students in this class are probably clan heads,' thought Naruto as he watched the rest of the kids file in as well as some Chunin with a scar across his face.

"Alright Kids sit down, and pay attention," yelled the Chunin, "Who can tell me who was the Fourth Hokage?"

The small pink girl that he saw trying to get into the classroom first immediately shot her hand in the air. The Chunin then looked at her and said, "Sakura"

The pink haired girl named Sakura then said, "The Yondaime Hokage, also known as Minato Namikaze, he fought and killed the Kyuubi which saved the Village from destruction."

"Very good Sakura that's entirely correct, now can anyone tell me what his name on the battlefield was?" asked the Chunin Iruka. Seeing that everyone had a blank confused expression on their faces, he started to say, "His name was Konoha's…" when a voice seemed to echo around the room saying, "Konoha's Yellow flash. Creator of the Rasengan, and the Flying Thunder God technique, he was also the Jounin Leader of Kakashi Hatake, Rin Inuzaka, and Obito Uchiha."

The mass of students were hysterically looking around the classroom to find where the voice came from, and who said it. Iruka scared shitless was eyeing every corner of the room looking for something, when he noticed a genjutsu in the back of the room, and muttered "kai," but the genjutsu didn't break.

"Ahh so I see you've noticed my genjutsu, very good, but can you defend yourself," said the mysterious voice as two shuriken appeared and shot towards Iruka. All the children noticing the danger tried to throw kunai to intercept it, but they all missed. Iruka then pulled out his own shuriken and threw them at the two flying towards him hitting them, making them fall on the ground.

Laughing the voice said "Very good Iruka-san, but can you protect your students as well?" Just then two kunai flew towards Iruka, and then two more kunai flew straight towards the blonde-haired girl Ino. Iruka dodged the kunai flying towards him, but couldn't reach Ino in time, and watched as the two kunai stopped right in front of Ino's face. Looking at the two Kunai that were right in front of her face, Ino screamed and then fainted on the spot.

"How disappointing Iruka-san, you couldn't save your student. Luckily I wasn't an enemy ninja as you would have lost quite a few promising genin, as well as a few future clan heads," reprimanded the strange voice as he dropped the genjutsu revealing a lone figure sitting in a chair with his feet propped up on a desk.

"Hey stupid who do you think you are, messing with me," rebuked a small raven-haired boy with a smirk on his face, "Do you know who I am, I'm Sasuke Uchiha, an Uchiha, the elite of the village."

"If you are the elite, then why did your kunai miss the kunai I threw at your sensei? Eh boy," scolded the mystery man. This got all the guys to laugh, at the boy Sasuke, who just said "Hn," and resumed his brooding and looking out the window without a care.


"First of all Sakura-chan," the stranger began in a mocking tone, "Your precious Sasuke-kun isn't even a ninja yet, therefore he can't be a better ninja than me. Second of all I out-rank everyone here." This caused the class to roar with laughter, and caused Sakura to blush and plump down in her chair.

"Then who are you, and would you please remove your mask for us to see who you are," requested Iruka.

"Certainly, my name is Uzumaki Naruto, the Kitsune Yonnin," said the stranger and removed his mask showing his chiseled face, his deep ocean blue eyes, and whiskers?

"N-Nani! Naruto-sama I'm so sorry, I-I should have…" began a stuttering Iruka. Everyone jaw-dropped and stared at Naruto except a pineapple-shape headed boy Shikamaru who was asleep and seemed to be mumbling "Troublesome"

"No you couldn't have known I would be here to test your dedication, it was completely random that I walked in this particular classroom," cut off Naruto, who was thinking 'oh how I love seeing people's reactions as to when they learn who I am.' All the girls were staring at him with stars in their eyes, and were wondering the same thing until a lavender haired girl with pupil less eyes asked, "Why are you called the Kitsune Yonnin?" When the girl asked this, everyone including the boys stared at him keen on finding out the answer.

"Well how about I just show you," said Naruto smiling as he walked outside and stood in the center of a training field. He then shouted, "KUCHIYOSE NO JUTSU," as a giant column of smoke appeared with a poof and out of the stood a fifteen foot fox.

"Naruto-sama why have you summoned me, I don't see a battle commencing," growled the giant fox.

"Ahh Sasomi, what a pleasant surprise, I was try to summon Hakiyo, guess I put in too much Chakra," answered Naruto putting his hands behind his head while laughing. The students stood there with an awed look on their faces, all except Sasuke who was gritting his teeth in anger, 'how is he so strong, he WILL teach me how to do that,' thought Sasuke. He walked up to Naruto and through gritted teeth said, "I demand you teach me how to do that."

Naruto laughed and retorted, "first of all, you need to sign the Fox summoning contract…"

"Then give me the stupid contract," demanded Sasuke as he was hoisted into the air by Sasomi's tail, who roared, "You will never be able to summon us you piece of trash, even should Naruto-sama allow you to sign our summon contract, my kind shall never come to your aid," Sasomi then threw Sasuke on the ground creating a five foot crater. Naruto then rushed over to Sasuke and checked to see if anything was broken. "Hmm fractured wrist… no I need to do something about that," Naruto stated as he wrenched Sasuke's other arm out of its socket which made Sasuke loss consciousness, "There we go, consider that your punishment. Iruka, if you'd please take Sasuke-san to the hospital so that they can heal his injuries from… training, yeah training." Dumbfounded Iruka grabbed the now unconscious Sasuke and ran off to the hospital, "Class is over today, you may do as you wish," shouted back Iruka.

"Sweet we got out four hours early!" yelled a small boy with face paint, and a white dog sitting on top of his head. 'Must be an Inuzaka,' thought Naruto, as the students stood to face him, "What?" He asked.

"Well you just kicked Sasuke-teme's ass, and now you're like my hero, how old are you?" asked the Inuzaka boy, he then got hit by Ino and Sakura who both yelled, "BAKA YOU DON'T JUST ASK PEOPLE HOW OLD THEY ARE!"

Chuckling, Naruto said, "It's quite alright, I don't mind. I'm about your age, I'm nine." Sakura and Ino just stared into his face, when suddenly the Inuzaka shouted, "But how, I'm nine and I'm not even that strong. Dude you are now my ultimate rival, my names Kiba, and this is Akamaru," he pointed to the little white dog on his head who barked. "Oh right, this here is Hinata," Kiba said pointing towards the lavender haired girl, "That guy in the weird trench coat with black glasses is Shino," he said pointing towards the boy, "and then there's Choji, Shikamaru, Tenten, Neji, and Lee, "Kiba stated as he pointed out everyone.

"Well it's been a pleasure to meet you Sakura-chan, Ino-san, Hinata-san, Ten-san, Kiba-san, Shino-san, Lee-san, Choji-san, Neji-san, and Shikamaru-san when I return I want to play you in a game of Shogi. Well Ja Ne," stated Naruto as he raced away, leaving the academy students in a cloud of dust.

(End Flashback)

Naruto raced up to the Hokage's office, and asked the secretary, "May I go in ma'am?"

Seeing that it was Naruto, she immediately said, "Hokage-sama is in a meeting right now, but you may go in and wait at the back of the room." He said thank-you and walked into the office, and saw a tall silver-haired Jounin holding a small orange book, with its title scratched off, 'Hmm must be Kakashi,' he thought.

Looking over Kakashi's shoulder, Sarutobi could see one of his students, Naruto. Seeing the Hokage's attention was diverted Kakashi turned around caught a look at Naruto and thought, 'Minato-sensei,' before he fainted.

Looking down at Kakashi, Sarutobi thought, 'huh he must have mistaken Naruto for Minato,' he was wrenched from his thoughts as he was pulled off the ground and wrapped into a hug. Laughing he said, "Naruto it's good to see you and all, but I am the Hokage and it won't be good for the Hokage to be seen in the air being hugged by someone. So instead how about we go to Ichiraku's and get some ramen." The two then left the room leaving an unconscious Kakashi sprawled on the floor. Kakashi then woke up saying, "I just had the weirdest dream, and I saw Minato-sensei standing right in front of me." He then saw himself in the Hokage's office, just with no Minato, and no Hokage, standing in the doorway though was the Hokage's secretary chuckling to herself. Trying to hide his embarrassment, he jumped out the window and started to walk down the street.

(With Naruto and the Hokage)

The two walked towards Ichiraku's in friendly silence. He hadn't seen his Sensei in years and there was a lot to talk about. When they reached the shop, Naruto walked in followed by the Hokage, Teuchi looked over at the two and asked, "Hokage-sama what can I get for you and your friend here?"

"Do you not recognize your best customer old man?" asked Naruto. Teuchi then looked Naruto up and down trying to figure out who he was, and then he came to the conclusion, "No, Naruto?" Teuchi asked.

"In flesh old man," Naruto chuckled.

"Ayame get out here Naruto's back," Teuchi shouted towards the back room. Immediately a tall thin brunette wearing an apron burst out from the back door screaming, "Where is he?"

"Right here Ayame-chan," said Naruto shyly.

She then ran out from behind the counter and embraced him in a big hug, "Naruto-kun your back, you're finally back," squealed Ayame as she was unknowingly suffocating Naruto who was now turning a dark shade of purple. The Hokage tapped Ayame on the shoulder, which caused her to look at him, and then back at the purple-faced Naruto. She quickly let him go and allowed him to take a big gulp of air, and then resumed her hug, just not as tight.

"It's good to see you to Ayame-chan," mumbled Naruto into her shoulder. The two were soon wrenched apart, with Sarutobi pulling Naruto, and Teuchi pulling Ayame away from each other, with Ayame mumbling, "stupid dad, not letting me spend time with Naruto." The two old men both laughed a good hearty laugh as Naruto began ordering his food.

"So tell me Naruto, what have you been doing these past four years?" questioned Sarutobi, Ayame and Teuchi were also waiting for his answer.

"Well I traveled all around, to Sunagakure, Kirigakure, Kumogakure, and Iwagakure," when Naruto said Iwagakure Sarutobi flinched, " which in Iwagakure I learned a few things, like a couple of Doton Jutsus, and also something the Hokage and I will speak about later. But enough about me, what about you guys?" asked Naruto with great curiosity.

"Well the ramen stand has been the same; it's been quiet though since you weren't around for the past couple of years," stated Teuchi lamely.

"Like Teuchi said it has been quiet for quite some time, however, it will get a lot louder come a few months from now, since the Chunin exams will be taking place in Konoha this year," smiled Sarutobi.

"Yeah I heard about that while I was in Kumo, so have you picked who's going to proctor the three stages?" asked Naruto now intent on hearing this.

"Well for the first stage, Ibiki Morino is going to be the proctor. The second stage is going to be proctored by none other than Konoha's Snake Mistress, Anko Mitarashi," stated Sarutobi.

With a horrified expression Naruto jokingly said, "My God Sensei by the time they're done with them, there won't hardly be anyone in the finals, if anyone makes it that is. Who's the poor sucker you've got for the third stage?"

"Well Naruto I was going to ask you to be the proctor," pleaded Sarutobi.

"What! No, No way in hell Sensei," argued Naruto as he stood up to make his point.

"Did I mention you'll get paid 20,000 ryo for taking the job?" question Sarutobi as he waved a scroll in his hands.

"Haha! It's still gonna be a no, I have enough money from writing my book," laughed Naruto.

"You wrote a book Naruto, which one?" Ayame asked slightly curious.

"This one," Naruto stated as he pulled out a red and blue book called Precious People Make You Stronger.

Ayame then had the same book in her hand, with her other hand over her heart gasping, "Y-You wrote this? Oh my god will you please sign it for me?" she asked using her puppy dog eye no jutsu. He looked over at Sarutobi and Teuchi and both shook their heads saying that no man had ever been able to resist, and if he could then he would be the greatest man in the world. Sighing Naruto grabbed the book and signed the inside of the book, "to Ayame with love, Naruto Uzumaki." Ayame squealed and ran off to show all of her friends.

"Sorry Naruto but I didn't want to play this card, but I order you to be the proctor for the third stage of the Chunin exams," stated Sarutobi.

"Well would you look at that, time for another three year…" began Naruto.

"Nope you're staying here, and for the Chunin exams in two months, got it Naruto," ordered Sarutobi.

"Hai, Hokage-sama," accepted Naruto. "Well I'm going to go out of the village for some time, maybe gonna go visit the Wave since I got two months until the Exams, so bye," Naruto said as he disappeared in a yellow flash. Sarutobi gaped at what he just saw, he knew that the thing Naruto wanted to talk to him about was his family, but he never expected him to master one of his father's jutsus.

(With Naruto)

He appeared in his small unkempt, dust filled apartment in a yellow flash, which made all the dust in the room fly into the air. He sneezed as the dust filled his nose, which only proved more problematic since the dust just hung in the air. Making the necessary hand seals, he said, "Kage bushin no jutsu," as an exact replica of him-self appeared next to him. "Cleanup this place, I'm going to the Wave country, so before you dispel yourself, make sure you clean as much as possible," he ordered the clone as he himself walked out and started to run towards the west gate. Reaching the gate, he saw the two Chunin he met coming into the village asleep again. Walking up to them he asked, "Boys, whatcha doing?" as he twirled two kunai in his hands. Waking up the two Chunin nearly shit themselves as they saw Naruto play with two deadly kunai in his hands. "We wouldn't want the village to lose two guards now would we boys," manically laughed Naruto. The two immediately shook their heads no, "Good next time I may not be so lenient," shouted Naruto as he ran out the gate. Looking down on the booth he saw a scroll that had Boom written on it. A seal appeared on the scroll glowed blue. The two Chunin looked at each other and both said, "Oh shit," as the scroll exploded and covered them in rainbow colored paint. Naruto laughed as he heard a small explosion from the scroll he had left for the Chunin.

(Fifty miles from Konoha)

They were on their first C-rank mission, escorting some old drunken carpenter, Tazuna, to the Wave, and to protect him while building a bridge. Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi were ordered on the mission, and Sasuke was itching for a battle to test his skills. "Kakashi-sensei, why is there a puddle of water over there? I mean it hasn't rained here for a while, so why's there a puddle," question Sakura as she pointed to a small puddle of water about ten feet away.

"Hmm good point Sakura, I'm not quite sure…" began Kakashi as from out of the water two figures popped up and slashed him to pieces. The two figures were two missing-nin Chunins wearing clawed gloves and holding a long metal chain. Sakura and Sasuke stared wide-eyed at the spot where Kakashi died. "KAKASHI-SENSEI," screamed Sakura. Hidden thirty feet from the fight Kakashi sat on a tree wanting to know what his students were going to do, when a bag of popcorn was thrust in his face. He nearly fell off the tree, but then saw a masked man sitting next to him eating popcorn. "You know you probably should go help your students Kakashi-san," said the stranger.

"Well why don't you go help them," rudely asked Kakashi.

"Oh please I'm enjoying the show, I haven't seen Sasuke getting beat up in years, and besides we both know the Banshee would probably just faint once she saw what would seem like another enemy," uttered the stranger. Looking at the man's mask Kakashi just shrugged and grabbed some of the popcorn and resumed watching his students.

"Sakura stay back your no match for these guys, only I'll be able to beat them since Kakashi is gone," commanded Sasuke as he turned to face the enemy ninja.

"Oh, and what makes you believe that you can beat us hmm," snickered one of the enemy ninja.

"Because I'm an Uchiha, and only an Uchiha can beat an Uchiha," yelled Sasuke as he charged the two ninja. The ninja grabbed a chain, grabbed both ends and waited until Sasuke was nearly upon them, when they wrapped the chain around him and plunged their clawed gloves into Sasuke's stomach. Turning to Sakura the ninja walked over and said, "Give us the bridge builder, and we'll spare your life." In the trees Kakashi was about to jump in and help, when the stranger blocked him with his arm shaking his head no.

Looking dumbly at Sasuke's bleeding body, she shook her head saying, "No, you'll have to go through me to get to Tazuna," as she pulled out a kunai, grasping it in her hands, and readied herself for the attack. The two ninja rushed her, but as the two reached the girl, they were cut in half by a masked man who appeared in front of them with a sword. Sliding the sword back into its sheath, the man walked up to Sakura and lowered her kunai that was still within her hands prepared to strike out. Trying to protest, she couldn't find the strength to stop the man as she was lowering her kunai. The man then walked over to Sasuke, pulled out a needle, and roughly stiched his wounds so that he wouldn't bleed to death. Staring in awe Sakura was about to yell what the man was doing, when in a cloud of smoke Kakashi appeared.

As he was standing up Sasuke mumbled, "Why are you here, you died."

Sighing Kakashi looked at his students and said, "I used a kawarimi no jutsu to replace myself with a log, and transformed the log into my mangled body that you see there," as he pointed towards the blood soaked ground with his supposed body parts that now smoked and turned into cut up pieces of wood.

"Whatever," lamely said Sasuke as he continued on walking down the road with his hands in his pockets.

Sakura shouted out to him, "Aren't you proud of me Sasuke-kun." He just ignored her and kept walking. Turning to the masked man, she declared, "Thank-you for saving me, if you hadn't shown up I would have died."

"It's nothing Sakura-chan, if I might be so bold as to ask, why do you love Sasuke-san, has he ever acknowledged you, or said anything nice to you at all," stated the masked man.

At the honorific chan, she perked up and looked into his mask seeing his cerulean ocean blue eyes and thought, 'there was only one person who ever called me Sakura-chan', "N-Naruto? Is that you?"

Pulling off his mask, Naruto grabbed her hand and kissed it, "I'm glad you recognized me Sakura, you're more perceptive than your sensei here." Her cheeks flushed pink as he kissed her hand, and then fainted into his arms.

Staring at Naruto, Kakashi accidentally uttered, "Yondaime-sama."

"I'm sorry but I don't see my father anywhere besides he's been dead for twelve years."

"F-Father, what do you mean by father," asked Kakashi who was slightly pale.

"I mean my full name is Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto, the Kitsune Yonnin," stated Naruto as Kakashi fainted and fell on the ground. Sighing Naruto made a shadow clone and had him carry Kakashi over his shoulder, while the real Naruto was carrying Sakura bridal style. He looked over behind him, and asked Tazuna "So where exactly are we going?" Getting over his surprise Tazuna led him over to his house.

(Tazuna's house)

Opening the door, a young woman appeared in the doorway, and was shocked to see two unconscious people being brought into her house while her father walked in behind the man carrying the two unconscious people. "Go upstairs, and the two doors on the left will be your rooms," shouted Tazuna as Naruto had already begun walking up the stairs.

"Father who are they," asked the woman.

"My darling daughter Tsunami, the two unconscious people are the ninja that I hired, although I don't know who the other man is, the others know who he is and respect him so he must be another Konoha ninja," answered Tazuna.

Once he put Sakura and Kakashi in their respected rooms, he noticed something was missing, Sasuke, 'ahh crap now I gotta go get him,' he thought. He then raced downstairs to find Tazuna and the young woman, who seemed to be his daughter or something talking. Racing outside Naruto yelled back, "I'll be right back, just got to get some trash." Leaving Tazuna and his might-be daughter, he went out to search for Sasuke.

'Hey Naruto, channel some of my chakra into your eyes, ears, and nose so that you'll be able to find that filth faster,' growled Kyuubi in his head.

'Thanks Kyuubi, we'll talk after this," thought Naruto as his eyes turned into slits and red eyes. After about five minutes, he smelled something terrible, and figuring it was Sasuke he ran to where the scent was. When he reached the area, he watched the emo-boy walking along the road from a tree. Jumping down in front of the boy, he ordered, "come on Sasuke, everyone else is already at Tazuna's house resting, and so should you be after going through the beating you just had. "

"Who are you to order me around loser," snickered Sasuke. Not wanting to argue with the boy, Naruto just hit him on the head knocking him unconscious and dragged him back to the house.

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