Enchantress of the Day and Night


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            It's been two years now. I'm back at Castle Lorien, once again studying to increase my magical abilities, and tutelage under Fleur and Croaker. Unfortunately, Bode – my other watcher, remember him? – Was killed in battle since he was secret Death Eater. He was against Dumbledore; it seems, for quite some time.

          Dumbledore… Albus Dumbledore. Now, he was an amazing man. You'll notice that I used past tense. Albus was right, you see… he knew he was going to die in the final battle, and it happened. I learned later from Sirius and Remus that he had been up against Voldemort near the beginning of the battle when he was injured with a searing hex or something of that likeness. The loss of blood was what killed him; he was too far away to be apparated or transported to the camp, which, at that time was under attack as well. However, he had begged Remus (who was there) to leave him be, and continued fighting until he lost his strength to continue. I will always remember that man. That wonderful, amazing man.

          As for the Death Eaters… well… Once I had defeated Voldemort, they noticed, and tried to flee. They didn't get very far, as Charlie's dragons had managed to cut most of them off. The creatures fled (with the exception of the werewolves and Demetors), which is fine. We weren't after them anyways.

          The Death Eaters were sent to the Avecaut Mountains northwest of here. It's freezing there, Fleur had informed me. Nothing but barren wasteland of snow and white-capped mountains as far as the eye can see. And when and if you manage to climb and scale the mountains, you reach a plain empty dust field where nothing grows. A horrible place to be exiled to, with wards and full supervision. The Death Eaters will never leave that island.

          I haven't seen Ginny or heard of her since the last battle. She and Draco I believe are spending some time together in the Mystic Lands. However, I'm not alone. Oliver's with me, and we've been getting to know each other better. I know considered him one of my best friends, but think it's not fair to keep him cooped up here in Lorien when he should rightfully be in charge of his Knights back on Talamanca with the death of Cedric. Maybe I can finally convince him, wish me luck.

          Sirius and Remus were told by Kingsley to find Severus Snape, and to take care of him. Of course with the rivalry between Sirius and Severus, it was quite hard to get him to go with them back to the camp to be healed, but finally Remus threatened him with tying him up and Severus went. I heard from Remus that Severus is now in charge of the Talamanca clan with Sirius and Remus as his backup. Although the role of leader of the Talamancaian Clan is rightfully Harry's as heir, Harry hasn't set foot in Talamanca since the battle.

          In fact, I only get occasional letters from Dean and Seamus telling me what Harry and Ron are up to. Most of it is in short, cryptic letters, and more filled with fluff and sap of what they're doing now – training to be Knights of their own, under Ryan's care. Ryan told me that they're doing wonderfully and will be an asset to the Knights in hunting down rogue Days and Nights. They have been getting rowdy lately and I feel that it is high time they're brought down a couple notches.

          Days and Nights, from history lessons, were loyal to their genders. All they would do was torture and use the opposite sex as much as they could before killing them – a total discrimination against sexes. Honestly, there was no law stating what goes and what doesn't. And the way they were treated, like cattle! I had to do something.

          Maybe that's what my prophecy meant all those years ago – that I would be the long to change the world. Really, I don't like all that pressure but it's not like I can do anything to stop it. It's my destiny, after all. Written in the stars.

          It's best I finish this off with my normal musing: Where are you Harry? When are you coming back to me?

          I love you,

Forever… Hermione


          Harry leaned back on his haunches and raised his right arm to swipe at his forehead. Sweat poured down his back and brow, as the summer sun beat mercilessly down on him and the other men on the rooftop of the inn they were fixing.

          Being Priest usually meant that he would just hail power over his fellow men from Talamanca, but young Harry wasn't satisfied with that, especially after the destruction the Death Eaters had left in their wake before the final battle. So, he dragged Ron off to the countryside, where they began their long task of fixing and helping the towns and cities return to their previous glory and beauty.

          He hadn't spoken to Hermione, which was weighing heavily on him. Harry really missed her, and every night dreamt about her and what he would say when he returned to her at Lorien Castle. He still loved her with all his heart and would continue to do so, even if she rejected him… but he doubted she would. They were destined to be together.

          Sighing, he glanced down, put his hammer on the roof, and crossed his arms by the hem of his shirt. He grabbed the material and yanked it over his head, before picking the hammer up and starting to smash the iron nails into their place on the roof. He had been working on the inn for two days now, and it was almost done – in fact, they would probably be done by dinner that night.

          "Oi, Harry!" Ron's voice called from down below.

          Harry turned and glanced over his bare shoulder at his tall, gangly redheaded friend. "What is it, Ron?" he called down.

          Two stories below, Ron squinted against the sun. "Come and see who I just met!"

          Harry placed the hammer down (grabbed his shirt, too) and stood on the roof, nodding at some of the workers that were there with him as he passed them on his way to the ladder. He climbed down it backwards; ignoring the appraising looks some of women were giving him.

          He turned and faced Ron when his feet touched the bottom. "What is it?" he repeated.

          Ron grinned boyishly, and turned his body to the left. Behind him was someone Harry hadn't seen for a couple years.

          "Lavender Brown," he smiled, "Where have you been hiding since the final battle?"

          "Here and there," she replied in a misty voice. "Lately, though, I've been here. I saw that you and Ron would be coming here to help rebuild the Mystic Lands."

          "Saw, huh?" grinned Harry, inwardly thinking of Hermione and how she'd snort unladylike and think, what rubbish!

          "Oh yes," a small smile crept on Lavender's face. "I see you are well."

          Harry nodded. "Yes. And you?"

          "Perfect," she replied, but wasn't looking at him when she said this; she was looking at Ron. Ron's ears flushed red and then traveled to his neck. He raised a hand and rubbed the back of his neck and cleared his throat.

          "So… eh… Harry. When are we leaving to go back to Talamanca?" asked Ron. "We're pretty much done here."

          Harry nodded, murmuring an agreement. "We're done, yes… but I don't think I'll be going back to Talamanca just yet, Ron."

          "No?" Ron asked, frowning. Then, the frown cleared. "Ah. I see."

          Harry offered a small smile. Glancing back at Lavender, he spoke his goodbyes. "If you'll excuse me, Lavender," he said, raising her hand and kissing the knuckles. "Goodbye."

          "Goodbye Harry, " the young Seer replied, smiling. "We'll see each other again, I'm sure of it."

          He smiled back, and turned to his best friend. "In due time, Ron," he laughed at his friend's expression of sadness and smug content whenever he looked from Harry to Lavender. "Take care while I'm gone, and don't argue with Severus too much… I'll see you again soon."

          Ron nodded, grinning as he pulled his friend into a hug that involved clapping Harry's back. "Take care. Give Hermione my love."

          "Not at all!" joked the emerald-eyed teenager, picking his shirt up and beginning to head to the inn, to pack up his things.


He appeared in the doorway of the Entrance Hall at Castle Lorien, his shadow spreading across the marble floor with the late sun falling from the sky behind him. Hermione shielded her eyes from the glare, wondering who had appeared at Castle Lorien without her knowing, or sensing.

"Hello Hermione," the young man spoke.

Eyes widening, Hermione took a hesitant step forward. "H-Harry? Is that you?"

The young man stepped into the foyer of the Castle, and Hermione could begin to see how the time had fared on her lover. A scar ran down his chin, and his tall-tale lightning bolt scar was faded into a white line on his forehead; his ebony hair was still as messy as ever, and his clothes were covered in mud. But his eyes... Hermione could feel herself melting as she looked into them.

His gorgeous emerald eyes bore into hers, drowning in the pools of jade.

They gravitated towards each other, clutching their forearms as Hermione rested her forehead on Harry's chest. "Where were you, love?"

"I was abroad, Hermione – helping the villages destroyed in the Battle regain the life that they used to have," murmured back Harry, "I've missed you so."

"And I you," replied the young woman, lifting her head. "It's been too long, Harry."

"I know."

"Come... there's so much to tell..." she whispered, pulling him slightly as they moved towards the great stairs that led to the upper floors.

Harry allowed himself to be pulled along, smiling softly down at the woman of his dreams, the Enchantress, who ruled over both the Day and the Night — the living Goddess of Gaea.

As Hermione drew them towards her bedroom door, Harry cut his thoughts short. There was time to discuss the world later on. For now, he was content with being with Hermione, for the next couple of days, before reality caught up to them. And when it did, he would tell her what was on his mind, and they would discuss Gaea and what still needed to be built back up. Hermione turned and looked at Harry, whose eyes were dark and troubled. "What's on your mind, Harry?"

"Voldemort," sighed Harry. "I know that he is defeated, but... I can't help but think that he's thinking of some way to regain power, just waiting for the right time to attack again."

"One day, he will be back," agreed Hermione. "But… I don't think during our lifetime, Harry. There will be time later to wonder about Voldemort – but right now, all I'm wondering about is if you want to go to bed or not?"

Harry grinned down at Hermione's mousy head. "Luv, I'm not at all tired, but the bed sounds like a good idea."

Hermione laughed, and pulled Harry into her bedroom. The door slammed shut behind them.

One part of their life had ended, and another had started. One day, Voldemort would return and try again to take control of the Mystic Land's magick, and one day, there might even be a larger battle than the one that they had been through. However, the world was at peace, and there had been justice. For now, all was quiet, and all was well – like it should be.





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