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Naruto X Cornelia Focus.

Mentions and bits of Naruto x the other Guardians.


Story Start


''Every goodbye calls for preparation, but most times, life takes us by surprise...''

A grunt of pain radiated throughout the courtyard along with the echo of a punch. Landing on the ground was one Caleb, former member of Phobo's court and Murmurer. He had developed a will of his own and broke free of Phobos' control. Not long after he became the leader of the rebel forces who were opposed to Phobos' rule and has quickly gained popularity in Meridian. Things had furthered changed when he met the Guardian of Earth, Cornelia Hale. The two soon quickly fell in love. A love that appeared to gone stronger when Cornelia gathered the power to restore Caleb after he had been changed back into a Murmurer by Phobos.

But...apparently this wasn't like the stories. There was no fairy tale ending. The thing was Caleb never saw Cornelia's true form. No, the older and mature young woman was much younger, which shocked him a great deal. After the incident with Nerissa the two discuss their future and he admitted to Cornelia after seeing her 'true form' he didn't know if their relationship will work. Angered and shocked at what Caleb was suggestion she called him a monster as they parted.

Which is how he found himself in the current situation. The person who punched him was none other then Uzumaki Naruto, the self proclaimed Guardian of the Guardians. He was more or less the Team Big Brother who cared and looked after the girls, not complacent to sit back and let a group of untrained teenage girls become involved in dangerous situations; often without backup most of the time like it was your atypical magical girl anime or something.

''I warned you didn't I? What would happen if you break her heart,''he voiced as his eyes held surprisingly enough disappointment. Not distaste, not anger like one would have expected but disappointment. ''Did a few years maybe it was her appearance? Did it really matter? It wasn't like she intentionally tried to deceived you. If it was a matter of location or distance I would have been more then happy to help with that, but instead you decided to break that girl's heart.'' Naruto shook his head. ''Feel lucky I care more about comforting her then kicking your ass.'' he finished as he turned his back and left the Meridian court yard.

It didn't take him too long to find Cornelia. As part of their training Naruto gave each of the girl's a gem that gave birth to a pocket dimension. A dimension shaped by their powers and their subconscious. As such Naruto found it with ease and teleported to the destination. At times like this, at how easy some of these abilities were to him; the second nature of which they've become him he began to wonder if he was more Deimos then Naruto nowadays? His face remained the same. He held on to some ideals and his fun and kind loving nature, but he would never be the Uzumaki Naruto he was before he met Kuiinshi again. Those days were long over. That Uzumaki Naruto, probably would have fumbled trying to comfort a heart broken girl.

He found her soon enough, silent tears staining her beautiful cheeks as she sat upon a boulder. ''Hey Neila,'' Naruto greeted softly startling her slightly. In a moment she was in his arms, letting out the tears as she cried against his chest. Right now, she wasn't the Earth Guardian, tall and proud warrior of earth, no she was Cornelia Hale, a young and heart broken teenage that was in need of comfort.

'I'm sorry...that he hurt you,''he whispered to her. Some time had passed and it appeared that the Guardian of Earth had drifted off to sleep, but really she was enjoying the enjoying the warmth of being in Naruto's arms. She found it odd how calming his embrace was. But being so fresh from a break-up the last thing she wanted to do was become involved so quickly with another male. And even if she did, she wasn't sure if she could see herself with Naruto, considering his odd...relationship(s) and such. She wasn't sure how Will or any of the other girls before her could be content with sharing a guy. What about Jealousy and other problems that a Monogamous couple often had, never-mind adding Polygamy to the table. But maybe there was something more to it. After all Naruto didn't seem to be just any guy. She could remember her own experiences with him.

Their was the Date at the restaurant. Then after that it was when he saved her from Tracker. Her affection for him only grew when he placed his life on the line to help her saved her sister when she was kidnapped despite the fact he was poisoned and kept mummed about it until he collapsed and how he didn't act like a macho meat head and wasn't afraid to go shopping with her or ice skating with her. Then again he could transform into a female version of himself at anytime and could experience everything a woman felt so it wasn't too unbelievable he was quite in tuned with his feminine nature. That definitely had to help with his relationships. ''I better take you home,'' he said as he started to move only for Cornelia to let out a soft no.

''Can we stay here...for a little longer...please?''

Naruto smiled and nodded. ''Whatever you Earth Princess.''

Though neither one of them were quite aware, the nature of their feelings for each other would never be quite the same after that day.


Chapter End


Booyah! I've finally gave birth to another never done before crossover pairing. I've done it with Naruto x Katara, took it and ran away with it with Naruto x Starfire, and finding a little bit of love with Naruto x Will (the numerous cute one-shots will appear soon) and now we have something with Naruto x Cornelia.

I got a request for a Naruto x Taranee. So I'll be working on that or put it in my first tier of get too fics. (I have five tiers) So if you have any ideas or requests feel free. Oh and this fic isn't done quite yet. Expect more to come.


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